Word poured out from heart to mouth

Word poured out from heart to mouth

Something unusual is happening today. There’s sensation of destiny. I felt that we need to know Jesus as the Son of man. We are fixed far and high – to feel God who created heaven and earth, and the more we feel His greatness, the further He seems. These are such influences of human flesh, human weakness.

Imagine that your father isn’t a rich man – and when you look at skyscrapers, it is difficult for you to think that they could someday become yours. And imagine that you were born in a skyscraper, and your father owns part of the city – for a child it is easy to perceive a father who has such power and such an extensive influence. Both of the children can be in one kindergarten, have the same level of intelligence, the same interests. They are no different. But because of the fathers they are different. One feels embarrassed because of his father, and the other is proud of his.

I know people who were very much embarrassed about the father. And others don’t even know their father. Still others hate their father. But all this is life – children may also be wrong.

Humanity has billions of opinions about God. “God did this or that”, “He gave me” or “He did not give me”; “Why did He do that?”; “Where was He?” And the Lord, looking at all this, sends His Son to tell people about Him and show who He is.

One of the missions of Jesus is to justify God. The book of Isaiah says that He would carry the ministry of justification. What a mission! Come to Earth to justify His Father. Have you thought about it? But this is one of the most difficult tasks that Jesus had to fulfill. He was not to sin not because He had to atone us with Himself blameless, but so as not to throw a shadow at the Father, so as to say at the end: “He who has seen Me, has seen the Father” and “I and the Father are one.” That is, because of this Jesus was to be blameless. See, that we do not know everything about Jesus. We don’t know anything yet.

Today my prayer that we know Him as the Son of man. This is a powerful dimension. In Ezekiel, we see many times when the Lord calls the prophet “Son of Man”, He addresses him like that. He begins to speak with him, because He had shown him the glory of God – He showed him greatness and the glory of the cherubim, the prophet saw the throne, saw how Glory descends, and how it leaves. And God began calling him “the Son of Man.” Why did the prophet become a representative of mankind?

And here Jesus comes and becomes the Son of Man. Remember, this is what He said of Himself – sometimes in the third person: “When the Son of man is revealed in glory…” Think about it. This dimension is not for ordinary believers, it is revealed only to those who love Him.

And am I the Son of man or just a human being? “The Son of Man” is higher than a human, because he is the son of mankind. He is a representative of the human race before the angels .

My Jesus, my Lord, my Messiah is the Son of man. He is the Son of not only the Son of the Father – He is the Son of people.

“And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth; And we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father. John bore witness of Him and cried out saying: this was He of whom I said: “He who comes after me is preferred before me, for He was before me. And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.”(John 1: 14-16).

“The Son of Man” is a portal. How can I obtain this blessing? As the Lord said to Ezekiel: “The Son of Man! Tell the house to Israel. ” The House of Israel is the house of Israel, and Ezekiel is the “son of man.” What was their in this prophet, in this servant? – Nothing. It was the election.

I have a friend. I have never seen him, but he is a friend. Sometimes there are friends, they are around, they love, but they don’t feel you. When you feel bad, they don’t show up. But this is not bad, they are still good people. No problem.

But there are people like angels. They are incomprehensible, often altogether uncomfortable. Sometimes they speak out of place, but, it turns out, this is the most accurate “place”. I have such a friend. He is a friend of God and my friend. The feeling that he is not a prophet, but he simply dwells at a certain level of God’s clouds. And from there he screams like an eagle, and these screams reach me.

I was on the way here, and I felt that we were sailing in such a stream of restoration. I am in a sort of trance here and realize that I should not rush anything. The grace of God is doing a certain work, an operation – it is either strengthening, or feeding, as if the balm were overflowing. And I can’t rush anything, but I must allow God to do all this.

And now my friend felt it and wrote. He didn’t know I was here. He didn’t write for several months. And he wrote such a message. It seems to me that we are moving with you in this. Some thoughts – as if from our classes here – yesterday and the day before yesterday.

“In these last days, one of God’s purposes is to bring us into a deep relationship with Him, which many didn’t know before. Just as people rejoice at the bride and the groom, when the day of the wedding is approaching, so God will unfold things for us, which were not considered before.

 Because, having placed us in Yeshua, His Messiah, He wants us to accept His fullness, in which we didn’t often walk, so that we understand this romance, a love story between us and heaven. ”

Our life is not a service, it is not “outserving”, the “deserving” of God’s favor. This is a bad story. Or, after all, a good one? Living a life like a bad story – unfinished, cheap, bazaar type… Let there be a good romance! How I like it!

“… so that we learn how wide, high and deep is its surpassing wisdom, what are the relationship of the Father, Son and the Spirit, what relationships are within the “ Ekhawd”, which is mentioned in Shema: “Hear, Israel! The Lord is your God the Lord is One!” And this One is plural!

The Lord is plural. He is a Community. The Lord brought us to this Community, His Community. And He wants to reveal this to us today – so that we live in this vitality of knowing Him face to face because there is nothing outside of Him. As stated in Isaiah: “Who has directed the Spirit of the Lord, or as His counselor has taught Him? With whom did He take counsel, and who instructed Him and taught him on the path of justice? Who taught Him knowledge, and showed Him the way  of understanding?” (Isaiah 40: 13-14). And the obvious answer is “No one!”

And through all of the Scripture there is a reference to heaven, to the stars, and God uses this to help us understand who He is and our relationship to Him and that he is “incomprehensible”.

In psalm 138 He says that He exalted His word above every name, because the word implies His character, the substance of who He is. And it is greater than the name – it underlies all things over there and inside, the foundational things of Who He is and how He expresses Himself. And as the Father placed us in the Messiah, Yeshua, so that we become one with the Father and the Son, just as They have unity and community, this should be expressed through us. This is one of the marks that He desires for both of you. So that this completeness of the One who fills all things, finds its expression in you. And in the Song of songs it says: “The king comes to the garden and tastes of the fruit and the wine.”

-Look, for several days we have been teaching about the garden that our life is a garden, and here he says:

“The king comes to the garden and tastes of the fruit and the wine, and each of us has a garden. This is what God will do – He will build your garden, your individual and collective gardens, so that you can walk with Him and feast in your own garden.

There is also an amazing aspect, which is mentioned several times in the Song of songs: “Come friends, feast on my bride!”. God wants your lives to be those where others will come and feast upon you. This is His goal. And as it is said in the Ephesians, three times – each in conjunction with members – Father, Son and the Spirit – “to the praise of His glory”, and this word means “equal.” This means that for a highly demanded work, God gives us the opportunity to return Him as much as He gives us. We can return Him in equal amounts of praise and thanksgiving. What an honor to love Him and serve Him!

This is His desire for you. He is your romance, He is your lover – the foundation on which everything else is built, and He lavished His love on you!

I bless you with these things, so that you take it and be filled with the infinite wonder, infinite gratitude and infinity of the One, who fills all things. So that you lavish it on people. As Paul prayed, and this was his driving force, in the letter to the Ephesians, so that they may be filled with all the knowledge, all wisdom and all understanding. I call forth the Spirit of God so that He brings it to all the pastors. ”

God’s friend. Man’s heart is getting hard. This means that life was wrong. I think one of the bright signs that a person has lived right, is that every year his heart becomes softer. But if a person goes the wrong way, his heart is getting hard. This is the most obvious truth, the sign that one is getting hard on the same path where the other is getting softer.

Why didn’t this seem to me something important before? Is it important now? Why has a private situation become more important than global events? And a quiet, delicate breeze, a breath says: “It is all well, calm down!” You cannot change the inevitable, but you are walking your own way. And it is here, on this narrow path you change things, on this narrow path, be good! Do not look at someone else’s field, go your own road, your own way.

Perhaps your heart is no longer able to hear delicate things? Perhaps you don’t feel the affection of the Lord? I’m afraid of this!

Life is rough. Perhaps some of you had a rough life, and this doesn’t “hit through” you, there is nothing that you would “take with your mind” and put it “in your piggy bank”. I don’t want that. But this is more valuable to me.

When I cease to feel the affection of the Lord, tears, tenderness, when I need “strong” words to be someone, it seem that it will not do any better for me, I will not change. I will better turn to the Lord , put my head and say: “Still me, my Father!”

It seems to me that this prophet releases this for me. He said so: “Give it to your own, if you want.” I can’t even communicate his letter about how the Lord loves me. I have been learning for years how to love. When this prophet began to raise the “degree”, talk about love, I will not lie – I like it! This is such an encounter with responsibility. You need to accept such a man – his beauty, intellect and strength.

He caught me – this prophet – and is speaking how the Lord loves me. And I need it! I’ve been speaking to you, and this prophet encourages: “Yes, you are doing it right! This is from Me! ” And He doesn’t simply use me for your sake, but is lavishing this on me personally as the son of man.

I don’t think already like an infant that this is not for me. I think: “Pour even more! Pour even more – that’s all I want, I don’t want any other thing so much more! ”

Tell me, dear friends, what could be more important in the world? I don’t know anything more important. That’s it. There is no fear of death, there is no anxiety, there is no complex of people’s opinions. You are in Him, He is with you – what will man do to you? I’m only afraid of one thing: that there is callous hearts here who don’t want this. I’m afraid of this. Doesn’t it really bother you?! Then what do you want? Smart speeches? I’m even afraid that you will leave from here without getting anything. The heart has become callous, you no longer want this – then where is Jesus?! Where is the Lord?! Where was He all this time? Why are you getting worse?