New wine in a sleeping maid

New wine in a sleeping maid

I wanted to share a Word about how we can see the world differently. Today the world is shifted, and we must understand what the picture of the world is. It seems to us that everything, as we see it, so it is arranged through our prism. But, in fact, it is not.

We are facing a new reality, a new picture of the world. But you can’t get used to the atrocity, to the news about it. It is better to keep yourself high, spiritually. How will you pray if your heart is like a stone? You will have no prayer, you will not get it out of your heart – water doesn’t come out of a stone heart. And prayer is a stream, it is a river, it is living water. If we harden our hearts, we will not be able to pray. That’s why there is no prayer in the churches. Because there is no compassion, no clear view of things. Don’t get used to the atrocity!

Today, the news of the suicide of the strong ones no longer frightens us. The strong cast themselves, they get disappointed – they lose the battle. Suicide is one of the greatest losses in life! A person who ends up like this slams the door shut. Sometimes they “execute” their neighbors in this way, thinking how they will suffer later, and so on, but he slams the door, tears it off like an end of his movie, he burns his book, he completely slams the door, shuts the lid of the well… And today the strong ones leave with a loss – those, whom everyone followed.

There were strong poets – they wrote their beautiful works, but the Bible teaches us: “Look at their death.” Why did they betray it all?  It means they were disappointed? It means they were wrong? Why then should I delve into what is not true!

Death is very important, death shows everything. The Bible teaches that it is not the beginning that saves, but the end. We need to carry the light of God among the “Sodomites and Homorrites”, move among the Egyptians and the wicked and release God’s Word, God’s revelations.

Don’t be afraid of people! Of a single man – do not be afraid!

Violence is a daily norm today: blood sports, brutality. Today, many believers watch “bloody” battles. They think they are developing their masculinity. – No! They are losing their prayer, they are losing interest in the Bible, Scripture. They watch the fights, they follow the news of sports, and the bloody ones … And the Scripture says: “You are of purer eyes than to behold evil!” The Lord hates violence! We need to wake up today because this is creeping into the church, crawling into our minds. Keep your eyes pure so that you see the beauty of Jesus and not the abominations of the devil.

New family models. Gender shifts. Homosexual couples. Today, this no longer surprises us. Some even get touched. They “understand” how a woman can love a woman. Some “understand” how a man can like a man… And such shifts that gradually enter into conscience. Watch lest your hearts be hardened by sin!

New professions have emerged around artificial intelligence. Today there are so many professions that you don’t even know these words, you won’t catch up. Every day, several new professions appear – around artificial intelligence, around the Internet space. The world is changing its picture. 666 is creeping in – and this is the genius of man. This will be no miracle, it will be a substitute for eternal life. From time immemorial, this fairy tale has existed – they always want to invent a perpetual motion machine or an elixir of youth. Writers, artists, poets write about it, but this is impossible. Even some mechanical things that use the laws of gravity still break. They don’t work forever while on earth. You can leave a material thing after yourself, but it will still die.

New views, new accents in art. Types of new arts have emerged – performances designed for the subconscious. Today, especially fashionable things are aimed at the subconscious, at religious experience, at understanding and seeing the world where there is no God – the world of man, the dark side of man, human mysticism. It’s getting trendy. Entire industries are starting to work on it.

This is a new picture of the world in which we live. It’s happening – there’s a transformation going on. And this is a very strong transformation. 666, the “sixes” are ticking, it is already 650 something, and the numbers are changing, particles of thousand, million – they are rushing forth. All this should result in 666 – to replace God with the Antichrist, who will take care of man, he will solve his needs in the maximum way – through the genius of man. But it won’t be miracles. And it will not be the devil in the flesh. What he will do is the same thing that the sorcerers did in Egypt when they brought out the toads.

It will be the same, only through modern means of communication, through modern achievements of the progress.

Fashion for mystical types of religions, culture, fashion industry. Today it is very fashionable to modify the body, when you become a being, not a human. That is, modification of the body, the introduction of objects into the body. Some kinds of certain fashion designs meant to transform a person. That is, a person already acts as a being, an extraterrestrial being.

Fashion for the type of “superman” or “subhuman”. It’s also fashionable. The subhuman can be a man with the head of a dog or your own head instead of a purse, and so on.

I think Abraham would have been amazed, but probably not to the extent that carnal people are amazed. I don’t think Abraham would have been much surprised. Being spiritual, he saw everything from his time. Jesus saw the day of Abraham, and Abraham saw the day of Jesus. I don’t think Enoch would be surprised today. If he were with us now, among us, in the same type of suit, he would not be sitting like a savage, he would be spiritual and say: “I saw all this from the beginning!” And he did see even further than you see now – he saw the day of Jesus – how Jesus would return with His holy angels to judge the world.

New world culture. You will hardly find a country where there is no Cola or a cell-phone. There are, of course, places where there is severe poverty. But nevertheless, the world culture has covered all over the planet. And so it must be, because the Antichrist must be received by all.

It is all, in fact, increasingly unfolding. After the opening of each of the seven seals, there is an acceleration. And the faster the seal is removed, the faster everything happens. Time shrinks with every seal.

Transformation of world religions. Islam is experiensing transformation today. They are successful in communications, in the Internet space. It starts filling the Internet with its content, and so on. Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism. There is a transformation of world religions going on, they are lifting their heads – do not think that everything stands still. If we consider Buddhism now, it is growing. If we consider Hinduism – it is growing with terrible force. India has now surpassed China in terms of numbers. Today it is not China that is the greatest country in population, but India. How do you like that?! If you consider Islam, it is growing. If you consider Christianity, it is growing much more slowly.

And of course, there is a transformation of the new world. The false vine is losing real faith. She will lose it altogether – the reality of true faith. False Bride. She is in disgrace. Her clothes wear out, shameful places are exposed, and she herself does not see herself from behind. And the true vine will be regarded as radical, outdated Christianity. True teaching – will be perceived as radical, when you tell homosexuals that it is a sin – you will be a radical. You will be an “obsolete” Christian… And that’s what’s happening today. We have it in our streets. The world is being transformed.


“It was shown how the Lord created peoples and nations, each of them coming out of His hands as masterpieces, as works of art.”

We are used to looking at the Tower of Babel as a pure negative. But, in fact, this is the intention. When people built the Tower of Babel to make “a name up to the heavens” for themselves, the Lord said, “Let Us go down and see what they have in mind.” He said it in the plural. And when He saw what they were up to, He confused their language and scattered them in their places. In another translation it is said that He dispersed the Angelic forces in accordance with the peoples, which He distributed in places, the territories of the planet. And when He gave Pentecost after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, He gave them different languages too, again, the second time. These were the languages spoken by all those nations that came to Jerusalem, and the disciples spoke in their languages about the wonderful and great works of God. The Lord again gave different languages in order to gather the people together so that they could understand each other.

There is a positive thing – that the Lord created nations. Skin color, eye shape. Take any people – you will see beauty. You will see the beauty of a child, a woman’s face, a man’s masculinity. In any people and nation of the world, you must recognize the beauty. Start with this. Take the indigenous peoples of the north – they are beautiful! Take the southern peoples of Africa, India, the West and the East – they are beautiful!

And you can also see the ugliness of Cain’s spirit in the most beautiful nations of the world. There are standards that the fashion industry imposes, but there is intuition in man, the sensing of the ancient God, understanding of true beauty. Is it necessary to have some special nation to see the beauty of a puppy, his playfulness, carefree playfulness?! Does anyone hate the ornament of a butterfly wings? Who can hate a beautiful bird soaring in the sky? Only obsessed…

God has placed in man a sense of the beauty of life. He deposited in the very inside, put His diamond in this well, He gave every man a genius. For each person he placed a diamond according to his ability at the bottom of the well. I’ll call it a genius. It sounds clear to me. He placed His genius in every person. And we need to see this genius – in ourselves, in our neighbors and in the peoples.

I return to the vision.

“Those works were to be admired. But the enemy came and defiled those works. They were distorted beyond recognition, so that peoples and nations began to evoke negative feelings when contacting with them, from hostility to hatred towards them.

It was then shown that the man of God was given the gift of seeing peoples and nations through defilement and outward distortion. It was given to him to see the full inner beauty of every nation in its primeval beauty. And he was given a fiery sword in his mouth to reveal the beauty of the souls of peoples with fire and purify them from the defilement of the enemy.

Through the fiery sword of the man of God, peoples began to open up and appear as works of art and masterpieces of the Creator who created them, and one could already admire and love them.”

This revelation came after the Word had been prepared. I understand that the Lord thus confirms.

I want to tell you that “no one sews a peace of unshrunk cloth on an old garment.” Imagine that you take and sew a new piece of cloth on an old garment. “For the patch pulls away from the garment,” because the new has nothing to hold on to. The hole will get worse as it gets bigger. “Nor do they put new wine into old wineskins”. Because new wine sparkles, and old wineskins shrink and crack. We had real wineskins, and as we didn’t take proper care of them – they needed to be renewed and rubbed – and liquid leaked right through the skin, from the inside. That is, they began to tear through. This happens because these are old wineskins.

Today, many churches have become old wineskins – you know that your meetings have become uninteresting, people are yawning at them, pastors go to their own meetings as “hard labor”, they are not interested in going, people are boring, and they come and serve the tradition, they “feed” nothing. They serve in old wineskins and allow the old wineskins to remain the reservoir of this grace. They don’t pour the new wine. That is, the Lord will not pour new wine into such wineskins. Or else the wineskins break, the wine is spilled, the wineskins are ruined. But they put new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.

You don’t have to be a young man in order to be new wineskins. You don’t have to be an old man in order to be old wine. Age has nothing to do with it. You can keep a young heart and a young spirit until the end of your days. And you can be a young old man – negative, pessimistic.

No one sews a peace of unshrunk cloth on an old garment. We need to become new wineskins – with a new mindset. And above all, this is the mindset that I’m talking to you about now. I talk about it freely, in ordinary words, but not all of us can repeat this, because this is the thinking of the wineskins, this is the way of thinking of a righteous one, this is the manner of thinking.

Take this Word to your regions. Not to unions and associations, but to what God has created – to peoples.

“When Jesus came into the ruler’s house, and saw the flute players and the crowd in confusion wailing, He said to them: “Go away, for the girl is not dead, but it is sleeping.” And they laughed and jeered at Him” (Matthew 9:23-24).

Jesus came to the ruler’s house. Pray for key people, pray for Buddhist leaders, pray for politicians. You may say they won’t let you in there – in prayer they will let everyone in! There are no barriers and locks for prayer! You can come in if you pray with your heart.

The flute-players were the people who came, played the flute and sang mournful songs. Listen to the flute for about two hours and you’ll whine all day through. I am not playing the flute for you now, but the harp. Because I’m not at a funeral.

And the people are in confusion! The flute-players create confusion. The flute is bad for the soul. So sweet in the throat, but bad in the soul. So delicious in the mouth, but then the stomach puffs up. “Sour” flute music.

“He said to them: “Go away, for the girl is not dead, but is sleeping.” And they laughed at him. When the crowd had been sent out, Jesus went in and took her by the hand, and the girl got up. And the news about this spread throughout all that district” (Matthew 9:24-26).

The Lord will not use flutes in a revival! Whom did He sent out? – The flute players and the people in confusion. Instead of soaring like an eagle, understanding that Jesus warned of this, and pouring out rain instead of inhaling this “smoke” and getting even more drunk.

He drove them out – the flute players and those in confusion. The secret work of God takes place inside the house. Do not harm.

We need the spirit of wisdom, revelation, strength and love and sound mind today to change the flute for a trumpet.

Jesus listened. Imagine, He comes into the atmosphere of this church, there are all believers. The girl is on the bed. They are playing the flute and singing sad songs. “Oh, if you were…” – “Oh, if the revival came”… And everyone is in confusion. Have you been at a funeral, where, it seems, a believer is buried, but the soul feels bad? Instead of joy, they adopted a spirit of sorrow and inconsolability. And the Lord drove them out! Because the girl is not dead, but is sleeping! This is the verdict of Jesus! He is waiting! Who will wake her up? – Lord! But His hand and fingers are we. His hand is the Church of God. Today the hand of the Lord is the people of God. His prophets, His evangelists, teachers, shepherds, Apostles.

“And they laughed at Him.” There! Weren’t they just crying? See how quickly they “changed their shoes.” Wise missionaries laughing at the faith: “We know your heart, Joseph! We know your heart, David, why did you come here – to eat cheese?

Jesus says, “She is sleeping.” And they laugh – because they don’t believe – at Him! Not at the words, but at Jesus Himself. They laugh at optimistic forecasts.

“When the people were sent out,” the faithful disciples pushed out those who did not believe. “Should I kick this one out too? She’s a widow!” – Yes! The people were expelled, leaving a pure diamond of faith.

Jesus sends out false workers – He “zeroes” the church among the nations today.

“When He entered, He took her by the hand, and the girl rose up.”

The principle of resurrection from Jesus is very simple – “go inside”. He went inside. It is very important to lift your feet, buy a ticket, fill in gasoline and put your feet on the ground, going inside. Here “as a man is so is his strength”. Stop throwing dust in the eyes – start moving in the reality.

“He took her by the hand.” In order to take by the hand, you have to touch it. You have to be with people, hug, look into the eyes, drink water, eat food, sit, fellowship. Not in prayer – but to take by the real hand. A mystical hand can’t take the mystical hand.

And the girl rose up!

The girl is rising up. So it will be.

“And this news spread throughout all that land.” The fame of the works of Jesus will go all over the world. I didn’t understand before why Christians are so weak – but now I know. Do you know why? Because weak people gave birth to them. Because they were brought up by weak teachers.

Today I am communicating this Word to you that God created beautiful nations. Recognize, find it, see it!