I want to share some "grains". Bread is made from grains, the black cummin is beaten out with a stick, and the cummin with a rod, and the Lord gives the sons of men wisdom - a riddle - how to make bread from grains, which will give life.

Write Your Will for You will… die!

I want to share some “grains”. Bread is made from grains, the black cummin is beaten out with a stick,  and the cummin with a rod, and the Lord gives the sons of men wisdom – a riddle – how to make bread from grains, which will give life.

One of the things we need to think about is what we will impart to the next generation. This Word applies to youth as well.

The division into old people and young people is not a view of eternity. Only a few years separate us. It is foolish to think that we are different people. The fact that you wear fashionable clothes doesn’t mean you are young, and someone else is old. I have met people under 30 who are lazy in spirit, and I have met people over 70 who are so “alive” that God help all of us.

What can we pass on to the next generation? What will we leave after us? The Lord once told Hezekiah to bring his house in order. What was it? – It was not about just material values.

What would you leave if such an order were given to you? Money is very temporary. One businessman said that he would not leave his saved capital to his son, because it was not his reward and not the fruit of his labor, and therefore his son wouldn’t appreciate it. This is right. Because you give your blood for the work you do.

Solomon was very wise and said of his son as an unworthy man whom he had to leave all he had. Although it was his son, Solomon saw his mentality, his habits. He was not just a father, but an anointed one, because he cared for the glory of Israel. Solomon realized that his son would be a bad king. And so it happened. The son immediately replaced the golden shields with copper ones. The kingdom was divided after Rehoboam and never united again. Solomon saw it.

What will we leave? If it means nothing to eternity, we leave nothing. Leaving offspring doesn’t mean anything. And the monsters feed their young ones. And then the sons yell at the fathers who gave everything to them. And this is vanity and vexation of the spirit, there is no point in this. Man is not any monster. The only real thing you can give  is heavenly. If you don’t have this, then you are left without an heir.

So God said, think about it now. Receive this prophetic word. What will you leave to your household? Don’t leave debts to your widows.

It happens when a man leaves nothing.

Giving gifts is not earning love. They won’t love you more because of it, don’t “earn” love. You thus damage the honor. It is not natural for you when you pay with your “blood”. And it’s not about gifts. If we miss something important, we miss the main thing.

The main thing we must leave behind is our faith. Impart your faith. If it is weak and dilapidated with us, it will be a sad end.

We must pass on the Throne. Connection with the Throne. The Lord said that we should strive to sit on the Throne of Christ. This is the vision of a man of God.

The Lord wants to teach us this dimension.

We must see not only our own sons. There are sons who are beloved. Moses chose not his sons, but Joshua, the son of Nun, because he was more faithful to Moses than his own sons. Joshua was closer than the sons of the flesh. And Joshua saw God in him. And for Moses, this was the highest aspiration of the reward. So I urge you to recognize the anointed children and love them more than your own. It so happens that your own are much colder to God than God’s chosen children. Moses was a great man.

Samuel recognized David. It was an eternal bond, unbreakable. Strangers with different life stories, who were connected in one stream. Samuel helped David to rise as an anointed one, as the sweet singer, as a prophet, as a king.

Paul and Timothy. Paul had no children, no wife, he didn’t know this kind of happiness. But he chose it voluntarily. The only One was sufficient for him, for whom he sacrificed everything. And Paul chose of the same kind, with the same spirit – he chose Timothy. He gave him everything he had, with charges, orders, with circumcision, and made him a “son in the faith.”

I encourage you to find a “son in the faith”! I urge you to be attentive and strong – to have such children. “Bring your affairs in order, for you will die”. It’s an unusual word – but a beautiful one. Do not write anything earthly in your will paper. Do you have an inheritance from heaven? What is written in your will?