Mantle of Melchizedek

Mantle of Melchizedek

About an Apostle.

Some time ago we translated a testimony of one brother. He is a prophet, not so famous among the popular churches, but famous among his kind. He talked about how he was taken into deep immersion and was carried in the spirit to the Roman Empire in the days of the Apostles of the Lamb.

He went downstairs deep underground, where he saw two huge and strong demons. They trembled when they saw him. They were demons of incredible strength and power. They were holding the Apostolic mantle. And this man released this mantle, he bound them.

When we looked at the years approximately when this happened, we realized that this coincided with the time when an open Apostolic movement began in the world.

There are three types of expression of Apostles. The first is those who are Apostles, but they don’t know that they are Apostles. Second – they know, but do not say that the Apostles. Third, they know and say that they are Apostles. This is about real Apostles. There are also false apostles.

It is amazing that the Apostolic mantle was released by a man who is not known. There are many popular names today, but they are unable to release the Apostolic mantle. Therefore, popularity is a tricky business. Christ said not to follow the majority. We, however, having received the Words of Christ about the little flock, following the truth, regardless of the majority, still try to become the majority. There is such a paradox.

Today there is a need for this movement.

It is written: “He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years;and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished. But after these things he must be released for a little while.” (Revelation 20:2-3).

The angel did four things with the dragon: he bound him, cast him into the abyss, shut him up with a key and put a seal. This is the longest term of imprisonment – for a thousand years – and the most terrible prison – Angelic, which they built.

“And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. ” (Revelation 20:4).

Apostolic thrones to which it was given to judge. Today one of the Apostolic dimensions is judgments. This is what charismatics fear. They are afraid of judgments and speak only of love. But it is not the Apostles who judge, but God.

This is not yet the judgment seat of Christ – the judgments of those who sit on the thrones go before His judgments.

Many questions. To what extent can we participate today in binding Satan? You can shift all responsibility to the Angel and do nothing. Are we participating in this process? How global is it for us? Does it include our participation?

This is the Apocalypse. And every chapter is about me. This whole book is not chronological, everything described happens at the same time. This is what happens inside man. Apocalypse inside God’s vessels.

In the Old Testament, God chose the ark. But they lost everything. Life was gone, the people began to worship idols, the manna withered, the rod too – the leaves fell off, the fruits rotted … Shame. And the tablets don’t rot. They remained. Life was gone. Therefore, God did not like to live in such an ark. And He chose the body of man. He made a temple for Himself out of it. There is a big difference between a wooden box with cherubs made and a human body in which hot blood flows and the spirit of life breathes. Today God chooses the human body as an ark: “… I will dwell in them and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people” (2 Corinthians 6:16).

When they carried the ark behind the pillar and behind the cloud, it was the guidance of the Spirit. And now those who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God. They themselves move after the Spirit within – because He leads them. A sanctified mind, conscience, spirit and soul lead people. Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.

Today there is an uprise of the Apostolic Ministries with the liberated mantle. It’s amazing that the Lord let me see this man. Yes, indeed it was the time when the Apostolic movement was released.

I had the pleasure of having fellowship with the Apostles. This is the most pleasant company of people in the world with whom I have had an opportunity to visit. They are spiritual. Fathers, they are authentic and real. If you are, of course, in the spirit. This is comfort, this is freedom, this is seeing brothers. You serve, but among such people you get rest.

The real Apostolic movement creates an atmosphere of kinship, you find yourself in your own home. These are amazing experiences. I realized that these are my people. And more than once there were such experiences, yet stronger and stronger.

One day I saw an Apostolic Movement in Southeast Asia. We were accommodated in the very cesspool of hell – the hotel was next to a place where transvestites gathered. It was an Apostolic conference, and it had to be understood. There we made friends with many Apostles, who recognized us when we met later on the journey, because we met by our spirits.

Today in Russia there is a need for an Apostolic movement. Many have left, many consider themselves Apostles and prophets. But genuine Apostolic movements are needed.

The Apostolic mantle has been released over the planet. It is flying over it. Once we were talking with a brother, an Apostle. I asked him, “Tell me how to release  Apostolic movements?” He replied: “Dear brother, this is my personal opinion – I think that Apostles can’t be made up. They must be found!”

How can you “train” an Apostle if he is not an Apostle? How can you teach a prophet if he is not a prophet? How? – No way! Jesus chose the twelve from the crowd and made them Apostles. He does this even now. An Apostle looks for such people on the planet and, when he finds them, he activates them.

I think that in this Angel are Apostolic movements. He took the dragon, the ancient serpent, Satan, and bound him and cast him down, shut him up and sealed him. It is the prerogative of Apostolic movements at their level of regions to do these things with the supreme thrones and authorities. This is the power of an Apostolic movement – to do these four things in their region, not at the level of Satan, because there will be a specific event – but at the level of their thrones, dominions, authorities and spirits of wickedness in high places: bind, cast, shut them up and seal.

I don’t know Apostolic movements in Russia. Perhaps they are. But I haven’t met Russian Apostles. Perhaps there are – undiscovered ones that are coming. I really want it to be so.

Today these movements are releasing the judgments. We are watching the ts judgments being released. We don’t curse, but the Lord comes and looses and moves the judgments.

One of the things the Lord will do today – now – is raise up a new type of priesthood – after the order of Melchizedek. Don’t think that you know or have heard about it – open your heart and mind, because we don’t know anything yet, as we should know.

Melchizedek is the dimension of the mantle. The mantle is flying over the planet and falls on one or the other. Movements rise, waterfalls, springs, rivers open. Apostolic movements are releasing many waters. And the waters roar with voices of multitude. Apostolic movements draw water from the invisible world into the visible one.

They give hope and enter into the inner – behind the veil. The mantle of Melchizedek enters the interior, beyond the veil. These are not church services. It’s a movement of the mysteries of God. It enters into the interior beyond the veil, where Jesus enters as a forerunner. He first goes behind the veil.

The dimension of Melchizedek enters the mysteries and becomes a high priest. The anointing of a high priest is the Apostolic mantle. Today the high priest is an apostle. Jesus is the only One, but here is the ministry of Aaron. It goes: “Forever after the order of Melchizedek”. That is, high priesthood of Melchizedek is above the priesthood of Aaron, over the churchism. And Melchizedek is the king of Salem, he is not a pastor of the church. This is not even a man of the Jewish people. He is the king of the nations!

Melchizedek’s dimension is love for nations without “sectarianism”, without houses of prayer, without Sunday meetings, without pulpits, without worship. Take it all away – the Spirit will remain with those who carry Him. Take away the pulpit, microphones, the ability to praise and worship, take away the house of prayer and lock me up in a cage so that I don’t go to meetings – will I be left without God?! – No.

Today this rank of Melchizedek, this mantle is flying over Russia. It’s an Apostolic Mantle , but it’s not church. It belongs to the Bride, but it is not liturgical. The mantle of the Superior God, the God who surpasses.

When Patrick of Ireland went to Ireland, he had different tactics than other evangelists. Some missionaries went with denial tactics – they came and destroyed altars, broke idols. Patrick didn’t do that. He came, summoned the Druids and showed the highest princes the superiority of God over their beliefs.

The mantle continues to fly over Russia and is looking for those on whom to fall  – on understanding, on the heart, on openness to new things.

I said that Muslims will not come to our churches, they will make their own. If they come, they are just a few people. But a movement for the awakening and salvation of Islam will not be in our churches, but in their own. They will give birth to their own movements, and will do what is comfortable for their spirit, they will be in their clothes and in their bodies.

Apostolic movements will contribute to this: they will build in their territories, on their terms. Apostles will minister to them so that they rise on their own. They will not pull them towards themselves and under themselves. They will release them. This is the mantle of Melchizedek.

The same will happen with Buddhists. I once had the pleasure to hear a sermon from a former Buddhist. He used to be deeply immersed in Buddhism. He talked about the pillars of Buddhism, that life is suffering, and suffering is inevitable, but suffering and pain can be avoided through certain practices, through the teachings of Buddhism.

He told how a Buddhist perceives a Christian sermon. For a Buddhist, when a person can’t control emotions, he falls in his eyes. That is, the preacher must be calm, even-tempered and speak logically, without “distorting” the words. When a person can’t control his spirit, it means that he is at the lowest level of development. A person who controls his spirit, who has attained enlightenment, controls his mouth and mind. He demonstrated his sermon.

I used to think that shouts and exaltation is a sign of anointing. Now I don’t think so. It’s all about the result. This brother calmly and quietly spoke his sermon from the book of Romans – that the whole creation is tormented and expects revelation from God’s children. They wait subconsciously and intuitively for the church to reach that knowledge of God, when its ministry will be of revelation of Christ. And until that time, the entire Buddhist world is tormented and groans in prayers, because it is waiting for the manifestation of the revelation of Christ from the church. And she can’t give it.

Today the Mantle of Apostles is released. It is flying over the planet, it is flying over Russia. It is looking for someone to fall on. That’s how you should think. It is looking for prophets, evangelists, preachers. The Apostolic mantle doesn’t only belong to Apostles and prophets. It belongs to pastors, evangelists, intercessors, worshipers.

This is more than the God of the Church – it is the God of the Universe, the God Who holds the stars. In the microcosm, in physics, chemistry, DNA – He placed secrets. In the atomic, nuclear system – He has it all – energy, the power of life indestructible, mighty.

Take an atom – imagine what an incredible concentrated and powerful energy! Man, as he penetrated there, received such gifts of genius to discern the atom and release energy from there and make it work for himself! This is God’s gift. He did not create anything new, he simply redirected these forces. It’s incredibly divine!

But for us it is “worldly”, “sinful” – because we are not clothed in the mantle of Melchizedek. Your sermon is primitive, I get nothing new but a thousand repetitions. The mantle of Melchizedek will put everything in its place. It will sober up and cast off sectarian stereotypes and break our strongholds. I’m pleading with God to shake off the dust, rip off the visor from us.

Today, one and a half billion Buddhists in the world have not heard of Christ. In Tibet, they “wind” the wheels, beat off thousands of bows, and there are blisters on the foreheads of worshipers. They “acquire” eternity, karma. Such an activation! You feel what a spirit is there – people walk in winter, thousands of kilometers, for months, every four steps they fall to the ground, to ice, to snow, stretching their faces to the ground.

And you want them to come into your meetings and listen to your boring sermon? No, they will never come! They need Apostolic Movements under the Mantle of Melchizedek.

Melchizedek will save them, not the church-like Christ! Not the Slavic Christ and not our practice of worship, a franchise that we will bring to the Buddhist world. For them it is primitive. They laugh at primitive forms. For them, when we “ignite” – this is the lowest level of experiencing the Spirit – because they extinguish passions and can go into trances. Even moving objects, levitating, moving – Buddhists can do it. How will you carry the traditions to them?

Therefore, there is one thing – mantle of Melchizedek!

Melchizedek will come to them wearing the same woolen cloak. By the way, it is beautiful! A stunning red-brown color and it is warm. The most comfortable for this climate. I love the Buddhist cloak! To me, this is like the Melchizedek mantle for the Buddhist world. You can’t think of a better one.

How can one be afraid or defiled by it? What nonsense! No need to groan and gasp that they are going to hell! You cry today in prayer for them, and then you laugh at some carnal things. Stop it! Reach them better quietly – in love and compassion. Which, by the way, they teach – their first postulate is compassion.

What is our first postulate? Shall I remind? – Success! Which is visible to the eyes. Any people who have achieved some kind of enlightenment despise this position. Because it is idolatry, greed. Freedom from matter is the first step in the spiritual world.

Patrick exalted the Superior God. When the druids came, he asked for superior miracles from God – snow in summer, for example. And some miracles and higher, he asked God, and God showed higher ones. They raised the level of miracles, and Patrick raised even higher. They understood that he had a Superior God, that is, God in superiority. He didn’t vilify idols, he didn’t force them to give up their amulets, he lifted God higher because it was the mantle of Melchizedek. He didn’t cleanse around, he brought them the height. And God took care of everything else.

Today we are talking about the mantle of Melchizedek. Remember that this is the Apostolic mantle for these days – for the salvation of the Muslim world, the Hindu world, the Buddhist and Jewish world. You need the mantle of Melchizedek. They won’t come to our churches. Maybe you don’t like it. They will make their own. And true Apostles will help them in this.

Ask charismatics today: how will revival come or how will Muslims be saved? All of them will answer – that they will come to us and repent. Blind, leaders of the blind! This will never happen. It will be that they will create their own movements. This is under the banner of the mantle of Melchizedek, and not under the churchism!

For two thousand years we have been “thumbing” this dummy, built temples worth trillions of dollars. Great treasures. Do you think Notre Dame burned down just like that? Pearl of human genius. One of our sister prophets painted it burning, and a few days later it flared up. She showed me her drawings. There is a date – she recorded it. And after a few days, it burned down just like she painted it.

God removed it so that people would not waste time, not be mistaken, so that those who understand a little about the supernatural would understand that God is not there.

We are building houses of prayer, we take care of them, do tricks to get people to come, we do contests. We lose conscience, money and time. We are going the exact opposite way than we should be going. We need to drop this rubbish and go to people, to their territory, and not to call them into our own place. Everyone who does this is playing a dead end game. It won’t be like that anymore. The world has changed. No more jokes. Don’t wait for them. Go to them. Create platforms for them, let them create their own.

God will release this creative spirit.

Only movements under the mantle of Melchizedek that can get rebuilt, come, renew, die and rise in this format will see the glory of God. That is why many of you are discouraged and feel an incurable sadness inside you: because you are going the opposite way, you are going straight from glory, God will not follow you.

Take this Word today. You will see that everything will happen so. You will still be alive and will see with your own eyes these tendencies, which will prove that this word is true.

The mantle of Melchizedek is flying over your peoples, and it is looking for someone to fall on. Do not drag them into your churches – build, let them go into their homes, help build, help create, go to them and work together with them – not for quantity, but because God sent us from the beginning to all nations – to teach them truth and baptize.

Here’s what you do! He didn’t send us to build prayer houses, He didn’t send us to build mega churches, He sent us to teach them to do everything God has commanded us to do and baptize them, because He will return soon! We need to  make it to accomplish – to go everywhere, and not “drag” them into our “traps”.

The Mantle of Melchizedek will do it!