Conscience in the Holy Spirit

Conscience in the Holy Spirit

“Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my meditation. Give heed to the voice of my cry, my King and my God! For to You I will pray. My voice You shall hear in the morning, O LORD; In the morning I will direct it to You, and I will look up” (Psalm 5:2-4).

Waiting on God. Today we again feel a renewal in the martial arts of the spirit. These transitions are made by the Lord. There is a great danger when there are a lot of books, but none of them “works” in our life. We need to get rid of this hypocrisy. A man knows everything – but does nothing. Yesterday the people ate juicy grass, but today they eat straw and have no desire to look for green pastures. It is very important to immerse oneself in God’s truth.

One of the new arts is “I will look up.” What did the psalmist wait upon? – Experience. Presence. The man of God is waiting for God to come.

Man is made up of habits. We are “laid up” by them. In old age, man starts complaining, becomes evil. The same thing happens with the spiritual man. You need to learn to develop the ability to resist. God’s man, a warrior, knows how to resist. Paul says these words: “Resist!” It is often sad for us to look at young people – they don’t have the genes of winners.

Regardless of whether you get a result or not, you strive for it. You seek presence, so that you can be with Him. You become a warrior. Usually they rush to God at an impulse. At the prompting of the Spirit, they fly into His arms.

We need to learn how to preach in the anointing so that the anointing will flow.

We also need to bring back the practice of fasting. Many of us have not fasted for a long time.

Can your life be called service to God? I don’t mean hassle. You must serve in all circumstances. We are called to this. It is written: “Serve the Lord!”

Waiting upon God is hard work.

And we need to learn this order – to resist. To resist routine, banality, gray days. Build up your destiny of gold.

When I look at the next generation, I think, will it ever come to their minds to perform exploits for the Lord? Or are they just little cowards who sit at home and “point their finger” on the phone.

How do you evaluate it, how are you going to serve God? Because there are gatherings that are so boring. You are just a layman who comes to meetings, takes up his seat, “wipes out his pants.” This won’t change the world. God needs workers who will go to tough places – to “cut through, break through.” Who is capable of this today?

William Carey once spoke to students about doing great things for God. And when he asked who of the students would go to serve in India, no one responded. Carey was seriously wounded, he realized that this audience was completely “dead”.

Who among us is experiencing this pain? This tragedy of generations? Who can smell “the stinking of a rotting church”? Is she ready to suffer today, and not just spend time carelessly?

Do you have the hand of God on you? What bar have we set for ourselves today? It’s your conscience in the Holy Spirit. What parameters have you set for yourself? If you start comparing yourself to others, that is a very low level.

When you yell, you probably lack power. When a person has something to say, he has no need to shout.

The man of God begins to seek God in the morning. And the Lord sees that his heart is directed to Him. God is beginning to see the heart of a righteous one in this generation. Even if there are tears, anger, feelings, but God looks at the heart.

David says, “Hear the voice of my cry!” What are you crying about? Hear my voice early. “In the morning I will direct it to you and will look up.” What’s wrong? You have everything? – But he wants more. That bar in the Holy Spirit, his conscience, convicts him. His lifestyle is not according to God. The man of God understands this. And so he “drills” the ground inside himself, begins to look for God in a new way.

It is necessary to resist habits, laziness. Unfortunately, young people are simply lazy. The flesh is their biggest devil. They can’t either rise and pray, or read the Bible.

But the inner hunger in the psalmist wakes him up early to seek God. The bar of our conscience has to come in correspondence with God’s truth. This is conscience in the Holy Spirit. Is God satisfied with your conscience? The God who sent His Son to earth to save people, the Son who was tortured, tormented, killed, who died, descended into hell, conquered death and then resurrected?! Is God pleased with you? Only conscience in the Holy Spirit can speak to you. Is He pleased with you?

God’s people examine themselves. They search themselves very subtly and thoroughly. They are seeing into the inside. And in their conscience is God’s dwelling place.

If you ask the question, “God, are you pleased with me?” Are you ready for an answer? When each of us honestly stands before God, this is where everything will begin. We must begin the path of a pilgrim, a new, converted pilgrim.

The Scripture says, “…if you return, you shall be as my mouth.” Many people think that not smoking, not drinking, and not swearing is everything. But keeping silent, a little compromise, are they not indirect renunciations?

For the person who writes: “If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill; let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth, if I do not exalt Jerusalem above my chief joy” (Psalm 137:5-6). He curses his life to keep that bar.

Conscience in the Holy Spirit. This is a martial art of the spirit. What’s with your conscience, brother or sister? We quench it when we compare ourselves to others. And you extinguish your little fire, when, on the contrary, you’d better separate and inflame it within yourself, so that your fire would burn strong and pure, so that later you could resist the state of the flesh, sin, the devil, Babylon, Egypt!

Where is this steadfast people today? We must become that steadfast people.

The prophetic ministry has now turned into refined reasoning that comforts the heart, supports ambition, strengthens self-love and conceit. I reject it. I need the pure truth of God. I need God’s awakening, so that I stand with this prophet early in the morning and wait for more, that He will move me into the truth, set me in the truth of God.

The Scripture says that He will lead us into the “land of righteousness.”

I’ll get up early. It means, “hear my voice soon”. He is crying out because he is poor. What’s the point of boasting of yourself before God? Therefore, today I want to pray with you that our conscience will come to life.

It is written that Jesus rebuked the sleeping disciples. He asked Peter: “Are you sleeping?!” What did Jesus expect from Peter? It was so hard for Jesus, but the disciples didn’t understand this – it “poured out” on them with sleep. See what a difference! This is the righteous one and infants. Jesus went to pray and prayed in such a way that His sweat was like drops of blood. How is that? This is already a foreshadowing of the Calvary crown – when drops of blood fell from the crown and His forehead.

He had to recreate their conscience. He wakes them up for the first time – they are asleep. He comes a second time, asks to pray. But they fall asleep again. And the third time – Jesus already sees those who’d come to take Him.

What does God feel? If He sent His Son for us, how does my life correspond to Him? Is He satisfied with your life, does He agree with how you live? Can it be said that you loved God with all your strength, heart and mind? If not, what will you do? We need our conscience in the Holy Spirit.