Many are called

We need to learn to spend time enjoying God. We may not be taught to celebrate, but we need to know how to celebrate.

God set the holidays in Israel not for Himself, but for us. Because celebrating our Lord should be interspersed in our faith.

Our fellowship is often boring, we are not able to sustain it for a long time. We need to look at the tradition of Israel. People moved from city to another city, spent time in celebration with beloved ones. The Lord taught this to His people.

All things are united by God service. There will be God service in heaven too. There will be no time to hide, lock up from everybody. Different peoples, different gradations of ranks and creatures, each will have its own rank and its own dwelling place, there will be sacred actions and service. There will be many things that are united by the service to God. It shall be powerful.

Today you and I have access to the mysteries of God so that we can participate in the celebration of Christ. Therefore, Scripture says that we celebrate Christ not with vice and wickedness, but with the “unleavened bread of purity and truth.” We celebrate these days the coming of Infant Jesus into the world.

A baby comes into this world vulnerable. God has given Himself into our hands. If you do not protect the baby, he may die. You have to help the baby.

“A Son is given to us,” – this is what is written not only about Mary and Joseph, but about all of us. This is, to some extent, your baby. Even young people can understand the need to take care of this Baby.

We need to raise the Baby in our hearts. He is given to us. He grows like this in our hearts until He begins to “cover” our entire life. From the Infant He becomes the Master of our life. As we come to believe, we may or may not listen to Him. But then He embraces, takes possession of our entire life. We remember this Baby every year. But I don’t think it’s just actual Christmas that we need to think about this. In the prophetic calendar, we should think of this more often. It’s like taking the Supper.

Today I understand more why the Baby is given to us. In my hands is His vulnerability, in my hands is His destiny in my destiny.

Don’t touch the Baby, take care of Him so that He grows into a Mighty King Who will take over our life, our destiny. Nurture and feed the Baby! Blessed Christmas holidays!


“I see a star that has risen over the Eastern Gates. It was very bright, and its light illuminated the path along which the way lay. The end of this path couldn’t be seen.

After a short time, another star appeared, similar to the one that had come earlier, wanting to move away the first star in order to shine on its own. But it was cast to the ground and began to shine on the earth. But that was a false light. She also illuminated the path, but this path led along a twisted road, at the end of which there was an abyss. Only when the walkers looked up at the star above the Eastern Gate could they walk the correct, direct path, with the correct lighting. “

God leads some in a special way. There are young believers, but they are so religious that the mystical even scares them. They are against everything, which is outside the church.

A false star is those who try to “star”, but their earthly path is so dull! He meets you and behaves in your presence like a slave, but behind your back he slanders your footsteps.

It is sad and shameful. A man of God would never do this.

I never watch or listen to gossip. On the contrary, when there is some kind of attack on a person, especially on the anointed ones, I stand for him. In spirit I know the man from eternity, because I am myself from eternity. He cannot die, he is with me, he is in spirit. You will say: “But his works matter!” – Yes, clothes get dirty, but soul and heart are not clothes.

I recently received a prophecy for one anointed one. I felt a strong urge to strengthen him. I wrote to him that the Lord leads some people in special ways. They are in church, but God leads them in a non-church way.

The people of the earth, the people of the flesh, are afraid of this. But the Lord does take others along such paths – and the “systemic people of the church” slander, because this doesn’t fit into them, this is a different level of walking in the Spirit.

I told this brother that the real prophets will be with him, because they hear the voice of God, and I am with him.

I take responsibility before God for this, and I know with all my insides that this is the truth. I am not afraid to prophesy this word in the name of the Lord, because God is still greater than what you understand or know about Him. Therefore, those who looked at the star above the Eastern Gates could walk a straight path with the correct lighting.

The second part of the revelation.

“I see a hand that held the scroll. And a scroll was given into the hands of the man of God. The man of God opened the scroll and began to read in a loud voice. The Word from the Bible was written there. When the man of God read, the sound of a trumpet came from heaven, which merged with the loud voice of the man of God. “

And one more revelation.

“In the hands of a great creature (the person who saw this could only see big hands) was a large feather, as if from another creature. The creature waved the feather, and a strong and piercing wind rose, with distinct direction. So the creature sent the wind in one direction and then in the other. At some point, the appearance of the feather changed. Instead of it I saw the man of God in the hands of the creature, who was like a feather or was in the feather. The creature created the wind for them.”

And one more important revelation. Our brother had a dream.

“The Church is gathered together. The man of God is standing. God’s people look one way and stand in line. God’s man raises his voice and sings. This is not the beginning of the song, the man of God is already singing. A river of fire flows out of the mouth of God’s man. And the breath inflames and swells this river. This is an amazing sight. The man of God sings the river. He sings and blows the fiery river at the same time. This is an amazing sight. It flows and spreads, burning enemies along its course, heats up the earth, causes lava flows from under the ground, and also produces visible and invisible events. God’s people are involved in this action. Some only sing, others breathe, blow, but all this also reinforces the fiery river.

Suddenly there are Angels and dozens of people from the Cloud. Evan Roberts, Emmy MacPherson, Savonarola were definitely there, then Viktor Ivanovich Belykh, Ivan Petrovich Fedotov, young people came, and many more people from the cloud. They stood in line between God’s people and sang and breathed, blowing the river.

Some helped brothers and sisters, suggested the correct breathing. Some of them pressed on the chest to strengthen the lungs, and with someone they breathed and sang together, pressing their cheeks to cheeks. It was a very beautiful, but very terrible river. The stream, which flowed slowly, was in places like a hurricane – burning everything that burns; in some places – like a whirlpool. “

I thank the Lord for such an abundance of revelations. These are serious things. I beg you not to neglect the prophecy. It is very dangerous to go against the prophecy.

The Holy Spirit testifies of us, He leads us, and everyone who goes against, goes directly against the river of fire. Over the years, I have watched a river of fire sweep away those who oppose it.

Obey the Lord! Before you speak evil of something – become a good son. Do you want your servants to be sons? But who are you? Have you shown your sons your trust in your fathers? A! You are “faithful to the Lord” … Do not lie! You can’t be faithful to God, but not faithful to your brothers. It doesn’t work that way. These are serious things. They either destroy faith or build it up.

So the last will be the first, and the first will be the last. “For many are called, and few are chosen.” What are they talking about? That a lot of people are called. And there is a distance between the many who are called and the little ones – what is it? – this is our response with our devotion. The Lord is calling many. But in the end only few remain.

When I hear that we are all unique, I agree in part. When we are called at the beginning, yes. But the uniqueness of our destiny is only for those who enter their calling, who respond to the call of the unique God.

Most Christians have an uninteresting life. But there are those who have a unique destiny: we respond to the call of the Lord and go into the unique destiny of God, and not our own, which we have invented.

The sources of the power of your motivation. In large companies, they look at motivation – a person’s career growth depends on it. Motivation is like the power of life. The experience of a person’s life often hinders him greatly, it is difficult to retrain a person.

When I meet unmotivated people, especially young people, I understand that these people are not of a unique destiny. How will a blessing come into your life ?? You are called, but you don’t become the chosen one. This is a very serious conversation.

Some people live without changing anything for decades. There are people who are naturally motivated, this kind of motivation is very powerful. For example, to love. Also, many want to change their lives, and they leave for megacities from provincial cities.

There is God’s motivation. When the Holy Spirit leads you to prayer, to evangelism, when God motivates you from within. You start moving, running to meetings, preaching the gospel.

But the most powerful motivation is when your personal motivation is based on dedication to God. When your personal motivation is connected to God’s.

A unique destiny will be for those who put a powerful personal motivation on the altar to God and get joined with Him – they join His motivation with their own.

This is not a theory, this is a real life experience. In some matters, we really manifested ambition, and that’s why work is being done there today. We went to countries about which there was neither revelation, nor an Angel that came and spoke to us. But we were connected with God and decided to do it. We immediately “rushed” to the ends of the earth!

Are you people who want a unique destiny? You must become a unique person. Otherwise, a unique life will never “shine” for you. This is a serious conversation. If we really want this destiny.

It is ambition to be like Apostle Paul. I needed to prove to myself and God, and the Angels, and the powers – that we are also believers. Remember, “many are called, but few are chosen.”

We study mystics – Francis, Ignatius Loyola, Patrick – we went beyond the charismatic world and came to the Cloud in which there are no denominations, in which God’s sons move according to the order of Melchizedek. These people had supernatural encounters and experiences with the Lord. They didn’t repeat the prayer of repentance; they received Christ through supernatural experiences. And then they followed God all their lives.

Therefore, we say to the evangelists: “Do not give birth prematurely. Allow God to meet the man, and then he will walk with a supernatural God all his life. “

How to make a unique destiny? Some people think that in order to make a career, you need to get away from God. Why isn’t the pastor letting people go? Out of sectarian fear! Loose him! And he himself will come to church to thank God that God gives him the freedom to become someone.

I would inspire the man to reveal his gifts, to build his own path. The church should allow a person to make mistakes, choose his own path – a person can go into business, journalism, politics, cinema. I am determined to help a person build their career. The church must reform its thinking. Allow a person to be in the world, but not “of the world.” It is important. External and internal work must be done. Free people. For a unique destiny, you need to become a unique person. This is the gospel. This is my Christ!

Therefore, God’s man was shown as a feather. The river is sung by God’s man. Holy people come to us – from the cloud of witnesses. Let’s build unique destinies!