Everlasting gospel (Types of false gospels)

Everlasting gospel (Types of false gospels)

First, I want to share a few revelations. I usually make a selection of all the revelations that are given, but share less than there is. There is so much food that you don’t have time to distribute all of it.

If it were still a need to feed people from two fish and five loaves – Jesus would have fed twenty, thirty, forty thousand more. He spoke about this proportion – that when there was less bread and less people, how many pieces were left? – Less. And on the contrary, when there were more people, there were more pieces left. I think that the Lord could feed twenty, fifty, and one hundred thousand people. It would be all the same, and the arm of the Lord would not get weaker. This is important, when people share less than they actually know. Unfortunately, in the modern Body of Christ this is the time of “bubbles”, puffiness, when a man shares things he doesn’t know and seems more than he really is. Therefore, wisdom doesn’t bestow all of it. Wisdom is hidden.

There was a dream. «The man of God, like an eagle with large wings, taught us, like chicks, to dive into darkness». A whole series of our latest songs is dedicated to the dimension of the darkness of the soul. We’ve been moving in this for a while. In Western tradition, this is considered a blessing. We experienced this revelation that the Lord will never leave us if we ourselves don’t leave Him.

When I experienced the revelation that there is no point where the Lord can leave me, if I myself don’t leave Him – and I am not going to leave Him – then I was set free from many things. I don’t have to make extra efforts to be spiritual. I don’t play a spiritually anointed one at all. I don’t strain myself, I don’t try hard. I don’t need to play the role of a spiritual person. I have experienced great freedom from many things, from masks. Perhaps I’m still in the process, but I am gaining myself in a big sense, when I accept emptiness and fragments of the misery of my life as a place of God’s presence, a special God on the ruins of dreams, plans, catastrophes, losses. God sits on the ruins of my destiny. He never leaves me, He is closer than my dear mother. A mother can give a lot. But she cannot save your soul. Some mothers don’t renounce their children to the very end, even if their children become maniacs, for example. No one even wants to hear his name, the mother feels ashamed, people despise her, but she remains a mother, she doesn’t renounce. These are hard things.

And it is even harder for Jesus, because He died for me, not for His sins. He has nothing to be ashamed of Himself at all. If the mother of the maniac can still be accused of giving such an upbringing, not looking after her son properly, but you can’t accuse the Lord – He never bears scoundrels. And Jesus died for me … He went and gave everything He could. This is much deeper than “Christmas Christianity”, where everyone should be happy, well and have fun. This is a different Christianity.

That eagle taught chicks to dive into the darkness! Into the darkness! «We dived into pitch darkness. And soon our new sight opened in this pitch darkness. Then one of the sons of the eagle was shown. It was like a young boy. The sister who had this dream walked with him along the road amidst many people. Many seemed very scary, but this boy had a special inner look. He just laughed at them and said that they were disconnected from the connection cable and totally harmless».

I understand this revelation. The outside world can’t harm a real mystic. If you are a real one hundred percent mystic walking with God in pitch darkness, then for you darkness is no fear. I used to be afraid of places where it is scary. I’m not afraid now. It is in the soul, inner places. I think that this is the kind of state when salvation covers your whole person, when it “eats” all the “unsaved” places. This salvation envelopes the whole person – gradually envelops all of him.

We had an evening of prayer and we were singing one song very deep for a long time. This is a prophetic song. And during this prayer, one sister remembered a dream she had seen many years ago, which was resurrected in her at this prayer. I saw that those were the same revelations that the Lord gave me: about a raven and a wolf. I have preached for a whole season about raven – that people are afraid of it, but we redeem it. This is our raven. This is the prophet’s bird, it fed the prophet. It may look mystical to someone, as you were taught this attitude at school, but in fact, raven is a cool beauty! The Lord’s hair is the color of a raven. The Lord chose this particular bird to show how beautiful His hair color is. If you look closely at a raven, you will see that its plumage shimmers with blue and purple – such a black color contains even purple! And purple is a symbol of suffering. Of course, this is a subjective opinion, but it is a very beautiful color. Raven’s color. And the Lord has raven’s hair!

The dream says:

“A raven is flying as if in slow motion video frames. But in an instance it turns a black lone wolf.” We redeemed the wolf – this is Benjamin. There is a place in Israel where the Benjaminites are, and there is a huge iron wolf there, Benjamin. Ravenous wolf. In the morning he goes to hunt, and in the evening he returns with the spoil. You know that the raven and the wolf work together. This is a very interesting solder. Raven and wolf. The raven helps the wolf to hunt – he sees prey from high above and gives the wolf certain signals. And then the wolf follows the call of the raven, attacks the victim and leaves some of the prey for the raven. And ravens can even eat together with wolves. And the wolf never offends the raven, because he is his gunner. The raven is a scout, the wolf does the rest of the work. How could they find each other?

Raven and wolf. They need this solder. Today the prophetic and the apostolic will solder more and more. We need prophets like ravens. The raven symbolizes prophetic ministry. And he was connected with the prophet, Elijah. He brought him food. Where did he get the meat? Perhaps, he took it from the rich, like Zorro? I don’t know. But the wolf needed eyes that see farther than he did. And they walked together.

Today we are calling these prophetic ravens in Russia, Eurasia, more and more. Arise, prophetic voices! Today we begin to hear more and more prophetic voices in Russian.

“When the lone black raven turned into a wolf, there were warriors, who lay in uniform on the battlefield. Some had improperly aligned bones.” And we sang exactly these things. “Crooked joints of arms and legs. Others breathe but don’t open their eyes. Some moved their lips, but there was no voice. When the black wolf approached, grace began to manifest as fog, which covered the entire field, and with some men their improperly aligned bones began to break on the inside, without damaging the integrity of their skin, and connected anatomically correctly”. That is, the bones moved, joined and the warriors arose. “Something happened to the others too. Some came to life and were completely healthy. And of the others there was only a wet spot left.”

This revelation is very clear to me, because that night of prayer we sang the resurrection of the sleeping soldiers. These hero men who sleep enchanted all over Russia. It’s so wonderful that the revelation says that the wolf is on his way to wake up the warriors!

See, these wolves are Apostolic prophets or prophetic Apostles who wake up with their voices. It’s not just that people hear them, they are heard by the air and mountains, trees and water, it goes and wakes up – through God’s vibrations, through the Voice that makes cedars skip. What is the Voice? It sounds not only for humans. The Voice is heard by the planet. And when an Apostolic voice sounds, a prophetic voice, the cedars begin to dance, the atmosphere begins to change, nature begins to change. Nature reacts very strongly. I will tell you without exaggeration that in places where we visit over the world, when God visits us in them, wherever there is a connection, ecological miracles happen. Nature begins to react. The sea starts to do something – as it was in Wales, when we visited the grave of Evan Roberts, the sea receded and the roots of relict trees that had been hidden by the sea for centuries were revealed. Some shifts, faults, earthquakes, floods … Something happens very often, and this is a reaction.

These hero men must wake up. Therefore, the Voice of God – wherever it sounds, it is not just for the ears of people, for the church, the Voice of God sounds to the creation. When God spoke to the fish and birds to be created, they were created. When He spoke to the animal world to be created, they were created. The real Voice of God creates not only people, but also creation. It influences creation.

Another revelation. It came literally before this meeting. “It was as if brothers and sisters were on a train. They announce that at the next station, those who wish can change to the new express high-speed train. Some were gladdened by this, and they began to prepare, and some were indifferent, saying: “Why change, because sooner or later we’ll get there anyway”. But they didn’t know that on this train they wouldn’t get far. And they also began to persuade those, who were going to leave the old train, to stay. And here comes the stop. Those who had been prepared, began to quickly leave the old train, hurrying to the new one, which was called the “WHIRLWIND”.

Everything is exactly the way God has been leading us. I spoke last time about the intermediate period, that we are in the intermediate period. This is a station. A prophetic person confirms this, having experienced a night dream that this is the station where the old train stops in order to give time to transfer to a new train. I said that there is an intermediate period – this is the station to enter GALGAL. And we are talking about Galgal today. We have been talking about it in a concentrated manner even before we spoke of it in Marseilles. We teach how to enter Galgal, but, unfortunately, not everyone knows practically how to enter Galgal and what at all Galgal is.

I will read Ezekiel. “And when I looked there were four wheels by the cherubim, one wheel by one cherub and another wheel by each other cherub. The wheels appeared to have the colour of a beryl stone.” O, Beauty! The wheels appeared to be like made of beryl stone. This is not metal, not steel, this is stone. Stone! Like a stone! “And all four are alike.” It was not for nothing that the Lord said: “You are Cephas.” The Stone! Jesus is the Stone! And the wheels are Stone. “And all four look alike. As if a wheel in the middle of a wheel. When they went, they went toward any of their four directions, they did not turn aside when they went, but followed in the direction the head was facing.

They did not turn aside when they went.

And their whole body with their back, their hands, their wings, and the wheels that the four had, were full of eyes all around.” (Ez. 10: 9-13) Full, it’s not two or three on the arm, but thousands! All made of eyes! All four wheels! “As for the wheels, they were called in my hearing: “Galgal”. The literal translation in Hebrew is “gilgal” – which means “circle” or “disk”. Scholars say that in the Synodal translation they wrote incorrectly: we read “those wheels as I heard”, but literally: “those wheels, I heard, were called “rotating wheels”!

No wonder here, in this dream, it is accurate, it is not written that they said “galgal”, but they said “whirlwind”! I am glad that the revelations are accurate. For me as one who understands prophetic language, these details speak volumes. These are not little things, these are serious signs that the revelation is accurate.

Revelation, chapter 14. “Then I saw another Angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth…” An Angel – to preach the Gospel?! The Angel was flying in the middle of heaven, not from the side, but right in the middle of heaven, above you. “Then I saw another Angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth – to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people – saying in a loud voice, “Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come, and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water.” And another Angel followed him, saying: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication” (Revelation 14:6-7).

An Angel flying in the midst of heaven means the unity of the Body. The heavens, which symbolize the Church, are united around the Gospel. This is also the involvement of the Angelic world.

The everlasting Gospel is the union of creation and man, things of heaven and earth. We have launched things for many years and have brought the planet to disaster. This is what Christ died for, to bring together the heavenly and the earthly. Also to bring the Body to the unity of the knowledge of the Perfect Son of God. This Angel was flying to preach the Gospel to those living on earth. That is, the components of the Gospel that he spoke in a loud voice are: “Fear God, give glory, worship Him.” The Everlasting Gospel, despite all the ways the Church altered it, with its councils, with its “incantations”, with all the struggle against heretics – the Gospel remained Everlasting.

And here the Angel wasn’t carrying a scroll, He proclaimed it! We must take these components, what the Gospel is. Because the Gospel has power – and now, listen to what the Eternal Gospel is, which in the midst of heaven, through the centuries, epochs and millennia, remains unchanged – this is “fear God”! Fear God! This means that part of the Eternal Gospel is the fear of God.

Jesus Himself was filled with the fear of God. The Angel doesn’t say, “Rejoice!” He says: “Fear!” “Give glory to Him” is worship. Offer Him praise as a sacrifice! Be grateful in hearts and live giving thanks for everything. “For the hour of His judgment has come” is the involvement in the judgments, which are good. As for me and my close brothers and sisters who are faithful under the Mantle, we are involved in the judgments. For us, these judgments are good, because the judgment is not only punishment, it is the restoration of justice. Sadly, in Russia no acquittals can be made, because then you have to pay for the error of these systems. Therefore, basically, these sentences are always guilty. But this is not the case with God. God has many acquittals. Jesus demonstrated it, how He took judgment on Himself in order to justify.

Involvement in judgments, in God’s justice, is part of the Gospel, as well as unity in harmony with creation. “And worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water ” – this is a connection with creation. Today we see how God begins to give us an understanding of creation as of Divine work. Man cannot destroy the planet. He can’t serve God, who created heaven and earth, and destroy the planet for his own sake. Today we must learn to consume resources in the right way and live in harmony with creation.

This is the everlasting Gospel. You may say that you knew it. Yes, but there’s misconfiguration of the system, misconfiguration of priority components. Wrong priorities. It is important. Study, pray it through, so that your Gospel may change.

Here is the transition from an old train to a new one – to change the understanding of the Gospel! Transit to the Everlasting Gospel. Not just – “Jesus loves you” – and distribute Christmas gifts. “All of you will be well, all of you will be healed …” Are we saved? I came here to be saved, and I will not deceive people saying that everyone is saved. I will not tell you to «conjure» your salvation: “I am saved, I am saved,” regardless of the fact that your conscience says no! Not what you feel when you think of the devil, but your uncleansed conscience says that not yet! Not saved yet! Still not bearing fruit. And you will be cut off like a dry branch. And whatever you proclaim at your “auto-training” – it will not help. Real salvation is needed! I’m not going to deceive people that all who are here are saved. Because I don’t know. If I save myself and those who listen to me, that’s enough for me!

“And another Angel followed him, saying: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen…”- this is a connection with another Angel. This is the destroyer of Babylon. These two Angels are walking together. First is the Gospel, and then the destroyed Babylon. The Gospel will destroy Babylon. Apostles Peter and Paul laid their lives in Rome. Do you think the barbarians destroyed the Roman Empire? – It was the Apostles who destroyed it. They shed their blood right at the heart. They headed there, Paul was striving all the time to get to Rome, to die there, so that the Apostolic blood could be shed there. And when he was beheaded, the Roman Empire fell. This is the one who destroyed Babylon. Apostles and Prophets destroy Babylon! The Apostolic Church is destroying Babylon! Therefore, first the Gospel, and then the fall of Babylon!

I have identified different kinds of the gospel that are not the gospel. The first of the false gospels is the social gospel. Oh guys, how popular it is today! We have humanitarian aid, today we are working here and there … Listen, Apostolic Church is not just social gospel! All they can boast of is “socialies”. Symposia, congresses – they keep telling how they serve in this and that ministry… They boast of good deeds. You don’t have to pray for that. There are many humanitarian organizations that do much more than the church, but don’t believe in God, or believe in other gods – there are various Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu organizations – very authoritative ones that do much more good than charismatics in Russia. Such a gospel is not the glory of God. Yes, good works are part of our faith, but that cannot be the basis. Leave from the social gospel.

The next type of the false gospel, not the one carried by the Angel in the midst of heaven, is the moralized gospel. This is moral. This is allowed, that is not allowed. Pastors stand and teach: this is wrong, and this is right … Moralization is in progress. Do you understand? There is a lot of that stuff today. Jesus didn’t do morals. He didn’t teach rules. He taught the Kingdom of God, revealing it. But today many pastors teach on how to pray, to the very details, how to work, where to get a job, and where not … This is a moralized Gospel, it has no power. This is a completely false Gospel, this is the leaven of the Sadducees, in which there is no power.

The next type of non-gospel is the politicized gospel. This is the leaven of Herod – to join, to be closer to Herod, closer to the Sanhedrin, in order to bask in this power, because to them”we also need to preach.” Therefore, we are judging the politicized gospel!

The next thing that is not the gospel is the magical gospel. “It feels like Natasha and Marina are here. You have some sort of pain. And this pain is there, already not today. You doubted. And now the Lord says: “Do not doubt!” All the best is yet to come! You haven’t seen anything yet. My glory is coming. There will be a lot of money. Business – I bless it. Be it! ” Who feels 10% better? And who feels 15% better? Well, is 15% enough for you? Today, they give less in other places …” Magic. And not even magic. I can’t even call it magic, at least, magic “works”, but this doesn’t “work” at all.

I believe in healing, and we have experienced healings. But do not use magic! When it’s there – it’s there, when it’s not – it is not. The magic gospel is imitation of gifts.

Do you see how we are exposing things? We need to transit to the Eternal Gospel, transfer to another station. Leave the old train! You still keep doing it all. It’s all on the old train. But you need to jump out of it! And jump into a new, high-speed one called “Whirlwind”! Whirlwind!

The next type of the gospel is the mystical gospel. Secret knowledge for the elite. Prophetic-Apostolic knowledge. “There is Atlantis in the ocean! Worlds, Angels! Have you seen the road made of Angels? And of Archangels? ” And such people enter into Angelic worlds. Gnosticism. I believe there is a cloud of witnesses. I believe there are visitations. We ourselves are on this path. But Paul never pushed these things forth. He never attracted the crowd and the public with these things, he preached the Holy Fool, the pure Gospel. He had things he couldn’t share with everyone. He had extraordinary revelations. But he didn’t make a gospel out of it.

Another type of a non-gospel is the human gospel. The gospel of a serving God. The gospel that serves us. “You say what is according to man.” God serves you, He serves you so that you prosper. Jesus died on the cross so that you prosper… What a nonsense! Let Him rather give you a map of where gold is. Why only one hundred rubles comes to your wallet … This is some kind of humiliation, even. You can’t even have lunch with it. These are the things I never asked for. I don’t know, but I have a different kind of relationship with God. I can’t, it is not proper for me – to beg God. The gospel of a serving God who serves us in the kitchen so that we eat well, that we sleep well, have a good job. It is often referred to as the Prosperity Gospel, but I purposely avoid that term.

There is only one Gospel – the eternal one. And we need to move from this old nag – these six wheels, which we identified as non-gospel – from this old structure – moralization, social, political, mystical, magical and human – to the eternal Gospel – where there is revelation, power, unselfishness, love and the truth of God.

And as we read that this Angel was flying in the midst of heaven in this last season saying: “Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come, and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water!” Preach this. There is still a little time left.

I suffered in that prayer for many pastors and leaders who have fallen. I had a deep experience. I felt bad, such a burden came for the fallen leaders. And we began to release this and prophetically redeem it all, so that the Lord would begin to restore them, because they dishonor the Kingdom of Christ and God. They think that God is silent now, that He agrees with them. But God simply has another measure of longsuffering that is coming to an end. We must hasten to quickly get out of sin, quickly recover, because there is a little measure left yet. And suddenly everything will happen differently.

He says: “For the hour of the judgment has come” – and it is already coming! Therefore, worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water! Why do we need the sea? – Think about harmony with creation! Who among you says while worshiping: “Lord, I praise You for creating the sea!” How many of you, people of the dry land, worship the God of the sea? But the Gospel calls for worship. The springs of the waters are these Divine portals, Divine wells from which eternity flows. Sources of water. Pray that water springs will open up in your cities! Pray for new wells to open in your cities. And preach the everlasting Gospel! Don’t flirt with the human thing, preach the Eternal Gospel!