Nut garden. Bring down, o Lord Your mighty ones

Nut garden. Bring down, o Lord Your mighty ones

Nut garden. Bring down, o Lord Your mighty ones

A revelation was given through our friends. It was a treasure chest. Various decorations and treasures were shown inside of it. But at the bottom, even deeper, there were new treasures that were not known, which were given to the brothers.

These brothers, friends of our brethren, exhorted us to teach the people that Jesus can return at any moment, and we must be ready for the encounter with Jesus. This is a very good instruction. The first churches walked like that – in this dimension of Maranatha. It was their greeting, which means: “Come, Lord Jesus!”

We see new revelations are being granted today. And it takes courage to accept them. Before, I didn’t think embracing something new was about courage. Now I know. A cowardly and fearful person will stick to the old. And the new is accepted by those who dare.

Today the Lord is looking for them. This new thing may be unclear, not charachteristic of us, perhaps antipathetic, but we have to open up for it.

I don’t know if they liked Jesus – disciples, Apostles… Perhaps, Paul was too intelligent for the rest of the disciples, who were simple fishermen. Paul was a scribe and Pharisee. Nevertheless, many didn’t like Paul. He was called the “one who turned the world upside down.” This, of course, is unpleasant. Such a man shows up, and movement begins in your life. If today this kind of man began to move towards change, then eventually we would all obey. If we didn’t obey, we would be thrown back. This is what Paul did.

Therefore, it is very important to be open for a fresh revelation, to a fresh stream that the Lord is sending to us. We still need to overcome many things, hit through and break through. Today the Lord is looking for people who will be a battering ram. There are things we must take. There are doors that we need to enter. This is also not easy. This door is unknown. You start to work out how you can enter in. The next stage is you yourself become this door. You can’t yet demonstrate ripe fruits, but you are inviting others into this door. You yourself are becoming a door, slowly turning into a door. Then there is even another level: when you make other people doors. You empower them to become doors. Its Godlike. This is what the Lord and the Apostles did.

I don’t want to simply listen to sermons, I want to receive shifts. And now this is happening to our stagnant, deceitful thinking. An integral person starts to move himself. What are you capable of in this world? Where is the threshold that you see and you need to cross?

I like one prayer: “Bring down, O Lord, your mighty ones!” But looking at the modern church, I understand that these are very few it refers to. You listen to their speech, their mentality, their motivation and you understand that it is like a service personnel. There are few mighty ones among them who can lead movements, who are ready to become doors for the nations to enter.

There is a promise that you will “become the restorer of streets to dwell”, the “repairer of the ruins of history.” There is a lot of false history. And we need to discover what is true revelation.

Today God is looking for those people who will be the answer to such a prayer. Who is this talking about? Can I be the answer to this prayer? I think both yes and no. It depends on me as well.

When a prophet prays, “Bring down your mighty ones,” it means that he gives us hope. When Jesus said: “He who dips his piece with Me in the dish, he will betray Me!”- it means that He gave hope – to stop. The one had to do something with himself. It was the time. He was giving him time. And when Judas dipped a piece – that shamelessly – what was in his head?! He reached out and dipped his piece right in front of everyone and started chewing! And with this piece Satan entered into him, and then the Lord said to him: “What you do, go and do fast!”

Today the Lord gives us the opportunity to become these mighty ones. This message is very serious. Where are you in this prayer?

When you stand in Tibet with your feet, and no one sent you there, except for the Invisible Voice, you begin to understand something in this life. When you stand with your feet in North Korea, when no one sent you, something starts to shift in your brain.

When you are standing in Afghanistan, and the pastor did not send you there, no, you broke through, squeezed in as if through a crack – then only you wind it back and evaluate. I began to understand life in a different way.

What is our place in this prayer? Is this about me? How does God evaluate me? Don’t have to shout – you have to be. “Everything through Him began to be, which began to be.”

What does God call our family? In this cell I want to have my little cell, my little cradle or a little cave, where I will also have my place.

Bring down, O Lord, Your mighty ones!

Think about it. These are the words of the prophet, but this is also the heart of God. It means that He gives us time, gives us a chance. It increases the measure of possibilities. And today He is waiting for us to enter the cradle of God’s heroes.

Moses lay in a basket, which his mother lowered into the river, wanting to save her child. The basket was covered with clay to prevent water leaking. This child was beautiful. But this is not the beauty that mothers usually see. It was Divine, Messianic light. It was the Old Testament Messiah, he led the people out. The mother understood that this child was to be saved. A raid on babies began, and all his mother could do was to coat the basket with clay and let it go along the Nile. She wasn’t saving her life. She was saving the baby’s life. This was her faith. She sent him to where she knew the Pharaoh’s family usually bathed. It was an Angelic work, because Pharaoh’s daughter came to the font at that very moment. She saw the floating basket and ordered to take it out. It was a miracle – there was a baby! It was absolutely the providence of God. This baby was under absolute complete protection. Pharaoh’s daughter saw that the child was beautiful and took him into her house. What a beauty! They began to look for a wet nurse, and the girl Miriam said that she knew one wet nurse. And here is the mother of Moses: “I am the nurse!” Moses is taken into the house of Pharaoh, and that’s it, the providence went on.

Here is the point when you need to show heroism. This is where you have to become a hero, when you stand on the springboard of the will of God. Therefore, it takes courage to accept prophecy, new dimension. It takes courage to face the heavenly. A coward can’t walk in heavenly. When I encountered people before, I did not understand why many people can’t keep the heavenly dimension in their heads. They seem to understand, but they can’t keep it. Because they lack courage! Because there will be a conflict with carnal people. You will have to hold to it, but you will be weird, you won’t be able to please people. You are not used to being in opposition, you are used to pleasing people, you are so kind, everyone loves you. This is a serious problem. You are not moving in the Spiritual dimension because you are “cool”! How can a spiritual person be “cool”? Only for a certain kind of people – carnal people.

The carnal will always persecute the spiritual. It can’t be that everyone loves you, and you please God. This cannot be. Because that was not the case with Jesus. Jesus couldn’t do that. He was crucified and killed. Paul also didn’t learn to be “cool” for everyone. Churches didn’t like him, the Corinthians rejected him … These people agreed to “break through the walls.” Joseph’s anointing began already when he “broke through the walls.”

And here heroism begins – even when he enters the house of the Pharaoh – everything is available to him. But one day that longing in him, which was invincible, splashed out as he defended one Jew and killed an Egyptian. This wasn’t an accident, it was the providence of God. Something rose in him, and it manifested itself – finally, Moses rebelled! Finally, Moses began! And he flees to the land of Midian. This is also a powerful act. He not only went to live there – he got married, became a shepherd, went into the rocks, where one day he was met by a bush burning with fire. Moses grew as a mighty one. I see his spiritual growth in every step he takes. The circumstances are not that important. You can be “bound” to something, but you can’t complain that it doesn’t allow you to become a hero. This isn’t true! Inner journey has no limits. You can become a hero – you can become a mystic, an ascetic of fasting and prayer, even if you are a father or mother with many children. Each of us can be a hero.

Today the Lord is calling us to this. Because we have to break through. It takes a lot of courage to be pure of competition, jealousy and enter into glory! Why don’t so many of us see glory? – Because it is terrible! It is terrible to remain in the darkness of God between the rocks. This is horror, because God walks with death. It is impossible to see Him and stay alive. God kills! He met Moses to kill him in the dark. If Zipporah had not thrown the foreskin of her son’s circumcision at the feet of the Angel, he would have killed Moses. But God still killed him – He took Moses up the mountain to put him to death. He took his life. Satan couldn’t take his body. With every step, Moses ascended into this calling – to become a hero. “Bring down, O Lord, Your mighty ones!” – there is also Moses. It was not an absolute grace, neither the Lord put him into a trance and Moses became a hero. Every step he took had to be a decision.

This is an internal decision, an internal contemplation, an internal pilgrimage – from a caterpillar – to the rock – this is what we do. The Lord says, «I will make you a threshing sledge with sharp teeth – but a caterpillar has no structure, no vertebrae, no bones – there is nothing that can make this structure solid. But it accepts God, turns into a rock, because God is the Rock. It takes in sand, strengthens each other, shapes solid thinking, solid mind, and a man becomes a crushing tool. Jacob is worm, but step by step becomes a crushing tool.

If today one tenth of the people were heroes, we would turn the world upside down. There is already a platform from which we can start. We can start somewhere. We hear revelation. Our heart is on fire, which means that there is food for the fire, that means that there is this stuff that fire eats, that means there is something to stand on, if it is coals.

I will not beg and prove, because it is humiliating. God commands. I don’t want to be the beggar’s mouthpiece. My King gives orders and I transmit His orders. I will not beg you and I will not humiliate myself, because I am His ambassador. I will behave like Him. The Lord reigns, He is the Ruler of the kings of the earth!

Therefore, there are treasures that are at the very bottom. We haven’t know them yet. We have to come to them. The Lord feeds us with new things, He reveals new revelations. This is what we are experiencing here. I want to wish all of us to get into this. Lord, bring Your mighty ones! I want to be a part of it! I want the prophet to pray for me in this way!

Come on brothers and sisters! But it’s not about simply saying “Amen!” This is when you raise your voice to speak, when everyone is silent, you go to do what no one will do, you don’t care what happens, you grit your teeth and go, you don’t care what they think of you. The time begins when the Lord begins to honor this. Not immediately, but His favor comes. You begin to see drop by drop that the Lord multiplies His favor for you. His favor is growing. The sign will be the people, what you do to them. This will be a sign of favor.

“The Beloved came to His garden, to fragrant flower beds…”. How interesting! Why does the Lord love beauty? Sometimes after repentance we donot work at all either on ethics, or aesthetics. Everything rises against inside me when I see how people degrade. We are supposed to blossom. We are supposed to progress, get refined, and not coarse. He loves to dwell among beautiful things. He loves fragrant flower beds. This is our Lord Jesus Christ. You understand that this is not literally about flowers, but about all the beauty that is on the planet. He went to rest in the gardens to gain strength, and there to take pleasure in the lilies. He loves to be with brides. They are preparing for marriage, only a silly girl wouldn’t prepare for marriage. Because there’s the apogee of preparation of the bride for the marriage – she tries to become beautiful as much as possible, she removes all the flaws. God loves it! How did the Lord delight in the lilies as he walked among them? Perhaps, he smelled, walking among them, admired, touched, perhaps, he lay down and fell asleep among them?

“I am my Beloved’s — and He is mine!” —They are made for one other. They can’t but coincide, they are made this way – for one another. He is the One who is among the lilies. And who is she – this young woman – as radiant as the dawn? She is beautiful as dawn, radiant like the sun, she is shining. Here the dawn begins to shine, the dew reflects this light. The radiance of the dawn! What kind of words is He saying! Why are we then today in such coarseness, such poverty of language? Instead of rising, we roll further and further backwards .

Why are you looking around? Look inside. What are bad examples to you? You better take high examples. Lord, bring Your mighty ones!

He tells her: “You are the radiant moon!” How is that? – This light is meant to shine at night, to give revelation to travellers who have lost their way on the journey. It takes the whole context, and then it all becomes beautiful. Because doors after doors, the moon reveals itself. This is Divine poetry, and we need to be people who are committed to it.

You may say you are a very simple man. But that’s not the point, you can be simple and wise. I don’t think that every professor is clever, educated – yes, but not clever; informed, but not wise.

As beautiful as the moon. Light of the night. Radiant like the sun. Delightful like the stars in heaven. I am looking for heroes today, to them I serve with this word!

“I entered the nut garden, to look at the fruits of the valley, to see if the vineyard was blooming, if there are flowers on the pomegranate trees” … Listen: have you seen how a wild hazel tree grows? Nut is both butter and vegetable meat. This is a very powerful thing. And she enters the nut garden to see the vineyard. Not because it grows in a nut garden, but because the true condition of the vineyard can be seen from a nut garden. She says: “I went into nut garden to see if the vineyard was blooming.” Whether there are flowers on pomegranate trees – this can only be seen from the nut garden. You have to find a nut garden to evaluate the vineyard and the pomegranate trees. You can see everything from there. This place is the place of your glory, the place of your visitation, the place of your intimate meetings with the Lord. This is the place of your mystery, the place of your deepest sacred intelligence, the place where your “self” is maximally exposed. This is a nut garden.

Do you see what a book it is!

“Joy overwhelmed me when the king invited me into his chariot!” The king reached out his hand and took her in his chariot. They rushed off. The chariot is destiny. Destiny with the king! This bride, Shulamite, symbolizes you and me, we need a King! And He didn’t just invite me into His House, He invited me into His chariot – into the journey of destiny. You stood by the road, a chariot was passing, you asked to stop – and it stopped because you begged, you came to this road for the sake of this chariot. The king stretched out his hand – maybe someone invited you to church – it was the hand of the Lord, you did nothing for this. Maybe this hand was the hand of some person who spoke to you about God, it was dirty, or the wrong words came from his mouth – so what, He just stretched out His hand, using such a glove. He decided to take you into the chariot where your destiny would be accomplished. The chariot begins to rush, at first you can hear the sound of wheels, and then through the air, and you are rushing with great speed.

I want to have a small place on this mountain of heroes. I can’t find identification with the same kind people in the church – I can’t find those whom this prayer is for. But these people are there, and we need to speak to them.

The Lord is calling: “Many are called, but few are chosen.” It is up to you to decide if you are chosen. I will be chosen, and I am already chosen – I will speak this and broadcast it freely. I know what I’m causing against myself – but I will speak because it is the truth. Jesus said, “I am the Son of God.” He could play humility, but that would be cowardice. But He had to say who He is. And we have to speak who we are.

Lord, take us into Your chariot! Someone has dropped out of it, someone else has not entered or entered the wrong place. The chariot leads you into a wondrous destiny. This will be creative prophetic arts. Destiny will be woven, and not just dramas or songs in the church. He is the Artist of our destiny.

One has to set free from the fear of God Himself. The fear of the Lord is a different thing. Sometimes are afraid of God Himself, but that is not right. He wants us to have the fear of the Lord, but He doesn’t want us to be afraid with the fear of the Gentiles. The fear of the Lord, if we understand it primitively, is the fear of severity. God doesn’t want His child to be afraid of Him. His children are not afraid, they are in awe. They are not charged, not zombified, they adore. They take pleasure both in themselves and Him.

And how do you like this – “God is for us!” God is for His people. The family protects each other. The worst lie is that God abandons us. If we understand God in this way, then we know nothing about God. How can He leave us? Even if we renounce, He remains faithful. “Because He cannot deny Himself” – what does this mean? – He is in a covenant, in an oath, an oath agreement. You follow Him, how can He turn away from you? And if He is for us, then who can be against us?

Jesus is on the side of His brothers. Therefore, let us grow in the goodness of God. If we don’t believe that God is with us, then how will we grow, where will we draw kindness? You need a source. If you don’t receive the goodness of God, then how will you give it? He is good – and you connect to goodness.

The modern church today preaches success, prosperity, healing, growth, blessing, happiness — everything that Implies prosperity. The mystics of the early church had different themes, especially if you read the “whales” that influenced theology, had mystical experience, saw the appearances of Angels, supernatural movements, were transported – that is what the people of God should dwell in. They were interested in awakening, cleansing, sanctification. For example, such a topic as “the dark night of the soul” is a whole layer of works, experiences, a whole season of observations, decades of writing works – on who is man, that he has a dark side even after accepting salvation. This interested the mystics, they fought with it, they risked everything – even their salvation, going into the depths of wells with monsters in order to bring out pearls from there. They are heroes, and the Lord brings His heroes like Savonarola, Saint Patrick, Augustine or Ignatius. They give us incredible experiences that reveal incredible treasures. As we were given the revelation that the treasures – rubies, sapphires – were taken from the guts of monstrous fish – they were taken from the saints who gave them to us – from the cloud of witnesses. It’s not just a box of gold. Each treasure has its own story. And its own time period in human history. This is no narrow cut – we are under the breath of eternity.

If now I found myself in the Middle Ages, I would certainly find a common language with the monks. If I know Jesus, we would speak the same language with them. But today we can’t find a common language with the pastors of other denominations. Because the goals are different. We are so far away from each other, as if I met an alien. Time is nothing, but the position in which we are in relation to the king’s chariot is more important.

The mystics of the early church were interested in active union with Christ, oneness with Him. This causes activation in you, you start to move. They were interested in returning to the source. And we are on this path today. These sources are not behind, they are not in the past, they are above. Active union with Christ denotes who we are in Christ. We must know who we are, brothers and sisters. Active union means that we can do things, that we are able to create, having His mighty power in us. An active union is the freedom to love each other. Express love beyond measure. The freedom to love is one concept. Freedom is love, and love is freedom. Freedom to love without measure, without limits. To what extent can you love? – Lay down your soul! There is no higher measure than this – to give your life for love. This is all that a man on the earth can do – to give himself everything.

Worship is an expression of the highest freedom of life. Active union with Christ – as an expression of the highest freedom in life. Worshippers! You walk this planet as a worshipper. You move in this era, in this era as in the highest form of life – worshiper in Spirit and truth.

Today is the time of “Hosanna”. I have experienced this revelation deeply. It’s like a controlled trance – it’s like death and resurrection flickering in the cinema. “Hosanna” is not in my mouth, it doesn’t come out of my head, it lives inside me, like my genius. If there is a genius in me – and many artists say that it is like a bird or an Angel of the heart (this is how they express their thoughts, speaking intuitively , because this shining Crystal dwells inside them) – then this is my Hosanna! I need to give Him my Hosanna! I never understood what Hosanna is. We often sing “Hallelujah!” This is the highest form of praise. But “Hosanna” is more often associated with return. They sang: “Blessed is the One coming in the Name of the Lord!” The babies did that – they prophesied, they didn’t know the theology, they called the Bridegroom. The Bride is calling Him! The revelation of “Hosanna” is of incredible power!

I remember when we sang it in the night of prayer – everything in me turned upside down, I left a different person. I realized that my “Hosanna” is the most brilliant, the purest, the most beautiful that is in me, the most Archangelic! We can give “Hosanna” to Him!

When I began to give “Hosanna” to Him, I realized that I was returning Him His. I join with Him. How wonderful it is to carry your own Hosanna inside you! These are more than words. This dimension has come. Let’s give our Hosanna. This is His Hosanna.

There is no classical form in this sermon, this is a river, I just draw the treasures from it, we look into this chest and give these treasures. We spoke from the Song of Songs and from Revelation. We enter in these mysteries and don’t trample flowers. We will lie down among the lilies and quietly fall asleep to wake up a new man.