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Mystery of Time


“I see the Eastern Gates, very powerful and awesome. They are everywhere around, it’s like all in all. Inside and through them, there are many creatures everywhere with different images – beasts, birds, people. The majestic sound of many trumpets sounds, they move amidst themselves, causing powerful streams of fire, water and wind.

All this is more like the breath of eternal life.

In an instant, three streams join together, consuming the earth, the sea and everything living under and above heaven and earth.

It’s very scary! So much so,  as if it were the end of all things. Everything on earth is mixed, as no element or cataclysm will do: the borders of the earth, countries, islands have been washed away, the islands have changed their location, the climate has changed, peoples have been moved from their place of existence to other lands and countries; the poor became rich, the rulers and presidents of many countries became ordinary people, even animals and birds changed their location; the sea became dry land in many places, and the dry land became rivers. Many things and people even perished.”

“I see three men dressed in military uniforms – from different times and countries of the world. Their appearance and clothing are constantly changing. They seem out of time. I see the man of God, and his appearance and clothes are also of a warrior with equipment of various weapons and tools. And his appearance and clothes are constantly changing.

After that a majestic Angel came out with a white-hot sword and new clothes. The man of God appeared and the Angel put this sword into his hand, so that the nature of the man of God became fire, and he put on new clothes. After that those men also laid on their clothes and tools.

Then it was shown how the man of God circumcised the brothers with this sword and put new clothes on them.”

Rosh Hashanah begins. This is the true New Year. According to God’s calendar, we are almost approaching the sixth millennium since the creation of Adam. And this is God’s calendar.

This is also the Feast of Trumpets. It is believed in the Torah that the Lord gave this festival for the Jews to celebrate the Feast of Trumpets. Rosh Hashanah means “head of the year.” Today we are approaching the head of the year. 5784 since Adam.

These are the real facts of the Apocalypse. And the Lord gave us wisdom so that we could take stock. It’s so amazing that we are in the flow of grains of sand. We have breath in our nostrils, our heart is beating, blood pulsating in our veins, we inhale and exhale air, we blink, we can smell and hear sounds. That’s life. We are within this gift.

And there we still manage to bring pain to each other, defile something, and arrange “dates with Satan.” How can we love evil if we come from the light?

Enough, one has to cross over to God’s side completely and abide with Him.

Eternity is coming. Jesus said that “The Kingdom of God is at hand – go and tell everyone that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand – repent!” This is a very simple message, no need to be fancy. And they themselves were witnesses that it was near. Raise the dead, heal the sick, freely you have received, freely give.

Rosh Hashanah begins – this is the time of receiving revelations. The Gospel always includes a forerunner – the very fact of the Messiah and His departure, when the Holy Spirit remains on the church. These three phases include major events.

Rosh Hashanah has the same principles – it means the passing of the old year, and the new year pushes it out and remains with us, it does not leave us. While in our homes, do not fuss, take your time, lie down in peace, look into heaven and quietly ask the Lord to visit you in this transition. Join with the Lord on Rosh Hashanah.

We are experiencing new things in the new season. This is very important when you value minutes. Even minutes have a mystical meaning. It is very important. A minute is valuable. These are quanta. An atom is the twinkling of an eye. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that an atom is not a particle, it is not an element of a molecule, but it is a unit of time. They even recognized that it was a thousandth of a second – “atomos” is the twinkling of an eye.

Time passes in bundles and waves. Time pulsates. And it floats above us. It floats below us, we float in it, inside, it floats next to us. This is time. We make the ocean flow. We are floating in this time.

You ask: What does this have to do with morality? I will answer: “The Gospel is not morality!” We have shoved the gospel into the morality box. And we say: “This is good, and this is bad.” Jesus sometimes touched on this topic, but He spent most of His time drawing our attention to what life is.

What’s the point of morality without life? What’s the point of beauty without strength? This is gold without a price. Morality without life is emptiness, legalism, deadness. The Church moralizes – “this is good and this is bad”; pastors are moralists, they read morals, how to do things right, they build structures, tell you what to do. Is this the Gospel? No! The Gospel is life, it is Christ Himself. This is what I want!

And this internal calendar is very interesting. It’s like a being. And time, it turns out, is also an non-fixed quantity. It is written in the Word that it runs, it is deceitful, and it is written that time will shrink, and time will stretch, and a time to embrace, and a time to refrain, and a time to run, and a time to walk, and a time to sit, and a time to move. It is said, “time” – and then the opposites that occur over time are pointed. It is shown that this is a non-constant quantity – time. Think about it this way.

This means that time is not under our control, we can only save and value it.

Have you ever heard what numbers sound like? Listen to how the odd ones pulsate. Have you heard the music of numbers? It is there! There are numbers that attract each other. And there are those who run from each other. There are those that twist into a spiral and those that crumble flat.

But you must be most powerful mystics – God’s people! And we are the most ridiculous mystics! People move much deeper in the mystical realm than Christians.

The internal calendar, it floats, it is alive, it breathes. I don’t think that God blessed Adam with one hundred years of happiness and nine hundred years of misfortune, that after one hundred years Adam became an old man.

There was a time when I would meet with people and then gather strength. It’s a different time in my life and the lives of my brothers and sisters. We spend a lot of time together. I didn’t even think I was capable of this. I normally need to be alone for several hours a day. But today I don’t need it – not like before. My calendar has shifted and began to powerfully “breathe” in different manner. There was some kind of arrhythmia, a malfunction, and today I need brothers and sisters. It organically happened that we started “running” to our prayer times every morning – we used to pray too, but it was a duty, but now I want, I want to run to prayer. This is amazing, this is something new, as if I started living again. And these meetings are destiny carrying. The Lord reveals such beautiful things every morning! No one has to run there, but people do, in order  to meet, pray and be in fellowship.

This is amazing, this is a miracle – I marvel at it myself. We simply became obedient to the internal calendar – that the time has come to embrace. There was a time to refrain from embrace, and now it’s time to embrace.

I wondered where it was written. There it is in Acts:

“But those things, which God foretold by the mouth of all His prophets, that Christ should suffer, He has thus fulfilled. Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that He may send Jesus Christ, who was preached you” (Acts 3:18-20).

Today is a time of joy in our church. It is truly so. We are enjoying it. A wholesome person has completeness in himself, because the Universe fits into him. Cosmos fits in this drop. And there is atomos, there is the dimension of the apocalypse, there is everything – there is an ocean of heaven. And He says: “The Kingdom of God is within you, it will not come with observation” – it all happens and will happen inside. And the transformation into incorruptible bodies that will  incorruptible will happen from within, not from without. You will not be scalded from the outside, but the Divine Light will transform you from within. This is how bliss happens. Bliss will not come through the pores – bliss will explode from within.

Everything is within us. Reconsider your picture of the world and see that the Universe is inside. And then everything will turn different. You will understand the world and the movement of paths differently.

And now these times of refreshing are coming and have come. We create our own world in which we live. You live the way you created. Many people live today in a way that is not a joyful life. They don’t love their life. If you compare yourself to each other, you can get lost. But if you compare yourself with bliss, glory, incredible happiness – how is this possible? Many people will say that they don’t live inside happiness. Theoretically – yes, they have family and success in jobs, but actually many Christians live unhappy lives. Because we created this world ourselves, with our own hands. Like prisoners, they build their own prison.

We are building our own world. We live the way we have built for ourselves and what we have chosen. You have chosen a role in society. In the end, you will see that you yourself said: “Yes, this is my world.” Some people cannot get married because you agreed to this matter. We live in worlds that we ourselves have created. But have you verified that this is really the happiness that you imagined with God? I want to tell you: the Lord is not greedy, He gives generously to everyone, without reproach, He even gives the Spirit without measure, He is El Shaddai.

I dream that all the people who are with me are happy. How can I do this if I myself am dejected, subject to my moods, some broken relationships with my neighbors? I need to be very courageous. It takes a lot of courage, a lot of patience, a lot of hard work and discipline to make a House of Happiness.

And a minute is a serious friend. Or just an enemy, or a passerby. But she could be yours. 6:07. You take the seven and  “nailed it.” A 6:08, 6:09. Music of numbers, music of figures. Time is ticking.

It’s all through contemplation. Sometimes I look at the hourglass and think, no, I’m not wasting time, I’m running with it.

Sometimes, in order not to waste time, we need to stop from our business and bustle. Where you waste time is in the hustle and bustle – in this everyday life, work, where you earn money banknotes, so that later you can fill your stomach with a substance that causes “positive reactions in the mouth.” And you work like a slave, sell your health in order to get banknotes, so that you can get energy again, so that you can labor again and sell your strength. But honor and valor no longer interest you, because others live worse.

What is this? You go to church, but it is dead. You come and listen to uninteresting thoughts. And what then? – Nothing! “It’s better not to think.” Incredible!

So I went into Rosh Hashanah. It’s my time of refreshing, to rejoice with people who have above average intelligence, who are open to risk, who never have enough, who always want more. If you are lazy, you are cunning, because you will never confess, you will always blame someone. A lazy spirit makes the bones dry, it is sad and desponded.

But I will rejoice, triumph and praise Jesus. I myself will be happy. Whoever wants it, the doors are open. Hurry up. I’m speaking a good sermon to you, it’s very valuable, I know this and that’s why I’m sharing it.

Leave the area of misfortune for fear of slavery. Pay if you have to pay. Pay off your debts. And tear it up. Become free! Create your own world in which you will be happy. I will create where I will receive refreshing.

Enter into the freedom of Christ. Many are not where they should be. Throw away the clutter this year and enter – clean, new into Rosh Hashanah.

Being lazy – therefore, you don’t see God’s glory and miracles. God is not unfair! God is righteous! The laborer is worthy of his wages, and He rewards man according to the fruits of his works. And the fact that “we see injustice” is because we sowed it. Therefore, you must believe and do. You spend so much energy for words about nothing! Thousands of words – you give your blood and your life for them. Speak – speak like the Word of God! Aren’t you sorry for your life?! Think about it. You live the way you choose.

And we will take a different road – we will be with the rulers in the Gates. We will judge the Mount of Esau with the strong, with the saviors. And with me will be the faithful of the land whom the Lord has chosen. Reconsider your life!