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Photo exhibition "From death to life"

brother Adam

Photo exhibition "Apostle"

brother Adam

Голос Ворот Востока

"Shoah" Holocaust Exhibition

Before the very beginning of our network’s August Conference the Holy Spirit took us to search through the subject of Holocaust; so we gathered the material and made an exhibition that we don’t call an exhibition, but a well, because it’s become a place where we draw the living water of compassion, that crushes and transforms our hearts, and deepens our knowledge of God.

Different materials on Holocaust are presented in the well – starting with photos of victims and their executioners and various information on this phenomenon in human history to the wooden plunk-bed and a striped robe that translate the atmosphere of a concentration camp to some degree. There is a wall of the righteous men of peace – non Jews who became worthy of this highest title for non Jews for the help they rendered to Jews in time of Holocaust. There is soft music playing as the background, and documental videos of those times.

Being in this place not only shakes you, but makes you think of what is it that is the most important, and where was God, and it tests our hearts: “What would I do in such circumstances?”