FAITHFUL TO THE FIRE (Ignite Revival Fire)

Faithful to the fire

Ignite Revival Fire

It is written that “those who are violent shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.” Some believers watch “bare-knuckle fights”, they say that this is a sport. It’s not a sport, it’s a gladiator fight. The one watching this is expecting a knockout – “an elbow or knee blow” – so that the man can’t rise anymore. Man simply destroys the health of his neighbor and receives money for it. But it is written that “those who are violent shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.”

Our church, our brethren condemn these sports, because this is no longer a sport – this is a bloodthirsty money-making business that brings people to disability. A lot of handicaps remain after these battles, people get severely injured. You can’t be a Christian if you watch such bloodthirsty things. You can’t expect a knockout because it’s a bad injury.

I did boxing before I became a believer and I know that people leave the big sport: after a hard knockout, they transfer to coaching, because a knockdown is a concussion, and a knockout is a severe concussion. And after a knockout a person should no longer fight if he cares for his health. And here it is even tougher – the knees are open, the elbows are open, ribs are broken. And believers watch this! And then they don’t know how they can restore their prayer.

Stop, brothers and sisters! This is judged. There are murderers, but there are those who are violent. Violent are those who beat others. The Scripture says that “those who are violent do not inherit the Kingdom of God.” Therefore, we judge such sports in our brethren, and whether you like it or not, it is not a Christian thing to sit and watch bloody fights and then go to prayer meetings! So don’t be surprised why you don’t have a revelation in the Word, why there aren’t people in prayer meetings – because the light is leaving your life, the light is leaving! You have as much God not as much knowledge you have, but as much light there is in you! There is light in you, the power of light, and if it is not there, the salt has lost its power!

Today I want to share on a few subjects.

God is an incredible mystery, He is endless depth. Apostle Paul in some epistles begins to glorify God and is so admired that he simply falls silent. He says: “Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out”. (Romans 11:33)

Scripture says that “their hearts may be encouraged being knit together in love and attaining to all riches of the full assurance of understanding.” Think: “that their hearts may be encouraged being knit together in love and attaining to all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the knowledge of the mystery of God, both of the Father and of Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:2-3).

God is a mystery. We have received a revelation. We have a minister who stays on watch the night before the Sunday meeting. Our meeting today is not just a meeting. We come here prepared, because this is a sacrament. Today I am speaking not just like that, but having prepared for this service, and not in one day.


“It was shown how a being who serves with the man of God is capable of carrying the dimension of heaven, earth, and under water.”

There is heavenly knowledge of heavenly things. The riches of God, the mysteries of God, the treasures of wisdom, knowledge – this is all understanding of heaven. Many people looking at heaven do not understand what heaven is. Some even find it boring… But heaven! A believing man of God who lives on this earth, but who has encountered Christ – he knows heaven!

 Earth – he understands the events that take place on earth, trends and all the secret passages and movements on earth amidst mankind. The man of God has knowledge of what is happening on earth. Through the prism of God’s Word, he looks, sees and is not surprised at anything.

 And under water – these are the secrets of the innermost world, including the second heaven, where he can also move and have the gift to empower with light, to transform, stop, block, minimize and change things.

Today, it is not in vain that we identify the cult layers of society, such as anime and others, are doing the right apostolic work. That we identify names and judge the wrong things – this can be done by the Apostolic Church. She has to give an assessment. You say that you need to be “tolerant”? The kids are “just listening and watching Japanese culture”? – Yes, but if there are demons there?! They made it, they fill it, but we do not judge it – what kind of church are we then? Would you like to listen to flattery from me? Would you like to hear flattering words at the pulpit? Would you like your heart to feel good, or do you want to hear the truth?! Choose for yourself – what you are waiting for and what you want.

We aren’t playing games here. Our lives will one day stand before the throne. And I will be responsible for what I said. I will give full account to the Lord my God for the way I have spoken the truth. So shall I please you now? Or shall I serve God? You will hold account before your God. You will. And by the way, not only before God, but also before the brethren in eternity. It is written that “they will be your judges.” The brethren will also stand and be judges. Do not think they will not be judges, they will also judge this world. And those who walk in truth will be judges.


“Brothers and sisters cultivated the land. They plowed it up, cleaned it of stones, preparing it for sowing”.

This is what we must do in our places where we are sent.

“But some of the seeds were old, some were covered with mold, and some were gnawed by insects, and some had voids inside, although they were intact on the outside, while others were completely dry.”

We’re talking that we should speak about Jesus, manifest Jesus, preach with power, seek the power of God to preach effectively. And it’s not just that. You don’t pick up strength “from the ground.” You can’t just come in and talk about God and call it evangelism. Strength is God’s confirmation that you did everything right.

Therefore, look for strength to preach and preach the pure Word – that Jesus is the only way to be saved. Preach about heaven, preach about hell, preach the full Word of God, not just what pleases people. Otherwise we make a compromise and our seeds are empty or gnawed, don’t let insects gnaw your seeds! Sow the pure Word of God! Why are many people not born again whatever you try? We evangelize here and there. Well, because you don’t even tell them about baptism. To be saved, you need to be baptized. They ask: “What should we do?” – “Believe in the Lord Jesus and let each of you be baptized!” Baptism must be preached – plunging in death and resurrection into life. Empty seeds are things simply about God, something good, so as not to quarrel. But not about Christ, not about the Blood of Christ, not about sacrifice, not about Golgotha, not about hell, not about baptism, not about the Church of Christ. But we need the full Word of God! Pure seeds! Cleanse your seeds! And people will be born, they will be strong babies, not sick and weak.

And further in this revelation it was said that all the old seeds had to be thrown away. Throw away! Throw them away! Your knowledge, your “advantages,” as Paul said he had denied his advantages, cleanse your seeds of your advantages, and preach Christ purely, the pure seed of God. Because you are not preaching yourself, but Jesus!

“And it was required to throw away the old seeds and find new ones for a good sowing. And some had to buy those seeds” – by fasting, by prayer – start searching, fasting, praying, getting back to the Word, thirsting for the Word!

 “And some still hoped to get a harvest from the old seeds, not willing to look for and buy new ones, they planted them, but nothing happened. So those who threw away the old ones found or bought new seeds, planted them and saw how quickly the sprouts sprung up.

New time is coming. The world is completely decaying, and we see how violence is coming into our homes. Therefore, today is the time when we must be sanctified in the brethren, to understand that we are the Body of Christ!

Thank the Lord that there are people who serve God, serve the cross, shout, reproach, proclaim the Kingdom and the truth, urge to fast and pray, repent and be cleansed. When the church loses that voice, it will lose its voice altogether. Today, more than ever, we need to talk about it. This is the time to shout about the cross for carnal, neglected Christians.

Knowledge of God is very important today. More than ever. Knowledge of God. Through the knowledge of God, man make influence because he knows God. What was the secret of Samuel’s strength? We don’t know about his prayer life, we don’t know about his geographic movements – we only hear that he moved with the host, he had disciples and he heard God. He could bring down disasters on the harvest, and thunder roared in answer to his prayers.

We see Elijah closing the heavens and opening them. We see Job in relation to whom there were judgments for other people. This is a space war of a very high level. We see Daniel, who, through fasting and prayer, not only received knowledge, he received insight into these mysteries.

Knowledge of God is crucial  for the church today. Christ-centered knowledge of God is to see God and Christ. Through this man himself becomes God’s gift.

Today this revelation has come to me and I am very much broken through it. God is calling the man of God to be a gift. Paul said, “I will be given to you.” He spoke of a gift, when a person himself becomes a gift. He comes as a gift, and through him comes God appearance. But not everyone is given this. A carnal one cannot even dream, even close to it. A natural one – cannot dream. Only a spiritual one. Whoever considers himself a prophet or spiritual, let him understand what I am speaking.

The Lord gave gifts to some of us, but we lost them. We didn’t care for this well, we didn’t care for this gift. And you know as we shared before – I was given a gift at the very beginning of my Christianity – to see the way of Urim and Thummim. For me it was amazing. This is a very important priesthood gift. I have already spoken about prophetic pastoring. I’m serving in the last season as a prophetic pastor. Sometimes the Lord gives me feelings, thoughts, understanding, knowledge about some people or about a specific person – and you serve as the Lord reveals to you, and thus the Lord shepherds the people. It is very precious – when there is a prophetic pastor, when the pastor is a prophet. Pursue, pastors, that you can prophesy, because the Scripture says so: “we can all prophesy one by one” and “especially be zealous that you may prophesy.”

The Lord has given gifts to some people, and today He wants to restore those gifts that we have lost. The well and the spring must be taken care of, it must be tended. If you damage the spring, dirty water will flow, you will open up an unclean movement, and there will be a lot of water, but dirty, it is not suitable for drinking. As the Scripture says, “murky spring”, “polluted well”.

Therefore, today the Lord is returning gifts to some people. He wants to return the gift, but we need to tend for it. Some of you moved in healing, were zealous, but stopped being zealous for it. Some moved in the prophetic, others saw dreams. It is all gone completely. Is it supposed to be like that? Should it not increase? But you realize you are getting weak, you see it with your own eyes, and you do nothing about it. How can it be? This means to betray the Cross! And you know it’s all about the Cross. We must return to the Cross. To return to the Cross with the Savior hanging on it.

I know I could preach a sermon of joy now. But, dear brothers and sisters, do we really need that? Would you like to hear the Voice of God? I want! Regardless of your preferences.

Some people are in temptation. Humble yourself! And the Lord will give you comfort. When you are in temptation, you fight, you begin to “move the layers of justice”, but this is your earthly justice – ankle-deep, it is yours, human. The Lord gave good advice on this subject: “Forgive!” Fill it with the water of forgiveness, stop “poking around” and “polishing” your “rough surface” – who is to blame or who is not.

Yesterday we had a night of prayer, and we went so deep, looking for the Lord, and I remembered the first time I was in an uncontrolled trance, and I fell. Then I fell and got switched off. But now I go much deeper, much more difficult spheres, but I can control. It was the Lord who so strengthened the spirit. This is how we pray. We are saved again and again and we save people – we put the carnal ones on our shoulders and drag them up the mountain. We often do this – we cease the prayer and go home silently so as not to leave this dimension.

And when one brother wanted to ask me something after the prayer, all I could say to him was: “Forgive me!” This is a most normal condition of a Christian – when you turn to the whole creation and say: “Forgive me!” And you say to the Lord: “Forgive me!”

Now there is what is called a “shift of conscience”, and this applies to the people of God. Peter, the Supreme Apostle, says: “There is also an antitype which now saves us – baptism (not the removal of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God), through the resurrection of Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 3: 21).

We all promised God a good conscience. When we get to heaven, we’ll take out the diamond. We prayed and I felt that my mandrake is my conscience. The mandrake from the Song of Songs, which emits incense, which buds, is the good conscience of a Christian. My mandrake is conscience. A man with a good conscience – you feel that he has a good conscience – he looks into the eyes, he goes straight. And my mandrake is my conscience. Conscience may be rotten, extinct, withered, but the mandrake – love – comes from a good conscience, because all our instruction with which we exhort each other today is based on a good conscience, sincere faith and pure love.

We entered into a covenant with God through water baptism. One day when we did this, we made a covenant. We promised Him to keep our good conscience, we will give this mandrake in eternity, which we will get from inside our inner man and present our good conscience to Him. And if today it is defiled and has moved, it is unclean, transformed into some of your own beliefs, your own gospel that we could make up within ourselves – but the Lord said that those who love Him keep His commandments – and whatever you may “twist”, you can’t change it, because the Lord said that whoever loves Him will keep His commandments. If you break the commandments of God, then you do not love Him. Because it is a sign that you love the Lord – when you keep the commandments. And you won’t change that. We entered into a covenant with God and promised Him to keep a good conscience, and not only keep it, but so that it would still blossom with virtue. Because mandrake should bud and give an odor – smelling a good conscience.

There are different levels of conscience transformed. There is a conscience seared, as it is written, “whose consciences are seared”, it was burned in the fire of temptations and lies, not in the fire of the Holy Spirit. Who loves a burned thing? – Burned, seared is dead, burned is killed. Burned meat, burned sugar – everything that has burned is impossible to eat. And a burned conscience is  conscience burned in lies. Watch for your conscience! Heal it! Cleanse your conscience because you promised God to bring a good conscience. Then comes pure, kind and conscience in the Holy Spirit.

Conscience is shifting today not only on the planet, but in the Body of Christ. What affects its transformation – from good it’s rolling down? These are external values, when we are already influenced by the world, and not by the Word of God. We begin to undergo a downward shift of conscience. And it begins to weaken – our conscience in the Holy Spirit, it begins to move downhill: from the mountain – down.

The external values that influence the church today are intruding, penetrating it – shifting it from its foundation – from the rock of Christ. Critical events are happening – but you are no longer surprised, you are not shocked by this. You already get used to these things. But you can’t! This is terrible! You better be shocked, you need to keep your conscience plowed open. You can’t get used to these things, you need to be sober and tear your heart, so that we have compassion. Because a cruel believer is a non-believer.

Personal sins also affect transformation of conscience. When you sin, you wound the Lord, wound the Holy Spirit, trample on the Blood, repent, confess or don’t confess, then the second time, third, fourth, fifth – do you think it will be endless?! It can’t be! We get used to living in a secret sin, sort of little “sin”, a person gets used to it, and his conscience is transformed, it shifts. For example, to steal a little, or fornicate a little, or to look at improper thing a little – little by little, and conscience ceases to shine, it is not good anymore. It rots and dries up.

Sin does three things. It separates from God, separates from your neighbor, you don’t want to communicate with believers, they seem not saints to you. And these are personal sins, because sin makes you blind, it also divides with one’s neighbor and causes addiction, because the conscience no longer reacts promptly, with repentance, weeping, tears about the sin. And when you’re in that state of conscience, you need to be saved again. If a sin that doesn’t shock you lives next to you, I don’t know what has become of your faith. I want to warn you – you’re in danger, brother. And don’t be deceived – a sinner will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Also, the context of the conscience of a local community can influence the shift of conscience. There is such an understanding as the conscience of the church. And when there are bad things taken as a norm, for example, we judged anime today, but if we walk in anime style, then this is the conscience of the church. And it shifts. When we don’t judge according to the Word of God then God judges. When we agree with what God does not agree with – we all start believing wrong. It’s like blowing smoke in from the street. It seems that everyone is alive, but they are all rancid with smoke. And some churches are in that condition. They all “smoke”. They just “burn slag.”

That’s why, we all face such things – when a worshiper is in fornication, or a shepherd, or leaders in filth (homosexuality). I heard such straight-from-life stories, I will not go into details, but there are a lot of such churches in which there are sinners, real one hundred percent sinners in sins unto death. And you think that everything will simply pass?! But it’s a matter of time – this is a “time bomb”, it will tear you apart from the inside. Now is the time to run to the Cross of Calvary that you betrayed. Precisely betrayed! If you’ve left it, it means you’ve betrayed it.

There is only one acceptable conscience for God – this is the conscience in the commandments of Christ. In keeping the commandments is a great reward. There is only one acceptable conscience for God, and that is the conscience in the Holy Spirit. So that our heart does not condemn us, not because it is sleeping, but because it is pure! And “those who are pure in heart will see God”, with “the pure You will show Yourself pure, with a blameless man You will show Yourself blameless, and with the devious You will show Yourself shrewd.” How is that? – The man leaves God, and God leaves him. That’s it! With the devious – shrewd. You left God – God left you.

Return! Keep for God your good conscience, which you promised in the waters of baptism. And when you were baptized – that’s exactly what you promised – your good conscience.

 I also want to speak about faithfulness.

“Then Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, each took his censer, and put fire in it, put incense in it, and offered profane fire before the Lord, which He had not commanded them. So fire went out from the Lord and devoured them, and they died before the Lord. And Moses said to Aaron: “This is what the Lord spoke, saying: By those who come near Me I must be regarded as holy; and before all the people I must be glorified. So Aaron, therefore, said nothing.” (Leviticus 10:1-3).

Yes, they took their censers, yes, they put incense that praises God. But they brought profane fire. Alien fire! Brothers and sisters! The people of God have always had a relationship with God – with the God of fire!

Moses. Fire fell on the tabernacle of meeting, ignited the sacrifice. Solomon. Fire came down from heaven, ignited the sacrifice. Moreover, under Moses, they had to sustain it – that is why they went and took it from a different source, or simply from a household fire, from an oven where they roasted meat, but they didn’t go to take fire from the altar for incense. But they were to take it only from the altar. And there, day and night, they had to guard and put fuel so that the fire would not go out. Because one day the Lord had set it.

We must burn with this God’s fire of the Holy Spirit. Elijah. He brought down fire from heaven, and God’s fire devoured the sacrifice. Apostles. One hundred and twenty people were there seeking for the Lord, and fire fell on them! The divided tongues appeared to them, as of fiery. On each of them set one. In the churches of Christ, each of us must have a fiery tongue.

Christ said: “I must be baptized with the fire! Baptism of the fire!” And He was baptized with the fire. And God is a consuming fire that devours.

Today we must be ministers of the fire. And to show faithfulness not only to God and brethren, but to the fire! And you can say, “No! I’m not a traitor!” But you betrayed the fire! You lost the fire! You allowed the fire in your ministry to be extinguished! There is no prayer of fire in your church!

We watch for the fire to burn: the fire of evangelism, prayer, worship, the fire of walking with God, the fire of holiness, this is also the fire.

It can’t be that the pastor is on fire, and no one in the church would be on fire! This doesn’t happen. Because fire devours, it certainly passes on. It will definitely burn others! And if your church has empty prayer meetings, you need to start with yourself.

I don’t want to brag, but I know what to do when the fire is lost. I know exactly what to do! – Reinforce the ministry of fire! To ignite the fire is the only way to reignite the fire in a church.  The fire of the Holy Spirit, the fire of Pentecost. Today you will not deceive anyone – that you are faithful to the brethren, faithful to God, faithful to the Word – but there is no fire! If you betrayed the fire, you betrayed it all.

Therefore, we need an awakening of the fire! I call today a generation of fiery people. Especially young people, new people, believers who have recently come to the Lord – burn with the fire and carry an awakening of the fire! And may the Lord keep us that we ever oppose the fire! That it may never come out of my mouth: “No, we won’t have a meeting! This will not be! When they say, “You are too jealous! You read too much! You pay too much! You preach the Gospel!” – may the Lord keep me! There must be a womb here that loves the fire and waits for more of the fire!” Create your own fiery wineskins!

Faithfulness to the House of God. “Moses is faithful in all his house”! – There he left, there is no meeting here, there is desolation… Unfaithful in the house! But He is faithful in all His house! Send me to any church, any – I will get involved in all things there, because everything should be there in its place! This doesn’t mean that I will be a leader in everything, but I must be sure that there is no rot there, nothing sours or rusts there. But they delegate things, sending that or this one – and then blames all around: people are unfaithful, people are bad. No! Don’t tell tales, only babies will believe it. Those who know God and ministry will never believe such things.

It was you, pastor, who let your ministry fall! People are the same everywhere. Give place to the flesh – the flesh will win. Give place to the Spirit – the Spirit will win! They are eternal beings. And when they receive the Holy Spirit, they hear the voice of the Shepherd and want to see and hear an example of fiery ministry. Words won’t help. But they adjust the services so that they can spend their own weekends!

Moses is faithful in all his House, as a servant, for a testimony of those things, which would be spoken afterward. And now Moses is in the house of God, in all things he is a faithful servant.

“And Moses is faithful in all his house, as a servant, for a testimony of those things, which would be spoken afterward; but Christ as a Son in His own house; whose house we are, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm to the end” (Hebrews 3:5-6).

If only we keep it to the end. Imagine your life coming to an end. This year a lot of people, stars, left – both young and old. Suddenly, even from stupid things, from a medical point of view. What can be remembered about you? Who will you be remembered for? What will you take to eternity?

One of the few things that keeps me from leaving is that I’m still ashamed to come to God with so little fruit. I haven’t done all I can yet. I have a strength that I have not yet given to Him. And this is a loss in my life. Everything that I have kept for myself – I lose it, ruin it, it is void. All I have kept for myself is all my loss. And all that I give Him is gain. So I don’t think it’s time yet. I need to work more. And it’s a shame to bring so little fruit!

But I am surprised at some people. They don’t care about this at all. They go empty-handed. Always empty handed. But a man of God always has something in his hand. He never comes to God empty-handed. Why did the Lord give this commandment – “do not come to Him empty-handed”? Yes, because you can’t come to eternity empty-handed! How will you come empty-handed into eternity? You saved no one, you brought no one, keep living for yourself, raise children, look for a bigger salary, pray for yourself. How can you lose your conscience to such an extent?! I’m not talking about the preachers of lies who say that a believer must be rich! He must be, if God is with Him… Stop this!

Heavenly beings come to make us heavenly. And the birds get together “after their kind.” Have you seen a raven that is friends with a dove? There are flocks of magpies – they chatter incessantly about earthly things. Rise as eagles! Let it be a small nest, but at the height of the cliffs and rocks, the unattainable heights of the Lord! An eagle has a vast space, you can’t see many eagles in one place if they really soar and reign. Each has its own territory, they watch over their own land. Feed the lambs of God if you love Christ! Feed the Lord’s sheep if you love Christ!

The third level of loyalty is loyalty to ministry. Paul once said, “Say to Archippus, “See to it that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord” (Colossians 4:17). Archippus! See to it, brother! See to it, sister! That you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord! But many have left the ministry today.

Imagine – may the Lord preserve me – if I fell away – what a loss, what a loss for the Kingdom of God, if I were treacherous! Many of you would fall off and be happy that now – “you may”! And now imagine that I lost the fire and stopped preaching to you the way I do now, and started “pouring water”, just emptiness to comfort you! Imagine the damage it would be if I were “pulled into the world.” It is better to die than to leave such a shame after yourself in eternity and on earth! The Word judges! Thank the Word for judging! If the faithful fell away today? Personally I would make others. I can not fall! And you also need to see – that you have no right to fall! Why then did you fall away from the fire?

The next faithfulness is faithfulness to the brethren.

“Let a man consider us as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God” (1 Corinthians 4:1) – So regard me and the faithful ones.

“Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful. But with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged by you or by a human court. In fact, I do not even judge myself” (First Corinthians 4:2-3).

This is the truth! Absolute truth! I think the same as Paul said. I have already come here, this is my room, my niche. I dont judge myself, God knows my judgment.

There was faithfulness in Paul’s churches. And the unfaithfulness of Demas, Alexander the coppersmith, and various other ministers, whom he lists by name, was manifested, so that people would know that they were apostates.

I speak today especially to ministers, shepherds and leaders. It is written, “always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. As Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, unqualified and worthless concerning the faith” (2 Timothy 3:7-8). Yes, they are worthless. Ask them about the depths of God – they know nothing. “But they will not get very far; for their folly will be manifest to all, as theirs also was” (II Timothy 3:9). Yes, they will not get far.

 The last one is faithfulness to the dream of calling. Paul writes: “Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things, which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal, for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Therefore, let us, as many as are mature, have this mind; and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal even this to you” (Philippians 3:13-15).

Paul’s highest dream was the highest calling of God in Christ Jesus. The closest position to the heart of Christ. Why? – Love! Because he loved God so much.

What do you dream of? When you received Christ, when you received the Holy Spirit, did you receive a dream? It seems to me that there is not a single person without a dream. God created man with a dream – that means a bird has its wings not just for beauty, not just to wave, but to soar. And our dream is our space, the power of our wings.

If there is no dream in a man of God, the highest dream in God, in Christ, we have no motivation to live at the peak. Everything that is – to get married, have healthy children, find a profession – God helps. But this is not what God saved us for. He prepares you for Himself. For Himself, not for you! Here the Bride of Christ is born and does not want to get married, then she will become a grandmother, and there will be no offspring. So is the church, which is focused on selfishness, on the earthly things. She doesn’t want Christ! She doesn’t want to be the wife of Christ. And if she wants, then she is to love Him! Love Him more than anything else! What are you dreaming about?

And the condition for this is complete dedication, because the Lord is not a magician to run around and fulfill our whims. The condition is total devotion. I’m talking about higher things. Destiny in God depends on your devotion.

What does a lot of fruit mean?

 What does – “man – God’s gift” mean?

 What about me? How does God see me as a gift?

What does my prayer mean to my Father? Does it have the same weight when God listens to me carefully? Does God listen to me attentively – not when I “switch on the faith”, but when I speak in a whisper and quietly – is He full of attention?

What is a race? What is the last race? What is your last race? Have you dropped out of the race or are you continuing to get stronger?

What is your highest dream? What are you doing with it? Maybe you betrayed it?

One day, an old bishop called his relatives to his anniversary, he was surrounded by many children and grandchildren. He was sick, almost on his bed. And a large crowd gathered: the church came, and relatives and friends came. And everyone said: “What a wonderful man of God! How did you succeed! How much fruit you have brought in this life! You haven’t lived your life in vain!” And he was sitting on the bed and crying, the Holy Spirit visited him. He pierced his heart and reminded him of his first prayers. The bishop told everyone: “I thank you that you have come to honor me, but I want to say that my life is the life of an apostate. This is not what I should have grown into. I should have been in a different calling.”

He had the courage to confess about this last race. I think he won. He came to honesty. He confessed, with all that imaginary, when he was intoxicated by the glory that people gave him, and people are weak, they often lie, without wanting it and not knowing it, but he said: “I am an apostate, because this is not what I should have moved in.” This is very powerful! This touches me – this level of honesty pierces me.

What about you? If there were an Angel of your genius, if there was such an Angel? How would he meet you? Are you faithful to the Angel of your calling? The Angel of my calling – he walks beside me. Angel of my calling, do I betray you? Am I living in betrayal towards you or am I in love with you? This is very serious.

Therefore, today I want to remind you: faithfulness not only to God and the church – faithfulness to the fire. It checks everything. Do you continue to blaze with love for Jesus, love for your neighbor? Do you continue to burn and ignite the hearts of people around you? Or did you betray the fire? Betrayed the fire.. That’s what it’s all about, dear friends. And this is not a sermon, this is a cry, a call to all of us.