Martial Arts Of The Spirit

Martial Arts Of The Spirit


“Martial Arts of the Spirit ” is a series of sermons meant for equipping and empowering with the aim of mastering a high level of walking in spiritual freedom and victory.

​Martial arts of the Spirit, which will be discussed in our book, — is something more than the ability to lead a spiritual war.

Martial arts are special techniques, specific information that only skilled warriors have mastered.

Each spiritual warrior must have a self-instruction manual, in which several dozens of spiritual warfare techniques are presented. A warrior must step into the mastery of the spiritual arts. 

Book Overview (Description):


(A collection of sermons)


The art of conversion 
Mystery of shabbat 
Watch the signs of heaven and earth 
The way of questioning and revelation 
Not fire, but coals 
Remember in prayers 
Hiding oneself in obedience 
Using means of empowering with grace 
Crush your spirit 
Go into meekness and reproach 
Urgent fast 
Sell oneself out to the Lord 
Praise Him for the most severe pain out of your list of pains 
Rejoice in the Lord belligerently 
Explode in spirit 
Breaking the wrong order 
Prayer by spirit in tongues 
Reading God’s Word out loud 
Prayer in the middle of the night 
Watch the heavens and not attacks and problems 
Throw up one’s hands up spirit of praise 
Hold the radiance 
Proclaim promises 
Turn to revelations 
Singing glory in the darkest places 
Serve God with one’s spirit 
Do what Jesus said 
Honor your fathers 
To seek not in power, but in foolishness 
Overcome through celebration 
The art of prayer shield 
Sword of praise