Revelations that raise up and enlighten

Revelations that raise up and enlighten

 We were recalling how the Lord gave us revelations. It is so important that in church, in the Body of Christ gifts and revelations may work.

Revelations that came to us were of different kinds: they were of Christ appearing – as He said a promise that He would come Himself to His own; also Angels came; also the realm of heavenly Beings, when people saw the whirlwind, Galgal, or they saw the Eastern Gates or the wheels of the Cherubim, or Beings of the Angelic realm. Today I want to give a few testimonies of brothers and sisters. They will share how Christ came to them, Angels or beings. As you listen to them, get activated. There’s a simple thing, which helps to see Angels more – you’ve got to believe in Angels, this isn’t difficult. You think of them, when we move in ministry we realize that we are in the presence of Angels. When we get filled with the Holy Spirit, Angels get activated. When we forget about Angels it gets difficult for us to transit into the supernatural. All Angels are ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation. (Heb:1:14).

Therefore, as you hear the testimonies, get activated and empowered listening with your ears pray in the spirit that your congregations experience supernatural visitations.

“It was like a dream within a dream. I was in my bed and I saw this. In an instant, a shining ray of light appeared and pierced my right ear. From this I woke up and saw, as the Scripture says, “a window open in heaven.” In this opening in heaven, which was full of fire, I saw a burning light like a coal. And the temperature there was incredible, probably not found on earth. There, amidst this fire and light, I saw one like the Son of Man – it was Christ in the radiance of glory, who was enveloped in all this light, He was red-hot inside like metal. Around Christ, like a halo, there were wings and many-many eyes, which in an instant, as I saw this appearing, started looking at me, and their wings turned in my direction. And I woke up.”

Christ inside a sphere. When the Lord comes and does something, we need to understand what He wants to say. Sometimes the Lord comes to say something, sometimes He wants you to communicate something to the people, and you may not even necessarily understand what He is communicating. Sometimes He comes to empower and transit, or warn, or strengthen. But what does Christ want to say? He has manifested. Firstly, this is that “you are Mine.” His power and presence is with us radiant.

“In the dream I was in an empty white room. I lay and looked at the ceiling, and suddenly, in an instant, an Angel of God appeared before me. He was wearing military armor and had a spear in his hand. He turned to me and began to draw images on the ceiling with his finger. I was as if engaged in these images, and I saw how a huge army was assembled as one. It was an army of light. It was a lot of people. And the man of God was like a commander of one of these troops, one of the units. I saw that the army was prepared to fight, for battle, and then it was shown how a bear with iron jaws came out against the people of God in great rage intending to tear them to pieces. He and his army, also ready for war, rushed towards this army of light. But in an instant I saw a lion, huge and shining, emerge from amidst the camp of the army of light and begin to fight with this bear. The battle continued, and God’s people advanced and began to prevail. I didn’t see the end of the battle because I woke up.”

A very inspiring revelation, it tells that there is a battle going on and we are right in the middle of it. And the man of God was shown as a division in this great army against many spears pointed to the East. And we are the Eastern Gate. And Light comes from the East, and the star of the East has risen, and this is Christ. And the army of heaven was shown – this is a great encouragement, it was shown that we are part of a division of this army, and the Lion of the tribe of Judah comes against the bear! This is wonderful! Because bear is not good, it is an unclean animal. He cannot lead the army of light, but the lion leads it.

We are in the midst of a battle today. Remember this, brothers and sisters, do not relax. There is a battle going on, and this is a spiritual battle, in which you should not be defeated or stay by supplies, you must be warriors.


“I was in a class room, brothers-ministers were sitting at their desks. The man of God stood in his training uniform in front of the blackboard. The man of God then proclaimed to the audience a new time of new terminologies, new languages ​​and new subjects of study. The man of God began to quickly draw schemes and write on the board, which couldn’t be decoded except by the Holy Spirit. He began to voice formulas, and it was like higher mathematics; no one understood what the man of God was saying. It was like a completely new language. And in the center of all the schemes was a cross, and many other figures that were incomprehensible.

The man of God invited me to the board and asked me about this, whether I understood what was depicted. And at that very moment an understanding was given that this was a blueprint of a new man of faith. This scheme contained everything that is in man – in principle, in the concept of humanity. The man of God confirmed the answer correct and added that it is important that the church not be a crowd of people, but each an individual. And this scheme was connected with this image.”

In Tibetan Buddhism there is a principle where the whole Tibet is depicted in the form of a man. But that’s a demon. In oriental folk medicine it is believed that the human body is a sign or measure, a unit of measurement of processes in the Universe. And even in the star sky there are human figures. But these are all copies – from where the light came; a miserable imitation. Because the last Adam arose, and He created a new man in Himself – a new man appeared in Christ. And this new man became the Body of Christ – the Church – which will fill all in all. And this is Man. Therefore, if I were to draw an image of the Universe, I would draw man. This is not the emptiness and blackness of the sky, this is not darkness over the abyss, this is man who will fill all things. A perfect Man is Jesus Christ, who fills the Universe with Himself. Immortality and infinity. God, Christ and His Body – this is eternal life. Because Jesus is God and Eternal Life! This is the interpretation.

Yes, very deep revelations, they are incredibly powerful and beautiful. Do you see what God is doing in the Church? I want to inspire you – seek and be zealous for spiritual gifts, because these revelations transit so powerfully that no books can do.


“Revelation in 2019. “I saw a vast field and a horde of soldiers of the enemy camp, dressed in gloomy, dark armor, and Jesus, taken captive by them and led by them, like a Lamb, who was silent before His shearers and wouldn’t open His mouth. The warriors I saw were terrible and very ferocious, they hated the King of kings and were extremely inspired by the fact that the only object of their hatred and  Satan’s hatred was so simply and virtually without a fight in their hands. It seemed that they had already won the war of all wars, and now their power and the power of darkness had come, because they were leading the Lord of glory Himself into their camp.

I saw the Lord, meek, dressed in a simple white robe, He was among the warriors of the demonic kingdom, it seemed that He was completely defenseless and vulnerable. For He had not a single weapon or armor that would protect Him from a blow, and, of course, there was not a single friend or loved one nearby (“You put my acquaintances into the darkness”). The Lord was taken by the soldiers, but not by force, because in the eyes of the enemies and especially in the interests of their ruler, He was of particular value. The soldiers had no power over Him except to bring Him safe and sound to their camp – all because He did it exclusively at His authority, He gave Himself into their hands voluntarily. And this step could not but sow doubts and even fear into the minds of the enemies, who, in their turn, hated Him, but feared Him no less. They feared Him the more because He did not resist in any way and gave Himself into their hands.

Jesus rode on some unknown animal along a long and winding path, strewn with many evil warriors, into the enemy’s territory. Behind Him sat a warrior having two military drums at his sides, which he loudly beat out a triumphal rhythm, the sound of his drumming heard over the entire evil army. I saw another drum placed on the back of Christ, which the warrior also beat, but this action had more symbolic meaning than practical.

Here is Christ, led by an evil horde into the enemy camp. And neither in the expression of His face, nor in His behavior did I see a shadow of fear – on the contrary, at the sight of His royal courage and greatest calmness, fear took possession of those leading Him, and His enemies could not drive out this fear, no matter how diligently they cheered up, and the closer Christ was approaching, whom they were taking to their camp, and the louder the sound of the drum was – the bigger grew the general feeling of their dangerous position in anticipation of imminent defeat.

Christ gave Himself into the hands of the army of darkness, He didn’t resist in any way, He was calm. At first the demons celebrated, because without a fight they simply got the King of Glory, but then doubts began to come to them, and they realized that now they were in trouble.”


“About Angels, 2017. “In a dream I saw the man of God and an Angel of the waters, who held a cup in his hands, which kept overflowing, as an inexhaustible spring or fountain was right in the cup. The Angel followed the man of God and poured water on his path. These waters brought life and healing, filling thirsty people and earth with water, so that the earth bloomed and came to life. Then I saw another Angel, who was very similar in appearance to the first Angel, like a twin, but he was an Angel of fire. The Angel of fire also had a cup that kept overflowing, but instead of water it poured out fire. The Angel of fire exchanged places with the Angel of waters and began to follow the man of God.”

At that moment I woke up and saw the Angel of the Waters in my room. He looked strict. I was surprised that it was not a face like a baby’s, but it was a courageous and severe face, and he had no hair on his head. He was dressed in a robe and a sort of a shawl made of water was over it. And the Angel of Fire had this piece made of fire.

When I saw the Angel of Water in my room, I had no fear, I said: “Oh, it’s you!” He had a serious face and wasn’t looking at me, but when I said these words, he turned, looked at me and smiled at me. And at that very moment he brought me back to sleep, and immediately I saw the continuation of the dream, that the Angel of Fire was already following the man of God and pouring out this fire in those places where the man of God was moving.”


“About Christ, 2022. “In the middle of the dead desert, one like the Son of Man, dressed in sackcloth was moving on a whirlwind. His appearance was of no attraction in human terms – his facial features, His height, His hairstyle were not visible, but His legs were so hot that a radiance emanated from them – white hot.

It was a blinding light due to the temperature – His legs were so hot, like brass refined in furnace, that a blinding radiance emanated from them. He stood right on a furious whirlwind, about five to seven meters high. He was the King of meekness – had a great peace, manifesting the highest degree of majesty and dignity. He stood on a whirlwind, which had incredibly destructive power, but He was very calm, He was in the greatest shalom.

The whirlwind moved across the desert, grinding stones and boulders into dust. For a man to get into this whirlwind, it seemed to me, would mean splitting into smallest molecules. This whirlwind was so terrible, it spun not only horizontally, around an axis, but there were many axes in it. The movement in it occurred crosswise – both horizontally and vertically – like a meat grinder, like many rotating threshing wheels, like a gear was threshing. The whirlwind was burning hot, it devoured everything on its way, raising dust and stones.

I woke up in the dream and heard the voice of the man of God who said: “Now Christ is none other than He who is in the whirlwind.” I woke up.”

This is all very serious. We are in fear and trembling because we still have so much to comprehend of Him! We still know so little! This is not a church-type Christ, not a congregation-type one. This is not the Christ of meetings and morality. This is Christ reigning, loving immeasurably and endlessly without conditions. All-consuming love, strength and fire. And He walks in glory!


Another revelation. “It was 2002, when everything was going so well – evangelism, large meetings, and there was a feeling that Christ was about to come. I went to an interchurch meeting, there were a lot of people there, there was loud praise, and I also tried my best, and there was such great joy and everyone shouted that the Kingdom belongs to us.

And suddenly the Spirit came upon me strongly, and it was unexpected, because I was immediately taken from reality, and a picture unfolded: a gloomy, gray atmosphere, depressing; people stood in ranks, a lot of them, they were all constrained, dejected and very sad. People were chained to each other with heavy chains, on the right and left, in front and behind. And suddenly I experienced a very strong love for these people and strong compassion – so strong that I simply fell between the chairs and sobs began to shake me. Suddenly I clearly heard a voice: “This is My love, not your love, but My love will set these people free.” I didn’t see Christ Himself, but I believe that it was His voice. It was hard to bear. I prayed that the Lord would return this love. It’s amazing that the Lord saw our meeting this way – it really broke me.

Next revelation. “Our brother invited me to spend the night in one place, and suddenly in the middle of the night I woke up, and my spirit was trembling greatly. I woke up, my consciousness awakened, but my body continued to sleep, and suddenly I saw a cherub – it was a huge fiery Angel who stood in the middle of the room, his faces flashed very quickly – an eagle, a calf, a lion, a man – it all flashed, and then at one moment it seemed to turn into one person. And suddenly I saw wheels of fire, but they were not wheels, they were many wheels, rims, which rotated inside with such force and speed that they turned into a large ball of fire, which was full of eyes. And it was a terrible vision. The wheels within wheels look like a fire ball, not like a wheel within a wheel. They rushed in different directions, different dimensions – it was a very powerful and incredible vision. And suddenly I saw the man of God, whose faces began to change, and he himself had a huge wheel, exactly like the cherubic wheel, it was the same fire, and these faces – a lion, a calf, an eagle, a man – also merged, and I saw this image – right in the middle of the room. I realized that the ministry that is performed at the Eastern Gates is not an ordinary ministry, there is a cherubic spirit here, the fire, this is a throne type ministry.”

Our Angels who are with us are of high rank and may have the face of God’s anointed ones.

And one more revelation. “I received a certain assignment, and it caused a great stirring of my spirit. I was surprised how this was happening. I fell into a slumber and saw the man of God standing in the Eastern Gates in full armor. Some of the armor was terrible and unpredictable. The man of God was dancing before God, and it was a wonderful dance – no one could repeat it, it was impossible. The Man of God invited me to dance with him at the Gate. It was incredible freedom of the human spirit, pleasure and strength. Suddenly a wondrous Angel appeared. This being was very unusual, it seemed to be made of sources of authority, heights of spirit, wondrous sounds, odors, colors, strength, rhythms, tastes, high intellect and beauty and many other things, which I didn’t understand. There were dozens of sources.

It was very unusual, the Angel shimmered, and there was a sense that he contained everything listed above and more. He brought an ancient scroll and a golden harp. The man of God immediately took the scroll from the Angel and ate it. That is, the Angel didn’t offer it, the man of God came up, took it and ate it. Then the Angel came close to the man of God and placed a golden harp into his chest. The man of God winced a little in pain because the Angel touched and parted his chest, inserting the harp. After this, the man of God began to sing a song – it was not the sounds of a melody, but a river of fire that came out of his mouth – (and now listen carefully, this is what we must take and get empowered for this season) – from this song the upper crossbar of the Eastern Gates rose very high, and the side doors of the Gate narrowed even more, and there was an understanding that these were the wide open doors of the Gates. They are open not horizontally, but vertically. And the people around were horrified and asked: “Who can be saved when the Gate has risen so high and narrowed at the same time?” But the man of God, rejoicing greatly, said that it is impossible for  man to be saved by his own strength, but with God all things are possible, and he cried out in a loud voice: “Rejoice! Grace, grace! Receive grace!”

“Lift up your heads, o Gates!” – because Jesus should not bend down when He enters.

Amazing! I want to dwell on this last revelation. This season of raising the bar scares people. We think the bar will rise and we won’t be able to make it. But it’s just the opposite. Imagine: the wide open Gate is not wide, but high. This means that the Lord gives us today the opportunity and grace to multiply revelation, power, glory and love. We must lift God because we have evaluated Him low, we hold Him low. If you were to say how tall God is, what would you draw about Him, His qualities – it would be a “dwarf”. And today God wants this bar to be raised. This is what the “wide open Gate” is. It’s grace! Increase your understanding of grace!

It is impossible for man, but possible for God. It is only by grace that we are saved, we move and exist. Get empowered with this!

Today I have four or five more revelations of amazing power. It’s like ruby, diamond, sapphire and emerald. What do you love more? But they are equal. I would take a sapphire today, and then I would take a ruby ​​- dove’s blood, and then I would take an emerald, clear as a tear, the colors of eternal life.


Today a dream came. “It was shown how the man of God seemed to stand, as if out of time, though he was surrounded by all things that are now happening on earth. Three scrolls descend to him one by one from above. The first one says: “Time.” Evaluate your time. Feel it, embrace it – time!

The second one says: “Times.” This is already more difficult. What are the times like now? It’s global. To understand the times we live in, we need to see it globally. Only prophetic wings can lift you to where times can be seen. Only a strong, powerful spirit of the royal bird can lift you to that mountain. Where will you see the times? Time relates to the individual, and times relate to nations.

 And on the third scroll it is written: “half a time” – and this is already about prophecy, and this is already about the prophetic, and this is already about the sacred Scriptures, where everything is said, and this is already about what the prophets said and the Holy Spirit foretold. You need to have access to the Scriptures; access to the Scriptures is not given to strangers, but only to His own.

“Half a Time” can only be understood through the spirit of revelation, through the prophetic spirit. For no man can penetrate the Holy Scriptures unless the Holy Spirit reveals it to him. Therefore, “half the time” is about prophets.

“After this, all three scrolls disappear inside the man of God, and he raises his shofar to his lips and prepares to blow.”

It will be given what to blow. Knowledge and understanding will be given that ought to be released and blown, as all these scrolls are inside. Only when all these scrolls find harmony with each other – individual time, the times in which we move in this spinning whirlwind and half a time of God’s eternal Word – when they find harmony in one scroll, then the trumpet will be pure without falsehood. And the Word is true and pure.


“It was shown how the man of God was ministering at the intersection of three worlds, which were controlled by the Master through His servants – the holy Angels – the world of the Kingdom, the earthly world and the underworld. At the intersection of these worlds, Angels from these three worlds would fly up to him, each Angel brought revelation of a mystery from the world where he came from to the man of God. It was shown that these revelations differed by color and sound.”

Look, it’s the same as in the revelation of another minister – color and sounds!

“These revelations differed by color, sound, smell and intensity of light from those worlds from which the Angels came.”

Have prophetic strength. There is prophetic exhaustion. A weak spirit gets tired of revelations, and they pass you by. A strong spirit feeds to the end. He shakes down the measure so that it is shaken together and pressed down. A weak spirit “loses” it to the ground.

I want to remind you again – whoever is under the mantle is inside the revelation, he is also inside the man of God. This is an image. How else can God show it so that we can understand more precisely.

“First, the revelations of mysteries from the world of the Kingdom were of a bright and dazzling power of light. They also had an incredible fragrance – very bright colors and a variety of sounds. The revelations conveyed the beatitudes of the Kingdom from which the Angels brought them.”

Revelations of Beatitudes – receive revelations of beatitudes from the Kingdom realm. Angels come from the three worlds, and from the world of the Kingdom, the highest world, blessings come – bright heavenly colors, fragrance and variety of sounds. Receive this blessing! I receive and embrace. And there the light is of the redemptive power. The revelations conveyed the beatitude of the Kingdom from which the Angels brought them.

The second is the revelation of mysteries from the earthly world. There are also revelations in the earthly world. “They were of the power of sunlight and of the brightness of different earthly colors – earth, sun, earthly colors. They also had a variety of sounds and smells. The revelations conveyed great hope, as well as pain and suffering due to the disharmony of the earthly world from which the Angels brought them.”

Those who live in the soul, take this. There is hope there too. But also pain and suffering due to the disharmony, due to the chaos that the prince of darkness brought to the earthly level.

And thirdly, “the revelations of mysteries from the underworld were not dark.” For God’s people, everything is edible. “They also contained a measure of light from the fire that was present there from the Lord. These revelations carried the sounds, smells and colors of the terrible fire from the underworld.”

Yes it is. But God’s people are untouchable. They are chosen and saved in hope!

And one more revelation. “Over the Eastern Gates a new mantle appeared, which was like a bright rainbow, filled with colors that had not been seen on earth before.”

Listen: grace! Rainbow is grace! As it was said in that revelation, the man of God shouted: “Grace! Only grace! Only grace will allow us to enter this wide Gate. Put on the mantle of grace. Now receive it. Do not walk under the law. And worship and love Christ!

“And also around the rainbow there was a cloud that was full of eyes”. This is the cloud of witnesses. The cloud of witnesses is watching! These are people, the spirits of the righteous, they have eyes. These are spirits who see, and they watch from the cloud. They watch: “Will you overcome like I did? You can do it because I could!” They have achieved perfection, they help, they encourage. Where are they looking at? They are looking at you and your heart. If you are connected with them, you have studied them, if you have prayed their prayers, they know you by name. My Patrick, Augustine, and many thousands of heroes – they say: “Overcome!” And I have no contradictions, everything is in harmony in Divine grace. Even if you don’t understand it.

“Whoever entered the Eastern Gate had connection with the rainbow.”

In our grace of the Eastern Gate you must join with the rainbow, because here there is only one law – the constitution of the mantle – it is grace.

“For many, it was like going through an X-ray – nothing could be hidden there. Some, seeing this, were afraid to enter. They watched from the sidelines what would happen to those who had already entered. And those who entered changed and transformed with lightning speed; they were unrecognizable, because their appearance was no longer the same.”

Read Psalm 119. “Your testimonies also are my delight, and Your statutes are my counselors” (Psalm 119:24).

“…yes, while I was speaking in prayer, the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning, being caused to fly swiftly, reached me about the time of the evening offering. And he informed me, and talked with me, and said, “O Daniel, I have now come forth to give you skill to understand. At the beginning of your supplications the command went out, and I have come to tell you, for you are greatly beloved; therefore consider the matter, and understand the vision:” (Daniel 9:21-23).

Let a new season come in this raised bar of the Gates for new revelations! Let us receive Angelic visitations, breathe in, get filled, receive this Mantle of the rainbow, let us receive these good words that the Lord reveals to us by the Holy Spirit through vessels who watch, let us get empowered with Angelic visits, the appearance of Christ. Let the hand touch you, bring you to your knees and let Him speak to you. And the Lord gives new languages, new languages ​​from the Lord, learn new languages.

But there is a higher manifestation of revelation – which is higher than words, higher than visions and visitations, this is the highest manifestation, of which David said – “I always saw the Lord before me.” This is the hidden reserve within us, it is sleeping, or living casual, or afraid, or wounded, or deceived – let it come forward, stand under the rainbow, the Angles will throw the rainbow mantle on you, and you will enter the Gate and jump into the whirlwind, and the whirlwind will carry you from the Gates to where God has prepared the Harvest for you!