Spirit stirring up zeal

Spirit stirring up zeal

Revelation makes the simple wise and gives enlightenment. When having revelation, we are up built in unity.

“It was shown how one large mountain towered over many mountains, as if it were alive. Part of this large mountain, its foothills, the foot, slopes, consisted of many peaks of different heights that surrounded it.

Then it was shown that around this great mountain, in the valleys at its base, there were cities and villages where many people settled. They lived a serene life around this mountain and went about their daily business, many of them saw its great peak every day and admired it. Then it was shown that among the inhabitants around the big mountain there were unusual people who wanted not only to admire the view of the mountain peak, but also to ascend on it, conquering its peak.

It was shown how people ascended the large mountain conquering its peaks. Peaks that were smaller, were conquered with the help of instructors who trained people before they ascended.

But the mountains, which were high and difficult to ascend, had few people conquering them. There were already no instructors there. Those few people who dared to climb them had to train themselves and master their way of climbing them.

As for the highest peak, people could no longer conquer it on their own, only those who did it with the help of the Angels.

It was shown that there were many caves at the base of this large living mountain, as a training camp for climbers. The climbers were not quite ordinary people. But the people of the goal, who wanted to climb this mountain and conquer its top. Each was given a separate cave and his own entrance to it, where they prepared for the ascent, in order to be admitted to it by the living mountain. These were not quite ordinary caves – each had its own well with water and bread, the climbers lived each in his own cave, eating not ordinary bread, but Angelic one, which was served to them daily inside the cave. The bread gave them the strength to reach the heights. They also drank unusual water, it was water from their wells, which gave them the will to overcome.

The climbers had to take care of their caves daily, especially their wells, from which they drank water, in order to keep them pure.

Over time, some climbers left their caves and wells neglected so that the wells of some got clogged with stones, and the water level in them dropped.

Then a voice sounded to all the climbers and cave dwellers, telling them that an Angel was coming with a measure in his hand. The angel would measure the water level in the wells of their caves to give access for a new season of ascending and conquering new peaks. The voice called on everyone to mend their wells and cleanse them.

Then it was shown that a time of woe was coming for all the inhabitants of the valleys on earth. But none of the climbers who ascend to the heights and peaks of the large and living mountain will suffer from the woe.

You see, as it is said – “if a man desires the position of a bishop, he desires a good work.” We are told to desire to be on mountain, to dwell amidst of the fire. His call isn’t simply to admire the mountain, go to church, rejoice in this grace – but become ministers.

The second part of the revelation says that we need supernatural power. Our church and our ministry must serve supernaturally. Do you have this component in your life? Are there revelations, signs of the Holy Spirit, so that we are certain that our ministry is the ministry of Angels. And for this you need to be filled with the Spirit, because ministry without the Spirit can’t be the ministry of Angels.

This is a very important warning for everyone – that all will suffer, except for those who live by ascending the mountain, they will not suffer. This symbolizes that we must ascend in the Spirit today, raise our spiritual level and take care of the cave and the spring of water in it.

We need to receive the Word of God fresh every day. We must connect with the Bible, with the living Word of God in our lives. We are to feed every day on the living water from the Word of God.

Because if we neglect – we will not be able to overcome the temptation of the last days.

The Lord reveals to us today that we should trim our lamps and bring our caves and wells in order. We need the discipline of reading the Scriptures in order to receive the living Word. Today we must, as the church of the Lord, rise up and give an account to the Lord. Idleness today is like a crime. We have no right to live according to the flesh. We must live according to the Spirit.

Revelations, dreams, visions are what the voice of the Holy Spirit is speaking today. We can’t miss. Because the Holy Spirit is warning.


“The earth was shown with its large and small mountains. And suddenly the mountains began to change places. Some replaced others. Also, forests began to move with very tall trees. Some tall strong trees broke when moving. Large lakes rose up in some places and lowered in others. It was like chaos, but still there was some terrible order in it.

And there were persons standing amidst of all this and watching what was happening. Those were the seven. They were in different parts of the earth. They watched and recorded in a scroll everything that happened. The scroll began in their hands and went into their womb.

Birds were flying amidst some of them. They seemed to fly out of their chest and flew to another one, standing on another part of the earth.

The change of mountains is a change of systems – economic, political, cultural, ethnic – priorities and values began to shift. Everything will be different – the earth begins to reel to and fro like a drunkard. Don’t be surprised when the upheavals are even greater than what we see today.

Today we see the need for prophetic ministry, raising the prophetic. And these seven symbolize the seven prophets who stand in these spirits. Seven prophets, seven eyes that watch over the whole earth, and the Lamb had seven eyes and seven horns. Today we must stand by these eyes. This spirit of revelation is the prophets. And the church must have the eyes and gifts that brothers and sisters have.

The Holy Spirit is revealing about the end times. Pure revelation is here. It’s rare now that you find it. A pastor is informed by thoughts from the head, but knowing what the Holy Spirit is saying to the churches is a rarity, and there will be even less of it. Everything is shifting, and everything will come to the point that the earth will reel.

Сedars of Lebanon – huge leaders who possessed countless treasures, will break and die from sudden diseases, instantly disappear from the earth. Famous bloggers with millions of subscribers – will simply disappear, and no one will know how they were gone.

But the church of Christ, like Mount Zion, stands and will not be shaken. We must leave into the glory of God. Those who ascend the mountain shall endure. They may also be tested, but they will endure. Today the fiery church of glory will stand.

Beware, you who dwell on earth, for the devil has come down to you in great rage. And rejoice, you who dwell in heaven, because Babylon has fallen!

“A huge creature was shown, looking like an eagle, with his eyes watching over the whole earth. It is very large and formidable – of incredible size. Then this creature became like a lion. After that, it turned into a calf. And then – like a human face. It’s very scary and incredible. From his flapping wings there was such a piercing sound on the earth, and in some places of the earth there happened cataclysms, disasters, floods, changes in weather and season, and in other places there were flowers, trees bloom, wild animals come out; summer coming when winter should be, and even rivers and seas change their movements and limits.

This creature is looking for his own all over the earth, he seems to know every person.

I see the man of God having peaceful fellowship with this being. They seem to have one mind and one spirit. The man of God moves swiftly across the earth, finding people, touching them. And they, following him, also begin to have life and thoughts from that creature. These thoughts are instantly transformed, as if from His glory. And there was a voice saying, “you need to find your own.”

This is the right approach to leadership. This terrible eagle is the concentration of all prophetic spirits.

He is the one who unites the prophets in himself, the one who unites the revelations, who unites the prophetic spirits, the apostolic movements. Today he is looking for his own – this is the people who know the trumpet call. They are the people of His Face, the people of His Throne.

Childhood is over. Playing Christianity, prosperity etc. is ending. When the evil day comes, those who are armed will endure – there’s this oil that is already in them, they keep saving it every day. In the most obscure times they keep saving the oil.

We are entering a new season and it will be even more difficult. The past will never return. It’s the season of the Apocalypse. Get ready for the encounter. Prepare to be closer to the Lord. And even now seek His Face. Do not expect troubles and blows. Wait on the Lord and seek His face as never before.

“For I speak to you Gentiles; inasmuch as I am an Apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my ministry.” (Romans 11:13)

Apostle Paul, being a Jew according to the flesh, counts this as nothing and says that he magnifies his ministry. Paul knew the power and glory of this ministry.

This is a sign of maturity, when a person knows the glory and power of his ministry. Paul glorified his ministry.

We are often ashamed of our ministry, but Paul magnified it. This concerned his life, his ministry, his path, to which he was faithful from the beginning of his ministry.

 Apostle Paul’s ministry caused zeal in Israel. He made the Gentiles stronger with God than Israel had it with God. Paul says he labored more abundantly than they all. Paul’s ministry was so strong before the Lord that he stirred up zeal for God among the Jews. He outweighed the cup of zeal for God among the Jews by his ministry to the Gentiles.

“For if their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?” (Romans 11:15)

The time of unsealing is nearing. The time of the seven thunders was recognized by the Apostle. The time is coming when the church will understand what the thunders spoke of. Even now the time is coming when the Lord begins to reveal.

“For if the firstfruit is holy, the lump is also holy; and if the root is holy, so are the branches” (Romans 11:16).

Paul’s ministry is a return to the roots, it is a root ministry. Apostolic ministry is a ministry to the root system of the church. This is the core ministry. From there comes healing, health, strength, fertility – everything is in the roots.

The ministry of an Apostle, the eagle, is the healing of the roots. He is calling his own people today. Rise up, prophets, rise up you who hear the trumpet call. Rise, heralds, wake up, fallow deer and gazelles! The Lord will give His voice! They run with the Word of God. The Lord gives His voice, and a great company of those who proclaim it, the kind of churches are rise up.

The zeal of the Lord will do this. He will stir up zeal. He Himself said He would give his voice, He would roar, he would cry like a woman in labor! Is there zeal in your church? The way Elijah had his: “… I have been very zealous for the Lord God of Hosts, for the children of Israel have forsaken Your covenant, torn down Your altars and killed Your prophets with the sword; I alone am left, and they seek to take my life. (I Kings 19:14).

Do you hear? The time is coming when you can no longer ignore the Word. Once you receive the Word, you will be responsible for how you fulfill it. You will see it. You used to listen and you could afford not to obey. But that time is ending. Summon your heart and start walking with the Word.

“…do not boast against the branches. But if you do boast, remember that you do not support the root, but the root supports you.” (Romans 11:18).

Can you, as a pastor, call yourself the most zealous? The most zealous, like Elijah.

These revelations are terrible – and the fear of the Lord will keep us. It has great strength, our protection is in it. This great eagle is the anointing of exposing. Don’t joke about it. When you know that something is pleasing to God, run to do it, because this is not our choice, but the command of Christ. Those craftsmen, prophetic horns have come to cast down the horns – those who oppose God’s statues, interfere with God’s movement. The Lord is casting these horns down and will cast them down completely through the apostolic people and the apostolic-prophetic ministry.

“You are witnesses and God also.”