How to create God’s whirlwind amidst routine


“The gateway of the Eastern Gates has become even narrower, and the heads have become even higher. The color of the Mantle has also changed, which covered the Gates. The color became turquoise purple. This color illuminated all around so that even small spots on the clothes were very visible: it was a very strong light shining through all things.

This is a short revelation, but very powerful: the Gates change their way, the heads of the Gate rise higher and higher. This means that we need to rise high. And the fact that they have become narrower means that we need to be more purposeful. The color that brings out the spots is purple, royal – Christ had a purple robe. It reveals the spots, and brings a very strong light upon everything – this is the spirit of revelation, which today comes in a new nature.

 One of the things we are experiencing in the new season is a renewal of the knowledge. Even your testimonies need to be revised. It was right to say something when you were an infant, but if you look from the point of view of maturity, what you have achieved – those things are no longer relevant today.

When we are renewed in the knowledge, we look from a different perspective, we begin to know ourselves in a new way. Because in the light of God we begin to see our own light in a different way. As the Scripture says: “There was a true Light, and the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend It.” Of John it is written that “he was not that Light, but he was sent to bear witness of that Light.”

 Question: How much light is there within you? This is not a meek disposition, this is not a kind character, but light is something different, it is deeper. How much light is there within you?

 Today we need to be renewed in the knowledge. The gates are the same, but they’re getting narrower. As we are getting close to them, we see them differently. They also breathe, it’s like a being.

 When a child grows up, you begin to understand his intellect. And we also – with the spiritual age – grow in prayer. Prayer must undergo change. Our walk in the Word, in relationship with one another, must change if you grow, if you don’t stand still. Refresh in the knowledge.

One of the things I want to share is so that we can build up our world. God is the Creator. And He made His children small creators. We create the world – we create relationships. We can live in such a way that we have no friends – this is us who made it so. We have created a world where we have no friends.

We need to live our lives striving for something high, for which there is no price. The highest goal in human life is not to become someone, but to already be.

If we take, for example, a goal – to be like Jesus, then how can you imagine this would happen? You have to become more yielding ? Gentle? Tolerate and love? – We would have to force ourselves to behave like this. But we are not like that – it turns out, we just “play the role” of Jesus. And further disappointments in yourself, breakdowns, etc. will follow. This is a dead end path. This is not  Apostolic Christianity.

Apostolic Christianity is when Jesus is in you. We don’t need to be anyone, we don’t have to try to be like someone else, because that would be a game. You can play very professionally before people. But you remain unchanged inside, you can’t change yourself through behavior. How much Spirit there is in the body, how much Christ there is – that’s what matters. From the inside to the outside, not from the outside to the inside.

I want to encourage everyone to create a world around you that will be an Eden – create relationships with people, because your initiative depends on you. It creates the nature of your relationship. Make your friends, don’t just “live out” your life.

Create this Eden. And in this creating Eden a whirlwind shall spin.

I love the whirlwind! When visiting places, my brothers and I enjoy spending time together – like mustangs that frolic, rush across the prairies – it seems to me that with God this is how you can frolic.

A joyful monk is a good monk. We saw such a monk who joyfully met us and showed us a joyful Angel in the temple where he serves. Here man has created a joyful world for himself!

What are you creating for yourself? A world of loneliness – faded, gray, or a world where there is fellowship and joy? There are no bad people! People who think that the people around them are bad have not yet understood anything about life. People are our mirror, people are beings sent to meet us, so that we can understand something, achieve something, come to something. Don’t take people as a threat.

It happens that people bring us pain, but if you look through the cross of Christ – in the right way, then even to them you will be grateful.

Spin the whirlwind in the middle of a routine! Make your life very rich and interesting amidst routine. Create it, don’t be “grouchy”.

Enter into cooperation with the elements of the earth and heaven. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of heaven and earth.” I see it every time on every trip – every time something happens. And we don’t put any effort into it. This is the secret – Jesus slept in the stern when the world was raging. Then He woke up and said, “Peace, be still!” And everything calmed down immediately. The calmer in God’s peace, the more powerful.

Negative vibrations harm God’s destiny. Doubts, squabbles, conflicts within us. That person has conflicts with people who have conflicts inside. How to conflict with a peaceful person? In only one direction – when the man is at peace, it’s just a reproach. Jesus was not in conflict with anyone. But there was a whirlwind around Him.

 To spin a whirlwind in the middle of a routine is a movement in the faults. You see a fault and you are not afraid to enter it. One brother sent a revelation in which he saw the earth alive, emotions emanated from it, as from a living soul, I really understand what it is. Visiting different cities and lands, I see a living earth. We should cooperate with the earth. You even should sleep on a new land, stay awake in the spirit.

One brother saw a revelation, how “regions change colors, he saw wounded regions. It looked like a human face. He saw pain on the face of the earth, suffering. And the man of God went into the faults, he moved over the earth not as if belonged to someone else, but as the Son of Man – he walked through ravines and hollows. The question was asked: “Why take this path? After all, you can go along the road!” Then the Man of God replied that these were not ravines, but wounds on the land.

 Once we were praying over Jerusalem, and I saw in the Spirit that this is the face of Christ, wounded by whips. The wounded earth for our sins.

 “And when the Man of God drank from the lake in this land, he completely changed – this water filled all of him. The man of God said that it was not water, those were tears, and poured them into a vessel, which he deposited inside himself.

The man of God went further over the earth, stopping in some places, going down to it, wiping it with a veil, which he covered himself with, so he did in different places and went on. His veil was filled with the salt of that land – its smell, pain, hope.

Later on, green grass began to rise in these places, covering cracks, scars, wounds. The face of the earth gradually straightened up because of this, and various living creatures ran into this greenery, birds flocked.”

 It happened so indeed when we came to lands where there was pain and suffering. We walked on the miserable land. But today we have a feeling that healing has come to these lands. It’s not over yet. So go into the faults.

 To spin a whirlwind in the middle of a routine is a plunge into the abyss of secrets. Oh, how I love secrets! Not other people’s secrets, but God’s secrets.

 Spinning a whirlwind amidst routine is immersing into the depths of mysteries. O how I love mysteries! Not people’s secrets, but God’s mysteries.

 Spinning a whirlwind amidst routine is an ascension to the thrones around the Throne. It is written that there are other thrones around the Throne.”

 I remember how we kissed the land in Magadan. Have you ever kissed the land? It was a revelation. We kissed – the land that was watered with blood, including the blood of the saints. Kissing the earth is like kissing a baby on the cheek. This earth is the living earth! We do not defile it, but we kiss it. We don’t destroy it.

Around the Throne sat twenty-four elders. I don’t think they were the same. Yes, they were given a harp, but these are people who have become beings.

What kind of being will you be in heaven? You will not be a man, you will be a heavenly being. Who are you? What are you? This “I” is you. Lift it up

 to God!

The throne is not about something proud. It’s thought in the world that one has to be proud and cruel in order to be a boss. The other thrones are around the Throne.

 Spinning a whirlwind amidst routine means connection with beings. One day I came to Canada, and one brother there said I had brought them a shift – that I brought Angels with me that reinforced their Angels. And the forces I came with would make a difference. This brother saw these forces. God’s people are connected with beings.

Spinning a whirlwind amidst routine means to gain help from a cloud of witnesses. Have you thought about why it is the “cloud” of witnesses? How did the spirits of the righteous achieve such perfection that they turned into a cloud? Because the glory of God is the cloud that walked with Israel. And the cloud of witnesses became so joined with the cloud of God’s glory that it became part of it.

 We have come not only to the Lord on the Throne, but to the numerous company of Angels, the heavenly city, the spirits of just men made perfect, we have come to the Kingdom.

Let’s release this Kingdom around us. We can all move like this. How wonderful, how powerful, how glorious, how lovely it all is! We see it at our gatherings!

We need to hide in gratitude. I’m not talking about music worship. I say – enter into gratitude. Instead of distrust, instead of conflicts, go into gratitude, get clothed in the mantle – the nature of a grateful heart.

 Imagine if all we see is a blessing for which we have to give thanks. And how often we behave in a shameful way – instead of gratitude, we complain and spoil everything.

 Once brother Vladimir told me how Christ showed him love, meekness and His glory. And all the time he asked the Lord to stop, because he could die of delight and bliss. It was as if he could explode with pleasure. He said that in the glory of Christ everything was perfect. There was complete harmony and no failure. No chaos. Everything was perfect.

When we enter into gratitude – and this is growing in grace – we will see harmony in our lives. That everything was as it should’ve been, that everything is as it is, as God leads you. Imagine that you are in the will of God, and calm down. Maybe someone will disagree – I won’t dispute, but I know that the inner vision makes things real. The way you see things defines the way you treat everything. I want to invite you under the Mantle of Gratitude.

Change the routine of our life – when it’s boring, when it’s not interesting to live. And you don’t have to be anyone, we already are. Enter into gratitude. Prayer will change – what you asked before is not needed any more, what you were worried about – you trust with it, what scared you before – now you thank for it. That’s it! Happiness is here! Right before you.

The Lord is so Amazing!  We shouldn’t look at each other through the eyes of our opinions. Rather accept each other. You set your own stereotypes of what a believer should be. But this is so small compared to what we can already enjoy.

Let’s not end there. We’ll flow forth. Let’s put an ellipsis. Create, don’t be “grouchy”.