Mandrakes at the door of our house

We are experiencing an incredible renewal of mysteries, through which we enter the supernatural world of the Lord, and we experience these mysteries of God – new mysteries that are unusual for us, they are the food of heaven.

We received an interesting dream. It is wonderful that there are prophetic people within our womb who see visions and revelations. By visions and revelations, one can roughly determine the degree of spirit and the caliber of maturity. This is a mature and deep revelation. It was shown in two parts: the first part in one night, and the second part came in another. This proves its genuineness.

“I see the earth as if from high above. In the middle of this space, a mountain rises. There is a huge Gate at the top of the mountain. The Man of God stands on the Gate. In his hand there is a huge sword. The sword shines brightly, and it is both terrible and beautiful. The sword is rotating. Above the Gates – there’s likeness of the Throne. A radiance emanated from the Throne, and it hit the Man of God, and went through him further.

And then water flowed from under the Gate. It was not a stream that just flows in one direction like a channel. It was a flood coming from under the Gate all over the mountain. It was all covered with waters. The flood filled the space that was around the entire mountain.

There were people at the top, next to the Man of God. They dived into the waters of the flood, and the water itself took them up the mountain, despite the fact that the stream flowed downwards from the mountain, from top to bottom. There were those who wanted to make it up the mountain on their own and built boats. But they were carried away by the stream even further from the mountain. “

Here is such a wonderful revelation! We see several key layers here; this is the mountain on which the Gates of the East stand; there is the Throne over the Gates; light emanates, and floods flow from this mountain from under the Gate, they flow down all over the mountain; and below there are people who jump into these streams, and the waters, regardless of the fact that it flows from above, miraculously lifts them against the current up to the Gates – this speaks of the movement of the Spirit, the laws of physics are violated, this is a supernatural ascent to the mountain. But there are people who, according to the flesh, build boats in order to make it up the mountain, but they are carried away even further by the stream of the natural current from this peak.

Of course, we understand that today is a season when many are called, but few are chosen. Christ said that when many are called, but few are chosen, it means that any person can claim to have the best things from the Lord. But as a result, it turns out that not everyone gets it. God explains why this is happening.

Today we must know when to say “I” and when to say “we”. When we hide behind the word “we” and where there is an individual responsibility, we assign it to the Body of Christ, although you are personally responsible for this. In these cases, one must say “I”. In other cases indeed there is a corporate blessing and responsibility. Therefore, we must distinguish when it is”I” and when it is “we”. May the Lord give us this wisdom, direct honesty and sincerity – to discern these things!

Another revelation. This is another vessel who saw two dreams in one night.

The first part of the revelation.

“I see an ancient sealed well. People walked past it, someone tried to open it, but it didn’t work. Some came up to it and simply looked at it and walked away. Then I see the Man of God approaching it and opened the well with a scroll in his hands in the form of a key.

(Some time ago we received a revelation that the Lord had given a scroll to the Man of God, and that scroll was in the form of a key. See, this is a continuation. So, the Man of God now owns a scroll, which is a key. Here we see a continuation of this revelation).

When inside this well, the Man of God found a spring of water, the water was very pure and transparent. The man of God gave it to brothers and sisters to drink. And for some it was like the life-giving water of change, for others it was like the beginning of a new creativity, for the third – like a surge of new strength, but there were those who drank this water, and nothing happened to them. “

The second part of the revelation.

“A thick cloud from heaven covered the place where brothers and sisters gave praise singing, blowing shofar, – all this was like one unison, uniting into one stream. It was impossible to see from the outside what was happening inside, because the the cloud was thick. It required to enter inside. There were those outside this cloud, they wanted to enter in, and some did, but others could not. Others made a step, but then stepped back. All of this aroused awe and reverence. There was such an atmosphere of Divine glory inside this cloud that one could not stand. There was a union of the heavenly and the earthly, which was impossible to comprehend with the mind – only with the spirit one could penetrate this whole atmosphere. “

These are the wondrous revelations the Lord sends us today! God is speaking about how He sees what is happening now in this season. The one who doesn’t neglect the revelations will have a part of the reward inside this cloud, in which the Lord works today in a secret way, into which it is impossible to penetrate from the outside, you have to be inside to receive this blessing.

These days we are referring to the Song of Songs, and this is no coincidence. The Lord encourages us to do this. We see in it some things that were hidden from us. Some things in it are really new stones. These are new treasures in these chests that the Angels brought. Previously, we did not know such interpretations of these Scriptures.

“Let us get up early to the vineyards; let us see if the vine has budded, whether the grape blossoms are open, and the pomegranates are in bloom.” It says that there is a call to get up early. Because in the early morning, while in the vineyard, we can see what we can’t see either during the day, or in the evening, or at night. Early morning, which is adorned with dew, with the dawn, carries the mystical mystery of life – when everything wakes up, birds sing, flowers bloom, the earth shakes off the night stillness, it wakes up, awakening to a new curl of life. It’s a marvellous new morning!

He says: “Let us get up early to the vineyards; let us see if the vine has budded, whether the grape blossoms are open, and the pomegranates are in bloom. There I will give you my love”. There is a special sweetness d mystery that is carried by an early morning encounter with the Lord. We recommend and encourage everyone to devote the early morning to the encounter with our dear and beloved God. You can give the early morning to bustle, you can give it to sleep, but you can give it to our Lord. “There I will give my love to You!”

“Breathe in the odour of the mandrakes at our door! Yes, for You, my Beloved, I have kept many excellent fruits, old and new. ” It is very interesting that mandrakes grow at the door of her beloved, where she prepares herself for marriage. That can even be a poetic name: «Mandrakes at our door».

If we look at the Biblical understanding of mandrakes, we will see that this plant was used even by the ancients. We read in Genesis that it was used for love. Rachel “got” her husband for the mandrakes. In ancient times, with different peoples, mandrakes were used as hallucinogens, very potent, they are very dangerous. This plant was often used both in mysticism, and witchcraft, etc. It was also used in ancient times by women who could not conceive. Scientists forbid and never recommend taking it, because there can be very serious consequences. The human psyche can suffer serious damage.

In the Song of Songs, this root presents an addition to love, that is, we can reinforce our love. This is a very powerful symbol. This plant is an image, not a medicine, of how we can increase our love.

Today I want to communicate this thing – to reinforce our love to God. How can we increase our love for the Beloved? What does this mean to us? Do we have means like mandrakes? Are there mandrakes growing at our doors? “Mandrakes at my doorstep.”

This is a mystical spiritual theme. This is the Bible. “Breathe in the odour of mandrakes at our doors!” These are the beautiful things that we read in the Song of Songs, these are the mysteries, the reinforcement, the means of empowering with a special, specific extraordinary grace.

There are experiences that go beyond generally accepted requirements for salvation. Why does the Lord tell us in detail about cherubim, about the requirements for building the ark, about how cherubim and seraphim function? If we didn’t know this, then, basically, we would have had enough for salvation. Why did God write in the Bible how the seraphim praise the One who sits on the throne. Why did God leave it to us in the Bible how cherubim move with wheels, with wings full of eyes … Why is this information needed? Yes, just with our rational mind, which clings to everything earthly, it is difficult for us simply to accept the fact that God desires it. We are not satisfied with this, we definitely need to bring a rational component into the knowledge. This is a disaster! This really hinders the mystical state of contemplation and worship of God. When Mary sits at Jesus ‘feet and listens to His speeches, she doesn’t think she is wasting the time – well, she is not, she is doing the most important thing – she sits at Jesus’ feet and is as close to Him as possible. For many of us, this is too difficult. After all, you need to feed your family, etc. We kind of “waste time when we worship.”

But for all eternity we will do just that. We won’t go to work there. There is no need to earn banknotes. If Christianity is now “stuck” in rationalism, how are we going to “stay idle” in eternity?

We need to reconsider these things, we need to change our thinking, reconsider the areas where we want to “shove in” God’s revelations. This is all in order for God to serve us and our lives. We need to move from ourselves – to Him.

If we take a special experience – then the word about mandrakes is just around this subject. We’re talking about “mandrakes at our doorstep.” I want to see mandrakes grow by the doorstep of my house, which must be “breathed in” before entering my house. He says: “Breathe in the odour of the mandrakes before you enter through our doorstep.” A man coming to the House of God breathes in “mandrakes”, that is, he gets this incredible experience with God – ecstasy, trance, delight in God’s presence – and enters the House of God. Thus, he “breathes in” the “mandrakes” before crossing the threshold of the House of God.

This is Scripture. This is the Word of God. This is the Song of Songs from the Bible.

In the last season, I had an unusual experience. The Lord transported me in the twinkling of an eye to the edge of the Universe. This is an incredibly scary, terrible experience. I thought I was going to die. I experienced a very great fear when I saw the edge of the Universe. This is incredible, if we take kilometers in space, perhaps our life will not be enough – to fly to this place on the fastest spaceships. But God took and carried me in Spirit to the edge of the Universe. What for? I thought about it later. I thought how rational I am, even skeptical that I can’t accept any experience even within myself without explanations, without clues to logic. I don’t need it. I want to have the mind of a worshiper who doesn’t look back as he worships God, who raises his hands and goes to Him, without looking at the clock, without pulling himself back because «it’s taken too long».

Recently I was also engaged in the Angelic world: I saw thousands and thousands, just myriads of Angels. It was like God’s way made of Angels. I rushed into their world. This is a strange revelation. What is this? I understand today that it is the “odour of mandrakes” that gives you extraordinary revelations.

Death experience. I didn’t understand it before either. Now I begin to realize, what happens, when a sinner is dying – he stops giving voice, the voice fades away, he simply sinks into nothing. While being in there, I overcame, I began to declare life, began to proclaim it, rose to my feet, being in this state, and began to affirm life – to quote, proclaim, shout that I would live forever. And death receded. It’s an incredible experience. It was a victory over death.

These are extraordinary revelations. “Not Christian”, so to speak, not “Christmas”, as usual. These are not just dreams, they are more than that. These revelations involve a very fine line between life and death. If you do the wrong thing, you may never come back. It’s like dying, like going into death.

These three revelations are hyper revelations. What’s happening? – This is the “odour of mandrakes.” Today the Lord wants to translate to us new dimensions about gifts, new levels of gifts, a new level of immersion in the wells of gifts. Today the Lord is looking for those people who can go where no one has ever gone. He wants to lead us into the Apocalypse, and I have already said that we are the Apocalypse. Apostle John saw such things! He saw death, he saw hell and the underworld, he saw fiery hell, with his own eyes he saw the dragon who was chasing his wife. You have no idea what a trace such a revelation can leave! He didn’t just see thing with his eyes. He was told: “Come and see!” That is, John walked and watched what was happening around him. It’s like a run. He was drawn into the interior of these revelations. Sometimes he wept and fell before the Angel – he did some wrong things, the Angel raised and told him not to worship him. Sometimes he sobbed because no one could open the seals. That is, he empathized. His empathy of the revelations were directed inwards – as we heard today that you need to go inside the cloud in order to understand, you need to become a part with those who are admitted into the depths.

Today the Lord is inviting us into this Gates. The water that took people up the mountain inside the Gates is the water of supernatural encounter, when the Lord can capture our spirit and do what we can’t do.

It is very important here to transit into a life of faith, in order to live not under the control of faith as of human faith. He says, “Have the faith of God.” The faith of God is different from the faith of man, which can save (“Your faith has saved you”). Human faith can save, but only God’s faith can deliver into glory. It means life not under control, but life in trust — trusting completely the One who can both save and destroy.

Our control comes from fear. We call it prayer life, we convey our fears, doubts, breakdowns. We think this is prayer. But this is smoke instead of incense. We tell God how we don’t believe. We are afraid. Perhaps, man does need redemption, consolation. But this is not prayer – telling your fears to God. These are not worshipers. These are the all-times beggars, about whom the Lord said: “You will always have the poor with you, but you will not always have Me.” He put it to contrast – the quality of life in walking with Him, in contemplation – not begging, like a poor, but in worship, in contemplation of trust.

I choose the quality of life in walking with Him, not begging like a poor, but in contemplation of trust. I choose trust over fuss. I choose not to ask for what to eat and what to wear. I choose to trust instead of fussing. This is worship. I choose to “breath in the mandrakes” before entering His House. I choose to increase my love with all the means of grace that He has given me for this very purpose. I decide to choose to dance while worshiping. And I’m going to reinforce my worship with dance. After all, I can worship while sitting, and silently, and lying down, and yawning. But getting up, dancing, spinning, jumping like David – this is already my decision! I choose the work of mandrakes! I choose to be impressed by the odour of mandrakes that grow at the doorstep of the House of God.

Dear brothers and sisters, mystics, I appeal to you: plant mandrakes at the doorstep of your house.

Instead of “marching” on the “highway” of Christian salvation, dance! I don’t want to be in the “Marching Brethren”, where each is a clone of the other! But a fire dance instead of a march, a fire dance instead of a weapon, a fire dance as an expression of high worship!

When David was bringing in the ark in Jerusalem, he was dancing. He could have chosen to walk, but he chose to dance – right in his underwear, showing maximum vulnerability, demonstrating maximum openness, irritating Michal, who symbolizes the carnal church, which judges the exaltation of people getting out of themselves in worship, judges churches that devote maximum time to worship with openness in Spirit.

David went in with the ark in a dance. How wonderful it is! The Lord would not dare to kill David even if he made a mistake. While love is manifested, the judgment falls silent.

We choose first love. I spoke before about falling in love instead of getting a habit. Man should stay in love all his life. But falling in love is an impulse for initial rise. It’s terrible if love quietly turned into a habit. Falling in love is love, it is not getting used to. Always being in love is first love. Lovers of God. First love – is not chronologically first, but according to the degree of purity and power. For some, the first love is the last in chronology.

The Lord calls us to comprehend first love. He calls: “Return to the first love!” Return! Find it! Falling in love instead of getting used to. Falling in love instead of habit, love instead of faith. I choose not to “work” for Him, but to enjoy Him! You don’t need to run faster – if you get off the right track and keep running, you will be getting further from the goal.

Mandrakes at my door! The father moves us. I want He Himself to be the driving power. Feeling the breath of the Lord, we receive a blossoming garden in our hearts! “Breathe in the odour of mandrakes at my door, for You I have kept many wonderful fruits – old and new!”