Prophetic blessing

Prophetic blessing

Experience is very important in our faith. From experience comes hope. What differs a “dead” church? That it has no experience. It has a tradition that includes doctrine, and it has moral.

When Jesus came to earth, literally invaded this world like a meteorite, He caused the movement of hell: Herod went furious, the Wisemen set off and went to look for the star carrying their gifts. The world rejected the birth of a baby from a pregnant woman.

That is, the shifting of the planets and the earth began, because the Divine meteorite came to earth. While He was hidden in the womb, no great persecution is mentioned. The dumbness of Zacharias, the encounter with Elizabeth—beautiful things happened. But as soon as Christ appeared, hell opened!

It is very important for us to have an experience with God. It is written: “That they might grope for Him and find him, though He is not far from each of us.” I draw some knowledge from experience, and not from the head, like an insight. Insight may come as a gift of the Holy Spirit, but it is not yet knowledge. Revelation associated with knowledge gives power and strength, because you have it, you are empowered with it. I value very much revelations that come through or during the experience, such as prayer, deep trance when you prophesy and the empowerment comes.

Don’t be discouraged! When there is a powerful revelation, I often see that people become discouraged, this indicates that their spirit cannot stand the coals.

In our night of prayer, we sang prophet Jeremiah. We sang as our spirit understands it, we took turns singing “Hallelujah!”, and it was unique! A prophetic soloist can sing in such a way that no one can repeat.

It is a difficult book in Scriptures, but “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable. You eat it and get filled with the power of God, because it is all beneficial.

Then we transited and entered into speaking blessing. And I saw that some people are very stingy with blessings. The lesser is blessed by the greater one. The father blesses the children, the elder blesses the younger. But there is a greater blessing—prophetic. Levi in ​​Abraham gave the tithe to Melchizedek. This means that the smaller one gave the tithe to God in this way – Melchizedek symbolized the Son of God without genealogy.

We can bless each other, but it’s all human. And God’s blessing is not a human one! We cannot distribute gifts ourselves. Therefore, we must say: “May the Lord bless you!” And therein lies the big difference.

One blesses strongly and much, and the other is stingy in spirit. If you are stingy in spirit, then you are greedy in flesh as well. Such a man around will make any one miserable. If you can’t bless yet, then you’re either a baby or weak in spirit.

Some people bless heavy and strong, but others simply speaks words. My spirit loves to feed on sapphires and diamonds – the furnace in heaven is not fed with charcoal, but with jem stones – these are saints who have reached perfection. They burn the mouth of the prophet.

By a man with his blessing one can immediately see his measure of love, his prophetic skills.

Revelation joins with prophetic, creative blessing. The combination of the creative and the prophetic has a mystical power.

I also began to bless, and released a prophecy. I believe this is a new season of blessing.

Prophetic Blessing is a new Martial Art of the spirit. We have dozens of martial arts of the spirit, this is not just a recitation, but real skills.

A prophetic blessing is when your spirit is so strong and expanded that you can empower with this blessing. You can impart only if you have an ability to impart a spiritual gift (very few have such a gift) or you have the ability to pierce the spirit of a man with a gift and empower with this gift.

But not everyone has such abilities. And not all gifts are impartable, there are those that are in the sovereign will of God. The ability to empower and impart are very powerful abilities.

“Now the Lord said to Abram: “Get out of your country, from your family, and from your father’s house to a land that I will show you; I will make you a great nation, I will bless you, and make your name great, and you shall be a blessing; I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed” (Genesis 12:1-3).

This is not only about the Jewish people, but about the seed of Abraham above all. But not all Jews according to the flesh are the seed of Abraham. For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, but who is one inwardly. It’s not about Jews, it’s about the Spirit of God.

Paul said, “…bless, and do not curse.” And also: “By the blessing of the upright, the city is exalted.”

I call a blessing today for those who are open to blessing.

I call open doors to the cherubic world for the Church in the Name of Jesus Christ, for seraphic anointed rains to descend upon our souls.

I also call the blessing of the Lord – not mine, but His, it is not I who bless, but may the Lord bless you with His holy radiance of gifts, so that the gifts will open in us – a new, fresh stream of this living water.

I call the Lord’s blessing upon us, that we enter into prophetic creativity, that we be creative, making beings, that we create winds, that we create aromas, that we create colors, that we create music, melodies, that we create voices, that we create people born of the Spirit of God.

I call on God’s blessing for the birth of new children, so that people are born of the Spirit of God, so that they are children to us, so that each of us can be a father and mother to many nations.

I call on God’s blessing also so that we have healing from diseases, so that we have strong, mighty health, so that the power of life flows through us – oozes through our pores, shines through our eyes, speaks and sings through our lips – the power of Life indestructable, the power of the resurrection!

I call us to maturity, to the knowledge of the Lord, I call on the blessing of maturity so that we can know the truth of the Scriptures, so that we can know Life and the Master of Life, the Lord of Life.

I call us to salvation, the paradise tabernacles in the city of heaven.

I call Salvation with a capital letter, in the full power of this truth — “My Salvation!” says the Lord, “My Salvation!”

And the Salvation of God will come upon you!

The Face of the Lord shines on the righteous, and may this radiance of His Face be with us forever and ever!

I call this God’s blessing for the Church of the Brethren, for each of us in the Name of Jesus Christ!

Amen, Hallelujah!

Here’s the way to bless. Don’t just say, “God bless you!” Sometimes they bless like interjections inserted between the lines. If you began to bless – then “hold the blow”! Bless so that God prophesies through you! If you are a small person, it will all remain with you. But if you are strong – you have received a new power of the martial art of the spirit, you will bless from the Lord.

In this blessing that we have proclaimed, some will receive several blessings at once. The one who opens like a lily that wants to bloom under the sun, He starts pouring out upon them. I am blazing like coal, my sapphire gives heat, gives blessing.

We have young people who see visions. On the same night that I released the blessing, one of our young men experienced a visitation.

“It was like a dream within a dream.

After a night of prayer. I saw myself from the outside. A great light from the sky dawned on me, and a beam of this light pierced my right ear like an arrow, like lightning.

I felt a very strong pain and at the same time bliss. I saw my spirit begin to separate from my body. I saw the spirit separate, and I was already looking into heaven—the open heaven, the open window.

And before me appeared such a picture – raging fire and a whirlwind. An amazing light emanated from it, and inside this raging fire, which was like a red-hot coal, I saw the likeness of the Son of Man, Who was looking at me, and a radiance of glory emanated from Him, His Face was in a radiance of light. Then, at the same moment, I saw thousands and thousands of eyes of a Being turning on me. And I saw many wings, which were also turned in my direction.

Yes, that’s what we proclaimed in the blessing, he received the blessing of the cherubs.