The only of the four brides

The only of the four brides


I see a bride who lost the ring given by the bridegroom.

While her bridegroom had not yet arrived, she went and made a copy of the ring given by the bridegroom, and demonstrated it around, presenting as genuine. The bride didn’t want anyone to learn of her loss and thought that the bridegroom wouldn’t notice and wouldn’t know.

The bridegroom watched her from aside and saw it all, expecting and hoping that she would confess her loss, that she would take a copy of the ring from her finger and be honest.

Only the bride and the bridegroom knew that the ring was fake. And only the bride could correct everything. Her honesty was required.

Such an unpleasant story. But this doesn’t mean she renounced the bridegroom. Superstitious people will say that this is a bad sign. But this is not always the case. It happens out of carelessness, maybe she didn’t appreciate it, didn’t understand that the ring is part of the bridegroom, because he chose it. There can be different reasons – from very serious to lighter ones. But this is how it happened.

These are pure and accurate dreams. She took this path! She hasn’t yet become a wife, but she is already cheating. And what will happen next?! You have to cheat all your life.

A tragedy of conscience. How important this is for us! It seems to me that many can find themselves in this story, and what we are doing today is we are heading towards honesty.

“May the Lord bless you, the Home of righteousness” – we said that this is the womb of the Father, from which the Son appeared and said “I am.” He came from the womb of the Father. And the mountain of holiness is the mountain of the glory of God. And with this blessing the cities of Judah and Jerusalem will be blessed, this has not yet happened in history, so that it becomes a tradition of Israel. In the tradition of Judaism there are certain traditions – “shalom” and others – but the blessings that Jeremiah proclaims for the future, this already applies to Christ, the Messiah. This is what the Messianic church will do. Prophets, teachers and pastors will speak righteousness. That is, righteousness will become the key highway, the backbone so that the whole doctrine falls upon righteousness.

Imagine the second series of this revelation. The bridegroom, of course, expects purity from the bride, but the love is wounded, it is put out by lies, it is defiled. If he says: “I know everything,” she will start to avoid and speak lies. In this manner she can accuse him and make him guilty. And in this way she builds up her faith – they have children, everything is fine, she is faithful, but it will always remain with her – like an unconfessed sin. All their lives they will not live in freedom. He will know, and He knows everything, that she is dishonest with Him, and therefore with others, even more so. And she will know that she is dishonest. This love can’t be pure. There is no freedom in it. There can be no radiant, glorious love.

And many people get used to living like that. Their faith is like a wounded vine. It gives its juice, there may be a vineyard, but it is not in God’s plan, not in His perfect destiny. “And they were both naked and not ashamed”- this is the will of God.

Therefore, honesty and righteousness will come to the forefront of our spiritual life. Today I am like a messenger of a future blessing – when all Israel will also bless this way, and the churches too. We already bless each other this way.

Lead the people into righteousness, immerse the people into righteousness of God. Imagine: the bride loves the bridegroom, they celebrate their birthday and holidays, everything is as it should be. But she has a fake ring. Because one day she didn’t dare to enter into righteousness. This mistake is getting worse over the years, because she gets used to deceiving him, she has learned to live with the deception inside. Unfortunately, many churches live like this.

Today is the time we come to the White Throne. The White Throne is the Throne of Judgment, the Throne of Retribution. This is a very powerful dimension. It is the White Throne that will be the final encounter with God for those who will not see Him again. This will be the last fragment in their memory when they saw God. It is incredibly scary when you see God for the last time on the White Throne.

After that the Throne will not be white. God Himself will dwell in them. And Christ and the Bride will submit to the Father, and God will be all in all. Everything will be transformed. Perhaps one can imagine how we will become a part of all things. But these are all incredible realms – the Apocalypse is the revealing of the spheres.

“Now it happened as they went that He entered a certain village; and a certain woman named Martha welcomed Him into her house” (Luke 10:38)

Turns out it was Martha’s house. Martha welcomed into her house.

“She had a sister called Mary, who sat down at the feet of Jesus and listened to His word” (Luke 10:39)

Jesus came, Martha received Him, she was the hostess, and Mary came, sat down at His feet and listened.

“But Martha was very busy and distracted with much serving, and she approached Him and said: “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Therefore tell her to help me.” And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha! Martha! You are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her” (Luke 10:40-42)

Imagine, you come to visit, and they tell you what to do. “Tell her!” I used to think that Jesus calls her by name twice is because He reproaches her. But no – He calls her once – she does not hear, He calls her name again so that she hears. He wanted to catch her because she was in “pots cosmos”. This is not an intonation, but a call for attention.

Caring is fine, but fussing. “The good part, the one thing you need” is what we do here. We talk about Him, about us in Him. We are not talking about structure, about workss. Because if motivation is not activated in us, telling how to work correctly will not help anyone. We come with hearts that need love, we need to love Him again – with new freshness and strength.

And perhaps Mary needed it too. She sat at the feet of Jesus and listened attentively to what He was saying. She didn’t even hesitate to speak. Sometimes we can’t listen because we always want to speak. But if we listened, then many questions would disappear. I’ve got so many questions, but as I listened I understood all things, because the Lord spoke.

Today I want to talk about four types of brides who claim to become the Wife.

Mary and Martha are a character. They would like to be closer to the Lord. According to tradition, they are both said to have been single. Such a type of relationship.

The first type of bride who wants to become a Wife is Babylon. Scripture calls her the Harlot of Babylon. Why is she on this list? Because she, having made the kings drink, was drunk with the blood of the saints. This isn’t just the world. Why would Egypt need the blood of saints? It cooks in its own things. But Babylon needs to drink the blood of the saints. She lives because she receives the power of the saints. After all, wolf drinks blood when he “cuts” the sheep: he is not that stupid to eat meat, he wants to get his legs, it takes long to digest meat, and this is not such a powerful energy as blood. He drinks blood and leaves, so he slaughters sheep to drink blood.

This Babylonian harlot needs the blood of the saints. How to understand it? She needs the power of the saints, because in the blood is life, in the blood is strength. How is Egypt different from Babylon? – Egypt plus the Holy Spirit equals Babylon. It means all things are wrapped in religiosity. Therefore, this harlot also claims: she wipes her mouth from blood, hides the cup, because there is the blood of saints. Moreover, she has kings and nations drink the abominations of her fornication, but she drinks the blood of the saints. It’s not the same. She doesn’t have them drink from her own bowl, she makes them drink from her waste duck. But she drinks the blood of saints. And she is so arrogant and stupid that she thinks the Lord will stretch out His hand to her!

The second type of church is Vashti. This is a selfish wife. She receives royal gifts, enjoys privileges, uses gifts for herself. That is, they serve her. And when the king once called her to present her, and the Lord wants to present the Church before the Angels, the Angelic world, to walk before heaven, before all beings with the Bride of His Son. But Vashti refused him. Imagine what impudence!

 She was taken to the royal court, to the king, became a wife, and it seemed to her that this whim would add to her value. She wanted to raise her status through disobedience, and thought that woman’s manipulation would work. But this was her doom. And those seven princes that symbolize the seven spirits of God, symbolize the fullness of the heavens of the Kingdom, they sentenced her. They told the king that if they forgive her now, the kingdom will “fall down”, it will begin to crumble from the inside. Therefore, she has to be removed from the royal court.

And the king was powerful, he didn’t boil over with emotions, for him the goals of the kingdom were higher than his own emotions. This is how real kings behave. They don’t commit crimes out of lust, they don’t commit treason out of passions. They live with higher goals, and they can restrain themselves. And he said, “Farewell, you have sinned.” Then came an even more powerful level of unity and obedience to the king. Everyone understood that the king was real. They did a casting, gathered women from all over the world. And you can see that Esther wasn’t the most beautiful. It wasn’t because of her beauty that the king chose her. She came modest, didn’t ask for anything – the king liked it. It wasn’t about her wisdom, she had integrity, she was royal. She had the overall tendency to be a queen.

The second type is Vashti. This is the selfish church that uses God’s resources for itself. They then boast that they took the wealth from the King. But that’s because He gives. But this isn’t what He wanted. And in fact, she will not become the Bride, because she is stupid and selfish.

The third type of bride who claims to be the Wife is the type of Martha. Martha is already in the top five of the wise. Jesus loved her. But she tried to earn intimacy with God by works. Such a bride, who wants to earn intimacy with works, is indeed a pity. Many shepherds live this way, many sheep believe this way. We compare ourselves to each other unwisely, we think that our actions cause intimacy or affect the love of God. But there are more powerful reasons why God loves us than what we have done – more or less. And why do we then buy love with works?! The works we do for the Lord are assigned to other realms and come from other causes, but not for the love of the Father. You can’t increase the Father’s love for you by works. You can’t affect His love for you by your actions. He loved us: “He appeared from afar.” He already said there that he “extended to us his favor.” And it is written that you “have been seated on the Throne from eternity.” Our works do not affect His love. We raise our position, we increase our reward through our works, but the love of God is eternal. Otherwise, it would not be eternal if we, little people, could influence God’s love.

If you’re walking in the doctrine of Martha, renew your faith. Change the clothes of your spirit, renew your faith, because I feel sorry for you, you always carry guilty feeling in yourself, you always carry the imprint of a lack, inferiority. The Lord doesn’t want us to walk like this. Imagine – He chooses a bride, and she hides her eyes, she is always guilty, and then even worse – she thinks that this guilt is the quality of holiness. You want openness, you run to see and hold, but she is in the kitchen …

And the fourth type of bride is the church of Mary. She chose the good part. This is life in glory. Because Christ is in glory. Christ Himself is the radiance of glory, the apogee of everything, God’s hypostasis. He sits down – and where is it more important for you to be? We often act foolishly, telling the Lord that we have to go from Him to do something. Discernment, dwelling in glory – this is also the life of Mary.

The Lord said to Mary two things that break everything – all efforts. He said: “she chose the good part” – that means there are many parts, and one of them is good, she chose her, from the menu of grace, the delights of God, His beatitude, she chose the best part – to be with Him; and the second – “only one thing is needed” – doesn’t this break our faith? Only one is needed!

If you take an x-ray of the soul, we often do something for ourselves to affirm how cool I am. This is good, good things joined with Divine love. But there is a good part there – to be with Him. And, unfortunately, many people do not like to be with Him: there is no love for a life of prayer, for worship, for contemplation, for meditating on the Word. If you check your head – there is an earthly way of thinking, just all earthly things.

Or there’s a heavenly mindset – because you love it. You don’t force yourself to be spiritual, you’re in it all the time. You manage things on earth, but your head is always above the clouds.

I noticed that with spiritual people it is difficult to determine how much money they have, what kind of car etc. It’s always different. I noticed that he who is troubled about much does not have much. And there are those who speak little and slowly, take their time, and they are very successful. Do you understand? Success is not given to the skilful, not quick feet, but to those who have something more valuable.

The church in glory, the life in the glory of God, touches me deeply. This is a shining mountain. Three levels: those who move in Blood; those who abide in the Word, they have overcome the evil one; and the top of the mountain, those who walk in the Spirit, in glory, they are the sons of the resurrection, who can no longer die, they are in the glory of God.

We are called to rise. Accept this component of Mary – if we are not people of contemplation, not formed in the mind to have thoughts of contemplation, then there is an opportunity to correct this.

We can either go “to the kitchen” and join Martha, or we can sit next to Mary in this house where Jesus is. The Lord is speaking quietly, Mary is listening to Him. And then the roar of pots in the kitchen begins – Martha: “We have such a movement, everything is moving so powerfully!” Where will you take your stand? You come into the house, take off your shoes, where will you join? Help Martha? Something smells good in there!

We will be where He is. It is written about virgins that they followed wherever He went. These virgins in heaven are the complete purity of their virgin soul, devotion, holiness, purity, chastity. Scripture says that no one could learn their song.

I want to be Mary who sits at the feet of Christ and knows nothing. She just listens to Christ. She’s not stupid. When Lazarus died, she also ran around. But the Lord fixed everything. Thank God for this.