Rising nature of the new wine skins

Rising nature of the new wine skins

Rising nature of the new wine skins

The time of the pandemic has given two paths for churches. Some are reaping what they did during their freedom, like Joseph, who served well in prison and got a “social lift” through that. This anointing of Joseph’s wisdom must be on the church. It will give us abundance even in difficult times. During the “lean cows” there was also a time of sowing and reaping. We want to inspire you – blessed are those who sow now.

The voice of the Lord is pure as mountain water. How pure is the voice of the Bride? How much can you hear the “health” of the Bride through it? The current state of the Church is such that old wineskins can’t cope with new challenges.

The paradigm of the Gospel migration – from Jerusalem to Rome. The Apostles martyred through the Roman Empire, making it subject to Christ. Then the Gospel burst shining in Europe, spreading far to the East, West, South and North. After a while, a new type of Christianity appeared in America – prosperous, free, content, connected with society, bearing blessing. Then the Gospel returned to Jerusalem again. What we feel in the Spirit is that an Apostolic Church has to rise in Israel – individual wild olives.

As Slavic Church we need neither Western, nor Eastern, but an Apostolic model. As it was told to Moses – “do everything according to the image shown to you on the mountain.” We all need to go to the “mountain”. Our standards must also be Apostolic – in terms of power, glory, wisdom, influence, testimony. What is the focus of our teaching? How do we believe? There is a type of Christianity that gives us the priority of healing, success, prosperity on earth, but there is a Christianity that has priority in “fullness in Christ”, mission, holiness, love – these are all priorities for living in heaven.

What are our paradigms? Prophets have to preach about it – proclaim and declare. What are our teaching configurations? What are our accents? Values ​​will be displayed in a new way, not in the Western way – and this is the Prophetic-Apostolic vision. For old wineskins buildings, prestige, success are important for attracting people.

But there is a mystical aspect of Christ. Some things are a mystical burden – for example, the sorrow of the world sin, world Apocalypse. I can shake it off, or I can carry it. We choose to carry it as a cross. Jesus didn’t shake off the cross. The new man is not one who finds it easy to live in Christ. The new man is also the one who carries God’s burden.

We have to understand the meaning of the Eternal Gospel. It was carried by an Angel “in the midst of heaven.” It carried in itself such components: “fear God”, “repent”, “give glory”. Repentance itself is a result of critical thinking. Western Christianity “granted” us a battle with negative thoughts and feelings. This is such a “life-affirming” component of Western civilization. Critical thinking was characteristic of the prophets. This is what Scripture teaches so that we can give a true prophetic analysis: “test all things and hold fast what is good.” Western consciousness takes it negative. The true Christ can penetrate into pain. As for us we subconsciously want to “shake off” the burden of this world, those negative feelings. But how then will we repent? Repentance is part of the Gospel, both in private and in relation to an entire nation. We can’t declare the Harvest without repentance. When we avoid the central concept that repentance is key to revival, our Gospel remains “with no gender, no teeth.” Therefore, we speak about returning to the pure Gospel: to such topics as “Christ in us”, repentance, forgiveness, judgments of God.

The true Bride always says, “Come!” She’s not been saying this just in recent days. The true Bride awaits and loves. What is the Bride saying today? Maybe “give”, “grant”!? What is the deepest call of the heart saying? In this “Come!” there is complete “capture”, absorption by Her Bridegroom. She is saying one thing with the Spirit.

As long as our teaching is earthly, we won’t be able to give this powerful call from the earth. It is this call that must sound from our hearts. The Spirit, the Bride, the Bridegroom are one. One response may come to such a call – “I’m coming!” The Lord replies that He is coming soon!

Today there is a great need for prophets who will be able to reveal the picture of the world and the Church as it is. They don’t dissociate themselves in their hearts from the universal yearning. The prophets of tears don’t shake off the world’s earning. Real prophets. In the New Testament teachings, we see how many teach prophetic. But this is about a gift and life. It is about being set apart for God, knowing His heart, not betraying His heart. We need a pure voice of the beautiful Bride that Jesus Christ is preparing for Himself.