Victory over curse

Victory over curse

The Lord stirs up the spirit and leads you – this is a different life than walking in a circle on your own. It is a completely different quality of life – when you bloom. Here is the day – the morning ritual begins: you put yourself in order, put on new clothes – morning rituals, behind them there is an essence – for some it is poor and impoverished, and for others it is very enriched.

Attain it when your every day becomes a miracle, no matter how many unpleasant things there are in it. Contemplate the light, don’t lose it. If you are passing through a valley of darkness, wrap yourself in a cloud, abide in the cloud of God’s presence and walk in it, like in a fairy tale, the Divine dance in the Universe, like in a fairy tale, in the cosmos of Christ, in the world of Jesus. Such beautiful revelations. I admire!

There is one woman – musician, artist, mystic – who encouraged me a lot. It seems to me that there is always a cry, a groan of dissatisfaction, coming from her, and she would always close herself off in some mysterious formats – like fantastic creatures in a fairy tale, that is, she always dressed herself in a parable, never spoke directly. And a parable that no one else has, it is always very original. And then one day she experienced some kind of trauma, the man she was with left her, and a child remained. And she decided to “expose” herself as much as possible. She had never done this before. But then she broke herself “into pieces” publicly.

I have heard many successful people, wise men even from ancient times, who advise not to reveal personal things: “Never tell personal things! It is dangerous!” They don’t say why it’s dangerous. Basically, this is a mystical fear. This fear of opening up is often based on a negative experience: that someone betrayed you, for example. That is, you stop believing in people. And some kind of mystical superstition comes that now the “devils” know everything about you, the “devils” have your file, and now they are “armed.” And when something happens, it’s because you’ve spoken out!

Once I saw one woman – I realized, I had a word of knowledge – she was wearing her watch with the dial inside. And I received an understanding that she didn’t want to give away “her energy” and therefore turned all the dials of her watch inward.

This is what happens when we are closed and are afraid to open up. The danger of opening up is based on mystical fear, on some negative experience. But this is not objectively, this gives no proper ground for being a closed person. And we are closed because we are afraid, because we ourselves are in the chains of slavery.

Jesus revealed Himself, got wide open. He immediately said that He was the Son of God. Everyone knew that He was the son of a carpenter, the son of Mary. This is incredible! He walked like an open flower, open for people. Yes, they killed Him because He Himself wanted it. He could have pleaded with twelve legions of Angels and be gone. But He knew where he was going. Because it was God’s providence.

And this is what that lady did. It is so beautiful! She took it and “spilled out” like water for others. Like a broken vessel, like an alabaster vessel that the woman broke, from which myrrh poured out, and she began to anoint Jesus with it. This is a broken heart.

Now I want to shout it into your future – maybe someone will understand this in five or ten years – do not be afraid to open up. What scares you? – Only you yourself! In other words, you are saying that people are evil. They will immediately “attack” you and will torment their prey. But you are no longer there, you have risen up. It is here that you are untouchable.

You can’t be friends with someone openly and deeply who doesn’t open up.

“O Lord, You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup. You hold my lot” (Psalm 16:5).

Some people say: “Why does it have to be about you”? – What else should I do? Who else should I testify about? As they said to Jesus: “Your testimony is not true, since you testify about Yourself!” But who can I testify to then? If I speak of someone else, then this will be an example.

It is not profitable for me to speak some of the testimonies I have shared about myself lately. There will be no benefit to me, except for mere suspicions, I only gain more pressure the more I open up. It harms me. And I testify of myself for your sake. I’m sharing because it’s true and it works practically.

And I don’t invent it, but I take it from life, especially if it fits the topic. And this is testimony, if I am an insider. You are my witnesses.

If I speak of myself in the good sense, then I really have a legacy. There are people who are involved who have been influenced by my faith. There are people who say: “No one influenced me, only the Lord.” Fine. So be it. Then I say it is the grace of God that is with me. There are people who are with me who have been influenced by my faith. I’m not taking your laurels.

The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my cup. You hold my lot. Lots have always been cast. They were in both the Old and New testaments. Supernatural forces participate in the lot. God’s people cast lots when deciding on various issues.

And what does it mean – that He holds my lot? This means that when the Lord holds it, then all these unpredictable accidents and surprises of your destiny are from Him. And what I didn’t expect, what “falls” on me in the form of temptation or gifts, is what He holds and pours on me.

“My lines have fallen to me in pleasant places, Yes, I have a good inheritance” (Psalm 16:6). It’s not just countries. These are souls, the beauty of souls. The most beautiful and wonderful peaks I have ever seen are the beauties of the human soul.

Pass through beautiful places! Look around! Remember the beautiful places of your lines. Worship the Lord for this, give Him honor and glory! Be a little mystical…

“I will bless the Lord, who has given me counsel; even at night my inner being teaches me” (Psalm 16:7).

Some are chasing documentaries of revelations, melodramas and series. Some people want to see a photo of Angel. I see many dreams. But this is a kind of the world I go into. And when I return from there, I don’t have to remember, I’m present there, I dwell there. Yes, that is right. This happens when there is something higher. And this is higher, this is the cloud of glory. This is not a substance. Don’t ever imagine it that way. This is the very essence. This is the ultimate reality. And it is above forms, above the reality. This is the Lord. He cannot be a creature measurable in meters or kilometers. As soon as you apply something to Him, it will all become meaningless. And God becomes the experience, He becomes the One who consumes you. You are immersed and dissolved in Him. The inside teaches me at night.

“Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices; even my flesh will rest in hope” (Psalm 16:9).

Even if your health is causing you trouble. I really co-feel with you, but find a path of separation where you can live with it without focusing on this pain, redirecting your spotlight into the glory, and as it is written, let the inside and the flesh rest in hope.

“…for You will not leave my soul in Sheol, nor will You allow Your holy one to see corruption” (Psalm 16:10).

Well, how can the Lord send me to hell? This is the hope of the Son of God. Of course, He will resurrect you, of course, you will not be in corruption, He will show the way!

“You will show me the path of life: I your presence is fullness of joy; at You right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11).

Yes, I am at Your right hand, in Your joy before Your face. I find rest and immerse myself in the bliss of Your right hand.

I have four points. Like St-Patrick had.

1. Testimony of how dark forces made my parents unhappy and proclaimed their premature death. When I was about seven years old, through certain family circumstances my parents and I received a foretelling from a very famous witch doctor which came true with my parents in details and was present in my life as a curse.

2. Testimony of how, when I turned to the Lord by the grace of God, I dared to trust God.

 When I turned to the Lord, I began thinking, how am I going to live now? I had plans, but I thought: “Can I trust God? Yes, I can. So this is what I will do – I will trust myself to God with my whole being. I will trust Him, and may He then bless me. And I plunged myself into ministry, serving and visiting people, old ladies. I fasted much and often, separating in remote places, where the Lord did miracles for me, feeding with fresh milk and bread, birds would come and pray with me. Sometimes in the night time I would wonder in the woods, it was an incredible time with the Lord. I appreciated loneliness. My favorite book in the Bible was Lamentations, I wrote on my Bible “It is good for a man to bear the yoke in his youth. Let him sit alone and keep silent, because God has laid it on him”. (Lament.3:27-28). For some reason it came so. And so it lasted for two years until I received an invitation to Bert Clendennen School of Christ, where I experienced an awakening. But still not the kind I anticipate. This awakening I haven’t seen yet anywhere, but I wait for it, because my spirit knows it, what it must be like, but I haven’t seen it on the planet yet.

And so, by this grace of God He captured me and nothing else mattered. My life and person have transformed – the Lord is my portion

3. A testimony of how, by trusting God, I received the grace to become God’s servant in His kingdom. It is true I didn’t think I would preach. One thing I needed – not to step away from this glory, from such wonderful Christ. Then I started meeting those noble ones, brothers-prisoners, of whom I thought: “I so much desire to be always with them, in their chariots, I don’t want to lag behind, but want to be with them in their miracles, how they fly in the air, how they prophesy, how they see through your heart, how beautiful they are, how much they are like the Lord. I saw Christ in them. And there I allowed this secret thought: “perhaps I can become a servant of God”. And the Lord heard this quiet meek prayer, and responded…

4. A testimony of how, as I served God (we started a church, I was ordained a priest), I received the grace of gifts and the gift of God  to carry the ministry of the Spirit in His people and in the world.

That’s another season, when the Lord started raising me in God’s authority, revealing the knowledge of God. It was not an ordinary pastor of a congregation anymore, where you are loved and you love people. I felt I had risen above the congregation, and I am allowed into God’s realms. The Lord established me and revealed His mysteries to me, He gives me access into His mysteries. I am speaking all these things, because I want to encourage you, brothers and sisters: to trust God with all your being, and you will not regret it! It is both election and calling and achievement. The Scripture tells us to aspire to perfection, “be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

So I entered my gift, and then Apostles started coming and saying, “you are an Apostle, and your ministry is Apostolic”. No one did this, no one sought it, but so it happened.

I am sharing all these things to inspire you, brothers and sisters. But here is also why. That witch doctor prophesied to me that this year I was to die. And yesterday purposely I went up in the airplane. Where else can I die if not in place of high danger? I have lived my life with this thought, I told you. I saw all those things come true to my parents. Yes, I came to God and became a Christian, but I had no experience how the devil is defeated. And so I lived this year, and Satan had his last day till today’s midnight. And I purposely went up in the air, to simply sleep there. And I landed. There were manifestations of the devil, which I marked for myself. And here I stand today and give my testimony that we have crossed the line. I have overcome this. The curse has been defeated! This is very serious!

I don’t know my end, and I am not supposed to. But now I have crossed my line, when the witch doctor is over. He can speak and chase, but that’s not about me anymore. Whatever I receive from this day and on – he has nothing to do with that. I have outlived my parents, they got under the curse of the dark forces. I was also supposed to die according to the foretelling, till yesterday, from the heart expansion – he even told the diagnosis. He never made mistakes, but he did with me – that the kind of life we have! What a beauty!

So go and overcome the curse! Take your biggest fear (generational disease or misfortune…) and face it and live, live! It may not be easy, but it works! You live by faith and go, devouring the spoils and striving forth like a leopard!