understanding the time

Understanding the time

“So, be very careful how you live, not being like those with no understanding, but live honorably with true wisdom (valuing the time), for we are living in evil times…

So, don’t live foolishly, for then you will have discernment to fully understand God’s will” (Ephesians 5:15-17).

Look! Don’t sleep, but watch. Be careful, how you live. In fact, this is not a negative wish. Watchfulness is associated with danger and also with increased attention. We should act not like fools, but like wise ones.

What does it mean to “value the time”? This means that time is a precious thing. Day after day, cycle after cycle, man gets used to its periodicity, and it “slips through his fingers.”

But this new year, I want to share a prophetic word for us – so that we reconsider our attitude to time – to the hour, day, week, month, minute and even second.

Test your attitude to the time. You can be wasting it. Spending time with friends is not always a waste of time – it can be very creative. But sometimes we waste time in prayers, because we ask not for good. What builds our spirit, what builds the Kingdom of God within us – this is very important.

I agree that during the pandemic the church took on a different nature. We celebrated Christmas, worshiped in love – it’s simplicity, and I thank the Lord that I don’t have to make efforts to be a priest, I can be myself. This speaks of a home.

Indeed, the days are evil. Someone can be struck by illness or stopped by some unexpected circumstances. All this can come unexpectedly into a man’s life. This is an evil day.

This season we’ve been spending time in worship. We have received so much edification and upbuilding! We need to put on clothes of wisdom and value our time. We need to understand the time, because the days are evil. And not to be foolish about the time, but to discern what the will of God is.

“But this I say, brethren: the time is short, so that from now on even those who have wives should be as though they had none; those who weep as though they did not weep; those who rejoice as though they did not rejoice; and those who buy as if they did not possess; and those who use this world as not misusing it; for the form of this world is passing away (1Corinthians 7: 29-31).

The form of this world is passing away! Many people today cannot hope on their wealth. Because when a man’s health is damaged, – he would give everything and rather go begging, but stay healthy. Money doesn’t help. What can you evaluate human life with?

“He who has as though he had not” is freedom from the earth. We use it, but as though we don’t have it. Another translation says that “time is running out.”

A revelation has come.

“An Angel of God gave the man of God a wristwatch, a digital clock and an hourglass. Each of them showed a different time.The man of God understood these times by having a look at them. When a man of God looked at the wristwatch, he went into the garden and worked there. When he looked at the digital clock, the man of God was climbing a mountain. And when he looked at the hourglass, the man of God sank to the bottom of the well, mining for jem stones.

At different times, which different clocks showed, the man of God, having an understanding of the time that was displayed, moved in different directions. “

Today I gave the Word from the Bible about time, how God teaches us to understand time. Different types of lock that God gives to His people. Different clocks show different times. I think this is a mystery, because it was not clear to the dreamer what it was about. But those who have open eyes understand it.

The wrist watch symbolized gardening. The garden symbolizes the vineyard. This is the garden of God. This is the time of maturity of the church: you need to understand at what age the church is. What time is it in the garden of God? This is one time.

Digital clock, technologies – this is ascent into the high places, ascent to the mountain of God. It has to do with the supernatural. The dial with numbers says that these are created technologies, and we need to find God’s technologies, how can we ascend to the heights. We need to acquire and prevail with technologies of how to stay in heavenly. This is not only about the gifts of the Spirit, which are given sovereignly, but also about how we can enter in. Not only how He can visit us, but how we can visit Him. And this is a digital clock. This is a technology invention.

You and I can receive these technologies from God, how we can move in the heavenlies. Because climbing a mountain with a digital watch is a slightly different time. And the time of maturity works differently here.

When the man of God looked at the hourglass, he sank to the bottom of the well. The hourglass technology is very interesting. The sand is calcined for them in a special way, the neck of the glass needs to be accurately measured, but this watch is very accurate. At sea sailing, this technology is still used – this watch works in storms and calm, and at high and low temperatures – this watch behaves the same everywhere, this is a very high-quality watch. The hourglass is what is associated with the natural – sand and glass. It is this watch that means diving to the bottom of the well, to the depths, to the mysteries of God.

Today there are different models of unusual watches. The smallest watch in the world was invented by a German; it runs exactly 5 seconds. And there is an hourglass that turns over once a year. What is our cycle – from five seconds – to a year? How can we – short term or long term – go into the depths of God? How can we dwell there? This is already incredible.

At different times with different clocks, the man of God, having an understanding of the time that was displayed, moved in different directions – the height, the width and the depth of God. I think that all these areas depend on each other. The height depends on the depth. And the width, the work in the garden, depends on how deep you go. And what I can give today, the Word that will remain in you, this Word is where I have already been. I have meditated on this Word, and it is a tremendous delight for me.

Another revelation came.

“A trumpet sounded from the Eastern Gates. Then there were many trumpets that sounded as one, like one voice. And when the trumpet sound came, then there happened shifts on the earth, certain changes. And also this sound went far into heaven, joining with heavenly singing. “

It sounds here today. This is our voice, which is heard from different parts of the earth, but it is one – this is unity, one breakthrough, one fiery spirit. All this is the Eastern Gates. This is 2022. This year is for us to reconsider the time. Understand time and reconsider it so that you value it. I think that this is the lot of only wise people. A fool is wasting time, and a wise one is using it. For a wise one, time works for him, and for a foolish one – time is against him.

I think the next season that opens for us today is about deep worship of God, because we are called to be a church of free worship.

But how can you praise freely when you are not using dance, when you are bound by old looping songs? This is a way out, it is no longer a cycle, it is a river. We leave cycles and go into the river. We are leaving the run across the stadium – we are taking a straight road, which goes beyond the horizon. We are leaving sprint running – into flight. We come out of the frantic flapping of wings – into soaring in the Spirit, in the air. We go into deep waters – among the sea predators that live in the depths – we learn that they are good, not evil; they are terrible for the carnal, but they are beautiful for the spiritual – a huge giant whale swims past you, blinks its terrible eye, and you understand that he is smiling at you.

The Lord once told Savonarola to combine the skills of an architector and an artist, and Savonarola asked who it was, who could do this, and the Lord answered him that only a “goldsmith” could do it.

The Lord needs these “goldsmith masters” today. People who understand God’s glory. Not just “chatter” around the subject, which has no practical confirmation, but real understanding and movement in God’s glory. “Goldsmith”!

There are “openings of heaven,” and these are not windows. You will not find windows in the wild, this is the creation of human hands. But there are windows of heaven that the Lord opens. There are also “holes” – these are wild breakthroughs. They are associated with rain. Another translation says “if you do this, then I will bless you that blessings will fall on you like pouring rain from heaven, and you will have everything in abundance.” These are heavy rain breakouts.

I want to bless you with these pouring rain breakthroughs. Not the windows that we make, and then we pray for the sun to shine through our windows, but by working with breakthroughs – when the heaven breaks through, the land splits open, and rain pours out of the hole.

Today we are in this dimension, and we want to reconsider the time – to understand time, half time, times, treasured time as wise, so that we can gain the fullness of God bodily.

This time we made the transition from the old into the new year, not asking for anything in prayer, but shouting the Name of the Lord nine times: “Lord!” We entered the New Year with the Name of the Lord! We did not ask for anything, and I felt inside that there was no stronger prayer than shouting and crying out to the Name of the Lord. Nothing else – only the Lord! We entered without asking for anything, but only plunged in His holy Name, plunged in Him!