New Stones of Revelation

New Stones of Revelation

First Stone of Revelation

Today the church sins in many cases more than the world. She behaves worse than Sodom. I’m not talking about all churches, I’m talking about those who understand who they are. In Scripture, she is called “sister Sodom.”(Ezek.16:48).  She is convicted of pride, fullness of food and abundance of idleness. Her sin is that she doesn’t strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.

Many have abandoned the ministry of charity – fear God, return to it.

And there is her sister – Samaria. She is also called a sister, and she also did abominations.

But the Lord speaks to His daughter – God’s people – and says that she has surpassed them with her abominations. Samaria didn’t commit half of her sins. And through what she did – even they were more righteous than the daughter of God.

“You who judged your sisters, bear your own shame also, because the sins, which you committed were more abominable than theirs, they are more righteous than you. Yes, be disgraced also and bear your own shame, because you justified your sisters” (Ezekiel 16:52).

The sins of the daughter of Israel justified the sins of Sodom and Samaria. In other words, they were saying, “Your daughter is more sinful than we are.” Today, priests who support wickedness, cover sin without cleansing it with the Blood and confession, take on a great responsibility. Thus, they justify Sodom and Samaria, who know that they are sinning. And the church gives them “go-ahead” for this, justifying and tolerating it.

But the Lord says that nevertheless His holy mercy will return Sodom to an intermediate state for conversion. He says He will bring back the captives of Sodom and her daughters. Even for the Sodomites there is hope. God will visit “evil places” and return these people to the intermediate state before they fell into Sodom sin – so that they come to their senses and return.

The Lord gives such a promise: “I will bring back the captives of Sodom and her daughters, will return the captivity of Samaria and her daughters.” This is an intermediate state where they worshiped God, but not according to the law.

When the church sins, it justifies the world. The church will be in shame for a while. Today there is already such a “starfall” among the ministers. “Stars” shake and fall. The church shall be in shame. Today she is also in shame before this world . She is not ready to suffer because she preached against suffering in times of peace. She preached that suffering was not part of the Gospel. Therefore, when the time came for her to suffer, she could not resist.

That’s why the world today despises the church – because it’s in shame. And not only the world, but also God. Even the world, Babylon, will receive mercy and return to an intermediate state. And in due time, the church will also be given mercy – to return from the curse. The Lord says these words: “And your sisters, Sodom and her daughters, return to their former state; and Samaria and her daughters return to their former state, and you and your daughters will return to your former state” (Ezekiel 16:55). The Lord also says, “Remember your former works and repent.”

The Lord will give the church the grace to return from the curse to the starting line in order to have another chance to gain the blessing of God. Watch it. Not only pastors, but also bishops. Some are not attacked by the devil – they are judged by God.

Second stone of revelation

The Lord is testing His Church for readiness. He’s preparing His Bride so that she can be ready. Just like Esther was rubbed with different oils, two types of oils – for half a year – they symbolize the Word and the Spirit. The Lord is preparing His Bride by having her soaked with the oil of the Word and the Spirit.

We began to penetrate deeply and analyze the book of Acts of the Apostles. We don’t need sweets – we keep the Word! We are getting soaked with the Word in order to keep it. We are “anointed” with the oils of God’s Word, the perfume of Scripture. Do not neglect – it is the time of hard work now – we will rest later. Labor time today is “in the sweat of our brow.” We are in Adam today. And although there is a deep voice within us, it gives us no right to relax. The Lord said these words: “Watch, and again I say to you: “Watch!” Therefore, we get saturated with God’s Word.

The church that is to endure at this time is one that stands in the Word, not just in the cheap “stories” of preachers who talk like that just to please the people. The sovereign Word will lead us into freedom. The sovereign Word will pull us out of the abyss – into salvation. And we need to fear God in order to stand in God’s Word. The fear of God must become an integral part of our anointing.

You and I must not only carry the fear of God, but walk in it.

And also the spirit. In some churches it is not even clear who you come to – whether they are baptized with the Spirit or not – this is not clear. They don’t pray in the Spirit. If you don’t “strike” the fire, how will you “ignite”? And Scripture says to us to “blaze with the Spirit.” You have to pray in the Spirit so that it burns. You must touch the Lord in your meetings, pray in tongues by the spirit to kindle the spirits of the people. Then the people go home “ignited”. You compromised priest, you have not pulled your people into the fire, and the people are walking around, still not ignited by the fire of the Spirit. Pray so that you blaze! Then it will be a successful meeting.

The practice and tradition of being filled with the Spirit is what will give us victory over the world, over the intellect. Spiritual church is one that walks in the fire of prayer. One must pray not with the tongue and not with the mind, but with the spirit that is in the womb.The Scripture says that “out of the womb shall flow rivers of the living waters.” Pray till you get into labor, pray so that your insides get stirred, so that you feel that you have touched the Lord. Prevail with this fire in your meetings, abide in the fire of the Spirit in your meetings. It doesn’t mean screaming at the top of my lungs, but it’s fire. Some pray weakly, they are not filled with the Spirit, some pray the same words for years.

The True Bride will be saturated with the Spirit and the Word. Now is the time that we must “stew” in the Word of God. Study the Word! Make sure your people read the Scriptures and live in it daily. Then your speech will be sanctified and anointed.

A truly chosen Bride will not ask for mercantile favors. She will manifest spirituality in self-sacrifice. Her interest is one – the main thing – He Himself. This is what Esther did. Those who looked after her before she was introduced to the king – these are the Angels, the Holy Spirit – taught her to ask from the king. But she came to him and asked for nothing. Esther didn’t want anything – she wanted him. She came not for any other reason, but for him and herself.

Today we need to shift the paradigm from objects, gifts – to Him. She will become true and only one for Him, because she will be free from everything earthly. Today, church of God, we call you to lift your face to heaven. So that our head “dwells” above the earth, and our hands do good and our feet walk with the Gospel.

Our thinking is to become heavenly. It is very difficult to talk with a person who has earthly thinking. He is so erudite, so well-read, so informed, but it is very difficult to talk to him, because he is “pumped”. But you need to “pump” your head with the Word of God. Because faith comes from the Word, and then you’re in faith and not in unbelief. It’s so wonderful! Feel like a heavenly person.

The Third Stone of Revelation

The Apostolic church will become more and more awesome. Esther was like that – when the king offered her whatever she wanted, even up to half the kingdom, she said that her request was for the king to come to her feast. She didn’t catch her “bird of happiness” in order to finally “snatch” from him everything she dreamed of. She planned much more – to destroy the enemies of Israel and liberate all of Israel. For the sake of the people of God, she conceived a plan. She is an awesome woman! This is the kind of Apostolic Church that must rise today! She is really awesome, she is dangerous, and it is because she has the revelation of judgments and can cooperate with God in His judgments.

Those reverent young men who buried Ananias and Sapphira were greatly edified. Those young men, carrying the bodies of the people struck by God, who lied to the Holy Spirit, and completing the burial ritual, changed. Why? – Because they participated in the judgments. By burying unholy bodies, they performed the last act of burial.

This participation from the initial phase – starting with Peter’s speaking out the prophecy of death to the young men burying these bodies with their own hands – all of them in a row – participated in God’s judgments. When the young men buried the bodies, they returned as partakers in God’s judgments.

There are different phases of participation. But God’s church in the spirit of Esther is awesome precisely for this reason. She fears God not with the “frightened fear” as those who have no knowledge of Him. She will bring the matter to the end, until she destroys the enemy completely and irrevocably. The Church of Esther – the Apostolic Church – brings the matter to the end, it will not stop halfway as weak, as feeble-minded, as unfaithful.

The fourth stone of revelation

The Apostolic church is to be cleansed today. We need to quit everything that is doubtful. In Evan Roberts’ awakening in Wales, one of the points was to quit any questionable business that you feel doubtful about. If you feel that this matter is not pleasing to the Lord, leave it immediately and you will enter into God’s grace. Today the church must be cleansed of foolish habits, of everything that prevents her from focusing on Christ. We meet many “dispersed” Christians today who immediately forget the main thing, can’t concentrate on the main thing, can neither preach nor pray with concentration – are not able to concentrate on revelation and the revealed Word. This must go away.

The church must purify her spirit, mind, heart and body. She must purify herself and become like the Passover of Christ. It is written that we celebrate not with the old leaven, but with the unleavened bread of purity and truth. Then the church will celebrate its way, she will celebrate her salvation in the holiness and honor of Christ. Then you can celebrate Christ. A pure person lives in celebration, a deceitful and unclean one lives in sorrow.

Fifth Revelation Stone

God will give mercy in grace to bring near His salvation to our homes and relatives. Pay special attention to your loved ones, relatives far and near, God moves His hand there. Pay attention. If you have lost connections, hope, do not look at it like a human being, God will save by your prayer. Remember that your faithfulness in saving love, your attention is important to Him.

There are moments when something is torn, circumstances can’t be changed, but your faithfulness in the Father’s divine love must remain unshakable. You must remain a man of God, even if you have been betrayed, treated unfairly. You must continue to shine. Today God wants us to bring them back or turn them to the Lord.

Especially the retribution will extend to the saved faithful ones. This will intensify. Those who truly serve the Lord will be blessed. To serve is to depend entirely, to live not for oneself, but for more. The Lord said that He would show the difference between the one who serves and the one who serves not. It’s starting to manifest. God will reward those who serve and express abandonment to those who do not serve.

Reconsider your life. Start serving the Lord. Don’t fool yourself and others that you don’t know how. Every person knows how he can serve God. Open your eyes and ears. Serve with prayer, God’s Word, Gospel, mercy, good works, piety. Ministry is manifested in the local church. Within yourself – to God – through faithfulness to the Word and the Spirit, keeping the purity of Christ’s garments, serving the world with kindness, holiness and gospel, and serving in the church – each with his own gifts.