House of Happiness in Time of Darkness

House of Happiness in Time of Darkness


“The man of God was restoring a well, as the well was ruined and filled with stones. And the man of God, together with the brothers, was cleaning and cleansing it, so that they could start drinking water from the well again. At first it was not easy to do all this, but then gradually, over time, everything happened quickly. The well began to function again, and new canals were made from the well, which supplied pure living water that flooded the canals with noise. 

Today we are here to restore wells. In your places in the nations there are ruined wells, filled with stones, that must be dug out and restored. These are things from history that have not been redeemed. 


“I see a raging fire. There is a strong glow around this fire. And amidst this fire many eyes were flickering. And there was a majestic image that went forth and did not turn back. When he walked, the earth shook, faults occurred, many were horrified and were in fear. And some, yet, followed  also without turning back, fearing to lose sight of this majestic image inside the raging fire. 

This is our task today – to see this image of fire. God is a consuming fire. Many eyes are spirits of revelation, Angelic powers. 

“Therefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our confession, Jesus Christ, who was faithful to Him who appointed Him, as Moses also was faithful in all His house. For this One has been counted worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as he who built the house has more honor than the house. For every house is built by someone; but He who built all things is God. And Moses indeed was faithful in all His house, as a serevant for a testimony of those things? Which would be spoken afterward, but Christ as a Son over His own house; whose house we are, if we hold fast to the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm to the end” (Hebrews 3). 

Christ is the Son in the house of God. And we are His house. Just think that we are His home! What kind of house do we represent for God, so that the Son of God would be Master in it? If we keep confidence and hope to the end, then you and I are the house of God. We are building a house in which God will dwell. But will He dwell, will He be happy in a house called “we”? 

Let us make our houses of God the houses of happiness. Now our task is to make them houses of joy. In this dark time, it will be a hope for people, where they will receive comfort, care and healing. This should not be a house of sorrow, lack, poverty. This house should be the house of happiness. It should be wonderful and pleasant for God to dwell there, there is provision, development, loved ones, reliability, you can rely on your neighbor, there are examples of heroes – strong and mighty people who will not let you down. 

Our justification is to live in the fire of the Spirit, an intense spiritual life. When some suffer deprivation and affliction, our excuse is not to live a relaxed life, but to live a life in the fire of prayer. We urge everyone today to raise their prayer life. When our brothers and sisters suffer, our excuse is to live in the fire. Raise your prayer, establish yourself a life with a greater level of spirituality. 

Do not think that if you have safe circumstances today, then you are “lucky”, or simply the lot fell so that it is easier for you today than for others. In the revelation it was shown that they walked and did not turn around, so as not to lose sight of the image. Gird up your loins, cleanse yourself of carelessness. Get yourself in order to live in the fire of a spiritually awakened life. 

What is the house of happiness? – It is when there are miracles, acceptance of love, there is a language of love, there is spiritual health, healing power for our bodies and also development. The people who come to our homes of happiness need to progress, not just attend our “predictable” meetings. There should always be something new, because the Lord said, “I make everything new.” It is important today to have progressive thinking. If we pray fervently, it is not enough. You need to have a progressive mindset. Be creative, expand the limits of your knowledge. Use new experience, work wonders on new sites. Do what you’ve never done, don’t be boring, do what you’ve never done. God wants such a church for Himself. This is the kind of church the world needs. God does not want to live in a house of sorrow, He wants to live in a house of happiness. Make people happy! 

The position of the church today is to blaze with the fire of prayer. Raise your prayer ministries, raise your level of authority in prayer up to prophetic intercession. Prayer and evangelism. 

Five dimensions of houses should be in our life. May the Lord bless our home with great Shalom. His house is us. 

The first dimension of a house is our body. God wants to rejoice in the temple of our body. Our bodies are the temple of the living God. The Holy Spirit calls our body a temple. May your soul and body be safe. 

The second is the family house. These are our homes. God will dwell with us. 

The third is the House of God, our meetings, our fellowship. They should be extending, they should bring comfort and move us forward. 

The fourth is the house of Israel. Scripture says, “Listen, the House of Israel!” We encourage everyone to pray for Israel. Israel must rise spiritually and put out the “fire of the devil.” 

The fifth dimension of a house that God wants to bless are the houses of people. The world is made up of houses. Houses are around us. Humanity is the total of many houses. Therefore, bless the houses, invoke God’s blessing on people’s houses. May God bless this dimension and help us carry the blessing. 

We need to build up the houses of the Lord – the houses of happiness. “Do not say: “Why were the former days better than theses?” For you do not inquire wisely concerning this. Wisdom is good with an inheritance and profitable to those who see the sun. For wisdom is a defense as money is a defense; but the excellence of knowledge is that wisdom gives life to those who have it” (Ecclesiastes 7:10-12).  

It wasn’t better in former days. God says that wisdom is good not when it is within you, but when it is with an inheritance. Those churches are wise who have an inheritance. Wisdom is wealth, it prolongs life. May wisdom adorn our necks like a necklace of precious pearls. 

“Consider the work of God:  who can make straight what He has made crooked?” (Ecclesiastes 7:13). What He distorts can no longer be straightened. Therefore, do not rush at any distortion. 

 “In the days of prosperity be joyful (take advantage), and in the days of adversity, consider: surely God has appointed the one as well as the other, so that man can find out nothing that will come after him” (Ecclesiastes, 7:14). The Word of God says that we should receive both good and evil days – so that in times of prosperity we use the good, and in days of adversity we indulge in meditation. God did both so that man could be dependent on Him. Make yourself dependent on God. 

“I have seen everything in my days of vanity: there is a just man who perishes in his righteousness; and there is a wicked man who prolongs life in his wickedness” (Ecclesiastes 7:15). Yes, we see such injustice. “Don’t be overly righteous, nor be overly wise; why should you destroy yourself?” (Ecclesiastes, 7:16). Scripture calls us in the days of “extreme” not to be “extreme”. I used to think that radicalism is spirituality. But today, with wisdom, I see that life teaches us that excessive strictness, extremes, radicalism are not spirituality. But patience, forbearance, compassion. As Christ taught. Do not present yourself as a wise man, this leads to perishing. 

“Do not be overly wicked, nor be foolish: why should you die before your time?” (Ecclesiastes, 7:17). Live, don’t die! Don’t give in to sin. 

“It is good that you grasp this and also not remove your hand from the other; for he who fears God will escape from them all” (Ecclesiastes 7:18). Today the Lord desires that we escape certain things. 

“Wisdom strengthens the wise more than  ten rulers of the city” (Ecclesiastes, 7:19). In this dark time, when there are more questions than answers, people in conflict begin to hate each other – we must create houses of happiness. The whole world is made up of houses. Destroyed, defective or beautiful. You and I must create the best house in the world – the House of Happiness, the House of God. We are this house of God. How do you create this house, is this house a house of light and happiness? Or is it just a mediocre house with mediocre people. 

I am sure that in these times and seasons we can create houses of happiness. His House is us. Christ is the Son in the house. The Father is the Lord and Master. Let’s connect the bridges, restore the wells, let’s move in a fiery whirlwind full of eyes, and not look back!