Testimony from Cambodian Prison

Testimony from Cambodian Prison

Prison ministry in Cambodia.

Recently in our ministry we had a man turn to the Lord and get baptized. The man was very sick, even dying, they had to take him to the hospital. But the Lord did a miracle, the man believed in Jesus and was healed and returned to his jail place enlightened, transformed. Another prisoner watched his transformation and wanted to hear about Christ as well. He gave his heart to Jesus and wrote his testimony. The man is a former drug baron.

A Testimony from prison.

My name is Khaimkie. I am 39 years old. I have two sisters. My parents died early. I was born in Siem Reap. Right now I am in prison, I was a drug trader. My sentence is 23 years of prison. I was arrested in August of 2017.

There was no upbringing or education in my life. And I became a criminal. Lived a free life style, never though of any good thing, never thought it all would lead me ti prison for such a long time. I was never afraid of anyone and did what I wanted. I got into one criminal grouping, we were very bad hooligans.

We took drugs, lived a hectic life. So I lost my whole life in that.

Sometimes I thought it all could have been quite different. I did have good parents, I could’ve had a nice family. But I can’t have my parents back, where would I meet them? What will they think of me? What did it happen to me? Why our family?

I also thought if my death brought happiness to my family I would give my life for that, but I didn’t know if that would really help.

I suffered a lot because of all this. My sisters turned away from me, I was not happy.

I wanted to be a good son, but was not able to change anything. Again I continued with the guys from the grouping because I didn’t know a different life, I didn’t know what joy was. And everything I could think of was just a dream. I didn’t know a way out, experiencing a deep loneliness.

I lived by today, again and again returning to the darkness of drugs and easy money. Until I got here, into prison.

Life in prison is very hard. I began thinking and musing. A thousand thoughts passed through my mind within a day. I didn’t want to live any longer – what for?

But after some time I believed in Jesus Christ. I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. Some brothers and a sister told me about Christ, who came to the prison to visit. They became like parents for me. It was a miraculous encounter for me. I started changing because I received hope. I was getting better and better. Though I still remain in prison, freedom came into my inside.

My heart has changed. Now I have the Lord. The Lord is with me. He has changed me and my thoughts. The Lord gave me a new life. I feel warmth and happiness have come into my life, and I feel so good now and am very glad. I dedicated my life to Christ. Let Him do with my life whatever He wants. Let Him fill me with Holy Spirit, so that I can serve Him and not Satan. God has the authority and power.

I desire that other people may also receive this joy and salvation in God. Amen.