New shifts

Fruitful life

Sunday (russ. “resurrection”) is a reminder to the whole world that it is resurrection day. Think about it, why was this day called that? Because Jesus Christ has risen. Saturday is Shabbat. But for God’s people, there’s this reminder that there is a way of resurrection, that is, a day on which we resurrect. Jesus rose again on the first day of the week. The Lord did not choose the Sabbath for the resurrection, but the first day of the week. On the first day He created the heavens and the earth. The Lord again renews the entire cycle of all creation and rises precisely on the first day of the week.

I like that this is not the last, not the seventh day, but the first. Set Sunday as the first day of your week. First you rise again, first you bring a sacrifice to the Lord, and then live your life. Shift your calendar. Resurrection is new life. If you cope with this program, you will look at life differently.

Grow in prophetic ministry. Always catch in the spirit what the Lord wants to give you or wants to take something from you, don’t be greedy, because you will not be renewed. He takes something away in order to give something new.

Job was a man of unusual glory and strength, but when his glory reached its apogee, the Lord decided to make him a young man – he took everything from him and began to give him a new life, and all of the old died, even the children all left, all the wealth was gone. And he didn’t sit disappointed and sad, but began a new life. Begin a new life, those of you who lost something, and live stronger than before. This is new resurrection. And you get discouraged because you look into the past, you don’t understand God, you get discouraged, you lash out at people. By and large, you beat not people, but God; to be honest, you are offended by God. This is not true, it shouldn’t be like this. God didn’t curse you, you did it to yourself. Jesus didn’t rise again to curse you. Jesus didn’t rise to take away your happiness. He rose again to give you the fullness of abundant life. Therefore, do not lie about God! He is good, He is light!

There are some prophetic feelings. I see a difference between Israel and the saints. When He says “Jacob” these are the baser levels of the natural life, and when He says “Israel” or “Zion” He sees the glorious level which He proclaims above them. Jacob, the “worm,” has his sights set on becoming a “threshing sledge,” and he hopes that he is on that path. This is important when Jacob realizes that he is “Israel.” This is the new name that Jacob received when he wrestled with the Angel. But there is more – when the Lord calls “saints”. When He says “Israel,” this is the body of believers, this is the community, the family of the Body of Christ. And when He says “saints,” this is the sum of individuals, these are personalities. When He says “Israel” it is one Body, but when He says “saints” it means the sum of individuals whom He knows by name.

One saint can change cities, regions and peoples, and even times. Imagine the entire book of judges being written about one person. If the judge changed, all of Israel changed. Take Deborah – she rose up and suddenly she leaves – that’s it, devastation, Israel begins to weaken, they scatter into their ravines, and again the enemy creeps up, he immediately sees that there is no anointed one and begins to “cloud” everything until a new judge rises – such as Samson, Ehud, Deborah. The judges rise up and save Israel. One saint can control entire cities, entire regions and nations.

I thought about it. This is a very important truth. Become a saint. Of course, this comes from the calling, from the destiny, but that’s how it works. I can feel it. Presence is important. The person is simply present here, and the people are safe. The person is absent – there is danger. This is a very important truth. And it applies especially to shepherds. You shepherds must be those saints. You are present, and people feel better, everyone feels good, as if God’s sun were here. But if you are not there, it’s as if everything were dark and hopeless. Not that we have no Lord, but that the Lord is the King of the saints – destined individuals who haven’t stepped away from their purpose, haven’t renounced.


“Two stars that seemed similar to each other, but one was artificial, and the other was real. It could only be distinguished by those who knew the real star very well – all its facets, transparency and bright light. The artificial star was very well made, but it lacked clear edges, transparency, and bright light. And those who had no understanding, took it for real and was guided by it. But this was a mistake, because it led not to the light, but, on the contrary, led far away from it. Those who could tell the difference tried to help those who could not discern where the real star and where the artificial one was, so that they would learn to discern and go with those who had knowledge of the real star – closer to the light.”

What a blessing it is that we have God’s Word!

Today there was also a revelation that we were given the scroll of Isaiah, chapter 12.

“The man of God opened the scroll that was given to him by an Angel of God and read chapter 12 of Isaiah. Afterwards, the man of God said that now is a time of great acceleration, that everyone needs to hurry up, otherwise we may not have time to do what the Lord has called us to do. Also, the man of God gave new clothes and new sprouts of sprouted seeds.”

We can speed up processes. These are very complicated martial arts of the spirit, of the highest class, for skilled ones – how to speed up processes. There are two ways to move at speed: to be part of it by jumping into a speeding train, or to speed it up with your effort – and you can speed it up, but this is the highest skill.

We can neglect, or we can cloth in revelation. I read a revelation, I may not understand all of it, but I read it anyway. So I open the door to make it work, I speed up the fulfillment. This is one of the accelerators – to do as it has been shown – to obey God’s vision. This is acceleration.

“And in that day you will say: “O Lord, I will praise You; though You were angry with me, your anger is turned away, and You comfort me. Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid; ‘For Yah, the Lord, is my strength and song; He also has become my salvation.’ ” Therefore with joy you will draw water

From the wells of salvation. And in that day you will say: “Praise the Lord, call upon His name; declare His deeds among the peoples, make mention that His name is exalted. Sing to the Lord, for He has done excellent things;

This is known in all the earth. Cry out and shout, O inhabitant of Zion, for great is the Holy One of Israel in your midst!” (Isaiah 12:1-6)

This day is now. Because I say it now. This day I make THAT day – that’s what acceleration is!

This is the most powerful thing, there are no conditions here, there are no time signs in the context, it says that we can make this day. I want to encourage all of us to pray chapter 12 of Isaiah. And there are no conditions here. It is said that you make this day a day of salvation.

Start the week on Sunday, not Monday, you didn’t “overrest” with Shabbat mixed with Sunday, but you rose from the dead on the first day of the week.

Shabbat is the day when God rested from His work. And Jesus rose again on the first day. Don’t mix these things! A week should begin with Sunday and end with Shabbat. These are new scrolls, these are new seeds from a new basket!

Christianity gave us a religion that doesn’t endure in history. And today we are renewing the seeds. The seeds are dead and there are many of them. There, in the man of God, we shift things, work with blind spots, sow seeds there, because this is more clear for a thinking person, how to pacify Judaism and Christianity. They argue about what day to gather on, Sabbath or Sunday. This is not important, but what is important is that these are completely different things: Sunday is the beginning, and Shabbat is the end. Jesus did not rise on the Sabbath to “mix” and reconcile the Church and Judaism. He rose again on a different day – after  Shabbat, because He kept the Shabbat, He didn’t break it, He did not bring conflict, He rose on the first day!

We accept God’s revelation and speed up. The great acceleration is that he wrote this hundreds of years before Christ, and we’ve taken it and called this day by this revelation. You must take it by faith. Eat this loot, don’t leave a piece! If you take it and dissolve it, then this day will become your day.

There is also a revelation speaking that the Lord gives the keys of judgment and mercy, and that these streams are flowing here. We don’t curse with judgments, we don’t release judgments, we are not the Lord, but we don’t stand in the way, as it is written: “Cursed is he who keeps back My sword from blood,” we can step away and the judgments continue. This is what I have attained so far: not to interfere with God’s judgments.

And also the second type of keys given are the keys of mercy. And they are even more powerful. The revelation showed that the keys of mercy were like an alloy of silver and meteorite, but the keys of judgment were made of a metal like lead, it was very heavy. But the key of mercy was even heavier in weight.

 It was shown that waters were flowing on earth from different sources, they had different tastes and colors, but at the very source they were polluted, so the waters from them flowed muddy, and people got sick, were covered with ulcers, many died. But another source was also discovered, from which all those who drank from it came to life and were healed. It was shown how the man of God chose the key of mercy, which, by its power and weight, could open any lock and give access. This is a very important season.”

I testify that this is so. Go and have mercy on people. Bring mercy. Don’t rejoice at the judgments, shut, leave it – go to mercy! Simply forgive, have mercy, speak mercy and enter into this season.

“The man of God chose the key of mercy, which, due to its power and weight, could open any locks and give access to them. He began to open some locks according to his understanding and give access to them – to some polluted sources of water – from which people got sick, covered with ulcers and many died – and the man of God began to cleanse these polluted sources, to open access for the water from a heavenly source. The cleansed springs were washed with the water from a heavenly source, and their waters were healed. Whoever drank them began to discern color and taste, and they neither got sick nor died from those waters anymore.”

I have seen brothers and sisters rejoice over the judgments. Such an “underground” joy from the judgments. This is a bad spirit, this is wrong. We must show compassion in the judgments. And mercy is what brings us pleasure, it is the right spirit.

We must not forget what clothes the Lord has put on us—remember that this is also the season of wisdom. Get clothed, sharpen up. You can spend much effort, and it doesn’t bring results. Reconsider technologies, “sharpen your axe.” Think about your life.

Remember what revelations the Lord clothed us with. It is like armor—layered clothing of the armor of God. Remember, this is the season of wisdom. You can spend much strength, and it won’t do much good. Reconsider technologies, reconsider your strategies. Perhaps you need to stop and sharpen the ax, and it will be much more effective with less load – more results. Think about your life – how you earn money, think about the way you live, how you spend your time, what happens to your body, your soul, how it develops, what is with your spirit – how it enjoys God. Think about this and “sharpen your axes” because a dull ax no longer brings results. Perhaps, you’ll have more freedom to serve God. You will have more free time if you change your job. You will have more finances. Why not? Maybe you’re in the wrong place and just afraid of change. But if you do something and take risks, you will shift to a different quality of life. You will have more time to strengthen your spiritual man and bear fruit in the Kingdom of God. Do you think God enjoys your suffering, sweat or tears? God is a Good Father. He wants blessings for us.

Therefore, it is the season of wisdom. This is a “sharpened axe.” “Sharpen your axe.”

This is also a season of mercy. Receive mercy from God. Be merciful in your own eyes. Have mercy on yourself. From there, start showering mercy on others. You can’t imagine how people will be drawn, how easy it will be to live, how pleasant the morning will be when this day is a day of mercy. The throne of God is called the mercy seat.

Remember the instantaneous acceleration for getting connected. You can connect with God instantly. I don’t want it to take a long time – I want it now! He says: “Immediately”! I want Jesus to do with me right now. I remember we were taught that the Gospel of Mark is called the Gospel of Action – it has the biggest number of uses of the word “immediately”. Jesus did everything “immediately”, this is the Gospel of acceleration. Read the Gospel of Mark and you will see it. There are some things you need to do urgently. You put off too much until tomorrow, and it becomes your style.

We are chosen and gifted by God today to fulfill a specific purpose that God has not given to them, but to me. It is for this purpose that you must identify your gifts. You must understand your calling and live according to it. How Abraham walked towards his calling and lived according to it. An ordinary man lives from his thought – how he thinks is how he lives. “Blue” thoughts give “blue” feelings. “Gray” thoughts give a “gray” mood. “Brown” thoughts – “brown” mood, and ultimately, “brown” words. Man lives the way he thinks, the way he reflects, the way he understands things. All this controls him, both feelings and thoughts guide him. He even believes God and prays from there, for example, he prays out of fear that there’s a danger, because simply such a thought came to him. And from these feelings and thoughts a person serves God and can devote a whole year for praying his thought. This is not a prophecy, this is simply a child of fear, because you had no faith, neither your feelings were subject to the Word.

And this is what most Christians do to a different degree.

There is another type of people, they are not prophets either, but hypersensitive people, and there is a lot of this in churches. A true prophetic man of God controls his spirit. Scripture says that “he who rules his spirit is stronger than he who takes a city” – he is higher than feelings and thoughts, and his thoughts are not his, because the thoughts of the Lord are higher than the thoughts of man.

You accept the thoughts of the Lord and walk in His thoughts, you have the same feelings that are in Christ Jesus. You are filled with the Spirit of God, and in the Spirit you experience life. It is not without the Holy Spirit that you perceive life, but through the Spirit of God, through the fullness of the Spirit, that you perceive life. If you add water to a vessel, let it be full of water. A true vessel of God, a spiritual person lives above thoughts and feelings. This is the Word of God dwelling in him. This is why it is said that the young men overcame the wicked one, because the Word of God abides in you. Remember that the quality of life is in your hands. You can live a very low quality life, and it’s not about food. Quality of life is the level of happiness you have. It also comes from your thoughts, which come from your beliefs. If you believe that God dislikes you or is angry, your quality of life will suffer. Try to rejoice fully and dance before Him. I won’t look at your circumstances, I will look at your faith. God didn’t choose me because He liked me, He liked me for who I would be, He knows who I am. God tells us: “Trust Me!” When God speaks, it is authoritative. I decided to believe Him. I chose to believe that “by one offering He has perfected those who are being sanctified”. I want to be sanctified, and in this process of sanctification He has made me perfect. I believe the Word. I am a young man who has overcome the wicked one because the Word of God abides in me. I am not yet the father who has known the Beginningless One. But I am already on God’s side with both hands and feet.

So stand in the Word, learn to believe in the Word. This is where supernatural life begins. You stand not in superstition, but in the Word. You believe the Word of God more than your own ears. Just start walking in that direction, start saying what the Word says, and not what you see. Believe the Word more than yourself. A true mystic rises above reason and feelings – this is what characterizes him. He stands in what God has said and is walking to Him – completely throwing himself into this abyss of trust.

That is all! It is finished! He is nailed, but He trusts! The feet are pierced – can’t walk, but He trusts. Reproach, the thorn crown, something unclear they wrote above your head – He keeps trusting, that’s all! Faces around, everything is growling – doesn’t matter. Time stretches and speeds up – it doesn’t matter: He is in the Word.

“Now when the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon, she came to Jerusalem to test Solomon with hard questions, having a very great retinue, camels that bore spices, gold in abundance, and precious stones; and when she came to Solomon, she spoke with him about all that was in her heart. So Solomon answered all her questions; there was nothing so difficult for Solomon that he could not explain it to her. And when the queen of Sheba had seen the wisdom of Solomon, the house that he had built, the food on his table, the seating of his servants, the service of his waiters and their apparel, his cupbearers and their apparel, and his entryway by which he went up to the house of the Lord, there was no more spirit in her.

Then she said to the king: “It was a true report which I heard in my own land about your words and your wisdom. However I did not believe their words until I came and saw with my own eyes; and indeed the half of the greatness of your wisdom was not told me. You exceed the fame of which I heard. Happy are your men and happy are these your servants, who stand continually before you and hear your wisdom! Blessed be the Lord your God, who delighted in you, setting you on His throne to be king for the Lord your God! Because your God has loved Israel, to establish them forever, therefore He made you king over them, to do justice and righteousness.”

And she gave the king one hundred and twenty talents of gold, spices in great abundance, and precious stones; there never were any spices such as those the queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon.

Also, the servants of Hiram and the servants of Solomon, who brought gold from Ophir, brought algum wood and precious stones. And the king made walkways of the algum wood for the house of the Lord and for the king’s house, also harps and stringed instruments for singers; and there were none such as these seen before in the land of Judah.

Now King Solomon gave to the queen of Sheba all she desired, whatever she asked, much more than she had brought to the king. So she turned and went to her own country, she and her servants.” (2 Chronicles 9:1-12).

The Queen of Sheba sails on “steamers” to Solomon. This is an amazing story, which involves all things. She’s a woman, she was gathering for the journey. She decided to go to Solomon, since she had heard a lot about him. She had her own army, wealth, her enemies were silent. And so the retinue goes to Solomon in Jerusalem. Solomon was an anointed one, a prophet, a poet, he knew everything. And it is written that she gave the king one hundred and twenty talents of gold. Why such waste? What was in her heart? What triggered her? Having never seen him, she took the best incense from her home… Well, she had a heart. She was taking things to the One who was in him. She understood that a supernatural river flowed through this man, and she wanted to partake of this river. She wanted a connection, a joining with this river. That’s why her arrival was so precious.

That’s who kings are! Solomon gave her all she wanted and asked for. She just didn’t ask for what she brought. What an encounter! Two stars collided.

What is it all about? This is a sacrifice. Human life is a sacrifice. The life of a man of God is a sacrifice. The queen gathered her sacrifice. She didn’t just get a set of gifts, she gathered a sacrifice. A sacrifice to the king, in which the Lord was reflected. And Solomon saw it, recognized it and appreciated it. That’s why he said: “Whatever you want, take it!”

What kind of spirit do we have? Dear brothers and sisters, life as a sacrifice! And you wonder why you are unhappy?! You wonder why you don’t have splashing happiness? What have you done for God? “I did things for Him! But He’s such that He doesn’t remember!” Of course, usually all this spills out on people. The Word says, “The reproaches of those who reproached You fell on Me.” God Himself first gave us His Sacrifice – He showed us what it is, God Sacrifice. He gave His only begotten Son. The Son of God Himself became the Sacrifice. And He Himself became the Sacrifice. All He could do was give Himself. Not in place of Himself, but Himself. Paul says: “I am being poured out as an offering on a sacrifice” – Apostle!

“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:1-2).

Sacrifice. We must understand about sacrifice. Life as a sacrifice. Jesus became the Sacrifice. And the Church must become a sacrifice. Evaluate your Christianity, all your experience, all your faith and think of how to lay it on a plate called “sacrifice”, not “joy”, not “freedom”. How do you serve God as a sacrifice? Sacrifice and freedom are different things. Some people serve only where its freedom, where it is pleasant, where he wants to – he hasn’t become a sacrifice yet. God first became a sacrifice, Jesus became a sacrifice, and the church must be a sacrifice. Do you not believe? I am sorry for you.

Sacrifice must be made with joy, it can’t be brought with complain. Sacrifice should be offered with thanksgiving. A heart full of praise and you give with joy. You say: “Lord! I’m not giving you what was stolen!” You either hold something in your hand, or you can go and give your time. This is my sacrifice! Do not look if someone has more, but offer your own sacrifice. But all of us must give sacrifice. And whoever has nothing – neither bulls nor sheep – but has a cake to fry, he takes it from there and gives it to God. Even a homeless person has something to give. Every person has something to give. And he doesn’t.

Sacrifice must be the best. If you were told to make Jesus’ bed, would you take the worst? This is the most terrible crime – to give the worst! Think about it! You need to give the best to God. The Queen of Sheba and Solomon – it was mutual service. They didn’t give out of too much wealth; there is no such thing as too much wealth. There are always things you regret to part with. But all she was carrying was a sacrifice. Don’t think that if someone has a lot of money, he doesn’t care, those are people like everyone else. But they are generous in their sacrifice. I admire this.

Paul spoke about offerings. He said that God loves those who give willingly. And sacrifice is made with faith and expectation. You wait to see whether you please or not. You have given what you valued, and you expect a response.

Sacrifice of love. It is no longer a sacrifice with love, but a sacrifice of love – this is a big difference. David brought silver and gold – this is a sacrifice with love, but Christ offered Himself.

Sacrifice is connected with gifts. They come as a reward. Take this revelation. Many do not receive gifts because they offer poorly. Try to offer and you will see.

“Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and try Me in this, says the Lord of hosts: if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessings that there will not be room enough to receive it?” (Malachi 3:10).

The Lord is unchangeable. All of God’s Word God-inspired, and true, and living. Sacrifice is connected with reciprocity. God responds to sacrifices with His blessing. He is watching. He noted the widow who brought all her living. And He answered her with His blessing.

Be the kind of person who understands life as a sacrifice. Many get “sour” from selfishness – they quit offering, quit serving, quit viewing their life as a sacrifice. See it! Love the people! Serve the Lord!

Sacrifice accelerates spiritual growth. Why do so many continue to be infants? – Because they have no experience of ministry. The richest experience is gained through ministry. This is not reading books at home. This is a service experience.

Sacrifice strengthens faith because you have a different level of relationship. Everything pays off. You can’t give too much to God and then become poor.

Sacrifice is adorned with risk. Sacrifice is like spiritual warfare. You continue to sacrifice even in difficult times. You need to sacrifice militantly – when there are doubts, thoughts, fears. You keep offering! You need to offer regularly and constantly. One must take leaps into sacrifice, cross the line. And the sacrifice can multiply. When the Lord blesses you, multiply your sacrifice.

Types of sacrifices are a relationship with God, first of all. When you sacrifice sleep, health, time. And a relationship with God is also a sacrifice, not just pleasure.

Personal service to God is also a sacrifice – contemplation, worship, also in church. Friendship is also a sacrifice. Many people are not educated, not cultured, but you understand that this person needs you. Don’t be too just – if this were applied to you, you would not endure. Sacrifice! The sacrifice must manifest in love of fellowship. Sacrifice manifests itself in prayer, in fasting, in worship, in finances, in charity.

Sacrifice manifests in serving others. I’m not just talking about finances. You will say – this is not spiritual. How can it not be spiritual? After all, the whole of you is  the temple of God. Everything that concerns you is your life. Give up crafty suspicions and base things. The widow didn’t consider the Pharisees; she came straight to God.

It is us who need to see our lives not only as worship, but as a sacrifice as well. Therefore, when you don’t feel like “happy”, or “worship”, give sacrifice. Be sacrificial people. It is sacrificial Christianity that is real and salty. Jesus did not cancel the sacrifice, He Himself became it.