Weak People – Strong Church

Get clothed in Revelation.

 “And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Corinthians 6:11).

Can you imagine what the Name of the Lord is? – Lord Jesus Christ! No one can speak it with pure lips, only by the Holy Spirit. It is written that in the Name of the Lord we received three things: we were washed, sanctified and justified.

Today I would like to bless all of us, our churches and communities, so that we receive the power of the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ – that we are washed, sanctified and justified.

Paul adds, “…and by the Spirit of our God.”

What a blessing! In the name of the Lord and the Spirit of our God, we have been washed, sanctified and justified.


“The man of God was teaching brothers and sisters to discern the real from not real, pointing to two rocks – one was real solid rock, and the other was made of many stones. He was teaching how to discern and what to pay attention to.

He also demonstrated it on many other items that were shaped or made artificially, and weren’t genuine.

There was a garden in which there were flowers; from the outside, it looked so nice and beautiful, but it consisted of artificial flowers and trees, which seemed to be able to keep such beauty for a long time, but could neither give fragrance, nor bear fruit, but could simply always appear beautiful.”

Today we need discernment.


“From the Eastern Gates came a radiance that was identical to the radiance in heaven. From the radiance of the Eastern Gates came praise, like fragrant incense, which joined with the heavenly radiance, from which beautiful praise was also heard. Together, this formed a cloud in which a whirlwind appeared, carrying this joined substance even higher. Then more and more new signs appeared in the cloud, they changed when the word praise from the Eastern Gates and praise in heaven changed.

One of the things that needs to be understood here is that out of the new forms of praise, true praise flowing into eternity from the depths of the deep of our spirit, new signs come from heaven in the cloud of God’s glory.

Many of us praise in the old way: they sing songs, trying, like Samson, to push the mill. He does it in “new sneakers” – faster, but there is one problem: the diameter of the circle is the same … Trampled path. He does it in a “more powerful” way, but remains chained. Maybe he has already established the same “circles” of his disciples as an athlete, a gladiator, a champion, but he is a slave…

Praise needs to change. It is said here that new signs appeared in the cloud, which changed when the word praise from the Eastern Gates changed. Signs change. Take it for yourself, dear brothers and sisters.

Worthy praise must flow in the Church of Christ. I’m not talking about expensive equipment and professional musicians – although this is also good – but this is not the main thing; the main thing is that you not only experience good feelings or even presence, but something bigger – that this be the highest level of your prayer.

Many of our prayers end with requests or experiences of presence, spiritual uplift. But this is only the beginning of what the Lord has called us to. We are called to enter into eternity. This state is called trance, but not for the sake of trance, but for the sake of eternity, for the sake of God.

Paul had this experience, he was enriched by the abundance of the revelations, and he had very deep experiences with God. Read his letter to the Ephesians: only a man who has been in heaven can write such a thing.

There are three important messages I would like to communicate today.

First is “learn to be weak”. It is even more than a martial art of the spirit. We all want to be anointed, strong, and especially preachers: they must always be on top – people look up to them, they must always be anointed, but they themselves know that they are not such. The issue that you have to constantly change “pours out” either with guilty feeling or turns into professional hypocrisy. All the so-called “spiritual” people understand what I’m talking about.

I believe that the Lord accepts us not when we have changed, but now, at this moment when we are who we are. The Lord chose me not only for the sake of who I will be in the future. The Lord chose me now – who I am now. Sometimes we live as if we see unclearly through thick glasses: we believe that the second circuit, which is visible, but which we have not reached, is this person the Lord loves, but He always forgives and tolerates the real one.

I want to convince you that He has chosen you – the one whom He sees now, who you are now, who is real.

But we all want to change it. We know our shortcomings, we puff up, we try. And here we are “changed”.

What does the Lord want to change in us? Does He really want to change us, if He created us that way – our nature?! He made no mistake when He created us!

What needs to be changed? – You don’t have to change yourself, but cleanse yourself of sin. Because without sin, you are who you are!

There are, for example, talkers, but they are so cute! If you make the chatterer silent, you will have such problems! She will get mad, and afterwards she will splash out anyway.

There are quiet people, and to force them to speak means they will start talking nonsense. This isn’t what should be changed. Who we are is who we are.

John spoke very little, but wrote and saw a great deal. He was the beloved disciple.

What do we need to change in ourselves? What image still needs to be changed? I once asked: “Tell me, what worries you the most?” And there I make an analysis on the topic of hypocrisy, sincerity, knowledge, spirituality, and so on. What worries you the most? Your answer says a lot. Augustine was once asked, “What do you want most?” He replied: “God and soul.”

We are all “sick with a disease” that we need to change. A normal Christian also wants to change. Can you draw who you want to become as a result? I will say two paradoxical things: you have never succeeded and will never succeed. You will just remain a hypocrite all the time. And also you don’t even know the model, which you would like to get to eventually. How can you go where you don’t know?

What needs to be changed? There are still bad things. You need to understand the difference between flaws and features. How to understand this difference? – Flaws bring evil to others. Then what I am brings evil to my neighbor, brings not only discomfort, but disturbs his life – this needs to be cleansed, because “love doesn’t do harm to your neighbor.”

And your character qualities, those peculiar features need to be directed in the right way. We need to be ourselves, loved by God as we are.

Learn to be weak, learn to be yourself. We are used to always being spiritual, we try, but it pours out with guilt. Therefore, weak people leave such churches – where strength is always cultivated, victoriousness is always cultivated and spirituality is always cultivated. Weak people don’t feel accepted, they feel “second-class” and leave because they are “weak”, they “don’t belong there”. They often stay alone, try to believe, or go to non-prophetic churches so that no one “attacks” them.

If we learn to be who we are, weak people won’t feel like second-class people. A “weak” church will attract weak people. It will have them back.

It’s like a beach with handsome men and beauties. A simple goner will not go there, he will go where it is easier, even if the water is dirtier, but the people are simpler. Among handsome and strong men and refined beauties – only such will be. Do you want to be like that? Well, you’ll have “three and a half people” then, and you won’t be yourself, because you are not like that.

This is a serious prophetic Word. Become “weak” and you will bring back weak people. In other words, be yourself.

Build up your homes where people love to be themselves. It’s safe here to be non-spiritual. One can come and ask to pray for health, share his experiences, and everyone is accepted.

I want to say the most important thing: Jesus on the cross was weak. And when He hung, He was not so strong that He silently endured when they drove nails in Him and thought about revenge. No! He moaned in pain, screamed, He didn’t threaten back. He didn’t try to be “cool”. He was Himself. And through this pain, He took care of His mother, the disciple, the criminal hanging next – He was saving through the pain. This is Jesus. He isn’t the one with his head nicely bowed, looking with a deep spiritual gaze from the pictures.

If Jesus was like that, what am I pretending to be? I realize there is purity of holiness that we aspire to. But sometimes we start to “cut to the quick”, break ourselves or other person, and what happens as a result? We teach people to be hypocritical, they cease to be themselves. They become ashamed of themselves instead of worshiping and simply loving the Lord. Thus, they repel and drive people away. If your church is so “spiritual” that no one wants to go to you, then you have probably “played in”. If people feel that they are weak, ugly, then it is not their fault. Everything was fine with them until they came to this “beauty beach”.

Weak Jesus on the cross, accepting it all. Why did Jesus need the disciples to pray in Gethsemane? He knew that they were sleeping. He could say: “Guys, rest, sleep. I will do everything myself, for I am the Lord.” No. Why did He ask to stay awake with Him for even an hour? – Yes, so that at least there would be some warmth, some support. This is a manifestation of weakness so that they understand how hard it is. Or as Jesus said to the Father, “If possible, let this cup pass from me.” He was on the edge and wrote it down in the Gospel.

Paul also noted Peter’s hypocrisy. He could’ve skipped mentioning it. Even Barnabas was carried away with his hypocrisy. Why did Paul do this? Yes, because Paul was a true Apostle, he needed pure souls, not hypocrites. Pure souls who love Jesus.

Let’s stop playing and love the Lord with all our hearts, just the way we are. These are completely different ways – to be yourself or to be a religious winner.

You can only be yourself in a House. Like a disabled child in a family – everyone loves him, other strong children take care of him, everyone is happy. This is how it should be between us. This only happens at home. Let’s make our churches homes of happiness and freedom so that people can be themselves.

Become a weak church and weak people will return to you. We’re so cool, prophetic, anointed, powerful, that the rest better stay away from the church meeting, ’cause they’re ashamed to come. We need to abide and grow in grace, that’s maturity. When Christ embraces all.

He stretched out His hands from the earth to the heaven and even brought them our from the lower places of the earth.

Therefore, this martial art of the spirit is even superior. The church today will be able to embrace everyone. Today we must open the reservoirs in our heart.

This is real. Create homes where people can be weak. But the most important thing is acceptance. And the weak will return. The more “spiritual” we are, the less we will be.

Second word.

We need to clothe ourselves in revelation. Lately, I have been sharing the revelations that the Holy Spirit reveals in our Mantle. Paul said, “Wage the good warfare by the revelations.” David said, “Your words have been found.” Is it about the head? Is it about the ears? – It’s about the fact that the Word became part of David. It changed his DNA.

We often take three steps with a revelation: we must hear, and we hear, we must accept, and we accept, and we must believe, and we believe. But which of them “work” for us? Take the last 5-10 revelations – what began to work in you? The last thing was that we would have new languages of the Spirit. But who started doing it today? Many revelations simply pass by, and yet it was the Lord who spoke! Was it not for you? – No, it was for everyone.

Because a fourth thing is needed – to get clothed in it. Here lies new clothes – but you don’t put them on.

Many don’t even remember what the Lord said. As they walked in the old circle, so they continue. Nothing has changed. And it won’t change unless we do something. Take the latest revelations and think about how you can get clothed in them.

Don’t be afraid to be weak for the sake of Christ. Here we are not talking about the sinful, personal, the natural, the deep.

If you want something deep, spiritual, you can’t be dishonest. Why many churches don’t receive revelation? Because they have played too much, and even with God. Therefore, the Lord doesn’t like hypocrisy. The first condition in prayer is not even faith, but honesty. You can honestly say, “Lord, I don’t believe!” And it will be higher than dishonesty.

Put on revelation. How? We must act in accordance with it. Peter heard: “Walk!” He put his foot out of the boat and walked on water. He didn’t rationally weigh everything. He began to act. The first one hundred and twenty heard the promise of the Holy Spirit and stayed to wait for the promise. They took action and received it. If they went home, believed, but left, they wouldn’t have received. But they continued in prayer and supplication and received the promise.

Leave the old – understanding of revelations, attitude towards God, attitude towards neighbor. We need to become new wineskins. The Lord will pour new wine into new wineskins.

Fight according to the revelations. Act as if you were fulfilling revelations. Find 5-10 and activate in them, put them on, receive new languages from God. Climb the hill of God and do not be afraid of people. Where there’s a garrison of the Philistines, where the devil guards new conquests , the mountain of the Lord, where a new calling comes… Today the calling is over us, it wants to descend on us, but we need to find the right place for it to descend on us, so that there is the right place for this junction.

The calling is already over you, but you are used to be without it. There is a spiritual place for you where you need to enter by faith, so that it will fall on your forehead, the Holy Spirit will come upon you.

“After that, you shall come to the hill of God, where the Philistine garrison is; [there are the leaders of the Philistines;] and when you have come there to the city, that you will meet a group of prophets coming down from the high place with a stringed instrument, a tambourine, a flute and a harp before them, and they will be prophesying. Then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you, and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man. When these signs come to pass with you, then do as the occasion demands, for God is with you” (1 Samuel 10:5-7).

Take action first. Enter the city. And when you enter the city, rise with this revelation and go where you meet your destiny.

This is a new time. The Lord always gives something new. Jesus didn’t say new things once, He always says new things. Have you ever heard this: “Be weak”? I have never heard it. I’m not talking about the fact that now you need to relax. I’m talking about the power that is such in the eyes of God.

Prophecy accompanied by music and dance. This is today’s format for the release of prophecy. Many books of the Bible were sung. I’m sure Isaiah 53 was sung. The Song of Songs has been sung, it can’t be perceived otherwise. This can only be perceived in total surrender to worship, with all the fibers of the soul. This is the highest prayer – singing. It was Samuel’s style. Here is the dimension – the release of prophetic worship. When he got into the assembly of the prophets, he immediately began to prophesy. He became a different man.

Do not change yourself, but enter into the heavenly, into your own home, so that you dwell there with your spirit. A different man! You can’t learn this. Seek the Spirit, put on the prophecy, and you will become a different person. Then do what the occasion demands, for God is with you. When you get clothed in prophecy, God is with you.

Wisdom is laid around your neck. This is the most secure place. Seek wisdom, put these gem stones around your neck. May your neck be adorned with the wisdom of God. The prophet seeks the conjunction of revelations. There are people who can release food for hours, share revelations. They simply didn’t lose anything of what God revealed. They have powerful revelations that they have turned into knowledge. When you put on revelation, even if it was released through another person, it becomes your knowledge. These people move freely in the four dimensions of the anointing – lion, eagle, calf and man. They move freely for hours in all revelations because they have been saving them. They became their personal knowledge. That’s how the prophets work, they speak straight from heaven.

Therefore, I urge you not to change yourself, but to become a different person, to be yourself in the homes of happiness, and to let God be God.