Connection of the coals

Connection of the coals

The Lord teaches us to learn to buy things: “Go buy gold purified in the fire.” Many times in the Scriptures the Lord says that He will not give freely, but He will sell. The best things don’t come for free. Why are spiritual things, gifts not given? – Because there is no zeal for gifts. There are things that are only to be bought.

“Seek the Lord when He can be found,” “knock, and it shall be opened to you,” “ask”—this is all the price. This is how the Kingdom of God works.

Without youth there is no future for the church. The lineage stops if you don’t have a child. We must take care of our lineage as spiritual people.

The proof that your seed is working is when you hold the third generation in your arms. You are the first, the second is your child, but when you hold your children’s children in your arms, it means that there is a future and hope. There should be disciples after us. Take care of it. Stop being lazy, you’ve got to go and sow the seeds.

If you have no fury of God, which arises for the sake of life, for the sake of life continuing – then old age and decay come.


“In the midst of the dead desert there walked on a whirlwind One like the Son of Man, clothed in sackcloth. It was the Lord Jesus.

His appearance did not attract human attention, the features of His face, His height and hairstyle were not visible.

But His feet were so hot that they were blazing white. He stood right on the raging whirlwind, about five to seven meters high. He was the King of meekness, and He had great peace, which spoke of the greatest measure of majesty and dignity.

But the whirlwind emanating from His feet, on which He stood, was very terrible. The whirlwind moved across the desert, grinding stones and cobblestones into dust.

For a man getting into this whirlwind, it seemed to me, would mean splitting into molecules. This whirlwind was so terrible, because it didn’t spin horizontally, around an axis, but it had many axes, the movement in it ran crosswise – both horizontally and vertically, like a meat grinder, like a multitude of rotating threshing wheels, a threshing sledge.

The whirlwind was burning, it devoured everything on its way, lifting up dust and stones.

I woke up in a dream. I heard the voice of the Man of God, who said: “Now Christ is no Other than the One in the whirlwind.”

When the Eastern Gates or Gilgal moves, it goes with great speed. It flickers to and fro. It disappears there, and then appears from there – from other galaxies, and when it meets the earth and passes into the earth, it doesn’t lose a single meter of speed. It passes through the earth and oceans, through stones and rocks with the same speed, there are no material barriers for it, because this is a Spirit, this is a being. That’s the way God moves.

This is a gift from God, we have to know it. The Lord once said, “Oh, if only you knew the gift of God! You yourself would asked to drink, and He would  give you to drink.” But you don’t know Him. You don’t know the gift of God. You believe in your faith, but you don’t know Him, because the gift of God is where you can enter in, not just know Him with your head.

There are many other such revelations. This is how Gilgal is arranged: on top of this Gilgal stands the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Not another being, but Jesus Himself. He is the King of meekness, but His feet are white-hot, because there is devouring and grinding to dust. This Gilgal feeds on whatever is in its way. It eats it and due to this becomes even stronger.

This is how you’ve got to move on earth. These are not pompous words. If you are a spiritual person and know the gift of God, then you understand that this is how it happens. If you’re praying for resurrection, you’re praying furiously.

One man sees Jesus standing on Gilgal, and another has never seen Him. Does this mean something? This speaks volumes. You have to be connected. If not, you are lonely and poor. And if you are connected, you are not alone. You have many hands and eyes. These eyes are all yours. The people connected with you see with their own eyes, but you see with their eyes, you hear with their ears.

You hear these things, but you can’t take it, because it doesn’t fit into you – there is rejection, this object is foreign to you, because you are not joined in love. But those who are connected, they have it, it’s their gift too.

Know the gift of God. Let these words remain in your heart – “… if you knew the gift of God.”

Do you know the gift of God?

That’s why Paul said, “Desire greater gifts, and I will show you a more excellent way” (Corinthians 12:31).

Knowledge comes in a moment. It’s revealed – and in you there’s lava, lava of liquid love, fire. The essence of God’s nature is pouring into you. The eternal river flows right through your spirit to the Throne. It is He Himself, Christ, the hope of glory. It flows right through your spirit – along the main street of the city, and your spirit becomes eternity. It flows directly to Him – from mouth to mouth, like precious wine, or through the heart to the Throne, to His holy feet. This movement is life itself. It is not something that is still, but something that flows and flows. This is the River of Life.

When it entered me, the Lord let me see it. I saw a river coming out of my womb – into eternity, into the cosmic worlds – a river expanding. It started as a small spring, but expanded right here from the womb, and I realized that the center of my whole being is here – not in the head and not in the physical heart. This river flowed from the womb. The center of human essence is in the womb.

That’s why a woman conceives in her womb, that’s why a woman carries a child in her womb. That’s why a man gives seed into the womb. That’s why the Son of God came from the Father, from His womb. “From the womb of the morning”(Ps. 110:3) – Christ came into the world from the womb of the Father, “The only begotten Son, Who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him.”(John 1:18)  Therefore, take care of your womb, work with it, open the river gates of your womb, let your river flow, and not rot and sour. Release your emotions, cry with your spirit, exclaim with the spirit of God, drop your human foolishness, become a cherubic, seraphic, divine being!

Rituals, traditions, clergy – it’s all emptiness, if you don’t walk in the Spirit, if you don’t walk in the fire of God, if you are not led by the Voice of God and His power. Throw away your empty talk – it means nothing if you don’t blaze with the fire in your spirit, if the Angels don’t see you as a burning torch moving along the streets of cities, if you are not visible to them.

Do you hear me, bored and yawning? You are bored because you do not know the language of this, you have not heard or seen Him. You’re a good man – that’s not enough. Become fire.

If only I knew the gift of God, then I would ask for a drink! “God has gone up with a shout, the Lord with the sound of a trumpet. God reigns over the nations. God seats on His holy Throne.”