Church of Free Praise (Cry from the Swamp)

Church of Free Praise (Cry from the Swamp)

There are days when there isn’t much bread. Even in the days of Abraham, there was famine on the earth. It was because of the famine that Abraham began to roam. It is actually similar to the refugee movement today. Abraham fled from the famine to Egypt. He was not alone, at that time he had a kind of moving state. Isaac was a refugee and Jacob was a refugee with his tribes.

After a while they received “citizenship in Egypt”, but didn’t become Egyptians, waiting for the time when they could return to their promised land of Canaan.

Therefore, there is nothing new under the sun. I think that Abraham and Isaac went through some difficulties regarding injustice and violation of rights. They took Abraham’s wife, and also took Isaac’s wife. They couldn’t resist, because they would simply be executed. Archival records may have been kept. Everything was the same in Egypt as it is in today’s system.

But God’s people were rescued in the midst of all this. They were reinforced in such periods. In times of such a terrible totalitarian regime of the Egyptian kingdom, when the Israelites had to knead the clay without straw, that is, the working conditions were unbearable, their human rights were violated, the Lord God intervened in this situation, having heard the cry of the people.

The people cried out, and the Lord sent the deliverer Moses with Aaron, his brother, to lead the people of God out of this regime.

Through this, everyone could see that it was a victory, not a defeat – it was not an escape, it was a conquest. Egypt was destroyed, and today you can see the crumbling pyramids built by the pharaohs from the windows of the hotels. Their importance is greatly exaggerated.

All this is emptiness. These are the monuments of idols – destroyed so that all people could know that empires shall fall, and the people of God shall remain. Everything is written in God’s Word. All these tendencies already were before – both the infringement of refugee rights and oppression. God judged Pharaoh and his house for injustice towards Abraham.

That is what’s happening today too. God continues today to judge those who touch the apple of His eye — His people. God took away the ability to give birth from all the women of Egypt, and inflicted grievous ulcers on the offenders, and Abraham left there with a large profit – even richer than he was. Sarah returned to him, and so it happened with Isaac.

So don’t be surprised at anything, there is nothing new under the sun. All this was – just in a little bit different clothes.

Prophetic ministry allows insight into all these mysteries and allows them to be interpreted and applied in modern times.

A revelation that was shown to us at the Eastern Gate is about the arrangement of the universe. This is very important, we spoke on this more than once in the last season. To release the Apostolic dimension of the prophetic ministry, you need to see the picture of the world in the right way, that is how the world works.

A wrong understanding of the world picture limits our fruitfulness in the Lord. For example, if earlier they believed that the earth stood on elephants, whales and turtles, they believed that the end of the earth really exists, then later people involved in the prophetic science, such as Galileo Galilei, Copernicus, Newton, etc., in fact, they did not made discoveries, but penetrated into the real essence of things. A clear understanding of how the sun moves, how the solar system works.

It is very important for us, modern people, to know correctly how the world works. Today we have an accurate geographical map of the entire planet, to the smallest islands. With the help of Google, we can see any geographically distant place that God reveals to us, because there are places that God does not reveal.

But the Bible didn’t shake because of all this. We only began to understand the Scriptures even more. Science should assist revelation, not replace it. The Bible didn’t lose its authority when everyone learned that the earth is round – it gained even greater authority, because it became even more understandable: there are no contradictions in it. It contains all the fullness of God’s knowledge.

Today the Lord showed us this dimension here in the Eastern Gates. It is very important and edifying for me to see God showing things to us, how the world works, how the universe works.

“Three spheres were shown.

The first huge sphere was shown in the form of the Universe, which was ruled by the Throne, with the One seated on it in the form of a dazzling Light. In this Universe, all beings lived according to the laws of the Throne. They moved in it like birds.

Inside the first sphere was the second sphere, in which the planetary world was, where the Throne ruled, with the One seated on it in the form of a Man. In His right hand were scales with two cups: on one side was the cup of justice, and on the other – the cup of mercy.

And the third sphere was shown inside the second sphere, which was all composed of water in the form of a large sea. There were a huge number of people in the sea in the form of swimming fish. (You know everything consisted of water from the beginning). This sphere was ruled by different thrones, on which people sat also in the form of fish. In the sea of ​​this sphere there were only two liners that moved on the surface of it.

The first liner was a military rescuer with a very strong hull, the engine of which was in the form of a fiery core. It was a multi-deck liner, which had a united control from the command post and a clearly calibrated course. On this liner, all who were in it were bird-people. And they were one whole team that acted well-coordinated.

(You know that fish and birds were created from water. Water produces birds. Birds are not from the earth, like man, but from water. And fish from water).

The second liner was a passenger one. Multi-deck, but not controlled from one post. It didn’t have one team, so it drifted over the sea with the water current.

It was a long-sinking ship, part of the decks of which had long been in the water, because its hull was rusted. The people of this liner were divided. Each deck had its own order and its own rules. Those people who were already on the flooded decks did not even notice this, because they were all fish people.

There was a long sound coming from the first military ship. It was both the sound of a trumpet and the sound of a loud voice. This sound was heard throughout the entire sphere of sea space, because it expanded at the speed of light, and not sound waves.

All the fish people heard this sound, some people were attracted by it, others got scared at hearing this sound.

From the second ship there was also a sound, which was like the sound of celebrants, singing and playing, which had the speed of a sound wave, this sound had a small propagation zone, because it was drowned out by the roar of the sea. “

Awesome revelation!

The first sphere is the whole world and the entire Universe of God. He rules in it. This is the third heaven.

The second sphere is planetary. This is the second heaven. There is justice and mercy scales for the ones inhabiting.

The third is the earthly world, the sea. Scripture says that “the sea is the world.” And there are two kinds of churches in it. The true church that is the Savior. Her main mission is to save. The second ship has fish people on it. That is, these are worldly believers, a false church, a secular one. The teams are scattered – everyone does what they want, and some of the decks are sinking. These churches are worldly. Not all churches that profess faith are heavenly.

The sound of a trumpet comes from the rescue ship that spreads across the sea. Some people hear it and get scared, while others are attracted. And another sound, like the sound of a man’s voice, which is muffled by the sound of the waters, because the church is half-worldly.

You know that fish and birds were created from water. Water produced birds. Birds are not from the earth, like man, but from water. Amazing things! There is a great response in my heart on this topic, because it is true.

I would also like to share what came to us from one of our prophet friends.

This is a translation from the original of the Song of Songs of Solomon. Some of the things that touched me I will declare. Some of the themes are in tune with us.

“King Bridegroom:

I gathered from your heart, My sister, My bride.

I gathered from My garden

All My holy spices – even My myrrh

I tasted and drank My wine with you.

I drank with pleasure My pure milk, My honey

Which you have gathered for Me. “

That is, the Bridegroom tastes the fruits of His garden, but which His Bride has gathered for Him. This is the truth of God.

He gathers His fruit from His garden, but which is gathered by the hands of the Bride. All we have is His grace, and we give to Him. As Christ says, “everything that you gave to me, I gave to you.”

This is the deepest revelation. And here everything is “red”, all of it here is the Gospel.

“I am satisfied gathering My holy spices, all the fruits of My life I gathered from within you, My paradise garden.

Come all my friends, feast on My Bride, all of you feasting in My palace. Feast on her, My beloved! “

I want to note that all of this is meant for singing.

“Drink, drink and drink more, until you can no longer. “

In other words – “get drunk”!

«Drink the wine of His love».

I especially like: “all the fruits of My life.” For me it is a portal and a well. Not the fruits of my ministry, not the fruits of my season, not when I became a preacher or a priest, but “gathering all the fruits of my life, I gathered them from within you.”

This is the way to drink – without stop, drink to the end, until we can no longer.

“Take everything you want, you priests. My life within her will be your feast. “

Do you see how the Lord trusts the Church ?! His life is within the Bride.

Where are the poets and artists? – This is where you have to search. These are amazing revelations! Incredible depth. The whole Gospel is here.

The Shulamite Bride replies:

“After that I allowed my dedication to doze, but my heart was awake for him. I had a dream. In a dream I saw the Beloved – He came to me in the darkness of the night.

The melody of a man I love woke me up. I heard His knock at the door of my heart, when he pleaded»:

Look at their relationship! He pleads. This is beyond the natural. He talks to her, pleading.

She talks about the loss of dedication – this is spiritual sleep. She “allowed herself to doze off.” But she saw a dream in the darkness of the night.

“The King answers her: Arise, my love. Open your heart, My dear,

even deeper for me”.

Jesus is not a breadwinner. He is my love!

“Will you accept Me on such a dark night?”

Sometimes there is a dark season in our life, and we are focused on suffering, we are focused on the night, on our pain. And we even stop praising Him.

“Nobody but you, My friend, My sister”.

Here the Lord expands the understanding of the Bride. For the Lord she is a friend. The Church is a friend of the Lord. And only here can she be the Sister Bride. How can a sister be a Bride? For us, this is a “taboo” right away, we are “poisoned” by sin. But the Lord says exactly this: “My Sister, Bride.” At the same time, she is a sister, and a friend, and a bride.

I have already said this revelation that there are no three types of love, love is one essence.

“I need you to rise and be with me this night. My innocent, will you rise? As My burden and tears are greater, than I can bear. I have dispersed myself for you in this dark night. “

This is the suffering of Christ. This is genuine poetry, it is all sung.

“Open your heart even deeper for Me! Will you rise for Me? I have dispersed Myself for you!” Imagine: He comes impoverished. Now you love the Lord, you worship. And He comes like this and says: “I have become impoverished for you – in order to redeem you, I gave everything!” Here He stands – covered with dew and knocking at the door, and He has nothing else … Will You love Him?

She replies: “I have put oil all over myself…” – that is, “I am all in worship.” And He asks her: “Will you rise for Me when I have dispersed Myself for you?”

Will you love such a Lord – a beggar? “In this dark night …”

There was another revelation.

“I see in the hands of the man of God a scroll containing Psalm 40. The man of God sang it, it was like an incense ascending into heaven. And then a thick fog came, which fell to the ground, and after it there was dew. “

I took Psalm 40 to declare it because I believe in revelation.

“I waited patiently in the Lord …”

He not only believed, but waited, trusted. Hope and expectation are synonymous. “I waited patiently (hoped firmly).”

“… And He inclined unto me and heard my cry; He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay; and He set my feet upon a rock and established my goings … “

God inclines to the one who hopes. He hears his cry. Not just prayer and petition for something material, but for deliverance.

Maybe some of you got into a horrible pit – debts, losses, break-offs, serious traumas… And David prays and says: “I firmly trusted in the Lord, but I am in a horrible pit.” And from the miry clay he cries out – he is sinking and trusting! And he continues to pray and sing this song from the swamp.

When we sink in a miry clay, staying in a horrible pit – think of David singing his psalms out of that place. He begins to pray to God and hope, while being given to sinking. David says, “and you set my feet upon a rock and established my goings.” You feel the strength and the rock under your feet. This Rock lifts you up. You get out of the pit, and it was not you who actually got out, it is the Rock that begins to lift you up.

“… and put a new song in my mouth – praise to our God …”

We sing our own songs. Our songs are sung and recorded at once, even without any practicing. Many of them were sung once in a lifetime and were never repeated. This is called a new song. There is no need for perfect rhyming as you play it a thousand times and try different sounds to make it audible. No, this is not meant for people, this is for Him.

“Many will see it and fear and will trust in the Lord.”

Some are scared. Because God is terrible. Because at the very bottom of hell is God! And below Hell – Gehenna – there is also God! And below Gehenna – there is no more devil there, but God is there too! And even lower than that – still God! In the very underworld – He is! “If I make my bed in hell – You are there! I will not hide at the uttermost of the depth – You are there! “

God’s presence is all over the Universe! Wherever you go – to the borders of darkness or light – there is God! Hallelujah! Wherever you go – He will be there!

“Many will see it and fear” – what will they see? – My praise! How can you sing from the miry clay? How to sing in the deep of the night? “And then they will see it and fear.”

God only created what He Himself is. He drew the Divine out of His innermost. And when you see sea monsters, terrible creatures, when you sees an eagle overtaking a wolf and holding its mouth with one paw, this is all God. He created predators, monsters – He drew all that He Himself has.

Songs can be horrible. But isn’t the night horrible? Isn’t it beautiful in its blackness? Why are you afraid of the night, superstitious ?! If you aren’t afraid of anything, you go into the darkest places and bring light there. The priest comes into complete darkness, into the Holy of Holies, and sees the radiance. “God said He would dwell in the thick darkness.”

When you leave superstitious fear and find charm in the darkness of God’s mystery, you begin to gain a new level of worship.

“Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust and does not regard the proud nor those who lapse into lies.”

Blessed. Why do we need the proud or the one who lapses into lies? This competition in the Christian arena… We are not interested in political Christianity at all. I have come to God and I am taking delight. I’ve entered only ankle-deep. I still need to make it to comprehend Him and share what I have achieved.

«Many, O Lord my God are the wonderful works, which you have done and your thoughts toward us; there is non to compare with You! If I would declare and speak of your wonders, they would be too many to count».

Who of you can count all the wonders and benefits towards you? Who of you can list them? The prophet says he can’t, because they exceed the number. That is, all He has done is impossible to assess with our carnal mind. What we see is only a small drop of what He protects us from. His thoughts about us are also impossible to count. What are His thoughts? The prophet says that “they are too many to count.”

“Sacrifice and offering You did not desire; my ears You have opened; Burnt offerings and sin offering You did not require. “

Work intensity is not the main secret of success. This is not the main thing at all. You can fast and pray hard to “push through the old format.” But you need to stop, renew and go different way.

The bride becomes a wife, then a mother, then a grandmother – each time a person makes a certain transition. The Universe changes with every circle. With each infusion of a small stream and channel, the composition of the water changes. Everything changes.

My sacrifice, my ministry – He does not desire it. “My ears you have opened” – hearing Him is much stronger than doing. Many do but don’t hear. He doesn’t desire offerings and sacrifices from us, He wants us to hear Him!

“Then I said, behold, I come; in the scroll of the book it is written of me: “I delight to do Your will, my God, and Your law is within my heart.”

It is much more important to do His will than to do something blindly. It is not written here that Christ prays this way, but it is David who says that it is written of him in the scroll.

I understand this Word so that there’s a scroll of the book written of me. It means that it’s written about me in eternity. There is a scroll for me! I accept what is written! You say, “This is about Christ!” – Yes! But He is our elder Brother! If it is written about Him in the scroll – then so it is of me! Jesus said it is “written” of Him, that is, He goes into His destiny. And I’m going to mine! My scroll also reads: “I delight to do Your will, O God, and Your law is in my heart!”

Why did the Lord reveal this mystery? So that we understand.

“I have proclaimed the good news of righteousness in the great assembly; indeed, I do not restrain my lips, O Lord, You Yourself know. I have not hidden Your righteousness within my heart, I have declared Your faithfulness and Your salvation; I have not concealed Your lovingkindness and Your truth from the great assembly. “

What did I do when I served God? I did not preach about strange promises – about earthly wealth, I did my best to declare His faithfulness and salvation. I did not conceal His ” lovingkindness and His truth from the great assembley.” I happened to stand before the “great assembly” – when hundreds of prophets are sitting in the place, and they “pierce” you with their eyes. This “great assembley” is not in number.

Dear ones, it is a great grace that we can praise His mercy with a broken heart even out of the swamp!

“Do not withhold, Your tender mercies from me, O lord; let Your lovingkindness and Your truth continually preserve me. For innumerable evils have surrounded me; My iniquities have overtaken me, so that I am not able to look up: they are more than the hairs on my head. Therefore, my heart fails me.”

This is the contradiction of the prophet who walks with him, which we fear, we try to overcome it with “trainings on assurance of salvation”, we use every effor to have a powerful prophet pray for us, so that he would give prophecy, so that we may be comforted … And we just need to overcome the contradiction. And on the other hand, there are enemies who partially tell the truth about you. And on the other hand – your own insignificance. They want to join together in order to kill you, destroy you.

But the state of a broken heart is when you work ahead of the curve, if you are the first to pray to Him for mercy and bounty, so that mercy and truth will not leave you. The soul sees its weaknesses – troubles, the iniquity of the soul, and the prophet exclaims: “My heart has left me!” And he continues to hope.

“Be pleased, Lord, to deliver me; O Lord, make haste to help me! Let them be ashamed and brought to mutual confusion who seek to destroy my life! Let them be driven backward and brought to dishonor who wish me evil! Let them be confounded because of their shame who say to me: “Aha! Aha!”

His soul cries for the fair judgments for the enemies, cries for the shame and disgrace to the enemies who seek his destruction. He cries for his enemies to be driven backward, he cries for the dishonor of the enemies, evil-wishers.

Because my scroll of the book speaks good things about me! In my scroll from God it is written salvation, grace, light and love for me! Nobody can go against this scroll because I am in the Covenant. There is a seal with the Blood of Jesus Christ there! And he says, put them to shame, Lord!” I see this in my life.

“ Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You, let such as love Your salvation say continually: “The Lord be magnified! ”

Those who are God’s people, they are gladdened by Him. “Be glad in You.”

Our God makes us glad! Transit from quiet joy to thrilling one. Go for being glad. There are new levels of joy. Rejoice in Him!

Today many teachers focus on the “bags” of God. Their teaching is about this: there are new hands and feet, kidneys, dollars, houses, cars, husbands … God’s bags!

Here He stands, having lost everything for you – at the door of your heart and knocking, Christ the Beggar. I need him! Come in!

He became impoverished for me!

How I would like to serve this Christ, like Simeon, who carried His cross, like a woman who wiped His feet with her hair …

“I am poor and needy; Yet the Lord thinks upon me.”

Two beggars meet. This is the attitude of the one who hopes – the Lord’s care is with me!

“You are my help and my deliverer, my God! Do not delay, O me God”. (Psalm 39).

My help and deliverance is Him alone! His help will not be delayed.

The Angel gave this psalm. I released this psalm. Trust! Out of the miry clay, from a deep pit. Sing a song! No matter how bad it is – sing!

One day we received a powerful revelation for our church. My father, a former officer and a communist, came to God and repented. I baptized him. He was truly born again, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with great power, manifestations of great joy – he laughed at prayer with much gladness. And then he began to pray deeply – he became a man of prayer. Sometimes he would spend an hour or two or three in prayer. He experienced strong revelations and went through a spiritual war, saying: “You have no idea what forces of darkness stand against your church.” These were the experiences he had as a convert.

Once I was with an old woman, a prophetess, and said such words during prayer with her, which surprised myself: “May the Lord today give a global revelation to our church through my father!” In the morning, he returned and began to shake me waking me up: “Get up, get up, you have no idea what I saw today!” He was at work and was suddenly taken into a vision.

In the vision, he saw himself as a young disciple sitting at a desk in a classroom, while John the Baptist in hairy clothes stood at the blackboard and showed a diagram of the Church history. He was teaching on the Church history. It was a graph with vertical and horizontal lines. The vertical diagram showed the cold, warm, and hot periods. And horizontally there was a line, it started at the very top, but then went down. It went through denominations, down to the cold period. He clearly told how things were in the history of the development of the Church. Then the Reformation took place, and that line suddenly went up. He saw there Protestants, and some denominations of Pentecostals, Baptists, Orthodox, Catholics, and the graph went higher and almost reached the Apostolic level, from where the Church fell, and there it was written: “Apostolic Church”, as a model, and the graph almost touched the Apostolic point, and there father exclaimed: “What kind of Church is this?!” And then John the Baptist answered him: “This is the Church of the Free Praise!”

I have already released this revelation. It became a splitting point for us. The Father prophesied, and he is now in eternity. He told the history of the Church in detail, which he could not know, he told exactly how the Church moved in relation to denominations. I was stunned. Especially because the Lord calls us to the Church of the Free Praise.

All these years in the history of our brethren, I thought that I fully understood what the Church of the Free Praise is. And we kept releasing it all the time, year after year. We wrote our songs based on this revelation. It’s like the smell of the home to me. We have a lot of people who are creative. I really like all the creativity of our brethren. This is the most dear voice, it is incredibly close to my heart. But only now I realized: with this psalm, when He puts a new song in our mouths, wasn’t this about this time that God spoke to us – when we experience incredible visitations at the well and the depth of entering into a trance even – sometimes uncontrollable or controlled?

Those are wells, as we experience peaks of anointing. We don’t call them prayer evenings, they are deep wells. They are so deep that we are carried by them and seem to be reigning with God, as if we are walking with Him in heaven. This is incredible depth! I believe this is the time of visitation. This is the time God spoke to us of! People can dance prophetic dances in the Spirit in such a level of freedom that it is incredible. One can never achieve this by himself, in a secret room. This is something incredible!

We must know the time of our visitation! Jesus said to the cities that “missed” His visitation: “Woe to you, Chorazin, woe, Bethsaida, because if miracles that were manifested in you were manifested in Tire and Sidon, they would repent in dust and ashes”.

Today I want to say that this is the time for the fulfilment of prophecies.

This is the time to praise freely, this is the time to love. He says: “My love!” This is what He calls His Church. “Within you I have found My pleasure.” It’s time to sing a new song!