From the Gifts of the Spirit into a Gift of God Yourself

From the Gifts of the Spirit into a Gift of God Yourself

How far can you go? 

Jesus turned water into wine. This was the first miracle of Christ, and it was not resurrecting someone or healing a sickness, but rather it was taking ordinary things and turning them into a feast. 

Mary knew that Jesus could do something, but she had no idea what it could be. And when she told them to do what He said, she was fulfilling Ephesians 3:20, which says He can do much greater thingsa than we can ask, think, or imagine. Mary could imagine on a certain level. But Yeshua did much more than that. 

I want to encourage us in the Lord that He will take our ordinary things – and they will become “wine” in our lives, bringing extraordinary joy and extraordinaryness into everything, doing more than we could imagine. 

This is true. I’m experiencing it in this season, when the Lord surprises – He surprises me personally – and these are good things: God is really good, He is kind, He brings good things. 

 Over time, comes the experience of a heightened expectation of intuition – like sensitive creatures that immediately pick up the smell. Some of them have a stronger sense of smell than sight. Because the eyes slow down, but the flair tells. There are also more subtle things – it’s hearing. And some creatures, including animals, hear much more subtle than they see and smell. They have a very highly developed ear for any small noise. They pick up sound vibrations. 

But there are even deeper things – this is intuition – it catches on a deeper level, where matter can no longer cope, this is a premonition. And even more subtle is the prophetic anointing, as it says that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. This can’t be grasped by either the spiritual or the carnal man, because prophecy goes deeper than intuition. 

Intuition is human spirit –  maximum it can do is move within the limits that God put to it. Paradise was lost. Therefore intuition is limited, but the prophetic is not limited. Although prophecies will cease and be silent in eternity, they won’t be needed, there will be the reality, but now they are communicating to us what is hidden by God. 

It is very important that we catch and receive prophecy. Learn to receive prophecy, learn to get clothed in prophecy, put on it. 

When we hear these words, we might just think, like Eli, “Let God do what He pleases.” Very often this doesn’t work, because some prophecies need to be fought for. And some also need to be fought against when the Lord offers you a chance. You have to fight against the prophecy of death in order to enter into life. These are also God’s prophecies, but they must be fought against. These are not useful prophecies for us.  

That is, we must work with prophecies, and this is the martial arts of the spirit – how to do it correctly. Here is the prophecy that is given – catch it, seize it, make it yours, put on it.  

I accept it, I put on, I begin to see in the spirit how it happens to me. Put on the prophetic, put it on! 

The Lord takes ordinary things and makes them supernatural. You walk the earth, and God helps you in everything. Walk in the supernatural, walk “swirling”! Behind Him is the storm, and ahead is the wind. The glory of God swirls. God is in the temple, and the train of His robe fill the entire temple. 

Walk supernaturally, move walls, step firm on the ground, stomp on the ground, speak loud and clear, do not whisper, do not “tremble” with your voice, speak openly, clearly and directly. This is apostolic courage. 

It is necessary to release courage on other people – to splash out life and resurrection on them, and not cowardice and insecurity. 

Pastors, boldly preach the truth of God. Preach what you are confident of—what you yourself do your best to move in. Don’t infect people with insecurity. Don’t infect them with fear. Words will not help, no matter how strong they are. There is always a spirit behind them. Spirit and words must correspond in their kind, in their level of power. There is this connection, synchronization, when the Word and the power of the pressure of the Spirit match, a miracle happens – the Kingdom of God invades from the invisible world – into the visible one – and changes everything.  

Sometimes it is very difficult for me to communicate with cowards or people who only pretend to be winners. Heal your spirit, don’t walk in an afflicted spirit – be victorious people. If you have continuously lied, this is also felt, because you need to walk in the light of the fire. I like the spirit of directness and clarity. 

Go back to shofars. And as you blow your trumpet this season, put on the revelation. Think, proclaim, blow retribution with shofar. 

The time for retribution is coming. We spoke about this a few weeks ago. Now is the season of retribution: there are judgments for the wicked, and retribution for the righteous. And although the righteous suffer, they walk in the heavenly, they do not suffer damage, they ascend in the spiritual man 

“Jesus answered her: if you knew the gift of God and who says to you: “Give Me a drink,” then you yourself would ask Him, and He would give you living water” (John 4). “Yes, brother, let me have joy from you in the Lord; refresh my heart in the Lord. Having confidence in your obedience, I write to you, knowing that you will do even more than I say. But meanwhile, also prepare a guest room for me; for I trust that through your prayers I shall be granted to you” (Philemon, 1).  

The martial art of the spirit sounds like this: “The Transition from the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the gift of God.” How to shift from serving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and become a gift yourself. How a  man of God himself can become a gift. Jesus Himself spoke of Himself. Jesus is the Gift of God. And Paul reached that level, he wrote, “I will be granted to you.” This is the highest level of martial arts. 

Paul reached a level where he transited from being gifted to becoming a gift himself. If now Paul let us know he was coming to our church, then we would receive him as a gift from God.  

There are people in your churches who are also gifts. Recognize them, serve them not as God, but as men of God. Our churches have very precious people. Understand this and appreciate it, treat it right, have a balance in relation. 

Paul says, “I will be granted to you.” When I go to places, I come as a gift. I go to the airport, I get on a plane, I arrive – I know that I am going to bring reinforcement, strengthening, replenishment of faith, correction, purification – whatever. Thousands of things can be produced if you come as a gift. I can share gifts, raise people  into this realm of gifts. I will bring life into everything. 

 When a Man of God comes, he brings a blessing. I will not come to eat all your food, I will not come to ruin your bathroom equipment, I will not come to take your last clothes from you, I will not come to bring you illness, I will come to you with other things – to bring you blessing. 

You curators and visitors! Come as a blessing. Blessing in everything. And even if there is damage – first think, and do not judge. 

One day a bishop, a prisoner for faith, came to me and stayed with me for several days. I had my clothes drying in the balcony, and suddenly someone stole them. I go out in the balcony – there are no clothes. I looked at the bishop… And he explained to me that there were no problems.  

These are all funny pictures. I don’t have to explain. Because the brother was a huge blessing. What he imparted was much more expensive than any clothes. There are many stories on this subject. 

Be a gift from God. You don’t come empty-handed. I think about this. Sometimes I take something of the material things, sometimes I don’t – to give brothers and sisters an opportunity to serve. It all depends on the age of the church. But I will always enrich spiritually, I will share gifts, I will strive and raise into this gift. I will always be a blessing in everything. 

It is very important to prepare not just what you will do, but it is important to prepare yourself. The gift must be well-tended. It is not the Word that needs to be prepared, but yourself. Of course, I have things that I bring, but I prepare myself more because you never know what kind of events will happen. You bring Christ in yourself, and His appearance in different manifestations – where there is a lack and where you need to work. This is much more important than preparing something in a “spiritual” bag – you have sermons there, the Word, but the main thing is that you offer yourself, and you ascend from gifts to gifts. 

Jesus came to Peter’s house. Peter lived with his mother-in-law. Jesus came as a gift to this situation – to the son-in-law and mother-in-law. Mother-in-law was sick, she was having fever. Jesus healed the mother-in-law, drove the fever out of her. The mother-in-law rose up and began to serve them. 

Jesus dealt with this problem – He gave healing. The gift of God comes and brings healing. This is a very valuable Word. It is a very powerful martial art to turn into a gift. 

You come to some other country – come as a gift, not as a problem. You have something with which you can bless. This is what I will do in this global season under this Mantle. 

We can be a gift personally for someone: you instruct, bring him back, you know someone who fell away – serve, return him to the church, serve, release your gift. Become a gift for us, and we’ll be a gift for you. You can serve a family, you can heal someone’s house, bring a blessing there. 

You can even serve nature – I remember how we prayed in one city, there was a huge pipe that polluted the air in the city, and it broke; now there is blue sky over the city! 

You can align the elements, change the atmosphere. Depends on what level of power you are at. You can bring blessing to the country, bring peace or protection, bring “God’s covering” over the people. This is a different level of power that a man of God can have. You have to become a gift from God. 

Jesus came and brought a gift to the mankind that was bought by the cross of Calvary, suffering, He rose from the dead, “pulled” the prophets in Jerusalem from the tombs, appeared to the disciples, moved in the supernatural and opened the door to heaven for those who believe in Him. 

Paul says that he will not just come himself, but he will be a gift. It will be given by God. Pavel could stay the whole winter in one place. Because he served as a gift to the church. My brothers and sisters also invite me. I am a very sensitive person, and I understand where I am invited with love.  

What a wonderful gift! The martial art of the spirit – from the gifts of the Spirit – into the gift of God. 

Jesus said, “Have faith of God.” Can I believe this far? How far can I go in my faith? Very often we walk in faith following the example of what was before us. We read the stories in the Word, and we do as Jesus, David, Abraham, or Paul did. But Jesus said that “you will do much more than I’ve done.” What did He mean? Not only the number of baptisms, number of churches planted, number of people saved, but also discovering realms that He literally didn’t open while in the Body. For example, we don’t hear that He discovered physical laws or was a composer. But He was the Son of God. All this was inside Him. Everything was at its climax inside Him. 

Jesus was very much focused on bringing redemption and lived a very short life. He passed to us the ability to finish everything. He managed to do the most important thing – to give us a “package” with the greatest treasures – redemption and creative wealth. That’s what we need to understand today! That we should not do the same thing that the Apostles did. We have to do much more – not only in terms of quantity, but also to open up new areas, and in a qualitative sense. 

The Apostles never had such mega churches as we had at the end of the 20th century, where there could be more than 100,000 people. There are leaders who have tens of thousands of churches. This position – doing the same thing that the other is doing, looking at the back of the other – is one thing. But how far can your faith go to make you do things for the first time in the history of mankind 

This is not pathos. This is true freedom, and the creative infinite love of God, which allows me to go as far as I can, in different things that no one even wrote about in books. 

What we do is that we don’t go behind the back of another, often we go for the first time – straight into infinity, facing the unknown. How far can you go with your boldness in faith? Can I believe that I, my friends, my church can defeat darkness and its power? Can we break the author of darkness and his foundations with our faith. How far can we go in our spirituality and faith? 

Catch it in the Spirit. Jesus did it – He did what no man had ever done. But He was a Man. Paul did it. Before him, no one had done it. John did it. This level of revelation no one else was given except him. No one else had that kind of intimacy. It wasn’t in a dream. Every time he made his own specific decisions in favor of God at the highest level. 

God’s guidence always includes such levels as taking risks and following God. Every time you make a decision. Dying every day, in order to follow Him. This is not done half asleep. True guidence is done in clarity. You move in total obedience, which you accept. You make a decision. Don’t look for magic, walk in reality.  

And they all paid the price. 

I challenge you to do what no one has ever done and not to be afraid to go where no one else has gone. David went against Goliath. The young man did what no one could do. This position is no back of your “big leader”. Like the one whose hands stuck to the sword, like the one who descended into the lions’ den, the one who took the spear from the Egyptian – these were people who did for the first time what no one else had done. It was the faith of God. You must believe. Not anger or rage, which won’t endure, but the power and faith of God!