My peace i give to you

My peace i give to you

My peace i give to you

Here is a global revelation.

I see bridges that are supposed to be connected, but for some reason no one connected them or even tried. They as if each one is separate. They need to join with each other. A connecting part was missing, which was lost somewhere.

I think that’s what we’re doing here at our Mantle school. For an ordinary man from the outside, who is not very knowledgeable in confessional «subtleties», it would be difficult to discern who is here – Catholics, Orthodox or Charismatics.

I think, this is what we are doing – we are looking for this connecting piece. There is, for example, such a subject as comparative theology, where the best things from theology are taken, but this is still not the kind of work, which is needed.

Prophetic-Apostolic work is to unite the Body in Christ Jesus. It does not unite be means of symposia and various administrative events, where the heads of confessions gather and plan some kind of congress. Such “unity” will not join the bridges because we see Christ in different ways.

Scripture says, “until we all come into the unity of faith,” we must believe one way the same things. The vision of God’s perfect Son. That’s when the Body of Christ can be called mature. Until that time, we need to have revelation about Christ.

Therefore, if God has entrusted us with such a very important work so that we can find this missing piece to connect the bridges, – this is very serious. This is not invented by the head. This is a revelation that has come to us.

I think that Prophetic-Apostolic work is important here – interaction with the prophetic spirits. But all this must be heavenly, light must come from heaven. From Him glorious splendor. This is from heaven, not from earth. This is very important.

We must return to the roots. We can’t deny the Church history Church. This is my Catholic church in the meaning of Universal. I believed from Christ, according to the order of Melchizedek, didn’t receive the Lord from an Orthodox priest, nor from a Pentecostal bishop or from a Catholic priest, and not even from Augustine, who appeared to me in a cloud – from whom was I born then? Or am I an “illegitimate son”? Where to add me? I went in search of a church, being revived, moved by the Holy Spirit. I didn’t repeat the repentance prayer, I didn’t go through rehab centers, I was already saved when I went to look for the Church. I visited all the churches, saw one church where the gifts of the Holy Spirit were, saw love – and stayed there.

Who am I today? Where am I? – I am bringing back this Catholic Body – that is, the universal Body of Christ. That is why this vision of bridges was shown. This is a very serious topic. This is very solid food. Therefore, I relate myself to the great Body of Christ, the Universal Church.

The Lord saved me in the street. Yes, I was ordained by priests, our glorious brothers, but today we are ascending into the unity of the Body of Christ. I want “soul and God,” as Augustine said. I really want to comprehend this truth, I want to study, I want to delve in it, I want to be a part of salvation, the real Christ – “until we come into the unity of faith and to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ”, until we reach the knowledge of Christ. This unity will be when we all know Him in the same way, but not that He is the same, but He is true. Perhaps, it will be different facets, multifaceted knowledge, on both sides the facet will shine with different colors, but it will be One real Christ, and not which we invented ourselves.

Indeed, bridges are connecting, something is happening. And we have to go with it.

I told you about one of the prophets, who sees Angels since childhood. I was recently in France and wrote to him that I was there, but, unfortunately, he could not meet. But our relationship is very warm. We were at his conference, he was at ours. And I want to be in it, because it is prophetic, heavenly. This is another “brethren,” this is a different union, this is a different denomination. These are bridges, I think.

Therefore, I do not dissociate myself from Catholics and Orthodox, I don’t dissociate myself from these traditions.

What I would like to share is that the Lord said: “Peace I leave with you.” Jesus said it. These are not just words, just some idea. He left peace. This is something akin to a substance, it is more than just an idea.

He says He leaves His peace for us. He leaves it. This is not just a concept, not a philosophy.

“Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you.” Now more than ever in this world we need to arm ourselves with this martial art – to preserve this peace of God, the high spirit of a free man. It is very important.

By the grace of God, I had opportunities to visit different places in the world and somewhat expand the range of understanding – how people think, how people see the world. This is very important, I consider it one of the achievements. But above that, I honor free-thinking in the Holy Spirit. Because everything is limited there anyway, countries get corrupted.

And you and I must have the mind of Christ – and this is a freedom-loving mind, this is the thinking, the mentality of a free man. Free! And we are free! The Scripture says: “Stand fast in the liberty, by which Jesus Christ has made us free and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.” He says, “do not fear anyone.” He “doesn’t give as the world gives” – that is, the peace that the world gives is not the way! «Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid». This is the hardest thing – to keep a heart, which is not troubled.

Hold the freedom-loving spirit! The Holy Spirit is in freedom. Where the Holy Spirit is there is freedom! And here in Church we must always have the spirit of freedom. Church ministers must alway hold freedom, unshakable spirit, unfold this freedom, provide the outpouring of freedom among the people. So that our spirit is free and kinglike, so that Jesus may accept us as His. Let us hold the Gospel of the Kingdom in Christ’s freedom!