Miracle of sandstorm in Central Asia

Miracle of sandstorm in Central Asia

Brother Roman, Central Asia, Tashkent

Revelation: A sister writes that she saw the man of God walking across a field with mines placed. But they were hidden, and someone was showing where to step so as not to fall into the trap. And those who set those mines, they were surprised – how this was possible. The man of God walks very carefully, carries something very valuable inside himself that he must convey to the people.

He crosses this field and enters the land, where he meets the people in anticipation. The brother takes out a piece of bread and gives it to the brothers, then takes out a vessel of wine and gives it to drink. Inside there is a clear understanding that the brother shared this bread as the Body of Christ and gave His Blood to drink. And what I shared yesterday was quite sacred, as if it were pieces of my heart.

After that, as if there was a break in the air, like an invisible explosion… and at the same moment a sandstorm arose, because there was a break in the air. And this sand mutilated many, and but many were carried and empowered by it.

I smelled Afghanistan last night. This is how Afghanistan smells, like it smelled in Tashkent yesterday. It was not fog, it was a sandstorm in the air. There was no rain when we got out. It was not fog, but a sandstorm. And I smelled Afghan. This is how Afghanistan smells.

And in this smell I discern three ingredients: this is the smell of the land, Afghan dust, the smell of fires and burning, and the smell of garbage that rushes from there. These are blended like a French perfume. Only this is the smell of the people. The Afghan smell was in the air all day yesterday. This is how Afghanistan smells.

And I thought, “What’s going on?” My insides were all stirred, agitated, as if he was calling me … “Mmmmmm…. You are here…! Come to us! ” As if the land felt that I had come there. As if those Angels had risen again, they sensed that I was near again.

And the wind blew from Afghanistan, and the mountains breathed it out, gave a shift, and it went to Tashkent! There has been no such thing – for this Afghan wind to come to Tashkent. It filled everything with sand: my whole room is in sand, the whole sink, everything is in sand! The sand from Afghan came to my room!

What for? Do you hear?! This is how the Angels move! Afghan sensed that we were here again, just near around, and it gave the shift of the Spirit, the wind went forth and brought sand right into my room! This house is also full of sand! My room is covered with sand. And also the window doesn’t work on purpose so that the sand could get into the inner rooms, the bathroom, and everything is covered with sand.

And I smelled it thinking, “What’s going on?” Then I realized: God is calling. I don’t know if I will go there or not, in this sense or different, but it’s all from there.

We cut Afghanistan through with the Cross: starting with Kabul in the East, cut it to Herat in the West, from Mazari-Sharif in the North down to Kandahar in the South. That is a cross – and the power fell.

Prophets did this with their feet. That is exactly what happened. Before we went there the Lord gave us a revelation: an Angel gave a scroll to the Man of God, and we declared this scroll from the tower of Herat, where Alexander the Great came, we went up to the very top and shouted the revelation of the Angel from the prophet Isaiah, translated it into the land. And then in Kandahar we went up the Royal Staircase, and was exactly the Christmas day, and there we translated a different message of the Angel. We shared this revelation with our friends there and interpreted it. They received it and became the carriers of the scroll.

A little while passed and Afghanistan collapsed.

Yesterday Afghanistan breathed, and the revelation came a couple days before the wind arose.


On the night of November 4-5, a strong sandstorm hit Uzbekistan.

Forecasters noted that over the past 150 years, such a phenomenon has been recorded on the territory of Uzbekistan for the first time.

As a result of strong winds, dusty-sandy haze was observed in the regions of the republic, which appeared at intervals of 15-20 minutes after the wind stopped.

More than 1000 people called for ambulance in Tashkent with complaints of shortness of breath.