Connected generations

Connected generations

I’ll share a few revelations, before we get to the Word.

“ I see a bride covered with a mantle from heaven. She was very mysterious, beautiful. Her beauty radiated through the covering of the mantle. But they constantly tried to either tear off her veil, or set it on fire, or stain it, or cause some harm – doing all possible things so that the bride either is no more or gets really hurt. No matter what they tried to do, she remained under the protection of heaven, and her beauty did not fade away, she was unfeigned and unshakable.”

Indeed, let’s think about what is encroaching on our bride: what trends, what people. Resist, defend your church! Pastors, protect the church! Leaders, protect her! Ministers, protect the church so that the bride is inviolable!

Another revelation.

“At the top of the mountain there was an ancient well of the water of life. The water in this well was from the very depths of the mountain, from a mountain spring, very pure and had no admixture.

The path to this well was very narrow, like a serpentine, along the gentle slopes of the mountain. It was possible to go up to the well along this path only one at a time, since the path along the slopes of the mountain was very narrow. The path to the well was free and accessible to anyone. There was no charge for this water. Anyone who drank this water received life within themselves.

Then the city market of water for every taste and color was shown – water both carbonated and still. All water was widely advertised, and many people went to buy water according to their taste and color – from expensive water to the cheapest. The motto of all water advertising was: “Easy, affordable, fast, for every taste!”

All water was sold from automatic spots for the convenience of customers. Also in this market there were water selling spots that looked like real wells. And among them there was a well, which was an exact copy of the mountain well from the mountain top.

Water advertisement with a replica of a mountain well even attracted people who used to drink the real water of life from the well on the mountain top causing them to go and buy this water, which the advertisement claimed was no different from water from the mountain spring.

It was then shown that the man of God drank only the water of life, which he took from the well on the mountain top. He also showed the way to this well to many people, trained his own people to go to the top for the real water of life.”

Very interesting. In fact, it is literally so accurate and deep and simple. So let’s drink the real water. I don’t know what kind of water we all take; here we have carbonated water, expensive water, and even a copy of the living water.

What you drink is what makes you. You will be affected by what you eat and drink. If what you drink makes you proud, arrogant over simple people of God, you exalt yourself in your own eyes, that you are superior, then you’ve probably taken the wrong water. If you separate yourself from the people of God with whom you live and serve the Lord, and in your faith you separate yourself and exalt yourself above others, probably this water will not lead you to love the people of God, probably, your life is not connected with the people of God.

Pure water is in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today the Lord desires that we drink pure water, and pure water is found in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. It is in the love of the Church of Christ. Not with individuals, but with those who have joined into the Body of Christ in the Church. Therefore, do not emphasize your individuality. It should be as pure as it brings health to your neighbor and transforms you into the image of Christ. If it is the opposite, then we need to think about what kind of water we drink.

In our church and brethren we don’t chase people. We don’t forbid to watch this or that. We don’t preach, prohibiting you from watching certain things or content. We say to you: “Be healthy, dear brothers and sisters! And grow in the love and Truth of Christ! Be committed to the man of the Cross of Christ, and if you are not, it will be all the same obvious. Obvious for all those who love God and His saints.”

Today my topic is important and complicated. I will try to reveal some of it, it will help us to recognize and navigate in this time, as in this revelation about the Bride and what is happening in the water market.

I read First John, chapter two.

“I write to you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for His name’s sake.

 I write to you, little children, because you have known the Father.

 I  write to you, young men, because you have overcome the wicked one.

I  have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one.

I write to you, fathers, because you have known Him who is from the beginning. I have written to you, fathers, because you have known Him who is from the Beginning.

Do not love the world, or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in Him.» (1 John 2:12-15).

Let’s look at the children. We’re talking about generations here. This is a very important topic today.

Generations have always interested thinkers. There is such a thing as “fathers and sons”, conflict of generations or continuity of generations, transfer of generations, heritage of generations.

Artists, poets, writers, philosophers are still trying to understand the essence of this phenomenon – the transition of generations.

But the earth turns in one direction, thank God, life goes on, people give birth to their children, grandchildren, and so on – and everything continues as usual – generations need each other.

Apostles and prophets speak of generations. And so today, along with a motley palette of opinions about generations, we read God’s Word, which is clear and distinct and true.

What does Apostle John write? He says: “I write to you, children.” Of course, we are talking about spiritual age, first of all. What is the meaning? – Forgiveness of sins. Childhood is when a person experiences forgiveness of sins. His life revolves around his childhood. If we take the negative side – long lasting childhood – then it is a constant struggle with sin. And no matter how long one has been a believer, if he is stuck in the struggle with sin, then he is in spiritual childhood.

Therefore the Apostle says: “Children, your sins are forgiven.” This spiritual childhood is a constant struggle with sin, that is, there is no strength, time, authority and anointing to lift your eyes up to glory.

In spiritual childhood we do not see glory, we experience forgiveness. From this forgiveness there is rejoicing, triumph, grace. But this is not yet what the Lord expects from us. And to be stuck in the forgiveness of sins is to be stuck in childhood.

You’ve seen that there is long lasting childhood – now the guy is already an adult, but continues to be a child. This is already becoming a problem, a disease. So reach out further. He says: “Children, your sins are forgiven!”

“I write you, children, because you have known the Father.” To know the Father as a child means that he already accepts the love of God, he accepts love, he has come to know the Father. For him, the Church already becomes the Father’s house. The youth – he is already beginning to fall in love with the Church of God, he loves God’s people, he feels that his life is formed through a healthy community in which he knows the love of the Father through his neighbor.

He received forgiveness of sins in his childhood, and then, in his adolescence, he begins to comprehend God in his neighbor, begins to comprehend the grace of the relationships of saints, begins to adjust his life so that the Church of God influences him and develops him positively.

The Apostle goes on and says: “I write to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one.” How wonderful it is to look at a young man when he is already mature, has been in the Church since childhood, and is established in his faith! You can’t drag him into the “world”. Some young people are on the edge. Something goes wrong, and he will “go into the world.” He has his own truth, his own righteousness. He walks on the edge. Circumstances so happened that he was in church. And he is far away, for example, as to suffer for the Church or lay down his soul for his neighbor. This is “cosmos” for him.

It is wonderful when the young men, devout in the house of God, defeated the wicked one. They have overcome the lies of this world – that the Church means nothing on the periphery, they have overcome the lies of the devil, they understand that this is the most general shining path – to follow the path of Christ. They’ve defeated the wicked one and his lies. Why? Because the Word has exposed. It is written: “You are strong through the Word,” which is no longer outside, that is, shepherding you, but inside you. “You are strong because the Word of God abides in you.” What words! The Word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one. They have achieved it to enter and receive the Word of God with all their hearts. They believe that God’s Word is truth. These are the spiritual young men who have defeated the wicked one.

Today I look at many young people in the Church – I see this firmness of faith that they do not look at this world. They don’t walk on the edge, they have both feet on the straight path. Therefore, these young men have defeated the lies. They have placed themselves on the path of the Lord to follow Him to the end; they have made it to accept the Word of God inside themselves with all their hearts.

The Apostle says: “I write to you, fathers, because you have known the One who is from the beginning,” “you have known the One who has no Beginning.” This is the interpretation of the I AM. If there is no beginning, then there is no end. This is enough.

The Lord is not called “with no end”, but with no beginning. This is the One who always was, is and shall be. He is the One Who has always been, He is the Existing One, Whose essence is “I am.”

And now the fathers come to know the eternal essence of God in an eternal union with Him – they can no longer die and are in the covenant of life. The fathers have known who is from the Beginning. They can no longer die – this is the body that will be carried away, it doesn’t matter much, how and what will happen – it is already there.

He is everywhere and always. The fathers dissolve in the I AM. Oh, Lord, give us to comprehend!

Let me touch on this problem a little. Let’s go down and see what kind of water they sell at the market. We started from the mountain. There are living springs amidst the market, but this is because messengers from the mountain are doing their work. They don’t sell from bottles, they open a channel – and people drink straight from the Spirit.

The theory of generations was made – there is such a scientific thing, an attempt to understand the issue of fathers and children through a scientific approach. There is an understanding of divided generations, when a certain mentality distributes thinking in certain layers of history.

But also, what is the problem between fathers and children? This is when the old gives no way, blocks the new from moving, it creates stagnation, it fights for stagnation, this is surprising, but it fights to keep everything still, for it something new is a threat.

But the young doesn’t believe the old – it tears off. And these gaps are always there, they cause a waste of time. You have to keep breaking your nose and reinvent the wheel.

If it were all connected, there would be acceleration.

This is the problem of fathers and children. And there are also a number of problems – psychological, social, economic, political – we will not touch on all of that.

But I am fascinated by how the legacy was passed on.

Abraham passed it on to Isaac. He even sent away the threatening competitors – his other children – away from Isaac to minimize wars, and saved everything for Isaac.

Moses and Joshua. Moses passed it on to Joshua because he was a spiritual son.

David passed to Solomon – he realized that he needed help anyway and therefore, he made a drawing, subdued the enemies, prepared gold and silver for the temple, passed on his connections – that is, he transferred all the technologies so that Solomon would do what David hadn’t done, didn’t have the time, and the Lord did not allow him.

Elijah to Elisha. When Elijah passed on the mantle to his spiritual son.

Paul to Timothy. The Apostle gave him an inheritance, his will, so that he would keep the commandment purely, the teaching – Paul kept the teaching in the heart of Timothy.

Jesus gave the Apostles the most precious thing – He died for them, they saw His death, and He appeared to them Risen, without reproach, and empowered them to go and multiply God’s Kingdom.

The fathers prepared a legacy for the children. Neither philosophy, nor sociology, nor cultural studies – nothing is capable of conveying such a powerful, effective technology that can connect generations – as it is said in the Holy Scriptures through the example of our fathers, the forefathers of faith, the prophets, the Apostles and Jesus Christ Himself.

There is an opinion about generations.

Generation X lived in a historical context. The war has passed, the technical revolution has begun. That is, the perception of life was in a historical context.

Today, Generation Z lives in a cultural context. This is planetary culture, international culture, music culture, computer culture, Internet culture, networks. That is, they live in these cultures, history is not important for them. The story is not clear to them; no one knows where this will lead. The generation left the historical context and settled in the cultural one.

There are four important institutions that scientists present concerning human life.

The first social institution is family. The family institution is very important. Where there’s no such, or where it is unclear, incomprehensible, or abstract, there will be serious problems. Because a man’s life begins with family.

I don’t want to speak bad of the current generation, but I want to give some notes.

There are no serious authorities. Today many young people believe, they have been taught, that they know much better. And it is true. Because they navigate space more easily than mom and dad. They can earn money faster and more. So, what can they learn from their parents?

Questions remain unanswered. What for? And family – why? They are getting married now as late as possible – contracts are being made. And in developed countries they live longer.

The second social institution is ideology. I think that in a state where there is no ideology, this is a big problem.

The third social institution is power. A power that doesn’t serve man, but uses  man to maintain itself is also something in comprehensible. There are countries, states with monopolizing power that makes laws for itself.

The fourth institute is the future. What about our future? This is problem. There is still no understanding of the future. Nobody knows where we’re going.

What will there be? Internet? YouTube? What will happen next? “Generation Z” is also ending – in 2025 it will end, and a new one will begin. And thinkers have not yet figured out what generation this will be. They don’t know, they don’t even see two years ahead. There is still no understanding of the future.

Today I read about a spring from the mountain. What is on the mountain is pure water. And now we are going down to see what kind of soda there is in these generations.

Let’s look at generations.

Before the Second World War – the generation is called “silent”, and someone else calls it “heroes”. There is practically no more. There are only a few left.

After this goes generation, born in 1946 to the 1960s, they are called the “boomer generation”. “Boomers” – because there was a boom in the childbirth. The whole world, the planet was giving birth very rapidly. It was a birth boom. They are called “baby boomers”.

We are now analyzing the generations mentality, the trends that are taking place in our world.

Boomers are very religious but conservative. Not in the sense of faith, but conservative in general, stubborn in one thing. Because that’s how life was. They were born after the war, but suffered the suffering of war. And we see that today’s old people do not believe anything, they persevere. That is, we must understand their thinking, why this happens. You can see a general tendency among them – they are very categorical. But categoricalness is not the quality of a wise person; avoid categoricalness – it doesn’t come from wisdom, but of distrust of people around, for example. Perhaps someone is not like that, we can’t say that about everyone, but nevertheless, it will help us understand people.

The next generation – from the 1960s to the 1985 – “Generation X”. The generation that survived the collapse of the Union. They didn’t have much responsibility, but they were born there. They have a predisposition to expect disaster. These are the best eschatologists, have you noticed? The youth can’t preach like this generation. Yes, indeed, many of them are shaped this way – they were able to arrange some material benefits. But they are people with a very strong ability to survive because they passed at a turning point. They survived. And many did not survive.

What distinguishes this generation is that they were unable to pass on the legacy of values to the next generation because they themselves were at a breaking point. These are not very good fathers and mothers, they didn’t provide for their children very well, because they themselves were at the turning points of history, they had to survive and rebuild themselves.

“Generation X” is incomplete because their childhood was most often unsettled. Many of you can test yourself. Some were unable to make it through the transition. But many of this generation retained their vitality and aspiration for high ideas. They need an idea, they need a goal. They are ideologues. They understand how much better life quality is when you have an idea. And how empty life seems when you don’t have it.

They can change their profession or job. They want a high idea. They are good, they have a high survival rate.

The next generation – from 1985 to 2000 – this generation is often called “snowflakes”, “Y”, millenials. They are very sensitive. It was time for perestroika in the Union, but there are planetary things that are characteristic of this generation. These “snowflakes” are sensitive due to many crises.

Many of them had difficult childhoods. “Generation X” didn’t give them a full upbringing and did not instill in them the value of family. With the feeling of inferiority in the past, that fathers and mothers couldn’t build, you can’t fully believe them. Trust in the house and elders is broken because they made a mistake.

Therefore, inferiority, a vague understanding of the future. They are in the most difficult situation. It’s not so easy for them with material wealth. Their competitors “Z” – they are at the “top”, they are “advanced” because they were born with a cell phone in their hand, they don’t know what shortages and hunger are.

In the virtual space they are being forced out by “Z”. They are no longer hostages of domestic culture, but of mass culture. Popular culture becomes the mindset for millenials.

We come to the modern generation – from 2002 to 2005. Of course, this is a blurry line. There is such an understanding of “the other-sided” and “this-sided” people. What was before the Internet is the latter. Virtual world is now – warriors of virtual worlds. It’s basically a new game. They were born in a time of abundance: stores are full of products, new gadgets are constantly appearing. You can easily move to another city or country. If before you would have to break up with your people, but today you take them with you, because everyone is in the virtual world. And they have no interest in history; they live in the context of culture. Low sense of patriotism, detached understanding of the future. Minimalism is the priority – a small room in a skyscraper with good Internet. The main place is the place in the virtual world. Decreased socialization. Today, many specialists are engaged in their socialization because they stop communicating with each other. They lose communication. Blindness comes as man can’t perceive information correctly, can’t discern society. Lots of lies, wrong content. You know your subject well, but you don’t know anything else. They may not know what Jerusalem is, they may not know Shakespeare. It sounds strange, but they have social and information blindness. Intellect decreases.

And one of their fears is the fear of death. They don’t know anything about it. They find it difficult to embrace faith because the virtual world has replaced gifts and visions. They are very afraid of mental insanity. And they don’t fear God.

Today we touched on this topic – we understand who we are dealing with – generations.

We visited the mountain where, as John said: “children, young men and fathers,” how God unites them around Himself, around His person.

And we looked at the fragmentation of Babylon, which is falling apart. I think when Babylon collapses, it will not be an instant blow of a stone, it will not come in one day.

I think the Tower of Babel is already falling, it is in a state of fall. Now the stone is splitting it, it will outlive itself. It has already tilted and is falling – this is the state of the Tower of Babel. It is falling because the world is falling apart. Babylon has no future.

They can come up with some kind of fantasy – but there is no heaven there, mostly dead people, and a strange paradise for the elite. They can’t think of anything else. I don’t wish the world destruction, I wish it well. But not like that. It is impossible to find good without God. This would be the worst case scenario.

Therefore, today the generational conflict is not even as pronounced as in the twentieth century. This is what thinkers say. I think it gets worse in a more chronic way.

What to do? We looked at this water. But we are not in Babylon. We get back on the mountain. There is Moses, whose sight was not dimmed, Elijah – where it is movement, this is life, this is the cloud, this is Galgal.

I just talked about these generations. I have processed this information, but I have my own point of view, because I am a man of God! I believe in the Bible and remain faithful to it.

Every generation needs personal faith in God. Jesus is to become every human’s personal Savior and Friend. It must become an inner revelation and reality. It is necessary to convey to every generation that there is truth, that there is a future. They don’t see it at all. Speak not only about earthly things, but about heavenly things.

Today there is a dire need for spiritual awakening. Spiritual revival is a response to the conflict of generations. When all generations will be captured by one faith. And we need to learn a lesson in understanding the right position regarding generations.

The answer lies in God, the revelation of Christ, the mystery, the Holy Spirit. Living in the Holy Spirit is the highest form of life, the highest reality. Because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of eternity. The answer is in the Word of God – because the Word is the only bastion of truth that shines, pushing apart lies. You can get confused and lost in philosophy, art, culture. God’s Word endures forever. For 6,000 years, God’s Word continues to shine and be fulfilled. Why don’t we cling to it with all our hearts and souls – because this is a reasonable decision?!

In the true Bride the true image of the Father and the Son is revealed. If people lose the Church, if the Church is a false witness, if, looking for refuge, they cannot find it, then there is no hope. People must have access to these outposts of truth on planet Earth and they must run into us – the shining portals where God takes us into eternity. Be shining witnesses!

May God bless us all and save all these generations. He is taking it. He says: “I writing to you, children,” – this is the love of God the Father; “I write to you, young men,” – this is the love of the Father; “I write to you, fathers,” this is love God. God is taking all generations! He is taking them for Himself!