Rising of Zerah Generation

Rising of Zerah Generation

This is the theme of hidden redemption. You can’t imagine how great the love of the Lord is! Some have such a “hidden thing” that you can’t tell anyone in the world. There are incredible knots in the lives of people that can’t be untangled by a person. You have not yet interpreted your life, you have not yet “solved” the crossword of your destiny. You haven’t answered the question “why?”. Some of you will know, others won’t. This is normal. Don’t ask, “why?” – ask, “how to follow Him?”. “Why” won’t take you to any good, complainers say this, but the faithful ones follow. What to do with “illegitimate born believers”? Do not be afraid, surrender to the grace, we need to enter the place of God’s rest in the family of God, where there is love and truth. And your whole lineage will “shake in place.”

This wise and anticipatory grace that led Judah is something incredible, even hellish. He came to a woman who was his sons’ wife, gave her his seed, she gave birth to twins. His life as a prophet (patriarchs are prophets) is like a parable. Parables are revealed to the wise and perfect, they aren’t revealed to everyone.

The all-wise anticipatory grace allowed all this to happen. The incredible traumatic difficulties you experienced in life were under the anticipatory grace that brought you to the House of God. This is not an accident, this is God’s wisdom. Just as Judah became a forefather and Jesus came out of the tribe of Judah, so grace will lead you to your top.

The teaching grace of God will replace the Angelic forces and lead you to the top. One baby stretched out his hand from the womb and the midwife tied a red thread on it. But the baby withdrew his hand, and the second baby came out – Perez, “the one breaking the barrier”. But it was Zerah who had the red thread, his name meaning “Morning sunrise, the dawn.” He will always be the First!

The hand of the Lord with a red thread – pierced by the Cross of Calvary, from the womb of the depth of heaven, the mystery of God, stretches out to you! You can’t interpret that. The holy seed of Judah in mother Tamar is like the holy seed of Jesus. Morning bright star is the Lord Jesus Christ!

A Revelation about the Bride was shown to us. She is walking barefoot: either she lost her shoes somewhere, or left them somewhere. The man of God sees the Bride and brings her shoes so that she would not go barefoot. The Bride puts on the shoes, walks briskly and then runs. And a voice comes saying: “Zerah!” Jesus is Alpha and Omega! He is the First and He will be the Last! And this is the anointing of the Church of the last days – she is invincible! She will finish all that God intended for her on earth! She will not lose this battle. She will be raptured by Him to heaven, she will live to see the second Coming, she will not collapse.

The real Bride of Christ will remain with the Red Thread, she will run. Now she needs to put on shoes. Your souls, your feet are wounded, don’t do this – put your shoes on! Zerah, put on your shoes! We will run! Jesus saves the End! The last will be the first.

The hand of the Lord with a red thread – pierced by the Cross of Calvary, from the womb of the depth of heaven, the mystery of God, stretches out to you!