Kingdom culture of honor

Kingdom culture of honor

Kingdom culture of honor

Now a new season is beginning for the Eastern Gates, when rearrangement happens. There is a threat when we can no longer perceive revelations in a fresh way – deprived of the acuteness of perception. Don’t fall into this trap. May revelations always be fresh and juicy for us, may they always stir our spirit, so that we don’t get used to what God says, but that it always delights us.


Keep your emotions of admiration and delight high. Make yourself admire. Discouragement is about pride. Pride hurts your heart. The Lord will crush these things. Not because He wants to take all the glory for himself, but because this is our enemy, which He removes from us. This is our false, Adam’s self, which sinned. It tries to rebel against God again. Therefore, the Lord in His mercy and wisdom gives us “failures” – doesn’t answer our prayers, often does it different way than we expected and the way we want. And wounded, we begin to suffer over nothing. It’s very important at this time to just stop caring about it, completely surrendering to the flow. This is called “living in the Spirit.” When you do not assert yourself using Christianity, but when you dissolve in Him, you disappear into Him. This is the surest path, the highest form of life. This is real walking in the Spirit as we float in the stream. The stream that took the man away wasn’t a stream one could swim against. It just carries away. And the further you swim, the more you are carried away.


A fiery wind is blowing from the Eastern Gates. Inside this fire was the image of a son of man. The book of Daniel also describes when Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego were thrown into the furnace, suddenly an image of a man appeared, who took them out, who put them in a safe place.

The man was making coals from the stones of the Eastern Gates. And the very Gates were also replaced. It’s not just door replacement. It is a replacement and renewal of the House, all its materials. Now the Gates were like wheels.

I am blessed to live in a time when the Gates are replaced. I want to say that this is very serious – we have to experience a change in the inner man, a transition. Because the Gates became wheels – and you must experience powerful changes in your life. Even if you are shaken, or you realize that a new language begins and the old one is gone, God no more talks to you in the old way, but starts talking in a new way – do not be afraid! Be together during this time. Do not assert yourself! The one who asserts himself suffers. The wheels will “knock you off”! You won’t be able to resist the move of God. You will be pushed away and will assert yourself without common grace, it will be a very miserable life. Therefore, do not cut yourself off from unity, you are much less than what corresponds to the common grace of this huge wheel. Be part of the big one!

I say this because I feel sorry for people who think that this is their grace. They begin to assert themselves in order to assert themselves in their grace. The result is a miserable picture. Only the same kind of wheels could enter in these wheels.

“Everything was in motion, the more the wheels spun, the brighter the coals became”. An incredible picture. Spun wheels that inflame the coals. The fiery wind rose up and down. Inside the fire, the image of a man stayed inside the fire.


“Those who also became wheels could enter the Eastern Gates, which became wheels. I love this! I am a wheel-man, that’s what it means, a wheel inside a wheel. We must now understand what is written in Ezekiel. Only those who are wheels themselves can enter the wheel. They moved freely back and forth. But there were also those who tried to stop the movement of the wheels as they tried to enter, but could not, because they were not wheels. And when they tried to stop these wheels, they got hurt. But they tried to do it anyway.” It’s useless! You have to become a wheel. Today the Lord wants us to enter this dimension and understand what a wheel-man is. This is our spirit! Because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. And where the spirit wanted, there the creatures went.

I would also like to say about some of the peaks that were reached at the conference. Our torches merged into one fire of the Spirit, and I see it, as if the peaks go beyond the clouds. Several peaks emerged from the Apocalypse, from the Book of Revelation, and also from the Song of Songs. These peaks were like an path that can’t be explained, and dozens of very important peaks – revelations were released. But the Stag went leaping as He wanted, choosing specific peaks. The Song of Songs says: “My friend is like a young stag leaping over the mountaintops – from peak to peak.” This was the path of grace. This pattern or harmony that the Stag drew according to the book Song of Songs is His song today. He didn’t “leap” over all the mountaintops. The Stag has no thinking of capturing everything, he moved the way the Holy Spirit led Him.

Several peaks that have stayed deep inside and live within me – those are not impressions. God will change the language of the prophets. Not only terminology, but the language itself, the very presentation of the Word. You can all prophesy one by one, because the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Apocalypse inside. It dwells inside me. For me, this is the most detailed revelation to date. Perhaps, God will continue doing more, but today it is so. The original approach to the book of the Apocalypse was chronological, as the theologians suggested – these are the periods of the Church. But implies that many periods have to be put aside, because they have already passed. But this is a very primitive understanding of the Apocalypse. Another approach is according to the present time – one event is relevant, the next is not really, the third may be in the future. You sort of choose from the book of Revelation what matches to you. And still the spirit isn’t filled, not saturated.

Today I am entering into the entire Apocalypse dwelling within me, and I am part of God’s Son. God’s Son translated this revelation, which God sent through the Angel, whom He sent to His bond-servant, the Apostle, and the Apostle communicates it to us – these are not just words, but he was a part of it all! The Apostle was maximally involved with weeping and worship. John was not an observer; he was part of the Apocalypse. He practically connects what he saw with what we are. I receive the whole Apocalypse inside myself, I find harmony with the heavenly, spiritual world.

The gifts are inside the church. When we released the Gates of Fire — the ministries of healing, prophecy, and deliverance — we saw that we had it all. Those were relatively mature, simple people, but the gifts of the Holy Spirit were at work. As the gifts that dwell within the church are released, this is the true testimony of the Apostleship. You don’t buy tickets for a prophet to comes visit you and release prophecies or make a “concert” (visits are different), but it is when the gifts begin to blossom inside our garden and they feed us – this is the Apostolic seal.

Mandrakes is ecstatic Christianity, when we carry the torch, we are the wind, we are the river. We are not a structure, we are not a building, we are the Body. We drink wine, not water. Wine that intoxicates, wine that makes us happy, wine that draws us into dance, rejoice and speak loudly, wine that gives us an entrance to the subconscious, which takes us out of static and everyday life and gives us super joy. These are mandrakes. They grow at the threshold of our house, the entrance has to be by them. Entering the House of Feast, you need to smell their odor so that in the House all are intoxicated with love.

This is ecstatic Christianity. When admiration becomes the nature of your worship. Worship begins to be part of your thinking. Admiration and delight in the Lord. It captures your emotions, not just your spirit.

When Apocalypse dwells in you, you need a torch that will light everything in the right way. Enter the Apocalypse with the Song of Songs. A while ago we said that there will come a period when the prophets will enter the Apocalypse easily and freely. And today we hear how it is still easier for the prophets speak from the Apocalypse. Still heavy though, they are still skidding, they are still stuck in other people’s ruts, but it’s getting easier and easier, and people begin to move, fly in the Apocalypse. No place from the Apocalypse scares me, if I took it all inside.

The Song of songs brings delight. I light up a torch from the Song of Songs and enter the Apocalypse – a mystical, at first glance, dark world for human perception, but we need to see everything – the whole world and all creation – through the Throne. Even the physical world has be perceived through the Throne. This is the true picture of the world. This is reality. The Throne rules in all three worlds. Jesus demonstrated how the Throne rules – when He went through walls, walked on water, when Philip was transported from one place to another. The Throne rules everywhere – it doesn’t violate the laws of physics, it raises them to the level of glory. The laws of physics have their own limitations, their own curses. They are down to earth. God raises them higher, He doesn’t violate anything. This is His world. Those who move in the Throne revelation, things harmoniously combine with them. There is an enemy, there is an opposer. But the child was caught up in heaven from him, he can’t reach up there, neither can he fly. Basically, this is the stamping of feet. The child was caught up in heaven, where the enemy has no access. We dwell there. Yes, we die in bodies, we get sick, we endure sorrows, we experience the confusion of being intoxicated with the dragon’s lies, but we are above that. Today, the heavenly church soars, when it has heavenly attraction.

This all belongs to the series of how the Eastern Gates become wheels. When Jesus spoke, He spoke in a heavenly language. Jesus was very mystical, He spoke out of there. And you have to transit into the spiritual, otherwise you won’t be able to understand His words. It may seem He codes words, but He never did it. This is a simple heavenly language, He thought like heavenly and spoke like heavenly. You and I with our materialism have so much lost the heavenly color!

Adam, who lost paradise, through the redemption of millennia is returning with Eve. Jesus came down through the tree of life, the turning sword would ban the way, He died on Calvary, practically from this sword, but He entered back Risen, and the Bride, this Eve, after whom He went on His journey. Adam didn’t follow Eve into sin, he went after her to return her – Jesus returns Eve to the Garden of Eden, which they lost, and thus this is the destiny – we receive bodies from eternity, enter into redemption and return – Eve now cleansed from sin, she doesn’t choose sin, but rejects it, choosing heaven, she returns to paradise after her beloved Adam. Thus, the Lord receives back an obedient Adam after thousands of years, in Eden, who will never sin again, who will be restored. This will already be the new Adam – the one who will be like God.

Culture of Honor.

One of the translations says: “Be devoted to one another” (Romans 12). How many betrayals and denials today – both indirect and direct. Can you say that you are devoted to the brethren, to your pastors, to each other – in brotherly love? “Let each esteem others better than himself.” “In honor giving preference to one another”. This is becoming a problem today. The Lord wants to work with this wherever He wants to release a culture of radiance.

First of all, we are to show honor because of God. There is not a single person to whom one could say “Raca” or “empty person”. We have no right to take grounds for our action in who he is, but we must take grounds in who we are. Christ spoke with people with honor. Not because the man was worthy of His respect, but because He was Christ. The sun shines not because someone needs light, but because it is light. Christ was honor itself, and He gave radiance from Himself.

It happens that a person has a bad character. It is poisoning our anointing, it is poisoning our spirit. This lowers the authority of the church and hinders us. It’s like rust.

We can be disrespectful because of our arrogance. You communicate things from there. Brothers and sisters, you can’t achieve the fullness of the Holy Spirit if you don’t remove this defilement from the church.

It happens that you start to judge out of contempt: the man did some kind of wrong thing, and you start to judge him out of contempt for this thing. But you need to look not at him, but at yourself. And you better demonstrate and communicate your high place and not his low place. God will deal with this. He is a creation of God to be honored. I don’t think Angels have contempt for human beings. And even in regard to the very last criminal – Angels will treat him nobly until the time of judgment.

This may be an indirect betrayal, when we reject a person, or we hide our own insolvency, hiding behind masks. This is something that is not in the Kingdom. Leaders often get this disease – when they discuss people in families, children hear such conversations – we judge people without any fear, and our children then repeat it in their world. Sometimes a leader justifies his mistakes by blaming others. He feels his impunity. When there is no one to reprimand him, to direct him, it is a great grace when we have mentors, fathers. It is a great grace when there is a person above you who can correct you. When we have no one to instruct us already, this is a terrible delusion. How wonderful it is when there are people who can correct you! Even if they are not fair – don’t get sick, you won’t die! The Lord is strong to instruct him also.

It is a great grace that we can be ourselves, based on who we are in Christ, demonstrating this kind of honor. Therefore, don’t resist the authority over you! It won’t kill you. It will make you cleaner and stronger. But, it is a dangerous path when you start to assert yourself.

I realize I can often be wrong. But this is freedom. I am not ashamed that I am not always right. And also another person has the same freedom. But he continues being my neighbor. He can understand things in a different way – give him that right! If he thinks differently, he doesn’t become my enemy and rival. This distinguishes the Kingdom from the sect. There is honoring in Kingdom culture. “In honor giving preference to one another.” When you have respect for another person, you raise him above yourself. If we all knew how to do this, this would be heaven.

There is something good in every man. If he came to this planet, then he has a piece of kindness. Speak of people as if you were in their presence – don’t take revenge. I think Jesus does all this. Even Paul spoke of enemies “with tears.” You can only cry about those whom you leave hope. I don’t think Paul ever in his life deprived a single person of hope. I really want to see a culture of honor in my life. I want people of honor in our family. You cannot do this with words, but with the spirit. And not because a person is worthy, but because we are worthy. I will do this because I am this way, and not because the man is not.

We have a good martial art of the spirit – to pray for the one you spoke of. I guarantee that your talk will change. God spoke of Abraham behind his back as of His friend. This is how God treated Abraham: “Whoever curses you, I will also curse him! And I will bless the one whoever blesses you! ” This is what it means, honor each other and be devoted. God said that He spoke to Moses differently thank to others, but face to face. God spoke so about His associates, about His slaves. He once said: “I heard and was silent. Did you think that I am the same as you!?” Even with Satan, God speaks of Job in such a way that Satan has no chance of winning God over to his side. He speaks with honor because it is God’s creation. He didn’t hate him, He sentenced him. But it is not known what is in the heart of the Father – I don’t think God is happy to curse Lucifer. As we sometimes do, the Scripture warns us, that we don’t understand what we are doing when we slander higher authorities.

The harlot was touching Jesus, wiping His feet with her hair. He told her he didn’t judge her, but that she should go and sin no more. How did Jesus speak to his disciples? And even with Judas? How in Gethsemane does He heal the cut ear of the servant? How does Jesus speak to the Angels of the churches in Revelation? As Michael spoke to Satan – “the Lord rebuke you, Satan, the Lord rebuke you!” And the Apostle warns us: do not speak evil. Why does the Apostle want us to say so? Because we don’t understand the essence.

Imagine, if you admit the thought, how God grieved when he overthrew Lucifer. And we slander him. We are going beyond ordinary Christianity. This is high and deep mystics. But Michael did not speak evil. Because it was his ex-brother. Lucifer, covering cherub. Michael the Archangel saw the fall of Lucifer. But he said very simply: “The Lord rebuke you!”

Angels spoke to the judges when they appeared in the days of the judges. As they speak to Babylon: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen!” It is a high culture of honoring the enemy. This is a high spirit.

Apostles. Peter spoke about the unfaithful, John spoke about false brothers. Paul taught about Kingdom culture, gossip, division, false widows. They speak about everything with respect and honor, they never lose their dignity. Sometimes you see a noble person, but somewhere in private he turns out to be a gossiper or a hypocrite. When we fall off from this high culture, we lose the radiance of glory. Therefore, let us raise a culture of honor in our homes, families, our churches, the Body of Jesus Christ!

But this is not about behavior. You will be “frustrated” anyway. I think this revelation today makes our wheels smooth, makes them able to slide. If there are enemies, you need to feed them. I have heard these stories of high nobility. But it takes strength. You need to make straight the crooked places of your character. You should not only stop speaking evil about a man, but when you trust him to God, you believe that God will raise him. He is your brother, your neighbor. You see not only “now”, but in the future, you honor this person for the future. It’s like a small child – you start to respect him as a child, because you see him in the future. He is already worthy of respect because of the future. As Mary and Joseph brought up Jesus – they observed subordination, did not allow themselves anything superfluous. This is the glory of parents, the glory of pastors, when you honor those who are younger than you, who don’t yet show that spirituality, but for the sake of the future you honor him.

Jesus sometimes passed by, sometimes He paused. He knew the Father. I knew our brothers who went through persecution. Very rarely one could hear them speaking bad, and not because there were different kind of people around. But because they were perfected, they kept their spirit. Let us make root and cultivate a culture of honor in our House.

Neither gossip, nor speak badly, nor “oppose”. It is written in the book of Job that the “opposing one” also came to God among all. I meet people who oppose. They are always against. After all, you can remain silent and humble oneself, but they either defend themselves or are afraid. But they are always against. I meet people who always contradict. What for? Satan and his spirits do this. He has always opposed. But this spirit has no place in the church. Even the “boss’s anger should not be paid attention,” as it is written in the Word, because all this shall pass away. But the enemy of man, the dragon, who resists, always resists the spiritual. This is not our part. We have a different spirit. As soon as we prove that we are right, we immediately become wrong. This is what prevents the Spirit from moving freely. Today we catch these “foxes and little foxes”. Do not wish each other evil behind the back.

If the Apocalypse dwells in us, then let the “stretched heaven” dwell there, where everyone will fit. I realize this won’t happen. But let’s give the right to decide to God, and we will be the heralds of the Good News. I think that God’s heart grieves for those who resist. Why are we so unhappy that God is so kind?! Let us calm down and give place to Him.

We come to the Kingdom, where light reigns, worship and music are everywhere. This is incredible bliss. It can be sobbing, laughing, or silence. We need to make friends with this bliss. Why be friends with grief, sadness and sorrow. Just reach out to it. This joy comes from bliss. One of the roots of joy is gratitude. It comes from a grateful heart. We need to open our eyes. Maybe the cup you are taking now is not so scary. “His right hand embraces me, and his left hand is under my head – do not stir up love until it pleases.” God protects her sleep, she is in a trance, in God’s ecstasy, she goes into the world of the Beloved, this is a dance in heaven, she is not just sleeping from fatigue, she has gone on a journey. On this journey we spend our lives. Let us enter these doors and dwell in this Kingdom. Supernatural walk in the heavenly mind. Honor not because of others, but because of yourself. The highest spirit is in the Kingdom, in the Church of God!