New Heaven



“I see a bride dressed beautifully and exquisitely. But the man of God said to her, “You have borrowed all this. Why did you do that? Where did you lose your own dress? The bride was very surprised that the man of God asked her these questions, because it was so. She blushed, not knowing what to say. The man of God told her to take it all back and find her own dress, so that she doesn’t lose anything at all.”

You understand that this is not only about physical clothes, not only about the debts that we sometimes get into. To live in debt is when you live beyond your means, beyond your capabilities. There are critical points when we can borrow, but in any case, we can only take with an understanding that we will give it back. But if we don’t have an idea of how we are going to give it back, how can we take? We live beyond our means. It’s like taking a weight beyond your strength and starting to strain. Thus we break the harmony of the inner and outer world, we suffer from what we bring upon ourselves.

Therefore, it is very important not to envy. Poor people often don’t like rich people. And the most stupid and unhealthy thing is when they think that the rich are wicked. Many people who have achieved something have gone through serious trials. For some, wealth, if not stolen, was worth a lot of effort, much more than the money they earned. Do not rush to “sentence” people who have achieved something. Therefore, some who walk high also experience spiritual pressure. These are people who have achieved something.

Some of us are not able to handle big money because of great responsibility. They will waste, drink, simply can’t carry it. Because to be a person who multiplies, keeps and creates some other blessings – these are not ordinary people, they deserve respect.

Today we need to renew our minds. The church is the place where people become healthy. I had a chance to meet people who have wealth. Those were very spiritual people. Bert Clendennen, he is already in eternity, said that he had one friend, a millionaire, a very good brother. He was a really good businessman, but also a very pious man. This brother traveled with him to different countries to pay for many projects – accommodation, food, travel.

We also know one brother, a pharmacist who produces ginseng in Korea, one of the best in the country. This is very serious. These are high-quality products, which today are presented at various international airports. He told how he came to this. One day he renewed all his faith, decided to go to the Lord for real. He realized that the life he had lived didn’t make him happy. He revised his faith and believed afresh. I have personally heard this story. When he shared, he was on a long fast. Tell me, if you are a millionaire, why do you fast?! Because he loves the Lord. And he fasted not for money, but for the heart. As he spoke, such a powerful and heavy anointing flowed through his mouth!

He began to pray to God to come to Him — to the real One. The Lord then began to help him by giving business ideas. And ginseng tea is one of them. Everything is perfect there – both the quality of the product and the design – as it is written about God – “His work is honorable and glorious.” God makes quality things! He does quality work. If He heals, He truly heals. If He saves, He really saves. If He moves this miracle, then it is real.

Therefore, everything that you do, do it of quality, as the Scripture says – “whatever you do, do it as for the Lord”.

In Christianity, we may often see carelessness, negligence. It’s even becoming a norm. Everyone is used to living “by grace”. But this must be stopped.

The Lord revealed to this brother that he should go to Mount Ararat. Incredibly rare plants grow there. He went, began to collect them and add them to his tea. How interesting! Just unbelievable! And when he was sharing this, he constantly repeated that God showed him everything, he knew nothing of it. Those were business ideas, but in reality he was learning to hear the voice of God. It’s amazing when God lives in you and He is a businessman.

Some of you need to change your life, get engaged in something. Because it’s flowing in a constant. But it only looks like it. In reality you either move down or you grow up. If you move up, you grow, but if you do nothing, you get carried away. Jesus said that “he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.”

When this brother began to pray for me, I didn’t even expect that he was a profound prophet! He immediately saw my heart and said: “It is you who should pray for me! You know what I’m talking about. I see an “explosion”, I see a “bomb!” And he began to simply “pierce” me with his prophecy. I was very surprised! It was My Father who spoke through him to me, and in an adult talk way!

I think it is happiness when a man does what he loves. If it even provides for him, that’s great. Reconsider your matter. Invite a good Adviser – the Holy Spirit – Who can give us good advice: how to change your life so that it becomes a happy life.

People who received the Word into their lives changed their lives. We have those who testify that it was not themselves, but as they simply believed in the released Word, that brought them success.

We need to consult with God. Yes, mammon is evil. But mammon is the love of money. We’re not talking about that.

This man was a servant of God. You can’t evaluate people out of your own depravity. Christ looks at the heart, not the flesh. Therefore, we can’t judge people who live better than us. This is a low spirit.

In this revelation, the bride was dressed in expensive clothes, but all this was for debt. I think she lived beyond her means. We must understand how we live. Are we able to repay loans, debts? Do we have a plan for how we will give? But if we want to raise the standard of living and don’t think about how we will do it, there is a discrepancy. Then we will suffer.

The bride is the Church. When we dress in other people’s clothes, it doesn’t fit us. It looked elegant, but the bride was surprised that the man of God penetrated and understood the situation. She blushed, she was ashamed, she didn’t know what to answer. The man of God told her to go and look for her own, and return someone else’s so as not to lose everything.

People are losing faith. When they don’t live according to their conscience, when they put aside the truth in their lives. We have seen such cases in our twenty-nine years of ministry. Being very zealous in ministry people fell low because somewhere they allowed themselves to live in untruth. They agreed to live with it. A small lie entered in their hearts, and they agreed to live with it, but it destroys, it grows!

“For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make shall remain before me, says the Lord, so shall your descendants and your name remain” (Isaiah 66:22).

The Lord says here what He will do. This is the future tense. This means that there is a new heaven and a new earth in God’s plans, which have not yet been created. He says this about God’s people. I believe that this is what we are to create. God says our seed and name shall remain. That is, without us it is impossible. I want to inspire us to create new life!

Perhaps your life can’t be called glorious yet. You keep experiencing stress, a wound, a mistake… Here one thing is to go still. But there are those who continue to create things. I want to call forth these people, release this potential. I am called to make the church stronger. Today I call forth this heaven!

Every person has heaven and earth. Today the Lord wants to call forth heavenly things. God wants us to create heavenly things—in other words, to renew our relationship with God! For us to reconsider our faith.

I also know a brother who is an ambassador. He holds audiences with presidents. He is a prophet. And he testified about himself that he prays every day by the Spirit for three hours, because at his level it is impossible to endure without this much prayer. Presidents ask him for a word from God, and he prophesies and heals from diseases.

I think that this is how Elijah, Daniel, who lived under the kings and were prophets, moved. Among the presidents and the government, I believe, there may be a man of God.

I know that in one church in California, the pastor shepherds many Hollywood stars. Some of the stars are not ready to come to churches. But they are ready to listen to Jesus. Joseph of Arimathea gave his tomb to Jesus. This grave in a rock was very expensive. A tomb is associated with eternity, it is much more serious than giving an apartment as a gift. This transition to eternity is very serious! Joseph gave the tomb to Jesus. Such a secret disciple!

Maybe many celebrities are not ready to openly confess their faith. But they can secretly do ministry! Even in places where we wouldn’t think, God is already moving there.

Our stereotypes are primitive. We sometimes have wrong beliefs and superstitions. The church must change its faith. I look at the Body of Christ and understand that one of the common diseases that can be seen and felt is neglected infancy, as far as maturity and knowledge are concerned. It is very important for the church to receive teachers, prophets who know the Lord, have the knowledge and carry out the Apostolic ministry. We must pray about it. Because a pastor feeds horizontally, but a prophet feeds vertically. He takes people up to heaven.

It is necessary to reconsider the heaven in our heart and reconsider the “earth”, which is your occupation. How do you take care of your body and health. How your body functions – maybe in laziness and depression. We have to work with this so that the body is a good temple for service.

There is also this Word: “Then He who sat on the throne said: “Behold, I make all things new.” And he said to me: “Write; for these words are true and faithful.” And he said to me: “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End; I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts. He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God, and he shall be My son” (Revelation 21:5-7).

There we had future tense – He will create, and here – He is making it now. So now God is creating. What is He doing? His purpose is to become my God. He is God for all, but has not yet become your personal God. He will give only to the overcomer. Here He will be his God. And he who overcomes is His son.

Now it becomes clear that in the Corinthian church He was not God. He was God for everyone, but not for individuals. He is more like a servant running around at our request. He’s not going to do it. But it’s humiliating. God dresses lilies that don’t ask in a better way, He feeds birds that don’t ask in a better way.

Jesus reveals the prayer “Our Father in heaven …”, which is much stronger than begging.

God is saying to create new heaven, to reconsider, to create new earth. It is written that the earth gave its fruit. The heavens came down, the earth responded.

What can we do with our life? To come to our inheritance for the fulfillment of the promises.

One brother in Asia told how he was tortured in jail for his faith. He shared about it at one of the conferences, that he was able to endure by the promises. Abraham survived because of the promises. There were few on his list. So you must have personal promises that have pierced your heart, they don’t have to be many. This is important so that you can hear the promises of God to yourself.

Sometimes, looking at your circumstances, you forget what you have. Abraham did not waver at the promise of God. But it took a long time before he saw the answer.

We need to renew our life spheres by making all things new.

But in order to make things new, we need to let go of the old. Just leave. The situation can be difficult, but you need to let go of the past. You need to learn to forgive. Do not insist on your own truth, this is craziness. If a person blames others, this is all from an evil root. Do not look at others, you yourself follow Him.

God creates everything new in our new man. Demonstrate to me your new man. In Christ Jesus, circumcision or uncircumcision means nothing. What matters is how much of the new man you have, who you are according to Christ. And if it is not there, then don’t say anything, it’s all empty.

New heaven and new earth. Present yourself as new creation before your brothers and sisters so that they can evaluate your new man. But if you hurt and hit – how can it be new earth?! New man. This is more important than your weird truth. Let everyone go free and walk in it yourself!

The second thing the Lord creates new in us is new relationships. Reconsider your relationship. Some of them may be cold or even rude. Even within the family. We must achieve tenderness in relationships. Scripture teaches that we “speak the truth to one another in love.”

When I began to look this way at the people that the Lord gave me, I saw that they are wonderful people – so incredible, spiritually rich, very interesting. I have more friends in my life. And every new friend makes you richer. Be friendly!

Reconsider your relationship. Maybe they need more tenderness, correction. Even within a family, within a friendship. My relationship with brothers and sisters should be according to Christ.

The next thing is new friends. When a man locks himself up, begins to fall out of the community, lives just with those he is used to, this is a limitation. We need both old friends and new friends. It’s wonderful when you have friends. Many people don’t have friends because of themselves. They are not able to be friends.

Create new heaven and new earth!

Create new areas for ministry. I used to be the pastor in the brethren, but then God began to take us higher and build up other pastors. The Lord wants to transform the ministry, build it up and expand it so that the sphere of ministry expands. “Those who have served well obtain for themselves a good standing and great boldness in the faith” – serve well!

Create everything new. We started many ministries on our own, having no experience and knowledge, we studied the experience of missionaries. Where to get money, how to learn languages, we knew nothing about countries. But we went, by faith, from a little seed.

Let’s not be like every other man. Let’s do something extraordinary! Let’s be extraordinary! Let’s be birds of paradise – let’s fly to please our Lord!

New areas for creativity. God created such a variety of colors, flora, fauna, micro and macro world. All that is meant for us! We have access to creation. He has done more than we can see. Why such wealth? Because He is rich in mercy. He is the Creator! He is creative!

Protestants pushed out a lot – arts, beauty. They decided that it stirred lust. This is madness. You can’t cut off a bird’s wings.

God creates everything new so that we can have new seasons of life. It is important that we preach the Gospel to new people. It’s so wonderful when a new one comes to church – everything changes! Today it is a disaster – there are no new people. But we have to preach! One person changes the whole nature of the church. All the living things change, grace changes!

We need to evangelize. Take on new exploits, set new goals. May they be high and noble! These are new heights. New revelations, new territories, new nations, new gifts from God.

Every revival of the church started with a fresh revelation of Christ. A fresh understanding of the Church of Christ. A new impulse of first love. Rekindle your first love.

Create everything new in yourself!