Faithfulness of Christ's church

Faithfulness of Christ’s church

Revelation enlightens us and makes us see. The year 5783 since the day of Adam’s creation has come.

“It was shown how one majestic Angel with a trumpet in his hand was commanded from heaven to blow the trumpet. When he began to blow, at that moment an avalanche began to descend from the high mountains. It was a very wide wave of a mountain avalanche, in which everything was mixed up – earth, stones, garbage, water and all people. It began so suddenly, when no one on earth expected such a disaster.

All the people living on earth fell under this avalanche – young and old, powerful and simple, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, successful and unsuccessful.

It was then shown that there was a very high vertical rock in the middle of the avalanche that the avalanche could not sweep away. The rock was very strong and hard, so that the avalanche could not even shake it. It was sheer and with a perfectly smooth surface of its sides, so no one could climb it to escape the avalanche with the help of any devices – neither with the help of ladders, nor with any kind of climbers’ equipment. There was no way to climb the rock to escape the avalanche, except you make it on top of it with your own wings.

It was shown that there were people on top of the high mountain. On its top were those who flew up with their wings, who had already learned to fly before the avalanche came down. It was shown that among the mass of people who were carried by the avalanche, there were some people with books in their hands, which they raised above their heads and waved them, thinking that this way they could be saved, they believed that the book would save them. But they were just as swept away by the avalanche as were many others. The book they lifted didn’t save them, because they had no wings at their backs.

The avalanche was taking people into a large abyss, in which they disappeared, because the avalanche from the mountains carried everything into it.

Many people trapped in didn’t feel the speed, they were approaching the abyss with, they thought the avalanche was moving at the speed of ordinary time. But the avalanche was moving with a completely different speed. Five seconds passed for one second, and five minutes for one minute, five months for one month. (Acceleration).

Also, amidst the avalanche, there were islands that the avalanche didn’t destroy immediately, but gradually. They were, as it were, islands of happiness, on which people were as careless as before the avalanche. They were in fear of the coming avalanche. But they put out this fear and did nothing to save themselves. There, among the carefree people on the islands of happiness there were people with books in their hands; each held his book, but was also carefree and did nothing to escape the avalanche.

Then it was shown that from the top of the rock, some people flew down, with their wings, and over the avalanche, looking for those who had their own wings at their backs, even if they were very small. They told them not to look around, but to raise their eyes to heaven, upward, and look at the bright dazzling light of the sun, not taking their eyes off it. From this look, their wings straightended behind their backs, and they escaped by flying to the top of the vertical rock.

I want to testify how recently my brothers and I went from one point to another at night and listened to a prophetic prayer, which we had performed shortly before. It was a prayer for acceleration. And when we entered this dimension, we suddenly found ourselves in place. That is, the path that we had to complete in fifteen minutes, we covered in two or three! God carried us.

These things are happening. This was a sign that the prayer was “working.” We said in prayer that there would be signs and wonders. I believe it will be an Angelic work – so Philip was transferred. This is how the saints are transferred. This is fine. This is the season of acceleration.

This is our revelation. This is our revelation of Christ. We are all made drink of Him.

“If you will return, O Israel,” says the Lord, “Return to Me;And if you will put away your abominations out of My sight, then you shall not be moved. And you shall swear, ‘The Lord lives,’ in truth, in judgment, and in righteousness. The nations shall bless themselves in Him, and in Him they shall glory.” For thus says the Lord to the men of Judah and Jerusalem: “Break up your fallow ground, and do not sow among thorns.” (Jeremiah 4:1-3)

He dwells in truth, judgment and righteousness. He dwells in truth and retribution.

Break up your fallow ground. Shift the paradigms of your habits, shift your life. Your lifestyle now is the result of how you lived last season. You can’t continue living it and be successful, because life has changed by several orders of magnitude. Hear this word and change your lifestyle. It must conform today to the way it is in righteousness, truth, and the judgment of God.

There is a simple and clear key – to see the Lord. We need revelation – to see the Lord. And when we see Him, everything will become clear.

We talked about three types of brides. The first is of Herod’s leaven; the second is the Sadducean, traditional church with rituals; and Pharisaic leaven – when people don’t live in God’s will, but in church they are “Christians”.

But with our whole life we ​​prove that it is possible to live our whole life in the fire of faithfulness to God. We may weaken, but we are always in the church, in front of you. We prove with ourselves that it is possible to be faithful to the Lord all our lives through. We must persevere no matter what. This is the living church of the Lord.

There are people who go in and out of the world. They can’t decide at all. We love them. But I am glad and happy that those who stand faithfully, they demonstrate with themselves that they are believers. We have believed in Christ and we stand with Him, and we will stand forever. This is not pathos. This is reality.

There is a sleeping church with two types of sleep – real and pretended. Today, many pretend, they think that they will “dodge a bullet”, and some really sleep. But there is a faithful Bride. She is awake. She interests us. I’m in love with her and want to spend all eternity with her.

It’s important not to get discouraged. Don’t be surprised by anything. Stand right. Sing a lot, sing to the Lord. Because he who is trembling and afraid does not sing. Focus on the purposes of the Lord – evangelize, pray. People today need hope more than ever. And if the church itself is afraid, hiding?

 Stop sinning! You will not escape, if you yourself violate the commandments of Christ, then you expose yourself to judgments.

Do good everywhere. Evangelize. Bring people to Christ. Evangelization means that you need to bring a person to a point whether to reject Christ or accept Him. We meet people, we make friends, but we don’t lead them to Christ. Lead people to repentance. Get on your knees yourself with him, so that the person may accept Christ. Don’t talk about God – but lead to Him. Baptize people.

But many communities today are losing their radiance, losing their glory, they are not bringing people to God. If you don’t have experience in bringing a person to Christ, you don’t know the true joy. Evangelize, let a person repent, accept Christ, be baptized, become a disciple. Bring everything to the end.

Paul said, “Love your brethren.” If someone “fell off” from God, left, and you continue to remember something about his “merits” and help he gave you, then this is not the truth. You have to be faithful to the holy church. Don’t betray your brothers. How can you love God, whom you can’t see and hate your brothers you can see?! These are the words of Holy Scripture. Today there is such evidence – people are seeking and running after people.

My love for God is projected onto my brothers and sisters. Where do you see there’s no love? – You don’t have it.

When we become part of the church, we enter into a covenant relationship with one another.

God has a covenant with us, not just one person. Prayer “Our Father …”. Will you take your faithfulness to the brothers to the end of your life? 

Our hearts are a reflection of the inner beauty. Wherever you place the sun, it will shine. Be faithful to your church and your brothers.