Voice from the city of the King

Voice from the city of the King

Jerusalem Israel


“I see the Eastern Gates, there are many more gates inside them – it’s like the intersection of times, eras, generations. And life is everywhere. It’s like a kingdom where there is no past.

I see prophet Elijah, as a raven is feeding him. He has a large and fresh piece of meat. After that, the raven, taking this piece, flies up to the man of God, gives him this piece of meat, and the man of God eats and thoroughly chews this meat.

After that, a huge Angel – like a warrior being, clothed in blue-hot fire – opens a book on which it is written “Eternal Gospel”. And there was a Word: “What you saw and heard and is written there – you tell them.”

We expect understanding from the Lord.

One our brother told how he had a dream – he stood in line to get into a room where they performed circumcision. He came in, they put him on the table, and there were people in white robes. Suddenly, one of the partly lifted his mask, and it was Derek Prince – he was working with difficult areas of the brother’s life. This is how the brother was circumcised.

I remember how the Lord circumcised me in my sleep. It happened in a split second. Two beings in white did it in a matter of seconds, and I went up the mountain already circumcised. It happened so suddenly that I didn’t even have time to react. Thus I received circumcision.

I think it’s not just circumcision – it’s also access to enter Israel.

Paul writes about circumcision that it is not the circumcision that is according to the flesh, but that which is according to the Spirit.

I urge all of you – to receive the circumcision of Christ – both men and women.

Scripture says that there is the circumcision of Christ, which has signs. The first is serving God by the Spirit and not by the flesh. The second is having no confidence in the flesh. And the third is to rejoice in Jesus Christ. Today, each of us must have this circumcision. Work through all these points and check yourself whether you are a circumcised person or not. The Lord calls us to be circumcised by the circumcision of Christ.

I feel it when a person is circumcised. A circumcised person humbles himself easily. An uncircumcised person immediately “attacks”, begins to fight for his justice. He doesn’t trust God, he doesn’t understand that God allows this to happen to him. He starts to fight for himself: to defend himself, to argue, to attack. These are uncircumcised people, because a circumcised person knows how to trust God – he believes, he is a believer. For such a person, another person is neither an enemy nor a source of threat. He looks at all things through heaven. He’s circumcised.

I am very glad that the revelations today come through the brothers. In the traditional church, sisters are often prophetesses. And in the first church, the Church of the Father, men were prophets. It is very important to understand that in the pastoral church there are prophetic sisters, they pray more, they are more sensitive. And in the Apostolic Church, more often men are prophets. We read in Scripture that there were sisters who prophesied, but the prophets were men. It’s a sign.


“The man of God is shown. He is walking over the earth. There’s political map, but it’s not under his feet, but above him – made of clouds of different colors. It doesn’t match what is on earth, neither it matches what is higher, in the high heaven.

There is a cloud over the man of God. It always moves with him. Sometimes there is visible connection. It is something alive, difficult to explain. But this connection makes them as if one whole.

The cloud goes at the height of the multi-colored clouds that form the map.

Passing through them, it shifts them, unfolds, moves, changes colors. Everything is in motion. It’s like a war in heaven.

There is a Voice like a trumpet call: “The will of God is on earth as it is in heaven. On the earth, long furrows appeared from this, the earth, as it were, comes to life and shifts. Its border colors begin to match what is happening. There’s a feeling of hatred caused by shifts and changes that are taking place. It seems that everything will stop now, that the strength to go will end. But the man of God keeps walking, and the cloud above him moves, shifting and changing everything.”

The language of heaven shows through the eyes of God what is happening. The political map doesn’t match what is on the earth. So it really is. For example, a bird doesn’t see the political map, it is guided by air currents, regardless of borders. The same with rain: it doesn’t take the political map into consideration. The elements, the wind, people born on the borders who enter into mixed marriages – also do not count on the political map. We do not think in terms of a political map, we live and move in such a way that it is on earth as it is in heaven.


“I see different streams that flowed into the sea, producing different effects in the sea. Some streams were impure, which changed the color of the sea, distorting the former appearance and interior of the sea.

And there was one stream that brought purification, color and filled the sea. Because of what the stream brought, the sea became alive. Many inhabitants appeared in it – to the very depths. Although some impure streams continued to flow in, but because of the pure stream the sea was no longer the same. Some wicked people threw various stones into this stream, but this didn’t make effect on the stream, it cleansed itself, continuing to flow”.


“A beautiful, very bright big rainbow over the East Gates. Heavenly beings descended along it to the Eastern Gates, bringing empowerment and signs. But not everyone understood what that meant. Only those who were connected to the Eastern Gates and even had communication with the heavenly beings understood. This opened a new portal: from the earthly to the heavenly.”

I had encounters with heavenly beings. But now I understand that it can be much more often. So it is – the Lord promised so. But we don’t make this up. There is work going on around us if we walk with God. We need to be heavenly people. Often believers go to church, but don’t experience anything supernatural. I’m sorry for that, of course. This is boring Christianity – without power.


“From the throne in heaven a sword descended to the earth vertically, which stuck into the rock and so remained there.

The sword was double-edged, very precious, with a delicately inlaid hilt. With the mystery that emanated from it, the sward attracted a lot of people who tried to master it, but they could not pull it out of the rock.

Then those many who could not pull it out of the rock began to make copies of the sword and waved it over their heads, showing others that it was as if they had mastered this sword.

There were those who played with the copy of the sword before the eyes of others, and those who deceived others by presenting the work of the copy as real power.

It was then shown that the man of God was given access to this sword and the power to wield it. The sword in his hands revealed secrets in heaven and secrets in the hearts of people on earth.

The sward made wounds on those who resisted it, those, who accepted its work received life from the Throne, from where it descended.

The sword worked both for the people of this world and for the people of the church.”

Today is the age of fakes. They are everywhere. I see fake swords. These swords are like false revelations that rush on this earth. This is what we must avoid.

Indeed, people who have this power – they must draw this sword and master it. It is the sword of revelation, the sword of knowledge, the sword of the truth of God.

There is a problem – we do not hear the Voice. Our thinking needs a global change. We come up with ideas and then ask God to bless them. It sits deep in our hearts, and we think it’s okay. We are going to pray for God to bless our interesting ideas. We’re “blaming” some program instead of getting the Word and doing what He said and not doing what He didn’t say, no matter how pretty it looks.

And we have to admit that the matter is we should learn to hear the Voice of God, which we don’t hear. And if we live in such a way as to be joined with His voice, then there is no need to hold prayer meetings. Because if God said, then you go and do according to His Word.

I do not belittle prayer, you don’t have to do this if God speaks to you. You do this  if God leads you. Everything else is around this. That’s what the church needs today – a change of mind to do everything in the counsel of the Lord. As the Lord says: “But they did not stand in My counsel” – that is, they made a decision without His counsel. We need to ask, hear His Voice, and do what He says.

David was anointed for the first time in Hebron. After that he reigned thirty-three years in Jerusalem, and his kingdom was renewed.

I read that David was anointed at least three times. Why was it necessary to be anointed several times? The first time he was anointed by Samuel in his youth, when Samuel secretly anointed him king. From that time on, the Holy Spirit was with David wherever he went. But the time came for him to come to the royal palace. David was anointed seven years later in Hebron. And David was anointed another time in Jerusalem.

Think about it. You can experience the shift of your tectonic layers of the Spirit more than once. Once you were baptized with the Spirit, and then you “carry on” out of your last strength. No! Three times the Lord reloaded him with the heaviest reload.

Perhaps the moment has come for some of you and you need a new anointing, you need a new hard reset. Because some of us need a new anointing.

Solomon Syndrome.

Remember that Solomon in his old age began to weaken a little: he began to build temples for his wives. There was no wiser man than Solomon, and for some reason he began to do such things – to build temples to demonic idols. Why? Solomon did not worship in them, but he entered into tolerance. I don’t think Solomon could have worshiped anyone other than God. He saw the Lord. He appeared to him twice. He built a temple for Him, he saw the glory of his father, he did great things, but he played too much. At the beginning of his journey, he married the pharaoh’s daughter – something that could not be done. It was a political move, kings rarely belong to themselves, they marry for political reasons. And Solomon did it – he married an Egyptian. Then he had three hundred wives and six hundred concubines. He began to make temples for them – probably in order to establish certain relations with other countries, to create alliances. So he introduced Israel into tolerance.

I don’t think that Solomon worshiped other gods – this is madness for a man who knows God – but to allow “comfortable places” to be made in their land for visiting ambassadors who worship these gods – it was a certain political tolerance, Solomon introduced Israel into these things, divided Israel and brought a curse.

This is very similar to what is happening today. We must pray for Israel – this is the will of God, the Lord commands us to bless both the holy city and the Israel of God. This is the axis of the clock. If earlier we counted weeks, hours and minutes, today seconds are counted. The second hand on God’s watch in Israel needs attention today.

A word about Melchizedek.

When Melchizedek met Abram, he didn’t meet him in the promised land. It was a meeting in the land, which later was to belong to the descendants of Abram. It was a foreign land. Interesting. It was a meeting of the king of Sodom and then Melchizedek with Abram. That is, it was a meeting of three. The two of them did not communicate with each other. All three communicated only through Abram. Melchizedek spoke to Abram, and the king of Sodom spoke to Abram. Melchizedek said not a word to the king of Sodom, and the king of Sodom said not a word to Melchizedek. There was no dialogue between them. The three of them stood side by side. But they spoke only through Abram.

This is what is happening today both in Israel and with God’s people, who speak to both darkness and light.

“So he brought back all the goods, and also brought back his brother Lot and his goods, as well as the women and the people” (Genesis 14:16).

Today there is a need to bring back. May Melchizedek help the people of God today to recover all that has been stolen and kidnapped.

“And the king of Sodom went out to meet him at the valley of Shaveh, which is now the valley of the king, after his return from the defeat of Chedorlaomer and the kings who were with him…” (Genesis 14:17-19)

The first person Abram met was not Melchizedek, but the king of Sodom. The enemy came out first. I know my testimony, when I first believed, a man appeared who began to admire. And then many times I met Satan like that. I knew what it meant, God is here. This is solid food.

“Then Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine, he was the priest of the Most High God…” (Genesis 14:18). After the king of Sodom  Melchizedek came out, a priest and a king. Today I urge you to see Christ not only as a king, but as a priest. Many of us do not know that Christ is a priest. Many of us do not imagine the hypostasis of Christ as a priest who comes with bread and wine in his hands.

“And he blessed him, and said: “Blessed be Abram of God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth; And blessed be God Most High, Who has delivered your enemies into your hand.” [Abram] gave him a tithe of all” (Genesis 14:19-20).

Melchizedek blesses the two – the servant of God and God. Whenever the fullness of blessing comes, it blesses both the man of God and God. Look at the nature of his blessing. Learn to bless. An empty blessing has no power, but a spiritual blessing has the greatest power for a thousand generations. If you bless with a blessing, it will remain in the generations. That’s what the ancients did.

You need to give.  Give your portions and don’t be stingy. Because faith always gives. We are used to only receiving, but you give to God! Turn your mind around and give to Him, not just receive! Because as long as you receive, you are an infant. But the sign of maturity is when a person gives.

“Now the king of Sodom said to Abram, ‘Give me the persons, and take the goods for yourself'” (Genesis 14:21).

That’s what’s happening today: He’s taking God’s people. See what the king of Sodom is asking for. Today’s “Abram” gave people away. When we give people to the devil, he makes them Sodomites. This is a false sword. This is a false “Abram”. This is not Abram!

“But Abram said to the king of Sodom: “I have raised my hand to the Lord, God Most High, the Possessor of heaven and earth, that I will take nothing, from a thread to a sandal strap, and that I will not take anything that is yours, lest you should say, “I have made Abram rich” – except only what the young men have eaten, and the portion of the men who went with me; Aner, Eshcol and Mamre; let them take their portion.” (Genesis 14:22-24)

Abram did not give the people. Three persons met, but there were two meetings. Because everything is tied around the man of the covenant. Melchizedek doesn’t communicate with the king of Sodom, he doesn’t talk to him, he needs a person for whom the battle is going on. And two spiritual personalities are at war with each other through Abram, the man of God. So in Eden, two personalities – God and the serpent – communicated through Adam. But now the Lord is bringing in Abram, the man of the covenant. If earlier Adam was lost and defeated in Eden, he lost his salvation, now Abram, the man of the covenant, must win!

How would Melchizedek’s meeting with the modern descendants of Abram go today? If now Melchizedek came to Israel to the modern Abram – the collective image of all his descendants – what would happen? For Melchizedek is likened to the Son of God whom they crucified. What would the descendants of the man of the covenant do? Would they attack the King of Salem? Would Melchizedek be crucified again like they did at Golgotha?!

Today there is a great need to pray for Israel. Melchizedek would see today that “Abram” has answered the prayer of the king of Sodom – he gave him the people. Modern “Abram” is no Abram! It’s a false sword.

The sword that has to be pulled out of the rock – the apostles, the prophets – the true ones in Israel must rise today! I urge all of us to intensify prayer for Israel! This is our duty. Because they gave us the Word of God, they gave us the covenant, we cannot be so forgetful that we stop praying for Israel. Remember that Jesus was a Jewish boy and man. Remember that all the prophets in the Bible were Jews. Remember that the Apostles were Jews. We cannot stop praying and blessing Israel. If we ceased doing it already, we need to repent.

The total appeal today is to strengthen and put your watch in order, clean the mechanism, start it, rearrange the hands. Put your watch in order – so that our watch on our hand of the Spirit for Israel goes second to second with God’s heart!