Collection of revelations

Having joy in our life means having obedience and faith. Joy can be as inherent presence of God, as His quality, because our God is joyful. And also joy can be a reward for the obedience and faithfulness, when God make the hearts of the righteous glad. It is also the fruit of the spirit. When there’s no joy, it’s one step away from complain.

When you made a pile of chaotic things in your life, there’s a wonderful thing – not to blame anyone, because blaming others is not righteous. When a man blames others in his misfortune, he will not get justified before God, because God speaks not to your offender, but to you. Forgive and continue walking forth. Give thanks for what has come upon you! Give glory to Him and move on.

Revealed word:

“Then surely you could lift up your face without spot; Yes, you could be steadfast, and not fear”(Job 13:15) – this I wish to you – that your face stays without spot, that you may lift it up. Man who believes in God lifts his face up. When a child goes with his face down, it means he did wrong. But when he comes to the father with his face and hands up… We should pray like that, with our arms the whole way open to God and our faces lifted.

When we’ve done something wrong against a man we can’t look into his eyes, but when we love, we test him, “do you love me the way I do?” You look straight in the eyes, you’re not afraid, because you are clean before the man.

We should learn to look straight in the eyes. Some may live their whole life through, but unable to look in people’s eyes. There may be different reasons, like upbringing, trauma, culture, but we overcome that.

These words were said by one of Job’s friends. Why did their words remain in the Bible even though they spoke not so right? Because their words do contain shining truth, this is according to the teaching. It says in Song of Solomon “Let me see your face, let me hear your voice”. So lift up your face and you shall be steadfast and not fear.

If you fear and hide, work on that, don’t be one from around the corner, don’t hide behind the wall, because your brother may be in danger, in need of support and protection, but you are not there, you’re being shy with the devil quietly.

“Then surely you could lift up your face without spot; Yes, you could be steadfast, and not fear; Because you would forget your misery, And remember it as waters that have passed away” – There, why should you remember your misery? What does it bring to you except for bitter aftertaste, bale and spiritual heartburn? Better lift up your face and be steadfast, and do not fear and forget your misery.

“And your life would be brighter than noonday. Though you were dark, you would be like the morning. And you would be secure, because there is hope.” – The Lord said, “the one who comes to Me, I will by no means cast out.”

“Yes, you would dig around you, and take your rest in safety” – what a beauty! I wish to all of us to live not behind triple doors but in inner peace, so that you take your rest in safety.

“You would also lie down, and no one would make you afraid; yes, many would court your favor”. Why? – Because you want to be with strong people, from a weak one you want to run away, because he clings to you with “give me of your confidence, would you?” But you want to be with the strong ones, because the power of light emanates from them.

“But the eyes of the wicked will fail” – it means light is gone from your eyes because you look wrong direction, they get used to darkness and get dark. So keep your eyes in the light, so that your eyes don’t fail, your sight dims not.

“And they shall not escape, And their hope—loss of life!”

So this word – a face without a spot and straight look in the eyes…



“There was a pillar of fire and pillar of cloud. They were as if with no move, and many people got relaxed, having been used to having these two pillars by their side”.

This is very powerful and very much like what is happening now. Really, the pillar could remain for many days in one place, and one could think it wasn’t going anywhere anymore. But then the pillar would rise, which was a sign that you had to pack up. There was little time given to get your stuff together, dress your children, put on your shoes – the pillar wouldn’t wait. But He gave time for average people, who had to make effort and accelerate, quit all the family quarrels inside the tent and pack up quickly, because once the pillar starts moving, you may not make it to catch up. No one is going to wait – you’ll have to make it up. The longer you wait, the harder to catch up.

Those who were on watch moved with the pillar. The leaders were responsible for their tribes, there were men and princes of God in charge of every clan, and all were to get on the move under their banner after the pillar, didn’t matter if it was night.

So the revelation continues: “one had to stay on watch, as the pillar could start moving at any moment, which was fast, speed flowing.”

I think pillar corresponds the time, what time the living church should move with, not the dead church. Pillar is the concentration of life, heaven on earth. It symbolizes the mind of God, God’s will, God’s revelation. And it is always timely, it is in the front line. If it were oriented to the carnal church, the pillar would get lost in the wilderness. Its ultimate goal was to take God’s people into glory, into the promise. Therefore it was God who set the speed, and praise the Lord it’s not us doing this, but the Holy Spirit, because we would get lost and make a mess.

This is why it is so vital to feel the pulse of God and the rhythm of His heart. The pillar moved with a certain speed, which matched the spirit of the time. It corresponded to that it overcomes the world.

Therefore, one has to yield to the pillar, yield to the speed of the movement of the brethren. Yield to the speed of the spirit and speed of the living Body of Christ. Prophets and Apostles are in the forefront, God’s faithful are in the forefront.

We get back to the revelation. Those on watch were free and easy to go where the pillar went. Who wasn’t on watch didn’t even notice that the pillars weren’t by their side anymore.

Those who are on watch and serve God with zeal, they know that people do get blind and don’t feel the time anymore. They don’t feel they’ve lost God’s presence in their life, they play with it, they do not fear it, as if everything would soon come by itself. Yes, perhaps you can crawl into salvation, but lose your calling.

“They didn’t notice that the pillar was no longer there. Some began to notice that the pillar was already far away, and it was difficult to catch up, still they hurried to make it, leaving behind all extra things. Others, seeing the pillar far away, continued living the life they had. Things still could be corrected as the pillars paused for some time waiting”.

There are different categories of people in this revelation. What category would you refer yourself? This is very serious. Thank God that there are people in front who are always on watch. If they had your lifestyle, the church would die. Do you want this? Why do you criticize those who live with the speed? Perhaps, you better run and not lag behind? Or aren’t these the highest life purposes for you? Then you are a non-believer, unfaithful man! Who believed zealously, but now complaining. Isn’t that wonderful that the church has been keeping the fire for many years!

 The Lord revealed to us about the covenant of salt, which is one of the interpretations of the covenant of blood. The covenant of blood can’t be canceled. The blood tastes salty. But sadly it happens that the blood is sweet – that is teaching with no suffering. The teach where the sacrifice of the cross isn’t in the center, not Christ-centered. This is no covenant of salt. The covenant of salt is when the Calvary cross and the sacrifice is in the center. Therefore, pastors, priests, teach Christ, reveal Christ.

You know that Apostolic doctrine can always be tested. It is written, “they continued steadfastly in the Apostle’s doctrine” – there Christ will always be in the center. It may even be so that the man of God didn’t intend it purposely, but happens so that Christ is in the center. He can’t preach otherwise. Some preach about joy, holiness, but don’t even remember Christ. This is no covenant of salt. But in Apostolic preaching all things work so that Christ is in the center, for the glory of Christ’s bride, how to raise her so that she is worthy – he raises God’s people with his preaching, not relaxing them, encouraging to remain in the same warm condition. That’s harmful word, because in some cases one needs reprimand and not encouragement. Because if a man looks normal on the outside, but inside he is dead, such encouraging word won’t help him. That’s something you can expect from a psychologist, but not a Spirit-anointed preacher. He needs the truth, and that is the covenant of salt.

Apostolic teaching also comprises – don’t have to always speak about it – understanding the oneness with the promises through connection with Israel – this is also a sign that this is Apostolic doctrine. Because the time of Israel is coming along with the time of the Gentiles being complete.

More and more we will hear preaching about Israel, but in Christ, not without Christ, through Christ and by Christ. Preaching about Israel without Christ is false preaching, because Jesus is the King of Israel.

You can’t speak about the Kingdom without the King. Any teaching or word about the kingdom begins with the teaching about the king. Because the king, on the whole, is the glory of the kingdom.

About the remnant.

On the one hand, it is written that the holy remnant will be saved, but on the other, that all of Israel will be saved. This is the way. And it is the same for the Body of Christ. There is the yeast, the chosen ones, not everybody – many are called, but few are chosen, but on the other hand, those in Christ will be saved, that is also a journey. And the way is that the holy remnant will gain dominant, it will rise into dominating and will occupy the top of the mountain, and the whole mountain shall be holy of holies – because of the top where is glory.

And first the holy remnant will shine greater and greater and multiply, and then all of Israel shall be captivated by the holy remnant. And thus the holy remnant shall be saved and shall save all of Israel. So it will be in the church: the yeast of the saints through dominating and ascending on top of the radiant Zion shall save the Body.

Therefore, we have a strategic prayer for the Body of Christ for today, for this season, which the Lord granted us – so that the holy remnant begins to dominate.

Today many relaxed teachers dominate, where there’s no covenant of salt, but covenant of sugar or syrup and chocolates. Man needs the cross, but they rub him with chocolate; he needs prayer and fast to restore his holy relationship with the Word, but they rub him with syrup. Thus there’s a problem, when false teachers dominate. But the faithful remnant must rise into domination and save the Body.

Likewise the holy remnant in Israel of shining people of God must begin being heard, begin dominating and save all of Israel. This is how these two Scriptures match and connect.


Another very important revelation for present days.

“There were shown hearts of people of the nations in the world getting ripe.” – The harvest will be one of the hearts. The hearts and their quality are important. The Lord will harvest hearts like pomegranates, like apples, like fruit. And they will be either bad, like those figs in the basket, very bad and very good. And He shall separate. Harvest is the end of the age, separation.

So, “the hearts of people of the nations in the world were getting ripe as fruit in the tree” – it’s intensive maturation going on now. Which began well may end bad because the hearts may get poisoned with hatred and meanness that eats man up. For this Christ gave a wonderful remedy – forgive and abide in the commandments of the blessed.

And the hearts of the nations are different – peoples of Asia, Africa, Northern indigenous nations – these are totally different worldviews and religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam.

“And those fruits were swelling and gaining color. Then it was shown that in heaven above the earth was a big golden sickle, very sharp. The sickle was hanging over the earth ready to be launched for a great harvest. The sickle was in the air so that the radiance from the Throne fell on it at an angle, and it was as if in the shadow of this light. But gradually the sickle was turning to the light from the Throne like a big clockhand in heaven, and its gold already started shining on the edge from the bright light.

Then it was shown how the hearts of some people on watch in the church on earth were stirred as they saw the great sickle in heaven, as it was turning like a big clockhand, and they were preparing for the great harvest.

Then it was shown that the hearts of majority of people in the Body of the church all over the earth were unaware of what was happening in heaven, neither seeing nor paying attention to the sickle hanging in heaven. At this time their hearts were in an unknown anxiety, trying to comfort one another with words of encouragement, which didn’t come with those words.

Aspirin can’t cure cancer, pain killer can’t help when your bones are corrupting. Man is chronically sick and dying spiritually, but they keep comforting him. It’s the same as if to give morphine to a forth stage cancer sick person. Morphine doesn’t cure, morphine deceives, it quenches the pain. But pain is an evidence of life, it speaks that you’re still alive. Therefore, blessed be the pain that is received properly. Pain protects us from death. We become more wise and watchful – if we receive it in a proper way.

I don’t feel I should prophesy for 2024, because that season is not over yet, and this one has already started. So this transition is happening, not abrupt, but gradual. And change of Angels is happening as well. I would like to hear the prophets speak what is happening in heaven. In the revelations we read what is happening in heaven, and from there we understand what is on earth. But if we interpret what is on earth, then we are separated from the roots, because heaven is the firmament from where what is on earth grows. So today we must see what is happening in heaven.

We see that the sickle is released, which starts turning as the handclock and starts shining. And only a few see that realizing that the harvest is nearing, preparing to cut the hearts of the nations, to reap the harvest of children of Adam who left Eden and went to multiply.

And in this process the sons of God began, who called the name of the Lord. And the sons of the evil one began, who kill their brother.

And Israel, a people of the covenant, begins to rise, whom God covers with the blood of the sacrifice. And from Israel Christ is born for all the nations of the world and calls to receive redemption and justification through faith, for free through the Blood of Christ.

Great mercy is stretched. And those who respond and keep faithfulness in their hearts and stand in the Word amidst all the chaos and lies, which is still increasing, amidst false preachers and prophets who use the cross for decoration – the Lord is choosing the pure Bride for Himself. Eve fell at one temptation “do not eat”, but the Bride amidst all the temptations is becoming purer, holier and more radiant. He wants her, who came out of Eve. And the earth is helping her, even with the streams of mud it still helps her to cleanse. The mud cleanses her, the healing mud, so that she can clearly discern the contour of evil from good, so that she can stand distinctly in these contrasts, shining brighter and brighter.

The Lord is preparing all the fine details in her robe. It is written, “she is brought to the king in embroidered garments”. She is rising from the desert, perfumed with myrrh and frankincense, awesome as an army with banners, perhaps with her skin not so fair, because the sun burn her – she knows what temptation is. She is dark but beautiful and her glory is all within. She is leaning on her beloved with all her faith, hope and trust. She’s not alone. You can’t see Him, but He is there. She loves the one whom she doesn’t see. She is rising higher and higher, this is the church of glory.

She is joined with Israel. Inside her are Israel and the Church. Israel is not a separate person in heaven, it is all part of the Bride of Christ the Redeemer, both from Israel and the nations.

And this teaching is a heavenly teaching. It is not earthly one, that you must feel well, you must feel peaceful, like a psychiatry session. “You must have a better car, better clothes than you have now! You must have more money than you have now! Let us altogether thoroughly pray about this now, so that we get stronger on earth!” – No, dear friends, fortunately, this is not so!