Coals of the gem stones

We recently meditated on how the coals work.

We had a night of prayer, when we experienced a powerful visitation, God’s people moved in the prophetic dance, and I myself was close to a trance. As I said before, trance can be of two types: one is when you control your body and you do a certain work partly in prostration. Another type is when you can’t control your body, God comes and takes you. I’ve had both types and have learned more to move, when you control your body, but your soul and spirit are in a different dimension. So it was like that in prayer. And when I got to my place, I felt that my spirit was hot red and blazing, not able to sleep, namely because the spiritual heat of incredible power was coming.

I realised it was coals.

There is different types of heat. Wood can be of different type, depending on the tree. Some types of wood don’t give any heat, only smoke, some keep heat for a long type, some burn very well and fast, but don’t give heat. Mining coal has a different structure and sustains heat much longer.

But God’s fire on the heavens alter is not produced of wood, it’s not fed with wood. There are neither dead trees nor mining coals there, the fire there is fed with gem stones. I learnt this. Even the Angel had to take the coal with tongs – so red hot it was, that even the Angel’s fingers were spared, he needed tongs to touch the prophet’s lips.

What kind of coal was it? Angels can easily hold fire, he can take any burning piece of wood and won’t get burned, he is a spirit. But this coal he had to take with tongs. These are gem stones. Sometimes it’s a man, who has become a being, he is so red hot, that a prophet is burned by him. If you encounter him, you become a prophet, you encounter his spirit and don’t remain the same – prophetic mantle comes upon you if you receive it.

So as I returned I felt I was a blazing stone.

A gem stone that is blazing.

While usual coal can hold the heat for about 24 hours, such gem can blaze for years and ages.

People who during their life time became gem stones in God’s altar – and you know about those martyr souls under the altar in heaven – they are laid in the foundations, like rubies and sapphires – the foundations of the Kingdom are laid on them. You don’t simply find a fine ruby there, shaped as a brick – those are souls that became gem stones, the living stones. These are not actual rubies and sapphires, but are like them. Such men can produce heat for thousands of years.

Abraham, Moses and David were of this kind. People from the Cloud of Witnesses are of this kind.

And I felt myself a stone, that’s able to burn very long.

Remember, these are not black coals. The Lord never uses things for His fire that produce smoke. The Lord feeds His fire with what produces heat, which melts everything. God’s stones never produce smoke, which hurts your eyes and spoils the air.

My spirit kept staying red hot till the dawn, after a night of prayer. This kind of prayer nights we are supposed to have. No You Tube, no recording can give you this experience, you have to be involved in the original. There’s a great difference when you read books about the fire or you walk in the fire.

This is something like Ezekiel 1. Why do we need Ezekiel 1? Can’t we simply read the Gospel and know there’s Jesus our Lord and there’s Holy Spirit? But Ezekiel 1 talks about things eternal, unchangeable. It tells us that God never sits on earth, He sits on the cherubim, the foundation of His throne is on the cherubim, and prophets knew God as the One seated on the cherubim. Remember this.

This is interesting Christianity, eternal.

Here is a revelation we received:

I see a blazing fire, inside which there is also fire like coal. (I spoke about it yesterday, today I receive this from another man) And an image came out of it red hot like a coal and went to search for the man of God. The man of God also went in search, and the connection happened, and the man of God became a lightning. The word that came from the mouth of the man of God was fire, which kindled a new fire or stirred up what had been put out. Thus a strong blazing fire was worked.

This revelation confirms what Hebrews says, that «He makes His ministers a flame of fire.» This is the way God’s fire is worked. This is the way God’s fire is birthed, out of the coals and beings who became gem stones, living stones, like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds; which keep blazing for thousands of years and don’t run out of their power.

Isn’t God able to make out of a substance a sun, which burns thousands of years? Isn’t man and his spirit greater than the sun? The sun will cease, so will the stars, but a man of God remains forever.

This is life, the fire of life, His breath. This is the way God’s fire is made by His ministers, who have attained angelic level of walking.

This is all revelation. Some read Ezekiel 1, as if they were watching a cartoon, not realising that it talks about God. That these are the most precious Scripture places where God is described, from the outside, like through a dim glass, like an image that flew by in a fog. Moses could see the glory only from the back. This is all living, God is living, He is Life.

And fire is made, because God Himself is an all consuming fire. There are no coals left after God’s fire. Whatever it consumes, not even an atom remains; there are no waste products, no ashes. If God consumes a wicked one, not even a memory remains, they will seek him and not find. This is why histories fell, and as if man woke up and found some inka civilisation. Well. Where have you been? There wasn’t any gap in the history… God took away the memory of them, this is why today we explore and study the Pyramids in Egypt. But where have you been? People have alway been on earth. Have you forgotten? God took away the wicked memory! People have always been around – ask Beduins, and they will tell you how all things collapsed and sank and exploded. It is all gone, because nothing remains after God has consumed.

This is the way God’s fire works. And this is revelation. This is knowledge. Natural one will think this is insane, because he is on the way to his place. For him this is insane, but for a spiritual this is food of life.