Sweet Springs of Paths Unknown

Sweet Springs of Paths Unknown


The man of God is standing on the ground  with  brothers and sisters around him. There are many doors on this earth, they are beautiful, but they look closed and invisible. People don’t see them. But the man of God sees them, and for him they are open, he freely enters into them.

Some doors are open, they are visible. These doors are shattered, people are walking through them.

Then the man of God says that there are other doors, and there are many of them. Brothers and sisters believe, but inside they wonder and think how it is possible at all. Suddenly the man of God gets heated from the inside – his belly and his whole body are white-hot. It was terrible. He goes and leaves red-hot footprints on the ground. People, who step directly into these footprints, begin to burn and glow from the inside. Some scream because they see open doors. Then a huge triple footprint appears. In it is the footprint of the man of God and the footprint of the one who stepped there. Then a man appears who looks very much like Ignatius Loyola.

These things are very clear to me. This is what is happening here. I will talk about the journey of the spirit, because here you are unreachable to the fuss, negative emotions. You rise above everything. This is a form of worship – wherever you are, you continue to contemplate, like Mary at the feet of Christ. Imagine – what could distract her? It’s so unlike us when we get distracted and can’t keep our focus. We need to be people of strong spirit, who keep their eyes on Jesus.

“They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain, for the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

And in that day there shall be a Root of Jesse, who shall stand as a banner to the people, for the Gentiles shall seek Him and His resting place shall be glorious” (Isaiah 11:9-10).

Here is such an unusual language to which we are not accustomed. It is a universal language that everyone understands. We often speak in a language that is understandable only to Christians, moreover, narrowly focused, dedicated ones.

I am glad that the language of the prophet Isaiah is understandable to anyone – even a non-religious person. The Lord says they shall not do evil nor harm on His mountain. And the Gentiles will turn to the Throne through the Root of David – through Christ. All is clear.

And this Word, “His resting place shall be glorious.” We often run, hurry, overcome obstacles and perceive life as a battle, as something hostile. As one of the mystics said, he rose to the level where Christ became a rival – not in a bad way, but in order to reach God.

Life can stop being a struggle – a struggle in the bad sense of the word. God promises rest. There is peace in the glory of God when we spend our lives in worship.

Mary, sitting at the feet of Christ, wasn’t just listening, she was giving Him worship: she wasn’t singing, she wasn’t praying, perhaps she wasn’t even thinking much. But she gave Him one thing – all her attention.

Mary’s journey begins with attention. The path of prayer begins with attention. I admire it: “…His resting place shall be the glorious.” I want to find this platform, this place where I can rest in His glory.

Mysticism is not poetry and creativity, it is real revelation. This is the movement of life, when it is not us who do things, but we watch what He does.

The Lord says that we will be His witnesses. Not when we do things, but when He does. Christ said, “My Father has been working until now, and I have been working.” Let us let God work and admire what He does. One of the deepest forms of worship is contemplation. Contemplation of His creation, His works, His power and might.

The Lord has opened many doors today. Hear this voice! Believe! Enter them! If you supernaturally believe and walk in, you’ll see. But many don’t want this. You know it will bring you responsibility. You don’t want to go in there because you’d have to service those doors. Ask yourself: do you really want to live in an awakening so that you have work to do? Many of you don’t want to, because you would have to change your life.

Let me tell you some portals.

The first portal is attention. How attentive are we to our lives? How focused is your inner man? How well tended? Maybe you have a disordered prayer life. Where to begin? – Begin with attention. If you are speechless and have nothing to say, give God your attention.

Spend time alone with Him, leaving everything behind. Listen to Him with close contemplation. Look at your life carefully. How much wickedness still manifests there? Examine carefully your heart – what it is before the Lord. Begin with yourself.

Give attention to God, give attention to your journey, give attention to your neighbor. Simply – more attention – after all, we are always in a hurry. This is Mary’s gift – she could give Jesus her attention. Jesus didn’t leave the place, and neither did Mary.

The second portal is discernment. This is very important today. We need to recognize among good things – the best. Paul says, “Knowing the best”. Even the gift of the Holy Spirit is discernment. Discerning God’s ways, discerning what is best, discerning the inner calendar, inner speed, and choosing the best.

The third portal is joy and peace. Joy is the breath of life, life by the spirit. This is a sign that we live the right way. Joy is the faithful and true witness that we live according to the will of God. If there is no joy, then we are on the wrong path. Even if we suffer, we can rejoice. This creative life will help us. Even being in difficult trials, continue to rejoice. It is our quiet joy that will grow within us. Let it grow. Find not reasons to rejoice, but the main root of it. This is the truth of God – the growing joy in our heart – “rest in glory.”

The Lord promises to give us peace.

Inner, secret man. True beauty is in it. Arranging hair is not a sin, we have very beautiful people. But the Lord appreciates something greater. “ the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.” God is pleased to admire the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.

We need to seriously turn to our insides, because in eternity the inner man will be important. Many bodies will change, but the inner man will not change. Let’s give ourselves to God – what we will become. This is the inner secret man of a gentle and quiet spirit. Is this really our spirit? Can we call ourselves a “gift” to God? So that there is no chaos inside us, nor any remnants of wickedness, but to give God ourselves beautiful. This is what we will give to God – ourselves – sanctified, joyful, good, knowing His face. Take care of your garden. Hallow God in your hearts.