Return of the blessed intimacy

Kiss the Son


“In the Eastern Gates there was a change of God’s angels. The angels of God were with a bowl in one hand and with a fiery sword in the other.

In the bowl there were burning coals that blazed brightly. After some time, a strong whirlwind began, which seized a bowl with burning coals, these coals began to fall to the ground.

All this in different places produced different effect. In one place it was good, because the coals caused burning of things that were not needed, in another place it caused faults, and in the third there was a shock, and many more different effects.

Everything was different. People had different attitudes to this. For some, it was a disaster, for others a shock, for some it was unexpected, and others, on the contrary, were ready to accept what was happening, seeing this as good. ”

Angels are put in a certain place at a certain time to complete a certain task. I understand that certain angels replace others in order to fulfill a certain mission that has its own time frame. It’s like a change of guard.

I understand this so that we had an important meeting. And hot coals, which can also symbolize us, blazed brightly.

The coals differ from the fire. Fire can be touched, you can play with it, but not with coals. If you touch a coal, you get a burn – it makes a change – sometimes pain, sometimes heat and light.

A strong whirlwind that seized a bowl of coals, was like a galgal, and caused the coals to start falling to the ground.

Today I urge to accept the coals of the Lord. To accept this galgal, to accept what God is pouring to the earth. Fiery changes are coming. Maybe we used to receive a quiet, even and affectionate word that was not only convenient for us, but pleasant and understandable.

But coal is not clear, and often it is necessary to accept what the Lord has prepared, and not what we want or expect from Him.

I would like to share a few pieces of bread that I collected on the way.

In Belgium is the center of the European Union. Both the Commission and the Council of the European Union are there. Europe is governed from Brussels. These huge buildings stand like a wall and stir amazement – how the world is controlled today through the system.

There is also a statue – Europe, sitting on a scarlet beast. You know this story from Greek mythology: Zeus took the disguise of a bull and carried away Europe and raped her.

This is very similar to the story from the book of Revelation – when the beast allowed the Babylonian harlot to sit on him, and then destroyed her. Different interpreters speak differently about the meaning of this monument for Europe.

But what happened: this statue disappeared! Now the beast that takes Europe to destroy and rape her – it is gone!

No one knows where the statue is, where it was carried to and where it is now. Praise God! Now this harlot, who is riding on the beast, is no more! You have not heard this, neither have I. No one knew this. This is incredible!

God is working at night. While we sleep, the fig tree is drying up. While we rest, the Word works. God works in our sleep. When we wake up in the morning, we see the result. The fig tree didn’t dry up right away. We speak the prophetic Word and don’t see what is happening – we go to bed, we get up in the morning – and the fig tree is dry.

Today the Lord has dried up something in Europe! And it’s not all negative. What I have seen in the spirit is that the sprouts of the kingdom of God are stronger than the curse! I saw that the whole field was green, covered with shoots. It was huge and referred not only to Russia, but the Universe. It was the seedling field of the Kingdom of God that is coming. It was incredible and wonderful!

God is greater! One day, Elisha saw on the tops of the mountains those armies of heaven. He saw the chariots and cavalry of the Lord. And the prophet said, “For those who are with us are greater than those who are with them.” It’s incredible!

Today they speak negative of Europe, and it is incredibly difficult to believe what is really going on. We hear some prophetic declarations, but we find it hard to believe that God is coming and His Kingdom is prospering. Don’t be pessimistic! Don’t do so as to give glory to the devil, don’t do so as to give more attention to him than to God. Let’s keep it that God is coming and He is stronger! This is a powerful sign! The harlot is no more, and in the place where she stood there are trees and a garden.

We need to keep the ability to admire! “The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age, they shall be fresh and flourishing, to declare that the Lord is upright; He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in him ”(Psalms 92:12-15).

We are all planted in the House of the Lord! Work with your emotions! Don’t neglect them! The Lord gave them to admire Him and to give them to each other. Sometimes it is difficult to “squeeze out” even a smile from a believer. God has given us emotions so that we can admire.

Don’t you admire what’s around you? – His creation. Don’t you admire? Admire! God gave us emotions to glorify Him! Creation admires the Lord! Angels might be tired by now, but no – they always admire! But religion steals your emotions. Keep the child in you! Let this joyful boy or girl be inside us always!

This is how, brothers and sisters, we shall be preserved. Often inferiority complexes, laziness, pride, playing some role prevent us from being pure children. Let us live and give emotions to the Lord and to each other. Hallelujah!

The Lord says He will allure His Bride into the wilderness. How does God allure us? Sometimes with some kind of blessing. Sometimes through pain – we have nowhere to go, and we run for painkillers. Sometimes – by pressure through circumstances – He draws us with gentle cords, so that it is impossible to do anything. The Lord knows how to draw us. He says He’s alluring some of us into the wilderness tonight.

“Therefore, behold, I will allure her, will bring her into the wilderness, and speak comfort to her” (Hosea 2:14). God is taking us into the wilderness. In order to speak to her heart, you need to take her to the wilderness?! – Yes, where there is no noise, no Internet, no networks. There God begins to speak to the heart of His beloved. How beautiful it is! Lord, draw me away so I can hear Your voice!

It is from this holy silence that the blessing of God’s peace comes. He says: “And I will give her her vineyards from there, and the valley of Achor as a door of hope. She shall sing there, as in the days of her youth, and as in the day when she came up from the land of Egypt” (Hosea 2:15).

The Lord is bringing us back to our first love. I urge us to return – to the awakening of emotions, to the awakening of first love, to begin to sing.

Sing, sing to God! Even if you have no music ear – still sing! She will sing as in the days of her youth.

“And it shall be in that, says the Lord, that you will call me: “My Husband”, and no longer call Me: “Baali”. For I will take from her moth the names of the Baals, and they shall be remembered by their name no more”(Hosea 2:16-17).

God becomes Husband. He is no longer a bridegroom, but He is a husband. This is the one who has known you, this is the one who gave the seed – and you bring fruit. The God, who is in the Health with you, God, who has a marriage covenant, and He protects you, He provides you, gives a seed. He leads you in life, like a husband.

“In that day I will make a covenant for them with beasts of the field and with birds of the air, and with the creeping things of the ground. Bow and sword of battle I will shatter from the earth, to make them lie down safely” (Hosea 2:18).

Have you ever experienced miracles with beasts? I remember how when I believed, the birds would fly over and hang in the air near my face and sing with me. I understood that the Lord was sending me signs, and even creation could obey. Man can do what Adam did in Eden. See what the Lord promises: He will make a covenant with beasts of the field – snake will not bite man. God will give you to live in safety! The Lord gives peace through the wilderness.

Do not be afraid of the wilderness. The Lord leads us to the wilderness to speak to our heart. The Lord leads us to the wilderness to renew the covenant with us. He leads so that we begin to sing to Him again, so that we hear Him.

“ I will betroth you to Me forever; Yes, I will betroth you to Me in righteousness and justice, in lovingkindness and mercy; I will betroth you to me in faithfulness, and you shall know the Lord”(Hosea 2: 19-20). Renew your covenant. This is not water baptism, this is renewal of the covenant. Why not do it again? Why not do it today or tomorrow?

“It shall come to pass in that day that I will answer, the Lord says, I will answer the heavens, and they shall answer the earth, the earth shall answer with grain, with new wine and with oil; they shall answer Jezreel. Then I will sow her for myself in the earth, and I will have mercy on her who had not obtained mercy; then I will  say to those who were not My people: “You are My people”, and they shall say: “You are my God!” (Hosea 2:21-23).

Connection! The Lord is already taking some of us, some He will yet take to the wilderness. Don’t be afraid of the wilderness. This is not the wilderness where there’s only suffering and the end is dry sand. This wilderness should end with a garden. It should end with a promise of God and renewal in first love. Don’t be afraid! Let’s follow Him into the wilderness when the Lord leads us!

Another piece of bread.

“Then the Lord said to me: go again, love a woman who is loved by a lover, and is committing adultery, just like the love of the Lord for the Sons of Israel, who look to other gods and love the raisin cakes of the pagans” (Hosea 3:1).

I want to inspire you to go and love another again. I don’t take negative examples. Our friends, our circle of acquaintances often “dries up”, there are no new acquaintances. It is sad. The Lord says: “Go again and love”! I want to inspire us – to expand our limits. Go and love more!

The Lord continues to love those who betray Him. He continues to love those who are not worthy of Him. I urge us to go and love not those who are pleasant to us, but those who will be difficult to love. It is very interesting! In other words, the Lord shows an example of how He loves Israel who is committing an adultery. He says: “I bought it for my fifteen silver coins.” What are “fifteen silver coins”? This is barley, not even flour. Watch how cheap he found a woman for himself! Indeed, the price of these “extensions” of our love may not be so large.

Imagine if we love at least one more person! We will be twice as much! Go again and love some other!

“… and I said to her: You shall stay with me for many days; you shall not play the harlot, nor shall you have a man – so too will I be toward you.” For the children of Israel shall abide many days without king or prince, without sacrifice, or sacred pillar, without ephod or teraphim. Afterward, the children of Israel shall return and seek the Lord their God and David their king. They shall fear the Lord and His goodness in the latter days” (Hosea 3:4-5).

Remember that some of us are a prophetic sign, a prophetic parable. Watch. Watch carefully.

One more thing. Kiss Jesus. Have you thought about it? I spoke about this some time ago. This is a mystical thing. No need to imagine how this happens in the world of people. Paul said that this is said in relation to Christ and to the Church. Paul spoke of the relationship of husband and wife as a spiritual image of the relationship of the Lord and the Church.

How can Jesus kiss? Scripture tells us: “Kiss your son.” What a strange command! When we kiss the child, this is so pure! Adults become kinder.

Yes, kiss the Son. When Jesus came to earth, He came not only as the son of God, but, to some extent, even as your son. Jesus Christ is the Son, the Son of Man. And all your human thing – the brightest, holy, sublime, the kindest thing your mother gave to you, and what God gave and granted to you, He breathed into you the wisdom of God and His beauty – everything is enclosed in the Son. Kiss the Son for this!

“And behold, a woman in the city who was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at the table in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster vessel of fragrant oil and stood at his feet behind Him weeping; and she began to wash His feet with her tears and wiped them with the hair of her head; and she kissed his feet, and anointed them with fragrant oil”(Luke 7: 37-38).

One sister said how difficult it is for a woman to kiss a man before other men. This is true. But I no longer think like a secular person. It becomes more and more clear to me why we should kiss, and not why it is a shame to kiss. I go over to the side of God, and the world of God is getting clearer to me. And it works.

That harlot did not ask for water, but she gave hers – water from her eyes. In other words, she watered his feet with tears. How much tears do you need to make a man’s feet wet?! How much tears do you need to wipe them with your hair? She watered Jesus’s feet with her tears. The Pharisee judged her, because she didn’t ask him for water. She gave her water from her eyes.

“Then He turned to the woman and said to Simon:“ Do you see this woman? I entered your house; you gave me no water for my feet, but she with she has washed my feet with her tears and wiped them with the hair of her head. You  gave me no kiss, but this woman has not ceased to kiss My feet since the time I came in; You did not anoint My head with oil, but this woman has anointed My feet with fragrant oil. Therefore, I say to you: her sins, which are many are forgiven for she loved much, but to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.” Then He said to her: “Your sins are forgiven.” (Luke 7: 44-48).

We spoke about emotions: let’s give them. This is “kissing Jesus.” Let’s give Him what we can give.

Water poured from her heart. They poured from her eyes because those were cannels. But the water poured from the heart of this woman so that she washed Jesus’s feet with tears. Kissing Jesus is to kiss his feet.

The next is to kiss hands. It is written: “Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters, as the eyes of a made to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God, until He has mercy on us” (Psalter 123: 2). If a servant is turned to the master, and he stretches his hand to him, touching him favorably, then the servant immediately clings to his hand with his lips. Because it is the highest intimacy in the hierarchy.

Today for at it is the same – we receive power from the Lord, His works – we thank God for the creation, for His footstool, we thank for everything that concerns His feet. And the hand is the work of the Lord. These are supernatural manifestations of Christ. This is what God does with His hands. Kissing His hands for His marvelous and wonderful works not only for us, but over His creation.

And the third is to kiss our Lord’s lips. I speak carefully, but boldly – that it is absolutely beautiful to kiss the Son. Kiss the Son! Honor Him lest He be angry!

“… Your mouth is like the best wine. It goes down smoothly for my beloved, moving gently the lips of sleepers. I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me” (Song of songs 7:11). How does wine flow from the mouth? Yes, it flows – through a kiss.

Kiss the Son – His legs, His hands, His lips. This is the highest level of oneness – when we are there not because of His footstool, not because He gave us something, but because of Himself! Lift up your eyes – from the feet – on high. Lift up your eyes – higher and higher.

Look at His face and connect with the most sacred – with the Countenance of our beautiful Lord, the King of kings, the God of gods and the Lord of lords!

In conclusion. Keep the power of light. Because light has power. So does the spirit of man – they see or don’t see us. Do you know how much people see us? – By the power of the light that we radiate. They see us with their own eyes, but they may not see us in spirit. Because the power of light is weak. They can hear our voice, but not see the light emanating from us.

What is the power of light? – This is what the Lord has put in our hearts.

Jesus said so: “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light up a lamp and put it under a basket, but on lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5: 14-16).  People see us because of the light, and not because of words. They follow us because of the light. Not after words and not even after works, but after this mystical, wonderful light, which they see in us even through a silent look. People follow the light. So shine! Keep your radiance of light high! Raise the light at full power and do not dim. Keep the power of light!

What is it concluded in?

This is the joy of salvation, this is the fruit of the spirit. A sad person cannot shine.

This is kindness. Do not be angry, let kindness pour out through us. Do not be angry, vengeful.

This is faith. Light is faith. A man of God emanates faith, not suspicion. What is impossible by our strength. Faith is a particle of light emanating from our heart.

This is righteousness. A man of light lives in the truth of God, he lives in righteousness. It is felt that he is a holy, not a simple person. An anointing of the righteous should come from us.

The power of light also lies in the strength of the spirit. The spirit of a person should be strong. The power of the spirit is to follow the Lord, regardless of any circumstances. A man of light goes further on, he has the power to lead other people. When everyone loses hope, he continues to carry everyone. He has the power of the spirit – it is light.

What else is the power of light? This is Love. Maybe not so beautiful, not so elegant. But a man loves. Love is part of our DNA. This is the deepest component of our spiritual person.

And one more – the power of light is to give. To give salvation, to share salvation, because he has a lot of it, a man of light gives salvation.

Keep your power of light. Remember that people don’t follow you because of the words, but because of the power of light that they feel in you.

Kiss the Son, keep the power of His light, go and love someone else, do not be afraid of the wilderness, there is a hidden oasis, garden, and continue to maintain the ability to admire, keep this child untouched, a child in yourself. Kissing the Son will be a child in you. Be like children, for theirs is the Kingdom of God.