Bedstead of Og against Solomon’s

As we prayed during our worship time I received a revealed Word. It is about the bedstead of Og. “For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of the giants. Indeed his bedstead was an iron bedstead (Is it not in Rabbah of the people of Ammon?). – A huge giant with a huge iron bed, our enemy. – Nine cubits is its length and four cubits its width” (Deut.3). Four and a half meters long! – one could livein it if to build walls. Imagine what kind of man he was, this Og. 

But there’s another bed, which hits through like a cruiser into that iron thing.  

“Behold, it is Solomon’s couch, with sixty valiant men around it, of the valiant of Israel. – Those are the best men of Israel, not any quenched or relaxed – They all hold swards, being expert in war! Every man has his sward on his thigh because of fear in the night” – They love night, they love swards and use them in the night. 

“Of the wood of Lebanon Solomon the King made himself a palanquin. Why to sleep on iron when there’s wood – and it can be carried. There are those palanquin, where you insert poles and carry it, you sleep while you move. I love so much this ability – you lean your head and you’re gone. This is a very good ability of a warrior. 

He made its pillars of silver – redemption. Its support of gold – glory. Its seat of purple – Christ’s Blood. Its interior paved with love by the daughters of Jerusalem. This beautiful construction is called Solomon’s couch, which hits into the bedstead of Og, that old outdated metal thing. Silver, gold, wood, purple and love of the daughters of Jerusalem! This is what happens there – the couch is made with love! With love of our sisters, the Church of Christ! 

God’s Peace is going today against the peace of this world. He says “not as this world gives you”, the bedstead is an image of this word. And this world is being demonazed today, it is being shaken, Babylon, this bedstead of Og is being shaken. And this liner of God’s Shalom, Solomon’s couch – it is mega shalom, where King Solomon rests and keeps warring even as he sleeps and rests. 

Therefore, have this kinglike couch, that we may possess this rest, that we may abide in the Solomon’s couch with 60 Angelic valiant around with swards because of the fera in the night! Silver, gold, wood, purple and love of the daughters of Jerusalem surround us – what a prophetic beauty!