Time of new arks of revelation

Time of new arks of revelation

Mystery of Life by the Spirit


“At the top of a high mountain stood a young stag. The stag was of an extraordinary color – it shimmered like the northern lights. The man of God climbed up to him, And together they moved synchronously from the top of one mountain to the top of another.

After that, on the top of one mountain, the stag cast off his horns, which were sharp thorns, as if passing them on to the man of God.

Then the stag wasn’t visible any more, and the man of God continued to move over the tops of the mountains with the stag’s horns, which were a shield from any beasts that wanted to attack.

This went on for some time, and then the man of God called very young boys, whom he taught to move over the tops of the mountains and use the stag’s horns as a shield, as well as various martial arts of the spirit, while being namely on the very top of the mountain.


“The Eastern Gates, where the gateway has changed. It became even narrower, and lightning appeared inside the gates, which was because of many eyes. Outside the Gates, the singing of many voices ascended, but they were all like one, which attracted many. But not everyone could enter these gates, but only those who satisfied, because if someone who didn’t satisfy entered, he received a strong blow that brought severe pain. And in the heavens, the Throne approached the Eastern Gates.

We are talking about the fact that the Gates are inviting to enter, and you need to prepare, to satisfy. If you entered the wrong way, there will be pain. There was also a revelation that the fire that people received brought pain – some experienced a condition close to death, and some experienced a strong burning feeling; when they went further into the fire, joined with this fire, then they had the condition of this fire, as seething within them.

In my opinion, the word that I would like to share today is destiny kind, on how to live and walk in God. This is a fundamental revelation – what to start and to end our Christianity with, and learn this all your life.

The Lord said, “Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me” (John 15:4).

Imagine: a man is a good Christian, a good member of the church, but he doesn’t abide in Him. He will be cast out as a branch and be withered.

“I am the vine and you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. If anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered; and they gather them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned. If you abide in Me and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be my disciples” (John 15:5-8).

Unfortunately, many people who believe, do not abide in Christ.

I say it again, when the Lord gave Moses to make the tabernacle, it was a very simple construction. Just as a man, the most complex creation with all his structures, simply casts a shadow, so the structure of the first temple differs from the latter one. There is no intellect in the shadow, no circulatory system – just like Moses made the first tabernacle – it was a mere shadow of heaven. The ark, which symbolized God’s presence, a container, was a box. Even the Italian artists and architects of the Renaissance made much more beautiful chests than Moses did. It was not a very elegant work – a box made of shittim and cherubim on the lid.

But the true ark is the human body. The Lord chose this ark for Himself – He said: “I will dwell in them and I will walk in them.” Today the ark is the temple of man. Somewhat different from the box!

In times when the Holy Spirit didn’t dwell in man, He descended and visited. But He made a New Covenant, when He said that He would dwell in them and walk in them. That is, this ark is not dead – made of wood overlaid with gold – but alive in a man who has intellect, soul, spirit!

The Lord chooses such a dwelling place for Himself. Not a wooden box, but a human body. He says, “Don’t you know that you are the temple of God, and the Spirit of God dwells in you?” (First Corinthians 3:16)

But not everyone has such a revelation of himself – that he is the carrier of God’s glory, the carrier of God’s presence. And when we have conscious understanding of this, it becomes clear how signs and wonders happen around us. I used to say that I don’t know how it happens. Sometimes I pray natural prayers – to help a sister or brother, I ask for healing – and I don’t receive an answer. Honestly. Not always. But sometimes you do nothing, but God answers in such a way that you just marvel.

And today I’m getting closer to the answer. This is the dimension of an ark, when you become an ark. But it’s not just that you move unconsciously and aren’t aware of how everything works. But you consciously carry the Divine nature.

This is what Jesus did – He came to this earth and was the carrier of the Father. Jesus prayed a lot, He was in prayer, but His prayers were not prayers of begging. Why would Jesus pray the same thing thirty times?! He simply says that He did nothing unless He saw it, and said nothing unless He heard it. That is, accuracy was before strength. What Jesus needed was to follow accurately.

I’m “getting close” to the answer, how signs happen in heaven and on earth through a man or for the sake of a man – this is through an ark, which is not a box, but the spiritual body of a man, a spiritual container.

There are different levels of walking with God. The first one is “penitent” people, when you repent all the time and receive forgiveness. That is, they live by mercy. Suppose there is a disobedient son in the family. Father and mother love all children, they have a large family, but here is one such son. And here is the penitent level – this is when you fight sin all the time, you sin, then repent, the Lord loves you, forgives you. But it is not God’s will that we should be penitent.

Some traditional religions make “penitent people”. They convince you that you are a sinner, you must always repent, you must live by mercy and maybe you will go to heaven. This is a very primitive level of faith – when you are not sure of your salvation. There is assurance of salvation. The primitive level is when we love sin and fight with it so as not to sin. One who loves sin has not yet known the Lord in power, because sin gives him such sweetness. It’s no secret that sin also has its own “charms”, sin is also “delicious”, you sin, and it’s sweet for you, and so on.

But there is another level – when the Lord raises you above these things – not only gives you strength in old age, because old people have already “burned out”. No, but because you rise above it. Birds don’t need to “sniff the garbage” because they fly high. There is a walk when a man is already hovering over sin. When he walks in resurrection power, and he learns to hate what God hates. A man of God can’t love sin. Even if he sins, he hates it – not because of his conscience, but because of his nature. Because it brings him no joy or pleasure. Sin destroys his relationship with God.

I call to rise above sin, and not fight with it. Some teach how to fight it, how to overcome. But I’m getting further and further away from this decision, I’m not interested in it. Sin doesn’t interest me, I don’t want to sin. I sin like everyone else. It is written that “he who says that he doesn’t sin is a liar.”

I don’t focus on fighting sin. I focus on God, on His glory. This is another level of walking – this is living in the Spirit.

Another topic that interests me is the main gift. There are gifts of the Holy Spirit, but there is the main gift. The person transits into this gift. Take Michelangelo, Leonardo, Einstein, Bach, Mozart – to what extent can a man see and produce beauty or music? When Bach conveys paradise through music, you understand that only a man of a purest soul can reproduce this in sounds, because it is unearthly, a sinner can’t reproduce paradise in this way, this is a phenomenon. Imagine if Bach were a simple ordinary member of the church.

The infancy of the church is that we put gifts in opposition. The main gift is usually considered worldly and secular, and goes “against” the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I’m waiting for that moment in time when the church rises in maturity, for these gifts to come together, when these gifts come together to serve the Lord, to the glory of God. This is maturity. Today we are still in infancy. We have these gifts “fight” with each other.

We often talk about how wonderful it is to be like Jesus. But what does it mean? If to be totally like Him – you would have to grow curls, have a gentle voice, preferably a yielding disposition, in order to be kind and please everyone.

What does it mean to you to be like Jesus? – Many of us don’t know! That is why Paul says, “We do not know Him according to the flesh.” Give us just a little bit – that’s it – it’s a new denomination.

And so we try to be like Jesus. But it is written that we hid our faces from Him, that is, He was unpleasant; they did not esteem Him, that is, He was not noble, He made no impression of a pleasant person, He made them so mad that they wanted to kill Him – believing people. Believers don’t even want to kill a fly – but Jesus was killed. How is that? They seemed to imitate God, but they didn’t know whom they imitated.

I am saying deep things. What does it mean to imitate Jesus? – I want to say that this is the wrong way. Altogether leave this path. This path is a dead end.

You don’t know what Jesus would do. They wear bracelets with this sign. You don’t know! Sometimes He kept silent. Sometimes He left the crowds without even feeding them. We would be offended!

One who moves in revelation doesn’t have the question, “What would Jesus do?” He knows things because Jesus in him does. He doesn’t do things for Jesus without Jesus. And Jesus does it!

And so we want to be like Jesus without Jesus. Sometimes we get so excited! What is Jesus? You can get some extra hair, put on a cassock, the main thing is not to offend anyone, if you have a lively disposition, then it is better to talk less and tell everyone the Word of God. – What are you talking about?! Those are deviations. This is the kind of nonsense we carry.

The church that’s not enlightened by revelation is doing things like that. It is especially dangerous when such things are spoken about a pastor.

We play in this manner, try to be like Jesus, and then we believe that it is us. We play so much that when we die, the projection that you played goes to heaven, and you go to hell. We joke so little about death, not because we blaspheme, but because we are not afraid.

What does it mean to be yourself? Is it such a freedom to do whatever you want? – Paul says that he gave up everything – for the sake of his neighbor. But he remained himself.

And that’s what we’re doing, we’re cultivating this old man. He is, of course, well-groomed, we make him a Christian, we have been working on him for years. That is, the old man is trained. He is almost Jesus, but he is not crucified! As in the Mexican peoples, there are such traditions – to dig up a dead man for a certain holiday, decorate him, dress him up and have him sit at the table. This is a cult of death. This is how we want to be like Jesus. Instead of crucifying the old man, “hanging” him next to Christ, we begin to make a “good Christian” out of him, we work on this with all our might, we try so that he never speaks badly to anyone, he is affectionate, praying. And this old man, whom we buried in the waters of baptism, we take him out and begin to dress him up for the holiday.

This is no Christian way! The way of a Christian is for Him to live in us, and we are no more; and so that our spirit, joined with Him, produces a new man – not a changed old one, not a trained old one – who, like in a circus, is trained to pray and preach, but isn’t crucified, – but new one! There is one sentence to the old man – death.

Today many are taught how to behave. It is a very dangerous way to teach how to behave correctly, that is, a behavioral teaching instead of transforming nature, instead of opening a portal so that there is a replaced life. As it is said: “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me”; “I will dwell in them and walk”; “you will be my witnesses”; “I will make them arks…”

God says, “…whoever abides in Me, and I in him, will bear much fruit (John 15:5). I am not this old and decrepit person, but the one, in whom Jesus lives. Then there is the fruit, then there is no need to puff up and break through, to ask, to shout.

These are the fundamental foundations of Christianity. “He who doesn’t abide in Me will be cast out as a branch and be withered; they gather such branches, throw them into the fire, and they are burned” (John 15:6).

The old is cast out. How to turn the old thing into the image of the heavenly? This is an incredible perversion! The worst thing is when it works; when people are already talking about you saying that you already look alike.

The only way is to be crucified, to abide in Him and let Him walk in us. And then you will be incomprehensible to many, many people will not understand what it is.

This is the only way – the way of the Spirit. This is liberation, this is freedom. I need to let Jesus live in me. I need to let Him possess me.

All you can do is surrender to Him. He already lives in you and through you. You will be a temple filled with Him. That’s walking in God.

When your spirit is with the Lord, when you are one spirit with the Lord, and not a well-groomed and cultivated old man. And it’s especially scary when you look like Jesus. It’s like a naked king – no matter how you try, it will “air through”. The old man stinks, no matter how they make him up. These people have a hard life – nothing works out, you have to be hypocritical, God doesn’t hear the prayers of such people.

But someone is already in there – these are the sons of the resurrection, who already lives in the spirit, because there is no condemnation, led by the Spirit – they are the sons of God. And you can’t teach the old man to be led by the Spirit.

How do you know what Jesus would do? Here we sit and think it up. But where is the revelation? Where is Jesus Himself?

This is the key to walking over sin, walking in the Spirit, soaring in supernatural gifts, because the Lord the Father gives the Son whatever He asks. If the Son has prevailed in me, and not I, then this is eternal life. These people are already beings, because Jesus lives in them – not in the mind, but completely in their temple.

It’s incredible! This is such a power! Stop being like Jesus, become Him! Not “how” – but Him! Because we are His body. And what we are doing is still wrong – no matter how hard you try to imitate Him, He is still different, He would certainly have acted differently.

Let’s open the doors and let Jesus live in us – and pray, and serve, and evangelize, and simply abide.

The most powerful revival is when the local church is awakened. Revival is not when only the Lord visits, and you are marked – this is wonderful, we respect this – but when on the “flat ground”, in everyday life you live in the spirit of awakening – this is a lasting thing, it is eternal. I would choose this kind of ministry.