Treasures from the pilgrim's bag

Treasures from the pilgrim’s bag

Let’s listen to the music of our land. Let’s listen to the rhythm of generations.

Some thoughts for contemplation.

Invisible mystical life.

Sometimes we think that zealous ministry and work is called the Apostolic Works.

But a mystic and pilgrim of the spirit is sometimes closer to the heart of the church, as he stays in contemplation. There is visible work, it makes life and unity, this is good. But there is also invisible spiritual work. These are the ones who devote themselves to living in the spirit and prayer. This journey is the labor of the spiritual man. As our prisoner brother told me: “Your major assignment is to stay before Him.”

Today there is a great need for pilgrims – for this invisible spiritual life. Pilgrim, mystic moves to the heart of the church. You will never come to the heart if you only do the Apostolic work, you plunge headlong into the work. You have to inwardly reach out to the heart of the Bride.

There is false zeal when we serve “zealously”. But what do you think is to patiently wait and listen to the Holy Ghost and your own conscience?

If we accept this component of the inner man in harmony with the outer activity, we will enter into new “seriousness” and contrast true love to the false zeal.

Escape from noise and confusion – into love!

Why do many pilgrims of the spirit know people’s flaws very well? Because they have known themselves first. Their inner knowledge of themselves is above average. They comprehend their neighbor through themselves. They don’t compare themselves with them, but there is a penetration into Adam, understanding of Adam. And we are all children of Adam.

And a pilgrim of the spirit is not ashamed of sin. He is free from sin and is not ashamed to talk about it, because he no longer belongs to is. He’s risen above it. The question is not that you fight sin – you abandon it and walk above sin. You don’t move among the land soldiers, you go up to the air force, you are unreachable. Therefore, love is against false vanity.

The pilgrim carries within himself this healing silence of the wilderness – into the poverty, into the unknown, into misunderstanding by others, in order to receive compassion. He is motivated not by a desire to hide from wounds, but by compassion and devotion to humanity. There, in the wilderness, he seeks compassion. Within himself, he heals the world: finding in himself the path of victory over sin, overcoming thick layers of the demonic in himself, he heals the world, repeating the path of the Messiah.

As Jesus was lifted above the earth, a mystic rises above it to be crucified with Christ, and again and again heals the world within himself.

Therefore, he is not afraid to talk about sin and doesn’t judge with fury. He has calmed down. He sinks into the holiness of God.

Lord, give us to overcome this power of gravity, rise above the law, enter into the glory of the sons of resurrection, into the law of life and the Spirit, the law of freedom!

We have a great privilege – to flow in a moment in time, that is, the past is no more, the future has not yet come. We are privileged people. We are moving in a point in time on the verge of the past and the future. This is the point of reality.

Therefore, I am not a man of the planet, but of the cosmos. I don’t belong to this world. I live in it with my body, it is a gift from God – my body is the temple of God – but the one who is inside is my true self. And I can stay there in hysterics, panic, or I can be in a good relationship with this space ship, knowing its characteristics. I know where I am from. That point “A” from which I left – this is further back than the embryo in the womb. I am a cosmic man, not a planetary one.

To be planetary, you have to visit many places on the planet. But you can be a man of cosmos with your spirit. Those spheres, those chapters in the book of Revelation, they are yours, and you can journey through them.

Silence is very important. The pilgrim’s speech is meaningful. Sometimes a silence is needed, a pause that separates word from word. A pause is not mere silence or emptiness. If you are silent, this doesn’t mean that you are the enemy of speech. Pauses are very important these days. Speak slowly. Appreciate words. Let our heart find a pause, in order to run a big marathon then.

It seems to me that Adam in his entire life said fewer words than you and I. Speech should be given after a pause, then our words will gain greater power. Someone said that you can’t deliver God’s Word if you don’t take a pause, absorbing it.

Someone said don’t start praying for healing until you feel compassion. Because God is granting the Spirit through you. Let’s go into compassion. This is one of the manifestations of love.

Our family is finding our way. By some sense we are feeling the way. We need to walk the path of the heart. We just live with brothers and sisters. It is more than words – to contemplate life in order to be.

We spend our lives in the hustle and bustle, but the time comes when loneliness calls you. It means the time has come to leave. You’re afraid that you’re going to stay quite alone. But you have to go. Because otherwise you will become superficial. You will become insipid, uninteresting. You will be informed, but empty.

It is interesting that this lady loneliness chooses her own people. If you feel drawn, then you she has put an eye on you. These people are “caught”. Illusions collapse and they see the real world.

God is also lonely in a certain way. But this is not a bitter or cursed loneliness. This is sweetness…

To be God? I can think oа that with no fear. «I wonder, what it means to be God?» – «Hush… Quiet. Cut it out» – But such a thought came to my mind – that is, God gave me an ability to think such thoughts…

I can meditate on the loneliness of Christ…

Those who find this path – it doesn’t happen for nothing.

There should be a measure of the suffering, a certain base, which sweetness can come upon. But if it chooses you, you have to accept – don’t behave wrong. How much are you ready to accept it in your poverty?

What you can give? – A few banknotes out of your wallet? Or go waste your strenth unloading a train car? Who wants that? Stand naked before the mirror – you have nothing to give, reckless man…

All the materia is dust, Angels don’t even see it, it is all going to burn.

We are poor. This is what we should be! This is reality, a lot to be poor!

It is a fine path, dangerous to walk on in search of the bliss – when what you have is enough. Your inner world is blossoming – and you have enough. You wander into some places, and it may be hostile there, but that’s okay. Trust and move on. Sometimes you will be alone, sometimes you will lose the way.

Poverty, emptiness, senselessness gain meaning. Because actually you never left His palm.

Jesus is calling you to be a poor. How good! What a delight! Accept your poverty. You have nothing to hold on to. All this is not yours. And there is nothing to be afraid of losing! You are free! A poor is not afraid of being robbed, and that is freedom. Jesus calls us into poverty!

We are looking for an unknown land. We are strangers, wanderers, we have obeyed the call to painfully seek our way to the unseen land, dear, our own.

This is a good fire. Such people will save the church. Mystics and pilgrims. These are people of cosmos. They have embraced the spirit of universal suffering. They will not be upset by people. They are already in the wounds of Christ, they have taken upon themselves the greatest pain. They became impoverished for His sake.

They are on the journey to the heavenly land. These are not people of the age. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed from Christ. It is important that the life-giving Spirit is with us.