Separate oneself for God

I am very blessed with the season we are in right now because I can be myself. We are in love. I want to read some revelations.


“Three parallel worlds were shown. Above is the world of the Kingdom, in the middle is the earthly world, below is the underworld. In the Kingdom world, seven large golden cups were shown, each prepared for its own hour. They shone, reflecting the radiance from the bright light of the Throne and from the fire of the cherubim. Then an Angel, who looked like burning coals, was given a sharp sickle, which was forged in the coals between the wheels between the throne creatures, the cherubim. This sickle had a quality of one side reflecting the radiance of the seven golden bowls of the Kingdom, and the other side reflecting the darkness of the underworld. This sickle was at the same time a rod of power over two worlds – the earthly world and the underworld. The Angel to whom the sickle was given from the Throne was both the Angel of the man of God and the Angel of the Gates of the East. He gave this sickle into the hands of the man of God to serve with His authority and power in two worlds – the earthly and the underworld. Then it was shown that the reflection of the sickle was directed at people on the earth, whose feet were in the underworld: these were people of the political, criminal, sinful world, these were people from law enforcement agencies – the army, special services, there were also people of crime and people of sin .

It was shown that the man of God began to dance a triumphant dance with a sickle in his hand. Everyone saw this dance, because it was visible to everyone – both the people of the brethren, and the people of the world, and people of different faiths. They saw the reflection of his sickle in the glow of golden cups, and the reflection of the darkness of the underworld. Some were attracted by this dance and reflection, while others were frightened. There were also those who saw the dance and wanted to know the secret of the reflection of the sickle. Some wanted to split these reflections of the sickle into parts for study, others – to satisfy their curiosity. But the man of God paid no attention to anything or anyone, he was completely absorbed in performing a triumphant dance with a sickle.

The sickle is made for the Harvest. We sometimes think that the Harvest is necessarily a harvest of souls, but this is not always the case. Sometimes Harvest is Harvest in the spirit world. You reap some results, the consequences of spiritual investments, spiritual sowing. As if you redeemed them by offering them to God. This is also the sacrament of the prophets – when the prophetic rod is replaced by a prophetic sickle. And the Harvest begins in the spiritual world. Naturally, it is connected with the earthly.


“I see a garden into which two cherubim flew in, who, with a wave of their wings, created a heavenly atmosphere in the garden. The garden flourished and began producing a pleasant odor. Also, the garden changed its colors, like different seasons that shone brightly, replacing one another. Nothing else could affect this garden when the cherubim were there. And there was beautiful singing in this garden – many voices that ascended into heaven in one stream.

What a beauty! I am convinced that this garden is our family. Two cherubim or sometimes one is enough, but the Lord gave us two. Some of us hear the sound of wings – I hear these testimonies. This is our worship of God.


“An angel of God gave into the hands of the man of God a very ancient, but very precious scepter, which was made of gem stones, and also a royal crown of white gold. For the man of God, these were like keys or access to different places on the earth. But there were those who, like thieves, wanted to steal all these things from the man of God, but they could not, because the man of God was awake and courageous so that no one could take them away.

The Lord is celebrating today our being focused on Him.

God’s people will come to us. Neither on foot, nor by train nor on an airplane, they will come into our world, into our spirit. And they start working with us. They come spiritually and mystically. We receive blessings from them. Be attentive and sensitive – you don’t choose, they choose you. You don’t have to like them, they don’t have to sympathize with you. They’re knocking on your door and you need to let them in.

Visitations increased at the beginning of this year. The mystical aspect is intensified, extravagant visitations are intensified.

How is prayer changed? Jesus, Apostle Paul taught us to pray in words, to sing in the Spirit, to speak in the Spirit. But I’m interested to see the paradigm of changing prayer.

Prayer comes from knowledge, from the knowledge of God. If you believe that whatever you ask, He will give you, you will turn into a beggar. But everything begins with being in Him: “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, then whatever you ask, believe that you will receive…”. Then you quit ninety percent of your prayers. You stop praying for the wrong things. You don’t ask for clothes and food, because it is written for us not to care. But sometimes our prayer meetings are like a gathering of beggars who have learned to ask aggressively.

I like to trust and give thanks for what He has already done and believe even when going through spiritual warfare. I like to trust and pray by revelation. I like to cooperate; when God is doing things – follow Him and enjoy how and what He is doing. When God gives us revelations, I begin to learn why God sees things this way. In this new season, I want to encourage all of you to be sensitive, because God will change your prayer – not prayer, but knowledge of God. My status is changing, I become more open and I become, first of all, a friend. This is a path to liberation. It’s easy to ask for forgiveness, it’s easy to admit – if you have a house, why make it crazy? Make it beautiful, elevated.

One of the Martial Arts is to separate for God. I feel in this new season the desire to fast, to seek Him. If you obey Him, you can ascend to another level. The Lord is preparing such a blessing for many of us. Especially when you go in circles, your life is in a cycle. A separation for God is a place where you receive the means to change – not only inside, but also what will change around you – these are new people, new beings, and you yourself are new. There lies a secret – it is a well of living waters.

I remember how at the beginning of my faith I received the verse: “It is good for a man to bear the yoke in his youth; let him sit alone and keep silent, because God has laid it on him” (Lamentations 3:27-28)

I knew that this verse would become the credo for my life. Imagine a young man who passionately fell in love with the Lord, leaving behind all his dreams. I was just stunned that the light I was looking for is right there! I understood God would separate me especially for Himself. Love like no one has ever loved – I realized that this was my lifetime assignment. Love the way you can! I rushed into there, as many mystics have done. I don’t need anything but Him. And I shall keep this youth inside me.

To separate for God doesn’t mean to quit everything and sit still. Someone said that the most unpraying person is the one who is on his knees in prayer and can’t control his thoughts. Serving God is not even the events that you perform, but the inner contemplation of God. There is worship while singing and praying, and there is worship while washing dishes. What mysticism!- you do the most uninteresting thing, but you worship God with it! A garden blossoms within you. You are a pilgrim, you are a blooming garden. Therefore, a person who is happy and blessed is a person of inner peace. When there is no inner peace, you are deeply unhappy.

What do you call serving God? Jeremiah was a man set apart for God. The Nazirites of God were separated. Jesus was separated. The Church is set apart for God.

Is God really so far away that you need to shout in prayer? Look how Jesus prayed: He said that He knew the Father would always hear Him, and asked something for “their sake”, not for Himself. Don’t you think it’s so right.

Don’t think that the mystics of our day must necessarily resemble Francis. The way I look is my deep relationship with my Father. The similarity of mystics is an inner correspondence. Separate yourselves for God this year. Find an opportunity. Enter there consciously: beware of the fuss in your head. “Only one thing is needed.” This is the good part for those who understand that it is “the one”. Find time, opportunity. This is an inner journey. We have a dwelling place inside of us. For some, this is a barn where forest boars come, while for others it is a palace, such people are not bored when they remain alone. The spider produces royal palaces out of itself, it produces life out of itself.

Separate for God, find an opportunity to do it inwardly, find opportunities and abilities.