Martial Arts of the Spirit Portal of the Revealed Word

Martial Arts of the Spirit: Portal of the Revealed Word

A very important martial art is the power of the revealed Word. You know the difference – when the Word is revealed or it is shut, when it is a human testimony, or it is God’s testimony. Those baptized with the Holy Spirit can feel when “the letter” is working or when the Spirit is working, when truth is coming, revelation, or when human wisdom is coming. You can discern it: when your spirit sleeps or languishes, and when it wakes up. 

 Revealed Word is one of the most powerful martial arts of the spirit. The revealed Word is when the Word reveals God. The revealed Word is a portal, it is an open window or a door, through which one can enter the truth of God, understanding it. The Word reveals. 

There is no such thing as the “Bible” in the Word. God’s Word is called the Holy Scriptures. The Holy Scriptures by themselves, without the Holy Spirit, are silent. Apostle Peter says about this: “… knowing this first that no prophecy of the Scripture is of private interpretation, for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:20-21). As soon as the Holy Spirit opens, we begin to comprehend God’s Word. In this sense, the Holy Scriptures are different from all the books that claim to be sacred in all world religions, cults or sects – neither the Koran, nor the “book of the dead” of the Tibetan monks, nor the books of the Marmons, nor even modern translations of the Bible can compare with the living Word of God. Modern translations that try to interpret the Word of God, where “the adze of an author” is felt – I don’t even compare them with the Bible, these are just human thoughts, because translators must be absolutely neutral, so that they don’t understand what they are translating, they must prophesy without understanding what is said. For example, “A Son is given to us” or “A virgin shall conceive” – this was not understood by the man who prophesied and wrote this. But that’s how it is – write what you read, and don’t interpret it. Therefore, such modern translations are just a dead letter, a lie, there is a human adze, there is no revelation in it. 

Revelation, unlike human preaching, is always sealed. Always. “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter”… He watches over the seals so that no one will open them. Only the Holy Spirit or Holy Spirit carriers come and unseal and break the seals for those who hear to understand. So the prophet wept that no one could open the books. But the Lion from the tribe of Judah came and opened the seals. 

One revelation – in our opinion, not necessarily a great one – can carry incredible power. 

The Lord gave us a revelation for one gathering. He showed – down to the details – what kind of people would be in it, what they would look like, what kind of nations and what would happen. The Lord showed that Jesus was watching over the Universe. There were movements in the Universe. He delved into all matters and then gave the Man of God a cluster of winds. The winds were in chaos. As is happening today on this earth and in the Body of the Church. But then Jesus began to blow the Spirit of Almighty God into the eyes of the Man of God, and from the mouth of the Man of God came words that began to calm the winds in this area. The winds were systematized. 

Revelation can produce not only a change in you, but it can produce a change in the Universe. That’s the power of the revealed Word. Because God holds everything by the power of the Sovereign Word. The Word has the holding power, from the word “hold”. He holds everything by the holding power. As He said, so He did. But it’s not just your Bible that’s on your phone or at home. If you are not inspired and sent by the winds to “reveal” it, your reading it will lead to nothing. It doesn’t empower you, it doesn’t edify, it pushes you away – you just get a bad habit not to love this process. For you, the time of reading the Word becomes undesirable – you don’t see anything in it, you don’t understand anything, you understand more and more on a subconscious level that this is an “unpleasant” occupation. And the man stops reading the Word. But he doesn’t understand that the revealed Word is an encounter. We must treat the Word as an encounter. 

God has given us this blessing from the very beginning. When I began to analyze and understand the gift of the revealed Word and began to treat it as an encounter, I realized that a lot depends on me. God has given me much of the responsibility for our encounters with Him through the Word. In other words, when I want to meet Him, we will meet. And when I don’t want to, we won’t meet. Of course, we say grandiloquent phrases that we are ready to give everything, ready to spend all our time, but oftentimes we know that we can meet Him, but we don’t want to… 

 God gave me the gift of “Urim and Thumim”. Sometimes it manifests. God can tell me: “yes or no”, “lie or no lie”, “true or not true”, etc. I look at a man and see right through him. But I don’t always say what I see. God sometimes reveals to me the movement of the mysteries of the heart. Or I can hear the person’s thoughts. It’s like the winds, like the voices that you hear among many voices, if you concentrate, you can specifically follow some voice. Thus the Lord heard “the thoughts of the hearts.” 

The gift of the revealed Word is an open portal so that we can enter that door and receive understanding and empowerment. And the next stage is the change of the Universe. One small revelation can change the world around us. It has incredible strength! We know very little about the power of the revealed Word. When the Lord gives us a touch to these mysteries, to this power and to these winds, then an amazing connection takes place. For example, the wheels of Galgal – he saw that they were very terrible and very large. This is an incredibly huge thing. The wheels in the wheel spin as if the axles were alive. The axles change their course and their place. The wheels are full of eyes. And so the man is watching these wheels rotate before him. It’s incredible! 

Imagine that the moon has approached 300 kilometers. But that’s far less than what Ezekiel saw. It was much more powerful than the moon. Only the gift of the revealed Word can reveal it to you. And when you enter this dimension, you are no longer human. You are not any theologian, a good, eloquent preacher who chews everything up. There is no pulpit, there is no congregation, there is eternity. This is how far the revealed Word can reach! It’s much more powerful! 

How big in diameter do the wheels have to be for you to call them great? No matter what you say – it’s not enough. It’s not about wheel size. Not so much that you can behold them with your physical eyes. And in the Holy Spirit they were very terrible, terrible and great. It’s not about size. 

Therefore, I invite you into this portal, into the revealed Word. I can’t compare this gift with others – but if I could – then this gift comes after love. You can’t compare, it’s one thing. Love can only be in revelation. We need to learn how to receive the revealed Word. Not everyone has a gift, but everyone is told that it is good to pursue gifts.